When the security arrangements of Bayi Steel transferred employee opened housekeeping Yuesao trainin 请你恰恰英文版

13 Nov

When the security arrangements of Bayi Steel transferred employee training for domestic open Yuesao losses when the security arrangements of Bayi Steel transferred employee opened the domestic iron and steel was Bayi Yuesao training class of Baosteel Group as losses in a number of projects in the steel industry, the persistent overcapacity of the environment, the company’s huge loss last year, and the arrangements for staff transfer become an important step to reduced losses. The key for the village due to serious excess capacity of domestic steel industry into a loss, arrange staff transfer or become a new norm. After the arrangement of Wuhan Iron and Steel Group has more than 300 employees transferred as a security guard, Baosteel Group’s Bayi Iron & Steel Co Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Bayi Iron and steel) have begun to follow. Bayi Steel, located in Xinjiang, was founded in 1951 and reorganized with Baosteel Group in 2007. It has become a subsidiary company with about 30 thousand employees. Information from Baosteel’s official website said that in January 26th this year, Bayi Iron and steel registered the establishment of Urumqi mutual benefit Ankang Security Service Co., Ltd., its business includes property duty, fire maintenance, etc.. The security firm will recruit to the reorientation of the Bayi Iron and steel workers, male and female workers under the age of 50, where the health, strong organization and discipline can apply. But after the transfer, these workers remain the same employee identity of Bayi steel. There are currently 601 workers to the security company registration transfer, 230 people have been training qualified after the formal appointment. In January 31st, Baosteel Group party secretary, chairman Xu Lejiang and the research of Bayi Steel General Manager Chen Derong made a special trip to visit the training staff is transferred. In addition to the security company, Bayi Iron and steel also offers housekeeping Yuesao service training, training for female workers, the protection of workers in employment transfer triage, and the entrepreneurial process with proficiency in a particular line, 250 female employees participated in the training for the first time. In addition, Bayi Iron and steel also set up a new mutual force Zhongan Safety Technical Advisory Services Limited company, plans to undertake a number of domestic and foreign industrial operations services, to provide new personnel positions, currently part of the project has signed a contract. Chinese government released in February 4th the steel industry turnaround development, requires further Yajian crude steel production capacity of 100 million tons -1.5 schedule in five years. From the official website of Baosteel Group news, 2015, the Xinjiang iron and steel overcapacity, Bayi Iron and steel operating performance deterioration of huge losses, at the end of last year, the company issued a "winter break" program of low load operation, and expand employment channels to create employment opportunities for employees. In Baosteel Group, Bayi Iron and steel has been listed as a whole group of losses "a project", must be reduced half target this year. Bayi Steel’s holding company, Xinjiang Bayi Iron and steel Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as 600581.SH, eight shares) consecutive losses for two years. It is expected that the deficit will be around 2 billion 500 million yuan in 2015, an increase of 25% over the previous year. In October last year, Bayi Iron and steel to Bayi Steel shares offered 2 billion 300 million yuan interest free financial assistance, to supplement the liquidity, maintain normal production and operation. In the 2014 annual report, eight shares plans in 201 on

