Famous afternoon to see the city afternoon adjustment will exacerbate the fear of bargain opening 狂情哥哥

13 Nov

Hot Blog afternoon: afternoon adjustment could exacerbate the bargain jiacang hot column capital flows thousands of thousand comment stocks diagnosis the latest rating simulated trading client Sina Sina Finance App Level2:A shares speed Kanpan: Live Online blogger to guide [latest real-time live view Sina blog App- Jiepan invited: live in! When did Feng Kuangwei talk about the barn? Wallace: afternoon] naughty adjustment could exacerbate the market overnight by the European and American stock market Fridays is relatively low and the Nikkei index in early trading sharply stepped back the influence of early low inertia 8 points lower after finished slightly, after several waves of red green disc concussion and finished slightly, the highest impact point 2869, but due to follow suit, plus time line high pressure anti resonance effect, the market level of small tail plate diving, fell below the 2850 point, the lowest point at 2840, Onchocerca time line low support and slightly warmer! The afternoon 2840 points before midday on line low persistence, once the fall, the market space will be stepped back to the 2800-2815 area down today, not surprisingly, the probability is not the market fell below 2800 points, but the short-term step back to the pattern of digestion is not complete, is likely to continue until the beginning of next week! I hope investors control the position, not blindly radical. Pick up these: in the afternoon can continue to bargain jiacang early stock index of the shock consolidation of the situation, although the plate showing broad pattern of the plate, but the net outflow of funds more, from early disk the data and performance on the market in the afternoon, will arrange, won’t have too big change, but do not rule out local opportunities, because the current many agencies predicted recently will be good, but it is NPC and CPPCC before, so the disk does not have to adjust the requirements. The sea: what? Plate will lead small cap stocks rebound although slightly stronger, but expect them to play great reluctantly, if you want to pick up, still need the force of blue chip. In the morning, banks, securities and other sectors in the weak, observe whether they can definitely turn back in the afternoon, the military and other sectors can be well coordinated. Sina statement: Sina published this article for the purpose of transmitting more information, does not mean to agree with its views or to confirm its description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly and take risks at their own expense. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

名博午后看市:午后调整恐将加剧 逢低可加仓 热点栏目资金流向千股千评个股诊断最新评级模拟交易客户端 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   【最新实时直播观点请来新浪财经App-博客解盘:直播中!冯矿伟谈何时该满仓?】   淘气天尊:午后调整恐将加剧   周五市场受隔夜欧美股市相对低迷以及早盘日经指数大幅回踩的影响,早盘惯性低开8个点,低开后小幅冲高,盘中几波红绿盘震荡和小幅冲高,最高冲击2869点,但由于跟风盘有限,加上分时线高点的反压共振影响,盘尾大盘小级别跳水,一度跌破2850点,最低来到了2840点,盘尾出现分时线低点支撑而小幅回暖!   午后关注2840点午盘前的分时线低点持续性,一旦失守,大盘回踩空间将下移到2800-2815区间,今天不出意外,大盘跌破2800点的概率并不大,但短线回踩消化的格局还没有完成,可能会持续到下周初!希望投资者控制好仓位,不宜盲目激进。   拾金客:午后逢低可继续加仓   早盘沪指出现了震荡整理的局面,虽然板块上呈现普涨格局,但是各板块资金净流出较多,从早盘盘面各项数据和表现上看,午后大盘会整理,不会有太大变化,但是是不排除局部机会,因为目前多家机构预测最近会出利好,而且又逢两会之前,因此盘面不具备调整的要求。   ?沧海:什么板块会引领回升   虽然小盘概念股稍强一些,但是指望它们担当大任有些勉强,如果要回升的话,还是需要蓝筹发力。上午银行证券等板块处在弱势,观察下午它们是否能够绝决地回头,军工等板块能否很好地配合。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Where will the data center be in the future Microsoft moved it to the deep sea – Sohu Technology 海芋恋吉他谱

13 Nov

Where will the data center be in the future? Microsoft move it into the deep sea – Sohu technology promising special experimental plan, revolutionary, in fact not only do Google, special plan Project Natick more than half the day before Microsoft released its operation, hope to the data center of the future, are transferred to the sea bottom. Every day we use network services, behind accounted for by operation of several data centers, to render the service application front-end, including video, e-mail, social networking platforms, however, when the operation of excessive overheating, possible downtime, service failures, so many air conditioning technology factories every year in fact spend a lot of money in the data center electricity. The sources of electricity may rely on new alternative energy sources such as wind and solar power to pursue sustainable global environmental management. But as more and more companies move their infrastructure to the "cloud", the demand for data centers is also rising. Project Natick was born in Microsoft Internal Innovation brainstorming activities ThinkWeek, the proposal of James (Sean James), who served in the Navy, working on the submarine under the environment of 3, he said, when he saw the complex electronic equipment structure has been brought to the surface, blocking the brine of erosion and normal operation, then why don’t try the data center? Low temperatures in the deep sea may be able to help the temperature control of data centers, thereby reducing energy consumption and reducing costs. This exceptional thinking proposal by the Microsoft laboratory in NExT, leading special plan (Norm Whitaker) Whiteaker, soon after, they started to test. The concept of data centers operating at sea level requires the application of science plus engineering expertise, but the biggest challenge is actually "people"". The operation to data center operations, but they also accounted for a certain space, need more oxygen, comfortable environment, lighting, work shift and other auxiliary conditions. Under various considerations, Project Natick decided to design a data center that could operate and maintain the operating conditions without manual operation. In August 2015, the first Project Natick was operated on the central coast of California, USA, and monitored by Microsoft staff at Redmond, California, using cameras and other sensors to collect temperature, humidity, power consumption and other data. Although it is still in the experimental stage, all data points to positive feedback. The sea into the phenomenon of new power generation, submarine data center transmission speed than now to faster data center temperature, generally located in the land of the data center need to spend a large sum of money to maintain the data center operations, but if located in the deep sea, low temperature deep-sea environments but helps to maintain the temperature, save the operation cost. The beginning of the model was not far off the coast, and the team also found the use of waves and tides

未来数据中心会在哪?微软把它移到深海里-搜狐科技      充满前瞻性、革命性的特殊实验计划,其实不仅Google做得到,前日微软发布旗下进行超过半年的特殊计划Project Natick,希望把未来的运算数据中心,都转移到海平面底下。   我们每天使用的网络服务,背后很大占比都是靠好几座数据中心运作,来呈现前端的服务应用,包含影像串流、电子邮件、社交平台等,然而当运作过度、机器过热时,就可能发生宕机、服务故障的状况,因此许多科技大厂每年其实花上大笔金钱在数据中心的冷气电费上。   电的来源,或许可以依靠全新替代能源,如风力、太阳能等发电以追求地球永续环境经营,但随着愈来愈多企业把基础架构转移到“云端”的同时,数据中心的需求却也不断创新高。   Project Natick 诞生于微软内部的创新激荡活动 ThinkWeek,提案者之一的詹姆士(Sean James),曾经服役于海军、在潜水艇环境下工作 3 年,他说,当他看到复杂结构的电子设备已经被带到海面下,阻挡盐水的侵蚀而正常运作,那为何不试试数据中心呢?深海的低温,有可能能够帮助数据中心的温度控制,进而减少能源消耗、降低成本。   这个破格思考的提案受到微软实验室 NExT 中,领导特殊计划的怀特克(Norm Whitaker)注意,不久之后,便开始着手进行测试。      数据中心在海平面下运作的概念,需要应用科学加上工程专业知识,但最大的挑战,其实在“人”。人的操作促使数据中心运作,但人却也占了一定的空间,更需要氧气、舒服的环境、灯光、工作换班等辅助条件。   种种考虑下,Project Natick 决定设计一个能够自我运作、维系运算条件的数据中心,不需要人力操作。2015 年 8 月,第一款 Project Natick 在美国加州中海岸,入海进行运作测试,由位在加州 Redmond 的微软工作人员,利用镜头与其他感应器,监控并收集温度、湿度、电力消耗等资料。虽然目前还在实验阶段,但是一切数据都指向正面回馈。   大海现象成发电新可能,海底数据中心传送速度也能比现在更快      以数据中心的温度来说,一般设在陆地上的数据中心都需要花上大笔金钱,来维持数据中心运作,但如果设在深海,深海的低温环境反而能够帮助维持温度,节省一定的营运成本。   一开始的实验模型选在海岸边不远之处,其团队也发现使用海浪、潮汐等能源做为运算能源的可能性,这有可能帮助创造不需外接电力,靠大海能源就能独立运作的数据中心。   此外,当数据中心离人们居住的环境愈近时,资料与资料传送的速度就能更快、减少延误状况发生。世界上相当多人口都居住离海边不远的地方,这个条件也可能让海底数据中心的概念,未来更加普及化。   现在,这个团队正在进行下一步阶段计划,打算放大规模,打造比现在大上 4 倍的容器,能提供 20 倍的运算能力;另外他们也在挑选一个新测试地点,打算引入大海的替代能源,希望这次一下水就能进行长达一年的测试。   (Source:YouTube)   (本文由 数码时代授权转载)      微信扫描二维码或者搜索微信公众号(TechNews科技新报)关注我们。   关键字: 发电, 微软, 数据中心, 网络   回响留下回响发布日期2016 年 02 月 03 日 07:57 分类Microsoft, 尖端科技, 网络分享相关的主题文章:

How to wear your coat in order to show your personality – Sohu 仙侠记材料出处

13 Nov

How to dress in order to be full of personality – Sohu BNT news, once unchanged coat year, has recently begun new changes in design. Used to be very bloated coat, today’s design more agile and concise, more light, is suitable for wearing in when the winter season. Han in attend various activities when the coat collocation also demonstrates the unique charm of its own. Let’s take a look at how they dress! Park Shin Hye, a pure glamour actress, appeared at a recent graduation ceremony with a brief but mature charm of Park Shin Hye. Although the dress style is very ordinary, but the long dark coat with white stilettos, show her feminine beauty, it is the best fashion match of the graduation ceremony. Editor ‘s Pick AIN cutting detail wool coat this coat has excellent material, it is not easy to fold, coat has increased the lining, long-term storage, and then wear will not be deformed. Jin Gaoyin put his hair back, and dressed in a small white suit coat of gold, to show people their elegant beauty, showing the charm of Oriental women, fresh and elegant. This season’s suit jacket, lapel collar design compelling bordered modification. This single product is very simple and comfortable, also become "pajamas look", when you go out, you can match your favorite style heart. Editor ‘s Pick AIN piping Pajama suit jacket in gray as the basic design of a single tone collocation of white bordered, long design can be modified are good, soft polyester material is also very comfortable wearing. SISTAR Paula black jacket, whenever and wherever, is one of the most easy to match fashion items. In particular, a slightly stronger sense of neutral design, not as simple as the design of the inside to take more critical, can be heart collocation, is about 20 years old young people very much like the fashion single product. Editor ‘s Pick AIN boxy-fit short rider jacket full rate basic black jacket, shiny bright but not exaggerated, no sense of burden in collocation. Wang Rongwen AIN, BNT news DB http: www.a-in.kr BNT news submission mailbox news@bntnews

外套怎样穿才能个性尽显-搜狐      bnt新闻讯 曾经一成不变的外套年近来开始了设计上新颖的变化。以前显得十分臃肿的外套,如今的设计越发利落简洁,更显轻盈,正适合在冬春换季之时穿着。   韩星们在出席各种活动时的外套搭配也展示出了自己的特有魅力。一起来看看她们都是怎么穿的吧!   朴信惠      清纯魅力女星朴信惠在前不久的大学毕业典礼上以一身简约却尽显成熟魅力的打扮现身。虽然服装的样式很平常,但长款深色外套搭配白色细高跟鞋,尽显她的女性美,可谓是毕业典礼的最佳时尚搭配。   Editor’s Pick AIN cutting detail wool coat 这款大衣的材质极佳,不易褶皱,大衣增加了内衬,长期保管再穿着时也不会变形。   金高银      头发向后扎起,身着白色小西服外套的金高银向人们展示出了自己的淡雅之美,尽显东方女性的魅力,清新优雅。   本季西装款外套中,衣领衣襟加边修饰的设计引人注目。这类单品极具简单舒适感,也被成为”睡衣look”,外出时可以随心搭配出自己喜欢的style。   Editor’s Pick AIN piping pajama suit jacket 以灰色作为单一色调的基本设计搭配白色的加边,长款设计可很好的修饰身形,柔软的涤纶材质穿着起来也十分舒适。   SISTAR 宝拉      黑皮夹克不论何时何地都是一款最易于搭配的时尚单品。特别是略显强势感的中性设计不像简约设计那样对内搭较为挑剔,可随心搭配,是20岁左右的年轻人非常喜欢的时尚单品。   Editor’s Pick AIN boxy-fit short rider jacket 率性十足的基本款黑皮夹克,光泽亮眼却不夸张,搭配穿着没有负担感。王容 文 AIN,bnt新闻DB http: www.a-in.kr   bnt新闻 投稿邮箱 news@bntnews相关的主题文章:

the key is how electricity comes into the battery. Countries that use cleaner energy can help electric vehicles maximize environmental efficiency. Norway 安康学院图书馆