八一钢铁安排员工转岗当保安 开设家政月嫂培训班   等待扭亏的八一钢铁安排员工转岗当保安 开设家政月嫂培训班   八一钢铁被宝钢集团列为扭亏的“一号工程”,在钢铁行业产能持续过剩的大环境下,该公司去年出现巨亏,而安排职工转岗成为减亏的重要一步。   庄键   对于因产能严重过剩陷入亏损的国内钢铁行业而言,安排员工转岗或成为一种新常态。   在武钢集团安排300余名员工转岗担任保安之后,宝钢集团旗下的八一钢铁有限公司(下称八一钢铁)也开始效仿这一做法。地处新疆的八一钢铁始建于1951年,2007年与宝钢集团重组,成为其控股子公司,现有员工约3万人。   来自宝钢集团官网的消息称,今年1月26日,八一钢铁注册成立了乌鲁木齐互利安康保安服务有限责任公司,其业务包括物业值守、消防维护等。这家保安公司将招聘有意转岗的八一钢铁员工,50岁以下的男女职工,凡身体健康、组织纪律性强均可报名。而转岗后,这些职工的八一钢铁员工身份保持不变。   目前有601名职工向保安公司报名转岗,230人训练合格后已正式上岗。1月31日,在八一钢铁调研的宝钢集团党委书记、董事长徐乐江和总经理陈德荣专程看望了正在训练的转岗员工。   除了保安公司,八一钢铁还开设了家政月嫂服务培训班,面向女职工进行培训,保障职工在转岗分流、安置就业以及创业过程中具有一技之长,250名女职工参加了首次培训。此外,八一钢铁还新成立了互力众安安全技术咨询服务有限公司,计划承接一些国内外工业运营服务项目,提供新的人员分流岗位,目前部分项目已签订合同。   中国政府在2月4日发布钢铁行业实现脱困发展意见,要求在五年内再压减粗钢产能1亿-1.5亿吨的时间表。   来自宝钢集团官网的消息称,2015年,由于新疆钢铁产能严重过剩,八一钢铁经营业绩恶化出现巨额亏损,去年年末,公司出台“冬歇”方案低负荷运行,并开拓就业渠道为员工创造就业机会。   在宝钢集团内部,八一钢铁已被列为全集团扭亏的“一号工程”,今年必须实现减亏一半的目标。八一钢铁旗下控股上市公司,新疆八一钢铁股份有限公司(600581.SH,下称八钢股份)已连续两年亏损。并预计2015年亏损额为25亿元左右,较上年亏损额增加25%。去年10月,八一钢铁还向八钢股份提供了23亿元无息财务资助,以补充后者的流动资金,维持正常生产经营。   在2014年年报中,八钢股份计划在2015年产钢770万吨、产材740万吨、实现营业收入206亿元。不过2015年半年报显示,公司累计产钢256万吨、产材260万吨,仅完成生产计划的33%及35%。   而八钢股份上半年的营业收入仅为60亿元,同比减少44.01%。公司解释称,新疆市场因出口和运输成本高,企业东进西出受阻,导致钢材销量锐减,而销售价格持续下跌与产品成本严重倒挂,致使企业盈利能力直线下滑。   八钢股份旗下的新疆八钢南疆钢铁拜城有限公司(下称南疆钢铁)也在去年7月停产,南疆钢铁原隶属于八一钢铁,2013年八钢股份以3.07亿元从母公司收购其100%股权,并于2014年1月投产。   在运营之初的2014年,南疆钢铁即告亏损11亿元。去年年初还一度停产三个月,4月恢复生产。2015年上半年,这座钢厂亏损4.7亿元,让八钢股份最终决定南疆钢铁自7月底阶段性停产,目前尚未有恢复生产的消息传出。   对于八一钢铁以及八钢股份而言,在员工分流的同时,扭亏行动的新篇章正在等待揭晓。2月1日,八钢股份公告称,由于宝钢集团正在筹划与八钢股份有关的重大资产重组事项,公司股票停牌。而宝钢集团旗下另一上市公司韶钢松山(000717.SZ)也在同日宣布停牌。   0庄键界面记者   工业能源报道组记者,关注机器人、工业制造等话题 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

After the syndrome can be saved Just try these! – Sohu 无赖布鲁斯

13 Nov

After the syndrome can be saved? Just try these! Sohu – happy days always passes quickly and also immersed in the vacation days in the goblins deep affection can not extricate themselves? Still being forced to separate? So turned to work, they feel very tired, listless? Today Xiaobian to tell you how to forget the "holiday" back on track ~ separation is always painful, if not careful will bring the performance table of health ailments that are the main points: first, during the Spring Festival holiday, easy to suffer from acute pancreatitis, many people also drink a lot, we have a large amount of high protein, high fat, in order to consume these things, gastrointestinal secretion of bile and pancreatic juice was increased, so that the formation of pancreatic bile along the internal pressure, and even cause pancreatic duct reflux. Pancreatitis is easy to occur even after breaking the small pancreatic duct and adding trypsin to the normal tissue of the digestive pancreas. If there is persistent distending pain or tearing pain in the upper abdomen, we should go to the hospital for definite diagnosis and active treatment at this moment. Two, delicious syndrome, see this, you think it’s not bad? Teenager don’t day too early, the symptoms can not as the name of the. Eat lots of fish and ducks and other fresh foods, rich in sodium glutamate (monosodium glutamate) can greatly stimulate the taste, into the human body can be decomposed into glutamic acid and tyrosine, in the intestinal bacteria under the action of poisonous and harmful substances into the blood, to the brain, interfere with normal metabolism of brain the cell physiological function disorder, thus leads to a half hour after hour, sudden dizziness, proptosis, upper extremity numbness, jaw trembling, palpitation asthma, tachycardia, rapid pulse, shortness of breath, blood pressure and a series of symptoms. Three, high fatigue, which I think we all have a deep understanding of, now is not work to feel exhausted, backache, limbs weakness? Fast to keep up with the pace, small weapon take you easily cope with the syndrome, the rest ~ solar term ourselves to adapt and adjust the time and non holiday holidays are two different states, there is a normal reaction after the syndrome of physical and psychological. Give yourself a week to adjust your time to the subconscious and subconscious mind. Usually should keep the indoor air flow, and have a certain humidity, can from time to time to do a deep breath; sleep to sleep, if the time allowed, must nap at noon. Every night with hot water bubble feet, the water temperature can be slightly higher, to feel "hot" properly, make feet vasodilation, blood flow, improve blood circulation, and refreshing the role of sleep. When the diet, mainly vegetarian holiday too many people said hi, exhausted, he began to challenge the stomach food. After the holidays, you can diet, try to eat a vegetarian diet for three days, each time to eat seven full, eat fresh vegetables, fruits, etc. to help Rice porridge, adjust the rest of the gastrointestinal tract Oh ~ in addition, when cooking a meal, or add MSG or less can relieve the syndrome, and delicious Oh ~ before ~

节后综合征有救吗?试试这些就行了!-搜狐   欢快的日子总是过得很快,还沉浸在和假期那个小妖精耳鬓厮磨的日子中无法自拔?还在对强行被分开耿耿于怀?以至于转身投入到工作中就感到十分疲劳,无精打采?今天小编就来告诉你如何忘掉“假期”回归正轨~      分离总是痛苦的,如果不小心应对还会带来健康方面的困扰~~   这种表现表主要有点:   一、易患急性胰腺炎   春节假期期间大鱼大肉,不少人还大量饮酒,我们摄入了大量的高蛋白、高脂肪,为了消耗掉这些东西,消化道得分泌大量胆汁和胰液,这样就形成胰腺的内压增加,甚至造成胆汁沿胰腺管逆流。甚至撑破小胰管,加上消化胰腺的正常组织的胰蛋白酶被激活,胰腺炎就很容易发生。如果出现了上腹部持续性胀痛或撕裂痛,此时应立即去医院明确诊断,积极治疗。      二、美味综合症   看到这个你觉得还不错?骚年不要开森太早,这个症状可不是如其名的。大量食用鸡鸭鱼肉等鲜味食品中,含有丰富的麸酸钠(味精的主要成分)可大大刺激人的味觉,进入人体后可分解为谷氨酸和酪氨酸等,在肠道细菌的作用下,转化为有毒、有害物质,随血液到达脑部后,干扰大脑神经细胞正常代谢,使生理功能发生紊乱,因此会导致饭后半小时至小时左右,突然出现头晕脑胀、眼球突出、上肢麻木、下颌发抖、心慌气喘、心动过速、脉搏加快、呼吸急促、血压增高等一系列症状。      三、高度疲劳症   这一点我想应该是大家都深有体会的啦,现在是不是上班感觉精疲力竭、腰酸背痛、四肢无力?快来跟上节奏,小编支招带你轻松应对节气综合征~      、作息方面给自己适应和调节的时间      假期和非假期是两种不同的状态,出现节后综合症是一种生理和心理的正常反应。给自己一周的适应时间,让意识和潜意识接上轨。平时应该保持室内空气畅通,并有一定湿度,可以不时做个深呼吸;以睡补睡,如果时间允许,中午一定要小睡一下。每天晚上可以用热水泡泡脚,水温可以稍微高一点,以自身感觉到“烫”为妥,泡脚使血管扩张、血流加速,增强血液循环,还有解乏安眠的作用。   、饮食方面当以素食为主      不少人表示假日太嗨,身心俱疲,顿顿大鱼大肉,肠胃开始叫板。假期过后,大家可节制饮食,试试吃三天素食,每次吃七分饱,吃新鲜的蔬菜、水果、稀饭等,有助于胃肠道的休息调整哦~另外,在烹饪菜肴时,要不加或少加味精可以缓解美味综合征哦~   、身心方面前三天不宜安排高强度工作   节后回来上班族们大都无精打采,精神不能集中,全身乏力,食欲不振,身体感觉极度困乏,头晕不适,难于从假期的懒散状态中恢复过来。这个时候投入到紧张的工作计划中,这会增加焦虑感,加剧节后综合症的症状。上班前三天,尽量安排一些计划性、交流性质的工作,可以给自己一个缓冲调整期。      另外,上班后,要将假日期间还没有处理完的事情,用最简捷的方式尽快了结,不要拖拖拉拉,让它们牵扯自己的精力。可写一张简要备忘录,将需要处理的事情罗列下来,一目了然。   、运动起来调整精神状态      每天做有氧运动1-2个小时以上,在运动中积极休息,能走路时不开车,能爬楼梯时不坐电梯,做“低碳”一族;帮助身体消耗能量恢复元气~      春节长假已经过去,节后综合症让兴奋的神经占据了大脑,工作和休息都不能及时进入正常状态。小编建议上班族最好抓紧时间自我调节,以积极饱满的状态投入到工作中,还可以喝点氢活力氢棒()泡出来的富氢水来缓解缓解~相关的主题文章:

The position of the moon affects the magnitude of the earth’s rainfall change 电脑中毒的表现

13 Nov

Picture of the moon’s position affecting the magnitude of the earth’s rainfall: photographs of the moon photographed in Brussels, Belgium, on 27 September 2015. Xinhua News Agency reporter Gong Bing Photo Reference News Network reported on February 3rd that the western media, the University of Washington research team in the United States before the "geophysics communication" magazine published the study pointed out that when the moon is in the highest position in the sky, its gravity will cause the expansion of the earth’s atmosphere, causing changes in the earth’s rainfall. Although the impact of the moon on rainfall is not large, it can be measured completely. According to the Spanish "ABC News" reported on February 1st, principal investigator and a researcher at University of Washington, said: "the mountain wings as far as I know, this is the first study to study the moon’s tidal force associated with earth precipitation of convincing and." Reported that Koyama wings have been studying atmospheric fluctuations, found a slight change in pressure. He worked with John Michael Wallace, another researcher at University of Washington, for two years to study the phenomenon. Reports mentioned that humans were in 1847 and 1932 for the first time found that the pressure change and temperature change caused by the moon. But the study is the first to demonstrate that lunar gravity pull can affect rainfall. When the moon is high, its gravity will expand the earth’s atmosphere toward the moon, so the pressure and weight of the atmosphere on this side of the earth will rise. The high pressure causes the air temperature in the lower part to rise. The sacred wing explained that the pressure rise was like a container getting bigger. And the corresponding humidity will become smaller, so it will have a negative impact on precipitation. Reported that, in order to carry out this study, Wallace used Kamiyama wings and NASA and the Japan Aerospace Department to collect data from 2012 to 15 in 1998, they proved that when the moon is in the highest position, the earth will slightly reduce rainfall. The magnitude of this change is only 1% of the normal precipitation, which is too subtle to produce perceptible effects on life and weather. But this change is actually there. The researchers said, nobody should because the moon is the moon, will no longer carry umbrellas. However, this effect can be used to test different climate models and verify whether the physical mechanism can reproduce the way the moon’s gravity causes the earth’s rainfall to decrease. Reported that now, in-depth study of this phenomenon to the Wallace plan, in order to verify certain types of precipitation, such as rain and moon is more relevant, and the frequency of storms also and the moon have some connection. (compiled by Su Jiawei)

月亮位置影响地球降雨 变化幅度可被测量 资料图片:2015年9月27日夜在比利时首都布鲁塞尔拍摄的月亮。新华社记者龚兵摄   参考消息网2月3日报道 西媒称,美国华盛顿大学的研究团队日前在美国《地球物理通讯》月刊上发表研究指出,当月亮处于天空中的最高位置时,其引力会造成地球大气层膨胀,进而引发地球降雨量的变化。虽然月球对降雨的影响幅度不大,但完全可以测量。   据西班牙《阿贝赛报》2月1日报道,该研究主要负责人、华盛顿大学研究员神山翅表示:“据我所知,这是第一项能够令人信服的、将月球的引潮力同地球降水量联系起来的研究。”   报道称,神山翅曾在研究大气波动时,发现气压出现了轻微的变化。他和华盛顿大学另一位研究员约翰・迈克尔・华莱士一起,用了整整两年的时间研究这一现象。   报道提到,人类曾分别在1847年和1932年首次发现月相引起的气压变化和温度变化。但此次发表的研究第一次证明了月球引力牵引能够影响降雨。   当月亮处于高位时,它的引力会使地球大气向月球的方向膨胀,因此地球这一面大气层的压力和重量就会上升。高气压则会使得下部的空气温度升高。神山翅解释说,气压升高就像容器变大了。而相应的湿度就会变小,因此会给降水量带来负面影响。   报道称,为了进行这项研究,神山翅和华莱士使用了美国国家航空航天局和日本航天部门在1998年到2012年15年间收集的数据,他们证明了当月亮处于最高位置时,地球的降雨会轻微地减少。这种变化的幅度仅为正常降水量的1%,由于程度太过细微,难以对生活和天气产生能够察觉到的影响。但这种变化事实上是存在的。   研究员表示,谁也不该因为月亮是上弦月,就不再携带雨伞。但是,这种影响可以被用来检验不同的气候模型,验证其物理学机制是否能够再现月球引力导致地球降雨减少的方式。   报道称,现在,华莱士计划继续深入研究这一现象,以验证某些类型的降水,比如暴雨是否与月相更加相关,以及风暴的出现频率是否也与月球有某种关联。(编译 苏佳维)相关的主题文章:

Jin Yinlin Weekly ending, crude oil, silver, natural gas evening operating strategy, and next week m 温州大学招生网

13 Nov

Jin Yinlin: Weekly ending, crude oil, silver, natural gas evening operating strategy, and next week market analysis, more than not panic We want you! The first 2016 Chinese Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Fund, insurance, securities and other financial institutions ability to manage information, which is better? Please click on the vote to select the strongest organization in your mind! Original title: gold and silver Lin: Weekly ending, crude silver gas night operation strategy, analysis and market next week, more than a single don’t panic into the end of October, the price of crude oil will open a new chapter, and next week (October 31 – November 4th) the price of crude oil will also usher in a large number of heavy line, November will also draw on the crude oil market most with a strong color. Next week, the FOMC meeting was held, and the OPEC conference was held, and the price of crude oil was not crazy. Jin Yinlin WeChat: hsfz661 comprehensive online guide, the trend of crude oil is obvious departure from the trend, so for this market trend, is tantamount to the operation to treat the shock of thinking. But today’s operation suggestions to 49.6-49.7 position for the gold and silver forest bull breakthrough, the attack on the 50.2 line, 49.3 line is adjustable, so the operation will be very flexible. At the same time, we should pay attention to is yesterday received a small candle we first interpret the meaning of the two K. First, we all know that when the price when unilateral down close Doji with small line is reversal signal; secondly, the combination of the position also has the reference value, in order from the date line, brin rail, and daily W at the end of the neckline, we also know that after the end of W the breakthrough, step back to the neckline is the most excellent opportunities Jiancang, daily level of callback is already in place, the mid bullish U.S. crude oil, this is what I said before there have been no trembling now. On the other hand, from the second half of the EIA inventory, the world crude oil inventory continues to decline, the situation will pile up in excess of requirement is the past, this is a big boost for oil prices, we still need to pay attention to the 51 line above this point, the crude oil is 51 mid long resistance in this position, short-term above the 50 resistance line. In addition, what we need to pay attention to today is the drilling data of US crude oil this evening, and the drilling data generally has a continuation. More suggestions are given for the timely operation strategy in the gold and silver dishes, and the investors should pay attention to the risk control and stop loss when they make the list. The crude asphalt operation suggestions: 1, stand near 49.7 more than a single approach, stop 0.5, target 50.0-50.1; 2, down backhand empty; hit 49.4 more than a single approach, stop 0.5, target 49.8, broken bits hold at 50, 3, backhand empty; hit 50.1 above the empty single approach, stop 0.5, target 49.7, broken bits analysis of market trends: silver silver holdings rose to $17.80 and never too big what happened recently, always does not break down $17.50 in intraday trading, although the market is expected to test near $17.50, but soon again stand on the 17.7