12 Nov

In Norway, electric vehicles are more environmentally friendly than China in the U.S. stock market center: the exclusive provision of the U.S. stock industry sector, the disk before, after, ETF, warrants real-time quotes, Sina shares Beijing time 22 news, want to buy an electric car to help protect our environment? In Norway, there’s no problem. But nowhere else is it possible. Quartz reports that buying an electric car instead of a traditional gasoline car can actually bring about much of the benefits to the environment, in fact, largely depends on where the car is charged. Overall, the impression of electric vehicles is certainly more green than fossil fuel vehicles, but whether it’s really green, the key is how electricity comes into the battery. Countries that use cleaner energy can help electric vehicles maximize environmental efficiency. Norway, for example, is almost an entirely hydroelectric country, while France relies mainly on nuclear power and renewable energy. At the same time, China’s main source of electricity is coal. This means that in China, electric vehicles are actually only 15% cleaner than fossil fuel vehicles, and globally, electric vehicles are 40% cleaner than fossil fuels. Now, several of the major car manufacturers are already selling electric cars, and those that don’t have it will soon catch up. All of these companies will not forget China, because the country sold 23 million 600 thousand cars last year, and has become the world’s largest car market. This market is still one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Last year, China’s auto sales increased by more than 5%, the growth rate of three times the global average. The good news is that China is also moving towards cleaner energy, which means that China’s electric vehicles will be able to achieve higher environmental efficiency in the future. (Zi Jin) editor in chief: Feng Dewei

在挪威开电动汽车比在中国环保多了 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股北京时间22日讯 想要买一部电动汽车,来帮助保护我们的环境?在挪威,这没有问题。不过,别的地方就不一定了。   Quartz报道称,买一部电动汽车,而非传统的汽油汽车来代步,到底能够给环境带来多大的好处,其实很大程度上要看汽车上在哪里充电。   整体而言,电动汽车给人的印象当然要比化石燃料汽车更加绿色,但是是否真正绿色,关键是在于充进电池里的电到底是怎么来的。   那些使用更清洁的能源的国家可以帮助电动汽车做到环保效率的最大化。比如挪威,几乎是一个彻底的水电国家,而法国,则主要依赖核能和可更新能源。   与此同时,中国电力的主要来源还是煤炭。这也就意味着,在中国,电动汽车其实也只比化石燃料汽车清洁15%而已,而全球整体而言,电动汽车要比化石燃料汽车清洁40%之多。   现在,各大汽车厂当中有几家已经在销售电动汽车了,而那些没有的,很快也将赶上来。所有这些公司都不会忘记中国,因为这个国家去年售出了2360万部汽车,已经成为了全球最大汽车市场。这市场的增长速度还是全球最快之一。去年,中国汽车销售增长5%以上,增速三倍于全球平均水平。   好消息在于,中国也在逐渐转向更加清洁的能源,这就意味着在未来,中国的电动汽车将会发挥出更高的环保效率。(子衿) 责任编辑:冯德炜相关的主题文章:

目所及处却没有发现一根救命稻草 玉林师范学院红叶网

12 Nov

Many oil bigwigs gathered in London: not found a straw photograph: visual Chinese days before, many oil industry insiders gathered in London once a year "international petroleum week" (International Petroleum Week) in the general assembly, soon to be submerged in a world of excess oil, and the Department did not find a straw. Thousands of participants did not find the reason for optimism can continue to maintain, some oil producers and refiners, traders giants tone is not pleasant, they are very clear to convey the same message: no reason for optimism, oil has flooded the entire world, Starving people fill the land. market. This year it will be very difficult for oil producers. The world’s largest independent oil trading company Vitol group (Vitol Group) CEO Ian Taylor said that the next ten years the level of oil prices will continue to slump, because Chinese economic growth is slowing, and shale oil industry in the United States almost killed any chance of rising oil prices. Even refiners who are actually better than expected are not optimistic about the future. The hard times for the oil industry are now, but there’s no clue in the feast. Located on the outskirts of London’s Mayfair Four Seasons Hotels in the air waves with toast each other, jazz quartet. Kuwait Oil Company (Kuwait Petroleum Corp) is still immersed in the 2014 $100 high oil prices memories, hospitality hospitality guests. Delicious kebabs and oysters packed with tables, and even a little lamb cooked by the chef. The dessert house also prepared a sparkling chocolate fountain, which was adorned with fresh strawberries. The Republic of Azerbaijan recently due to the currency crisis caused public demonstrations against the national oil company provides four Roasted Whole Lamb, sushi and chocolate truffles for thousands of guests. "We didn’t cut production," said Elshad Nassirov, deputy director of marketing and investment at the company. "In order not to ruin our good mood."." "The oil industry is facing a crisis."." Europe’s largest oil refining business Dahl company (Total) CEO Patrick Pouyanne said. Bob Dudley, CEO of BP, said that the market was "very pessimistic" and that oversupply was too serious, and he joked that it wouldn’t take long for the pool to be filled with oil. Jeff Currie, director of commodities research at Goldman Sachs Group Inc, said, "even if oil prices fall to more than $10, I wouldn’t be surprised."." Oil prices rebounded briefly last month because the market speculated that OPEC would probably reduce production by Russia, while Russia’s oil giants didn’t think so. "Tell me, who cuts?"" Russian oil company