金银林:周线收官,原油白银天然气晚间操作策略,及下周行情分析,多单不要慌 We want you!2016首届中国波特菲勒奖评选正式开始!基金、保险、券商等金融机构资管能力孰优孰强?请点击【投票】,选出你心中的最强机构!   原标题:金银林:周线收官,原油白银天然气晚间操作策略,及下周行情分析,多单不要慌   10月进入尾声,原油价格将开启新的篇章,而下周(10月31―11月4日)原油价格也将迎来众多重磅行情,11月也将画上原油市场最为浓厚的一抹色彩。下周FOMC会议召开,非农来袭,OPEC会议召开,原油价格想不疯狂都难。金银林在线指导微信:hsfz661   综合来看,原油走势可谓是明显的背离走势,那么对于这样的走势行情来说,操作无异于就是以震荡的思路去进行对待了。而就今日操作上金银林建议以49.6-49.7位置为多头突破点,上可攻50.2一线,下可调49.3一线,所以操作上会非常的灵活。同时值得我们关注的是昨日收小阳线,我们先来解读一下这两根K线的意义。其一,我们都知道,当价格在单边下跌的时候收十字星加小阳线是反转信号;其二,这个组合出现的位置也比较有参考价值,从日线上来看,目处于布林带下轨,也是日线W底的颈线位置,我们同时也知道,W底突破之后,回踩颈线位置是最绝佳的建仓机会,日线级别的回调已经到位,中期是看涨美原油,这也是我之前一直有说过现在不哆嗦了。另外一个方面,从下半年的EIA库存来看,世界原油的库存在持续减少,供过于求的局面将会是过去时,这也是油价的一大助力,上方我们还是需要关注51一线这个点位,原油中期多头的阻力就是51这个位置,短线上方阻力50一线。另外我们今天做单需要重点注意的是今天晚上的美原油钻井数据,钻井数据一般是有一个延续的。更多建议金银林盘中给出及时操作策略,做单的时候投资者注意风控以及止盈止损。   原油沥青操作建议:   1、站稳49.7附近多单进场,止损0.5,目标50.0-50.1;反手可空;   2、回落触及49.4多单进场,止损0.5,目标49.8,破位持有看50.0,反手可空;   3、触及50.1上方空单进场,止损0.5,目标49.7,破位持有   白银行情走势分析:   白银涨到17.80美元后再也没有什么太大的动静了,近期始终跌不破17.50美元,行情虽然在盘中一度有望考验17.50美元附近,但是很快再次站稳了17.75美元,周三阴线后价格形成了向上的 缠绕发展路线,并且进入到了尾声,现阶段依然处在过去大跌以来的范围内,虽然反弹还没有考验18美元附近,但是压力正在逐步显现,昨天收出一根小阳线,处在短期线以上发展,维持短线偏多格局,建议大家日内继续震荡先看反弹,预计可以达到17.80美元附近,再次新高还是等待做空的机会,未来白银下跌的动力可能要强于黄金,本次反弹超跌后带来的空间也要大一些,这些都造成了短期内白银形成了良好机会,继续坚持中期看跌,18附近都是做空的好机会。   白银操作建议:   1:建议17.80附近空单进场,止损0.3个点,日内目标看到17.40附近;   2:建议17.24附近多单进场,止损0.3个点,日内目标看到17.70附近;金银林在线指导微信:hsfz661   天然气行情分析   昨日天然气亚盘震荡,欧盘行情上涨,最高到达5316,美盘后跌至低点5126,本人布局5300一线的空单也有100个点利润,午夜天然气有所反弹,连续六日的下跌已经行情拉回低位,天然气行情甚是给力,关注本人建议的朋友可以看到本周我一直坚持的空头思路。从日线上来看,连续6日收阴之后空头趋势已经非常明显了,目前日线基础技术指标整体向下运行,kdj有所拐头,那么近期需要关注下方5日均线的支撑破位情况;综合来看,昨日行情下破日线布林中轨,那么说明下方的空间继续打开,所以对于认为行情见底的朋友需要谨慎做多,只要不出现大幅上涨,本人还是建议操作上以高空为主。   天然气操作策略   1、空单建议5400附近空单考虑进场,止损5450,目标5320-5280,破位看5250;   分析不是一个结果,而是一种逻辑。时间是流动的,事物是发展变化的,不要执著于任何方法是金银林你的真心忠告。金银林在线指导微信:hsfz661 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Moodie China’s GDP growth rate is expected to be 6.3% in 2016 北京吉利大学分数线

13 Nov

Moodie: China’s GDP growth rate in 2016 is expected to be 6.3% on Thursday (February 18th), the international rating agency Moodie said that China’s GDP growth rate in 2016 is expected to be 6.3%, the growth rate of GDP in 2017 is 6.1%. Moodie said that the risk of global economic growth is rising, making the outlook for the year 2016-17 shrouded in haze. The global economy is expected to grow very gently in 2016-17. Moodie expected, 2016 GDP growth rate of 2.3%, 2017 GDP growth rate of 2.5%; Brazil is expected 2016 GDP growth rate fell 3% Moodie also predicted that Russia’s 2016 GDP growth rate fell 2.5%; South Africa is expected 2016 GDP growth rate will be reduced to near zero level; Saudi Arabia is expected 2016 GDP growth rate of around 1.5%, a multi decade lows. On Wednesday (February 17th), another rating agency, standard & poor, said that the downgrade of Saudi Arabia’s sovereign credit rating from A+ A-1 to A- A-2 was mainly due to the impact of low oil prices. This is the second time the S & P has lowered its credit rating for Saudi Arabia for the four time. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

穆迪:预计中国2016年GDP增长率为6.3%   周四(2月18日)国际评级机构穆迪表示,预计中国2016年GDP增长率为6.3%,2017年GDP增长率为6.1%。   穆迪表示,全球经济增长面临的风险上升,使得2016-17年度的前景笼罩阴霾。预计2016-17年度全球经济仅会非常温和地增长。   穆迪预计,美国2016年GDP增长率为2.3%,2017年GDP增长率为2.5%;预计巴西2016年GDP增长率下滑3%   穆迪还预计,俄罗斯2016年GDP增长率下滑2.5%; 预计南非2016年GDP增长率将降至近零水平; 预计沙特2016年GDP增长率为1.5%左右,创数十年低位。   周三(2月17日)另一家评级机构标准普尔表示,将沙特阿拉伯的主权信用评级由A+ A-1下调至A- A-2级,主要是受到低油价的影响。这是四个月以来,标普第二次下调沙特的信用评级。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

This is the movie invasion of the competition, to add the wood impetuous – Sohu Technology 湖北工业大学是几本

13 Nov

This is the movie invasion of the competition, to add the wood impetuous? Sohu, science and technology gaming, movies, one word, one is sports, one is entertainment, and now, in fact they are entertainment. Just as sports gaming, seems to be greater scale, go further, as a rookie to rise in the entertainment circle, constantly making lace. The mode of Zhang PPTN "appeared in the" February 19, 2016 "music travels" column E-sports after more than 10 years of silence, but in the past six months the fire was in a complete mess. Especially those with online gaming anchor eye stroke live site, at the beginning of 2016, is a "made man" and "live accident" and many other indecent news, the impact of the audience’s nerves, but also the challenges of social moral. E-sports has a complete industrial chain, the rise in the gaming process, the essence and the independent gaming peripheral industry chaos, in fact, be not at all surprising. Almost every Internet industry has gone through the same line, only the game in this field, whether it is client online games, web games or mobile games, at the beginning of the rise, there are a variety of "very yellow, very violent" promotion. Of course, as the industry gradually stabilized, the boring topic gradually fade. And at the other end, gaming attention, also let some of the cultural and creative enterprises to find the "Internet plus" pretext, especially in 2015 the frenzied speculation IP (intellectual property) of the film industry. This is not the beginning of 2016, known as the first Chinese gaming theme film "gaming" in the shooting, but also quite luxurious lineup, the actor team including WCG (WCG) finals champion Li Xiaofeng (the emperor of Warcraft), WE team member Wei Handong (strawberry) and many other gaming star. From the game players switch to live online gaming commentary guests, then go to the movies, it is not big strides. But when I saw the news, I wondered how Li Xiaofeng felt about such a campaign. In fact, this is not the first gaming film. In 2008 there was a film called "gaming king" movie theaters. In this inspirational film inspired by Li Xiaofeng’s personal growth process, Li Xiaofeng himself is one of the leading actors. Of course, the Ministry said at the box office reached 200 million yuan, but the last 50 minutes of the film, did not catch a ride in the extremely popular online games, also not let people leave much memory for gaming, film. It is estimated that this was "in" eSports dare to claim to reason first gaming movies. Allegedly, "College" gaming in April may meet with the audience, there will be what kind of box office performance is still can make nothing of it. But just look at the spoilers of the plot, is still a continuation of the traditional inspirational movie routines, gaming star in gaming the experience of success and failure change radically, harvest of love and friendship, etc.. To see such a plot, I suddenly a Miss Teen watching TV watching Japanese TV series "Volleyball", often expect Oka Junko hit a so-called "Thunderbolt" vigorously smash, there is always a feeling as cheerful as a lark. "Volleyball"