众多石油大佬们齐聚伦敦:没发现一根救命稻草 图片来源:视觉中国   日前,众多石油业内人士齐聚伦敦参加一年一度的“国际石油周”(International Petroleum Week)大会,在这个快被过剩石油淹没的世界中,目所及处却没有发现一根救命稻草。   数千名与会者没找到能继续保持乐观的理由,一些石油生产商、炼油商、贸易商巨头们的语气也并不愉悦,他们都非常明确地传达出同一信息:已没有理由保持乐观,石油已经淹没了整个世界,市场哀鸿遍野。   这一年对产油商来说将十分难捱。全球最大的独立石油贸易公司维多石油集团(Vitol Group)的首席执行官Ian Taylor表示,未来十年内的油价水平都将持续低迷,因为中国的经济增长速度正在放缓,而且美国的页岩油行业几乎扼杀了任何油价上涨的机会。甚至一些实际业绩优于预期的炼油商们也不看好未来的发展前景。   石油行业的艰难时期就是现在了,但在这盛宴上看不出丝毫端倪。位于伦敦梅菲尔郊区的四季酒店觥筹交错,空气中荡漾着爵士四重奏。科威特石油公司(Kuwait Petroleum Corp)仍沉浸在2014年的100美元高油价的回忆中,盛情款待到访宾客。美味的烤羊肉串和牡蛎堆满了桌子,甚至还有一整只被主厨精心烹饪的小羊羔。甜点屋还准备了一个冒着气泡巧克力喷泉,被新鲜草莓点缀得煞是好看。   阿塞拜疆共和国前不久还因货币危机引起了民众的游行反抗,其国家石油公司为数千名宾客提供了四只烤全羊、寿司店和巧克力松露。“我们并未减产,”该公司营销投资部门副主任Elshad Nassirov说,“为了不破坏我们的好心情。”   “石油行业正面临着一场危机。”欧洲最大的炼油商道达尔公司(Total)的首席执行官Patrick Pouyanne说。英国石油公司(BP)的首席执行官Bob Dudley也表示对市场“非常悲观”,供应过剩实在是太严重了,他开玩笑说用不了多久游泳池里装的也将都是石油。   由于全球储存石油的空间已所剩无几,高盛集团公司(Goldman Sachs Group Inc)的大宗商品研究主管Jeff Currie表示,“就算油价跌至十几美元,我也不会惊讶。”   上个月油价曾出现短暂回升,是因为当时市场猜测欧佩克(OPEC)可能将于俄罗斯联合减产,而俄罗斯的产油巨头却并不这样认为。   “告诉我谁会减产?”俄罗斯石油公司(Rosneft)的首席执行官Igor Sechin说,“沙特阿拉伯会减产?还是伊朗、墨西哥或巴西会减产?到底谁会减产呢?”   Sechin表示,目前供大于求的严峻形势致使每天都有高达170万桶的石油过剩,因此理论上减产100万桶会使油价更为“合理”。然而目前Rosneft仍专注于如何在市场竞争中保住其在传统市场中的地位。   平衡石油市场所需的削减规模尚未出现,一些行业领域已经开始为低油价所累。专家Wood Mackenzie估计,全球石油产量仅有0.1%因无利可图被削减。   油价下跌,唯有贸易商乐在其中,因为他们能从高度的市场波动中攫取利润。目前的市场结构为“期货溢价”,即现货低于期货价格,现价低于未来价格。这就意味着目前谁储存的石油最多,未来谁的获利就最为可观。   作为美国原油基准的西德克萨斯轻质原油(WTI)本周跌至近12年来的最低点,危急时刻也隐藏着机会,期货溢价的形势越来越急剧,“超级期货溢价”出现了,某些区域的陆地储油空间已经用完,租用巨型油轮来储油正变得越来越有利可图。   2月12日,《华尔街日报》援引阿联酋能源部长马兹鲁伊(Suhail AL-Mazrouei)的话报道称,欧佩克已做好联合减产的准备。美国WTI原油期货价格随之暴涨,创七年来单日最大涨幅。   (编译:江帆) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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2 June 22 7:00 news Top 20 traders watch the U.S. stock market center: exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes stock warrants Sina News 22 7:00 on Bloomberg show the global traders watch news Top 1) 20. weekend news: SFC [microblogging] President Xiao Gang left office; the British and European referendum date; the industrial and Commercial Bank of Madrid 2) Chinese State Council removed Shaw steel Commission Chairman Liu Shiyu appointed to succeed 3 2) Chinese month livelihood new supply of non manufacturing business activity index was 37.5 4) Xinhua News Agency: Chinese to focus on 2020 years basically completed shantytowns 5) 2015 net loss of CITIC resources 61 billion last year profit 2.238 billion 6) economist Peng Bo: Chinese business and consumer confidence, prices; G20 meeting held 7) international children allegedly bid for Tommee Tippee brand baby bottle maker Mayborn 8) Hongkong Financial Secretary Ceng Junhua: Hongkong economic growth should rely on domestic agricultural bank Chinese: 9) chairman Liu Shiyu has resigned 10) three suspects detained 11 Spanish judge ordered ICBC) informed sources: G-20 Shanghai conference will focus on the economic outlook 12 Chinese) said the United States for huaka passenger car tires dual investigation of the lack of factual and legal basis 13) U.S. Department of Commerce on China tire start double reverse survey 14) Chinese enterprise acquisition has become the leading national security review 15) Russia’s biggest coal producer SUEK said Chinese banks to participation of its loan agreement) 16 Taiwan intends to amend the provisions of the insurance industry in derivative relaxation Trading of financial products 17) London mayor Johnson says he will push Britain from the European Union 18) Sky: part of the British company CEO signed a letter warning back European economic risk 19) Kyodo News: Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida Fumio to cancel the visit to China in spring 20) China bond issuance plan Preview: agricultural issue; the national grid [micro-blog]; Yanzhou coal industry; Anshan; Zhejiang bank

2月22日7:00点交易员关注要闻Top 20 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股讯 22日7:00点彭博终端机呈现全球交易员关注要闻Top 20.   1) 周末要闻:证监会[微博]主席肖钢离职;英国脱欧公投日期;工商银行马德里   2) 中国国务院免去肖钢的证监会主席职务 任命刘士余接替   3) 中国2月民生新供给非制造业商务活动指数为37.5   4) 新华社:中国着眼于到2020年基本完成棚户区改造   5) 中信资源2015年净亏损61亿港元 上年盈利2.238亿港元   6) 彭博经济学家:中国企业和消费者信心、房价;G20会议在上海举行   7) 好孩子国际据称竞购Tommee Tippee品牌婴幼儿奶瓶生产商Mayborn   8) 香港财政司司长曾俊华:香港经济增长应该倚赖内需   9) 中国农业银行:董事长刘士余已提出辞呈   10) 西班牙法官命令拘押中国工商银行的三名嫌疑人   11) 知情人士:G-20上海会议将聚焦经济前景   12) 中国称美国对华卡客车轮胎双反调查缺乏事实和法律依据   13) 美国商务部启动对中国轮胎的双反调查   14) 中国企业的收购成了美国最大的国家安全审查对象   15) 俄罗斯最大煤炭生产商SUEK称 中资银行有意参与对其贷款的协议   16) 台湾拟修改规定 放宽保险业者从事衍生性金融商品交易   17) 伦敦市长约翰逊称他将推动英国脱离欧盟   18) Sky:部分英国公司CEO将联名写信警示退欧的经济风险   19) 共同社:日本外务大臣岸田文雄取消春季访华计划   20) 中国债券发行预览:农发行;国家电网[微博];兖州煤业;鞍钢;浙商银行相关的主题文章:

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Merger of the largest technology companies in history! DELL completed $60 billion acquisition of EMC, DELL announced that the completion of the $60 billion acquisition of EMC merger agreement, the largest merger in the history of science and technology was born. The new company will be named DELL Technology (Dell Technologies), aims to become a one-stop commercial mall IT, headquarters will be located in EMC, Hope Kingdon, massachusetts. New business focus will turn to cloud services, and promote the integration of servers and storage areas. On the other hand, EMC, the leading provider of global desktop to datacenter virtualization solutions, will still exist as an independent VMware company. Headquartered in Massachusetts, EMC is a commercial Hopkinton data storage products company with a history of 36 years, the market value of approximately $50 billion. Headquartered in Texas, and Landreau grams of DELL in 1990s with the cheap and customized notebook computer fame, DELL in 2013 for $24 billion 400 million to complete the privatization. The merger of DELL and EMC is a response to the overall decline in the market facing their core businesses. The focus of the computing market has shifted to mobile devices, servers and cloud computing. According to IDC statistics and forecasts, PC shipments fell by 10.4% in 2015, and will fall by 7.3% again in 2016. On the other hand, the server, storage and network hardware markets have been declining since 2014, and are expected to decline by 1.4% each year in the next 4 years. The combination of DELL and EMC will realize the complementary advantages of both. As the world’s third largest PC manufacturer, DELL’s products are very attractive to SMEs, while EMC’s storage products have been favored by large enterprises. Analysts believe that after the merger of the two companies, DELL will be able to sell more products to EMC customers. Michael · DELL says the traditional server and storage hardware market will be restructured as the enterprise computing market turns to new technologies and cloud services. "We know how to win in the restructuring," he said. "We’ve proved it in the past, and we’ll prove it again." The transaction, originally announced in October 12, 2015, took almost 11 months to complete. DELL and its partners "(Silver Lake) investment group through the issuance of bonds for more than $40 billion financing. In addition, DELL raised $5 billion by selling its IT services and software divisions. Editor: Zhang Danfeng

史上最大科技公司合并案!戴尔完成600亿美元并购EMC 戴尔公司宣布,完成600亿美元收购EMC的并购协议,科技界史上最大合并案诞生。新公司将被命名为戴尔科技( Dell Technologies),旨在成为IT商业化一站式商城,总部将设在EMC所在地——马萨诸塞州霍普金顿。新公司营业重点将转向云服务,并推进服务器及存储领域整合。另一方面,EMC旗下全球桌面到数据中心虚拟化解决方案的领导厂商VMware将仍然以一个独立的上市公司存在。总部位于马萨诸塞州霍普金顿的EMC是一家拥有36年历史的商用数据存储产品公司,市值约为500亿美元。而总部位于德克萨斯州朗德罗克的戴尔在20世纪90年代凭借廉价、可定制的笔记本电脑声名鹊起,戴尔于2013年以244亿美元的价格完成了私有化。戴尔和EMC合并是对各自核心业务所面向的市场出现总体下滑而作出的回应。计算市场的重心已经转移到移动设备、服务器和云计算。根据IDC的统计和预测,PC出货量2015年下跌了10.4%,2016年将再下跌7.3%。另一方面,服务器、存储和网络硬件市场自从2014年以来也一直在下滑,预计未来4年将每年下滑1.4%。戴尔和EMC的合并将实现两者的优势互补。作为全球第三大PC厂商的戴尔的产品对中小企业来说十分具有吸引力,而EMC的存储产品则获得了大型企业的亲睐。分析师认为,在两家公司合并之后,戴尔将能把更多的产品卖给EMC的客户。迈克尔·戴尔称,随着企业计算市场转向新技术和云服务,传统服务器和存储硬件市场将会进行重组。“我们知道如何在重组中胜出,”他说道。“我们过去已经证明过,我们将再一次证明。”这笔最初于2015年10月12日公布的交易花了几乎11个月才完成。戴尔及其合作伙伴银湖(Silver Lake)投资集团通过发行债券获得超过400亿美元融资。另外,戴尔还通过出售其IT服务部门和软件部门筹得50亿美元。编辑:张丹枫相关的主题文章:

新浪财经 2016年亚布力论坛中国企业家发展信心指数部分数据 来源 郁可唯 家暴

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Chinese entrepreneur confidence index fell below 50 for low confidence Sina Financial News "China Yabuli entrepreneurs forum Sixteenth Annual Meeting on February 19, 2016 -21 days held in Heilongjiang province. "China entrepreneur development confidence index 2015 (second half)" was released at this forum. According to the report, in the second half of 2015, China’s entrepreneurs confidence index was 50.27, a decline of 7.8% compared with the first half; compared with the same period in 2014, the decline is greater, about 12.01%. Yabuli forum released every year China entrepreneur confidence index, confidence index score more than 50 points is relatively optimistic; less than 50 is relatively pessimistic. According to the survey on whether China’s macro-economic trend is optimistic next year, 4.2% and 47.4% are very optimistic and cautiously optimistic, and the two data are less than that of the same period last year. The view of the world economic outlook has also continued this attitude, less than 40% of entrepreneurs expressed optimism about the world economy. According to the survey, compared with the same period in 2014, the proportion of companies with profit growth has been declining, especially in the manufacturing sector. The manpower cost of 82.6% companies is increasing. Nearly 60% companies have the fastest increase in human costs at all costs. In response, only 1/5 of entrepreneurs believe that the current tax burden is reasonable, and nearly 50% of entrepreneurs hold a negative view on the rationality of tax burden. For the "new normal" economic growth, about 40% of entrepreneurs believe that between 5%-6%; about 36% of entrepreneurs believe that between 6%-7%. Only 10% of entrepreneurs disagree with the government’s regulatory policies. While the 91.9% entrepreneurs hold a positive attitude towards "The Belt and Road and Asian investment bank. Because of the great fluctuation of the stock market last year, it also brought some influence to entrepreneurs. More than half of the entrepreneurs agreed with the government’s bailout, and only 6% said it was "very bad"". In business, "integrity recognition ratio" fell from a high of 22.9% in the first half of 2014 to 9.2% in the second half of 2015. According to the above survey data analysis, tax burden and human cost are the two core reasons for the heavy burden of enterprises. "We support the supply side reforms, with the main features of the tax cuts also called on the revision of the" labor contract law "," social security law "and other laws and regulations, increase the flexibility of the labour market" Deputy Secretary General Fu Xiaoyong said Yabuli forum. This year, the confidence index is still relatively optimistic about the Chinese economy. In the economic environment, policy environment, political and legal environment, social and cultural environment, confidence has fallen below 50 points. Chinese entrepreneur confidence index is the standard system jointly launched by Chinese Yabuli entrepreneurs forum of Tsinghua University livelihood Economy Research Institute of Peking University, Renmin University of China, Central University of Finance and Economics, University of International Business and Economics, and has been published for many years. The following is the 2016 Yabuli forum China entrepreneur confidence index data. 2016 China Yabuli forum entrepreneurs development confidence theory