电影入侵电竞圈,这是要为浮躁添把柴?-搜狐科技   电竞、电影,一字之差,一个是体育,一个是娱乐,而现在,其实它们都是娱乐了。只是,作为体育的电竞,似乎尺度更大,走的更远,就如一个想在娱乐圈崛起的新秀一样,不断的制造着花边。   文 张书乐   原载于《人民邮电报》2016年2月19日《乐游记》专栏   电子竞技沉寂十多年后,却在短短的半年时间里火得一塌糊涂。尤其是那些以电竞主播搏眼球的在线直播网站,在2016年伊始,更是以“造人事件”、“直播车祸”等诸多不雅新闻,冲击着受众的 神经,也挑战着社会的道德底限。   电子竞技拥有完整的产业链,在电竞崛起过程中,那些本质上和电竞无关的周边产业出现乱象,其实不足为奇。几乎每一个互联网产业都走过同样的路线,仅仅游戏这一个领域,无论是客户端网游 、网页游戏还是手机游戏,在兴起之初,都有各种“很黄很暴力”的推广。当然,随着产业的逐步稳定,那些无聊话题日渐消歇。   而在另一头,对电竞的关注,也让一些文化创意企业找到了“互联网+”的由头,尤其是在2015年疯狂炒作IP(知识产权)的电影产业。这不,2016年年初,号称中国首部电竞题材电影的《电竞高校 》开拍了,而且阵容颇为豪华,演员队伍中包括WCG(世界电子竞技大赛)总决赛冠军李晓峰(“魔兽人皇”)、WE战队成员魏汉冬(草莓)等诸多电竞明星。从电竞选手转行做电竞在线直播解说嘉宾,再转到演电影,步子迈得不可谓不大。只不过,我看到这则新闻时不禁想知道,李晓峰对这样的宣传造势到底作何感想。   其实,这算不上第一部电竞电影。2008年就有一部名为《电竞之王》的电影登陆院线。而在这部以李晓峰个人成长历程为蓝本的励志电影中,李晓峰自己就是主演之一。当然,该部据说票房达2亿元 、片长不过50分钟的影片,并没有搭上当年极度火爆的网游的顺风车,也没有让人们对电竞、电影留下多少记忆。估计这也是《电竞高校》敢于自称为首部电竞题材电影的原因。   据称,《电竞高校》4月份可能与观众见面,届时会有什么样的票房表现尚不得而知。但仅仅看当下剧透的情节,依旧延续着传统励志影片的套路,电竞之星在电竞高校中经历成功和失败的大起大落 ,收获友谊和爱情,等等。看到这样的情节,我突然有点怀念少年时守着电视机看日本电视连续剧《排球女将》,每每期待小鹿纯子打出所谓的“晴空霹雳”大力扣杀时,总有一种欢呼雀跃的感觉。《排球女将》也是跨界产品,那可是由地道的同名日本漫画改编的。   电子竞技这个当下颇为小众的体育项目,如要取得更大发展,或许需要电影等大众娱乐产品助其扩大影响力。只不过,豆瓣网上有句评价《电竞之王》的话语颇有深度,“中国电竞可能就像这部电 影,想说玩游戏也能玩得有理想;但不管怎么表达就是表达不好,最后还是沦为一群不爱学习爱游戏的人互相找存在感也互相排挤的地方。”诚如斯言,电竞圈的现状确实有点这样,还真不是电影夸张。   张书乐 微信号:zsl13973399819 新著有《越界――互联网时代必先搞懂的大败局》相关的主题文章:

Anhui floods less affected, rice yield decreased by 50 pounds per year 已亥杂诗的意思

13 Nov

Anhui floods less affected, rice yield decreased by 50 pounds per year, Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, performance is lower than the same kind of products for a long time, buy fund by pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Now, it’s the rice harvest season in Anhui. How to experience this summer floods around the autumn yield? How disaster measures work? The reporter recently in Shucheng, Tongcheng and other places to visit: 1600 pounds of rice per mu is only lower than last year about 50 pounds in September 27th at noon, the autumn sun is still somewhat scorching. Tongcheng City Dragon Street Jiang Village Agrocybe, mature fields like a golden sea. Accompanied by a roaring sound, two harvesters slowly passing, reel cut stubble rice harvester, tail spray crushed straw. "This paddy field is about 400 acres, planted with hybrid rice. September 26th began to harvest, and then 5 days can be harvested, yield about 1600 pounds of rice, only about 50 pounds lower than last year." Looking at a golden, Tongcheng Tiantai agricultural cooperatives chairman Bao Feng happily told reporters, from September 22nd onwards, cooperatives began to organize the harvest, "22 days to 26 days, we have harvested 600 acres of hybrid rice. Japonica rice, glutinous rice to mid October began to harvest." "There may be rain in the next few days, we pay close attention to the recent rush in the harvest." A member of the ridge, while busy with the conveyor belt will lay the rice in the truck, and while talking to reporters, "rainy days are most afraid of rice lodging. Rice is wet, the problem is not large, cooperatives have dryers." Reporter walked into the paddy field, leaned closer look, saw the rice panicle was large, plump, let a person be all this month and 7 flood together is very difficult. In July 1st, the torrential rain was very big and urgent, and the cooperatives planted 3100 mu of rice, of which more than 2000 mu suffered disaster." Bao Feng said, "this rice field in front of us, soaked in water for nearly a week.". In July 5th, 6 days after the withdrawal of water, we were positive for the affected classification, can save the organization timely remedy, save the damaged seedlings to replant. Because of timely and proper rescue, rice production has not been affected too much." One side of the Tongcheng City Administration of industry planting deputy director Feng Jun took Buddist: after the flood, the recovery of paddy fields, we organize the members and farmers’ fertilization, the average per mu after fertilization 5 kg to 6 kg of rice; with pesticides and plant growth regulators, reducing bacteria and pests, promoting rapid growth in rice; in the field of individual seedling death phenomenon, timely fill out. The crops of paddy fields, we divided the situation for processing. Before July 10th the withdrawal of water from July 10th to July 25th, replant rice; water withdrawal, early night replant rice; in July 25th after withdrawal of water, to dry grains and vegetables; if the water back too late, too late to start early, can be