中国企业家发展信心指数连续走低 部分信心跌破50   新浪财经讯“亚布力中国企业家论坛第十六届年会”于2016年2月19日-21日在黑龙江亚布力召开。“中国企业家发展信心指数2015(下半年)”于本次论坛上发布。   据报告显示,2015年下半年中国企业家发展信心指数为50.27,比上半年下降了7.8%;与2014年同期相比降幅更大,约为12.01%。亚布力论坛每年都会发布中国企业家发展信心指数,信心指数得分超过50分为相对乐观;低于50分为相对悲观。   据“是否对明年中国宏观经济的走势感到乐观”的调查显示,4.2%和47.4%的人表示十分乐观和谨慎乐观,两项数据均不及去年同期。而对于世界经济前景的看法,也延续了此种态度,不及40%的企业家表示对世界经济持乐观态度。   另据调查显示,与2014年同期相比,利润保持增长的公司的比例在下降,特别是制造业。82.6%公司的人力成本在增加。近60%公司人力成本在所有成本中增加最快。与之呼应的是,仅有五分之一的企业家认为目前的税负合理,近50%的企业家对税负合理性持负面观点。   对于“新常态”下的经济增速,约40%的企业家认为在5%-6%之间;约36%的企业家认为在6%-7%之间。对于政府调控政策,仅有一成左右的企业家表示不认同。而91.9%的企业家对“一带一路”和亚投行持积极态度。   由于去年证券市场波动极大,给企业家们也带来了一定影响。调查显示,超过一半的企业家赞同政府的救市举措,仅有6%表示“很不赞同”。   在经商方面,“诚信度认同比例”由2014年上半年22.9%的高点跌落至2015年下半年的9.2%。   据以上调查数据分析,税负和人力成本是企业负担过重的两大核心原因。“我们支持以减税为主要特征的供给侧改革,同时呼吁,修订《劳动合同法》、《社会保障法》等法规,增加劳动力市场的弹性”亚布力论坛副秘书长傅小永表示。   今年信心总指数仍显示对中国经济相对乐观。在经济环境、政策环境、政治法律环境、社会文化环境信心方面已有部分信心跌破50分。   中国企业家发展信心指数是由亚布力中国企业家论坛联合清华大学民生经济研究院、北京大学、中国人民大学、中央财经大学、对外经济贸易大学共同推出的标准体系,已连续发布多年。   以下为2016年亚布力论坛中国企业家发展信心指数部分数据。 2016年亚布力论坛中国企业家发展信心指数部分数据 来源:新浪财经 2016年亚布力论坛中国企业家发展信心指数部分数据 来源:新浪财经 2016年亚布力论坛中国企业家发展信心指数部分数据 来源:新浪财经 2016年亚布力论坛中国企业家发展信心指数部分数据 来源:新浪财经 2016年亚布力论坛中国企业家发展信心指数部分数据 来源:新浪财经 2016年亚布力论坛中国企业家发展信心指数部分数据 来源:新浪财经   新浪声明:所有会议实录均为现场速记整理,未经演讲者审阅,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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Supplements Those suffering from arthritis may want to look into arthritis supplements to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with the affliction. Arthritis is simply an inflammation of the joints. This condition usually causes pain and stiffness that can worsen as one ages. Two of the most common types are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. There are many ways of getting arthritis relief such as arthritis vitamins, supplements or creams. In fact, these days many people are looking at the potential benefits of arthritis supplements or natural creams to alleviate the symptoms over prescription medicines. For instance, one may choose to use Omega-3 fatty acids because they actually help prevent inflammation in the joints through hormone-like substances called leukotrienes. They do not prevent the condition, but they do slow down the progression of arthritis. Although they are found in many foods such as beans, cooking oils, green leafy vegetables, mackerel, nuts, salmon, seeds, soy products, trout and tuna, Omega-3 fatty acids are also prevalent in fish oil supplements which are easy to take and also help your skin and hair as well as heart health. B vitamins are also great arthritis supplements. It has been found that suffering from low levels of B6 is associated with rheumatoid arthritis. It is important for those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis to get a good supply of B6 vitamins because inflammation diminishes the presence of B vitamins in the body much more quickly than in those who do not have arthritis. Other benefits from B6 in its supplement form have been discovered, but it is still important to take caution when using these supplements, especially if you are on prescription medication. Always consult a doctor before taking any supplements. Glucosamine and chondroitin are the molecules that compose the joints cartilage. Although taking supplements of these substances have not been conclusively shown to restore the wear and tear that causes osteoarthritis, they have been shown to alleviate the pain associated with osteoarthritis. Furthermore, they have fewer side effects than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications that are commonly used as non-operative arthritis treatments for years and possibly offer some kind of protection for the surface of the cartilage. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Pets Orthopedic Dog Beds have been around for awhile. Most people think they are just a comfortable bed for their older pet 彩虹天堂 吉他谱

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Pets Orthopedic Dog Beds have been around for awhile. Most people think they are just a comfortable bed for their older pet, but that is not so. Our pets can have many different conditions where an Orthopedic Dog Bed can provide a great comfort for them. Some of our pets have hip dysplasia, joint and bone problems, arthritis, recent surgery or injury. The list goes on. Orthopedic Dog Beds can be a great comfort for any animal with these conditions. Let me explain why. Most of our pets lay or sleep on a hard surface (floor, kennel, ground, or even a regular dog bed). Laying on a hard surface can make a painful condition even more painful for a pet with one of these conditions. Just by simply giving your pet an Orthopedic Dog Bed you can relieve the pain and stress on his joints, muscles, etc. that he is experiencing. These dog beds conform to your pets body and provide a cushion that relieves the stress on his joints and muscles. This gives your ailing pet a chance to be comfortable and get some needed rest while reducing his pain or discomfort. It is also important to make sure that you have the proper size bed for your pet and a quality Orthopedic Dog Bed. There are some very good beds on the market today. The most popular seems to be the Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed. It is basically like a memory foam mattress for people, and provides the comfort your pet will need. When choosing the proper size Orthopedic Dog Bed for your pet you should make sure your dog can lie down and stretch out completely. When he is all stretched out he should be completely on the bed and not hanging off of it. The proper size is very important, so please make sure that you know what size he will need when you are purchasing your dogs new bed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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What To Do If Mac Files Were Deleted By: StevenLi | Jul 30th 2013 – Learn more information about computer and operating system, get more from uFlysoft studio to perform lost data recovery with our powerful data recovery tool easily. Tags: 相关的主题文章:

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Software iOS5 on iPhone5 is out in the market with loads of pop and show. There is very high drama surrounding both leading mobile platforms with a hot topic which one is more better- iOS or Android. Apple has always been very promising and boastful about its products and operating system. However, they are on their words to some extent but now they have a very established and equally strong competitor to compete with i.e. Android. With time iOS and Android have evolved the smartphone industry into a battleground of mobile hardware and mobile softwares including mobile applications. If we talk go five years back there was no scene of any development company investing huge figures on mobile platforms just to have a popular mobile app on its side. This depicts how drastically these smartphone brands have actually transformed the whole mobile market. These days all companies are ready to pay as much amount as possible to have a popular plus unique app that can build their online reputation along with generation of revenue. So, now when Apples iOS5 and Android Jelly Bean 4.1 are face to face it is a tough time for one to decide which one is better. If we talk about Jelly Bean it is there in the market for quite a long time and has actually made its Android programmers happy and satisfied with its performance. New Android has some admirable features which are impending to make it superior than so called iOS5. Undoubtedly, iOS5 has more fame and long terms users associated with it and iPhone apps developers are also never tired of signing its praise but then somewhere Android has intervene that conquered domain of iOS and has given a tough fight to grab the top position. Android Jelly Bean flaunts some happy features like Google Now, 3D maps, better accessibility for visually impaired users, more slick drop down menu, Android Beam, Project Butter visual performance improvements and many more. On the other hand, iOS5 failed in its attempt to impress its users by its much talked about Apple maps. But it does not mean that iOS does not have any other good features. Both leading mobile operating systems are at the same where they can perform anything that is asked by the user or the developer community. To conclude, we can say that on the basis of the review by Android apps developers and the users worldwide Android 4.1 is a better and fruitful investment. With any second though, for your next mobile app hire expert Android apps developers working on 4.1 jelly bean platform. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Hardware Network Management is always a tricky business. That is because networks are always under the threats of attacks. Managing and improving networks is indeed becoming very tough. Networks are not only important but quite complex. It is important to protect the computer networks. If the network goes down for any reason, all the computes connected to it become incapacitated. Following are a few tips for administrating the computer and network management. If a new system is being prepared, make sure that you are using the most reliable sources, such as verified installation CD. If the copy of operating system isnt genuine, the new system might experience problems in the future. As soon as the operating system is installed make sure that you install a solid antivirus program. There are plenty of good anti-virus software available on the internet. Once the installation process is completed make sure that you test your entire network for optimal performance, speed, accuracy, and security. Remember that simple is better: try to keep your network design as simple as possible. Also segment your network according to your ease, so that if and when the need arrives, it becomes easy to isolate the faulty system. It is empirical that you keep updating your network computers with the latest versions of antivirus, patches, and security fixes. Allow the anti-virus software to make regular changes in their definitions. It is always better to prepare a documentation of the hardware and software inventory. Your purchase for the computer hardware should be planned. This will also help you in cost estimation while planning an expansion for your network. Remember that viruses are rampant. Do not allow any unauthorized application to be installed on the network. Only required software must be installed on the server and connected networking computers. Keep in mind that worms, viruses, and other malicious software can be contagious, and the whole network may go down courtesy an infection in a single system. The technology is always improving and changing. New standards and devices keep emerging, if you desire an optimal performance for your networks, keep updating. Ask experts like Chicago Computer repair or Skokie computer repair before making the updating decision. Watch out for the invisible traffic. If the response is getting slower, updates getting a bit jittery, and slight hang-up become evident, check out network thorough. In that case your network mighty well is experiencing a phantom traffic. It is also important to keep the shared resources close to the user. Networks are made to share the resources, remember that! Gateway computer is always exposed to the internet. Always secure your gateway computer or proxy server. It is also important to train and inform the computer users on the network to guard against any unauthorized activity of virus. Additionally, never forget to mirror your hard disk. Store all your useful data on a safe disk, DVD, or USB.In case of any problem, check out with the experts: contact Chicago Computer repair or Skokie computer repair. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

the required examination fee for the post of PO is RS 450 and the required examination fee for the post of clerical cadre is 350 for the general section. In case of reserved section 东北农业大学研究生院

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Careers-Employment Before discussing about the process of the IBPS exams, we must take a look into the record of the session 2010-2011. In this session, IBPS successfully chose over 79,236 candidates for bank jobs position and that also from a wide list of 10 million applicants. IBPS exam is known as the common bank entrance test in order to spawn a wide group of people who are well interested in or also gets qualified for the posts of the management clerical cadre in various Indian banks. Just leaving aside few banks that are a part of IBA will accept the scorecard given by the IBPS exam in order to get into the job openings in the particular firms. This examination gets well conducted about two times a year and its score is highly valid only for one year time period. This shows the growth. Now, you can think of how to prepare for these exams to get short listed. We can see that several people are somewhat jumbled about the aim of IBPS exam, its proper eligibility, the way to fill online application form, the selection procedure as well the syllabus. There are so many things to clear. All questions cant be answered so here you will be getting a list of the general doubts. You will definitely find it useful. When the year arises, is there any minimum or cut off mark? The answer is here. IBPS exam is known to be a single exam of first part of the selection process. The criteria will be defined by the bank along with required level of qualification. This also consists of the IBPS score as per their preference. After this, the interview will be taken up along with group discussion and so on. The IBPS applications are filled online, or we can say they are accepted online only. You can also make the payment of the examination fee online with the use of your internet banking account or debit card or credit card other than offline submission of the fee. Well, the required examination fee for the post of PO is RS 450 and the required examination fee for the post of clerical cadre is 350 for the general section. In case of reserved section, it is just RS 50. The next doubt is to know the prerequisites for the filling of the online application. It includes NEFT/CBS Challaan in case you have made the fee payment offline and the presence of a valid Email ID along with the scanned copy of signature and photo, personal information, professional information and details of qualifications. What is the eligibility for IBPS Exam? The Indian citizen having a valid degree certificate with age between 20-30 are eligible for the PO exam. Then for the clerk exam, the eligibility criteria are minimum qualification 10th pass having 60% marks and age should be more then 18 and more then 28. You need to have the same signature throughout the process. Keep this thing in mind. This is all about IBPS Exam process. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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UnCategorized You have been in an accident. The damage to your car was greater than the car you hit. What are you options? It really depends on the attitude of the person you hit. You first option is just to call the insurance agency and let them pay the claim. The second option is to call around and find a body shop that does good work for less than the big guys. There are often small body shops that are more competitive in pricing. Not every panel, bumper, and doors needs to be replaced with every little dent. The third option is to buy an after market truck or car part and fix it yourself. Calling the insurance agency is by far the easiest way to go. The problem is that the accident will stay on your record for three to five years insuring that your premiums will rise. Accidents can cost you dearly in years to come. If the person you hit won’t work with you, you have no other option, but if they will, you can save a lot of money by working out a cheaper deal. Ask around if a co-worker or friends have a body shop acquaintance or connection. Often a smaller shop can be more competitive than a larger shop. Some smaller shops will even come to your work, making it easier to get the job done. This is especially true for smaller accidents. Find people who are willing to fix the dent instead of replacing the whole panel. If you find the right body shop person and the accident is too large to spot fix or suction out, find an aftermarket truck parts or aftermarket car part connection to save hundreds of dollars off dealer pricing. The automotive aftermarket is the secondary market of the automotive industry. They manufacture, remanufacture, and distribute all vehicle parts, equipment, chemicals, tools, and accessories for cars and trucks. You can fix your car yourself by purchasing aftermarket parts or have someone do it for you. The aftermarket is a $257 billion market in the United States each year. There are options if you get in an accident for your car or the car you hit. Hopefully you hit a nice person that will work with you. If not, insurance is your only option, but you can fix your own car using aftermarket parts and locally owned body shops. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

compact “super zoom” camera with 12 Megapixel HD Video Recording and so much more. It is considered to be “One of the Best Fully Automatic Modes On The Market As with most of Panasonic’s current cameras 闪韵健美裤

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Holidays Depending on someone’s price range and level of ability, there is a perfect camera for everyone. Whether you want to upgrade your from old "Point and Shoot" for a newer and more advanced point and shoot or move up to a more advanced DSLR, you will find something suitable for your boyfriend or anyone for that matter. The Panasonic DMC G2K is a successor of G1. It is very easy to hold and is equipped with a Nice Grip. Touchscreen Technology has also been added to this updated version. You can use this New Feature to "touch" the screen to set an "auto focus point" and, to select or change various settings. The Image Quality is Excellent. The Built-In Electronic Viewfinder. and a Video Recording Button also ad Quality to this camera. The Panasonic DMC GF1 C-K is an Outstanding Camera and the one’s lucky enough to own one can’t say enough about this Great Camera. Besides it’s Great Focusing Performance, this camera Handles Exceptionally well because of it’s New Design. It combines the Best of a Point and Shoot Camera and a DSLR. The DSLR Performance, Image, Quality and Focusing Speed makes this a special camera and is a pure delight to own. Great Face Recognition will focus clearly on each individuals face for each photo. This is a small, compact and lightweight camera and very portable. The Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ 20K has received rave reviews. This is an unbelievable camera for the price and is more than enough for an amateur photographer to a more seasoned professional. This is better than the average point and shoot camera but is still easy to use and without complications. The photos are unbelievably Sharp and Clear. The Menu is very easy to operate yet, it has tons of options. This camera will feel and shoot like a professional camera but is also easy enough for amateurs. The Panosonic Lumix DMC FZ 35 is one of the Best Super -Zoom Cameras of the past year and with an upgrade for 2010 it is just that much better. With this camera you get a lightweight, compact "super zoom" camera with 12 Megapixel HD Video Recording and so much more. It is considered to be "One of the Best Fully Automatic Modes On The Market As with most of Panasonic’s current cameras, the Panasonic Lumix DMC FX 700 is loaded with "intelligent" features. Some of these features are the iAuto, Intelligent ISO,Intelligent Exposure, plus many more. All of these features will help you take better photos with great ease. No "fuss" involved, just "point and shoot". If you want more advanced options, this camera will do that too. The FX 700 also touts Program AE, Shutter and Aperture Priority Options, plus Full Manuel, the FX 700 has an exposure option for every level of experience. The Panasonic Lumix DC ZS5 is an Amazing Camera and has received 5 Star Reviews. It is compact and has great portability. The photos are sharp and clear and are quoted as "Extremely Good". You will get great color, contrast and sharpness. It will also take great video with the ability to "zoom" while recording a movie. The Panasonic Lumix DMC FH 20 You will be Completely Sold with this Camera. This is another 5 Star Rating for a Panasonic "Point and Shoot" Camera. A Great compact size and easy to carry with you on your outings. Very easy to use and takes absolutely fantastic pictures. It has received great reviews from Professional Photographers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

a skilled accident attorney who has been practicing personal injury law in the state of California since 1987. Attorney Mansell is dedicated to recovering his clients rightful compensation qccoinstaller.dll

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Legal Five people were injured in a multi-vehicle accident collision on Ventura 101 Freeway in Woodland Hills, say authorities. Of the five injured, two sustained critical injuries from the multi-vehicle crash, which took place at about 8 AM on January 3, 2011. The exact crash point occurred on Topanga Canyon Boulevard along the westbound Ventura 101 Freeway. The crash resulted in backed up traffic which extended for several miles. An investigation is currently being conducted to determine the cause of the vehicular accident. These and other types of vehicular accidents occur every day in California. The most recent state traffic statistics report 220 fatalities and 8,561 injuries due to the car accidents. In Los Angeles, the California Highway Patrols Statewide Integrated Traffic Records Systems (SWITRS) most recent accident statistics reveal a total of 121 vehicular accident fatalities and 2,615 vehicular accident injuries in the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County. Vehicular accidents such as these are usually handled best by an accident attorney. Los Angeles, as well as other major California cities, has one of the highest accident rates in the state. While the California Highway Patrol accident records do not indicate the causes of these accidents, the rate remains to be alarmingly high. The Ventura 101 Freeway multi-vehicle accident is just one example of the many vehicular accidents that occur each day in Los Angeles; these accidents more often than not result in minor to serious injuries in the persons involved. In Los Angeles, vehicular accidents such as this are subject to certain vehicle code laws, which are best understood by an accident attorney. Los Angeles victims of multi-vehicular accidents may suffer from injuries related to the accident, and are thus entitled to legal representation. Filing a personal injury case against the person or entity responsible for the accident can help in recovering compensation that accident victims need for medical treatment and rehabilitation. Accident attorneys who represent these types of clients will study the vehicle code, conduct an official investigation of the accident, and ensure the victims protection under the law. In the case of the Ventura 101 Freeway accident, none of the victims were fatally injured. Still, all those injured are entitled by law to legal representation by an accident attorney. Los Angeles accident incidents such as this often leave the victims seriously injured, and they are thus forced to reckon with their injuries. Some injuries may alter a persons life drastically, preventing them from functioning normally and even affecting their ability to earn a living. Apart from these consequences, accident victims may have to deal with emotional trauma from the accident. There is still no information as to what caused the multi-vehicle accident in Woodland Hills; however, the injured persons will most likely experience changes in their lives due to their injuries. Those with critical injuries may have to undergo more medical work than those with slight injuries; the injured may not be able to return to work immediately due to recovery, resulting in lost wages; all those involved in the accident may have to deal with post-traumatic stress due to the accident. These damages, if pursued through a personal injury case, will be taken into account by the victims accident attorney. Los Angeles personal injury law firms always have attorneys who are ready to speak with accident victims and offer immediate consultation on these matters. If you have been injured in a vehicle accident and wish to find out if you have a valid case, you must contact an accident attorney. Los Angeles residents can call on the services of Mansell & Mansell Attorneys at Law, a personal injury law firm specializing in Los Angeles accident cases. Mansell & Mansell prides itself in representing the little man, and maintains the highest level of professionalism while adjusting to a specific client situation. At the helm of Mansell & Mansell is Attorney Robert Mansell, a skilled accident attorney who has been practicing personal injury law in the state of California since 1987. Attorney Mansell is dedicated to recovering his clients rightful compensation, and offers free initial consultation to those seeking the advice of an accident attorney. Los Angeles residents may avail of consultations and assistance by visiting About the Author: 相关的主题文章: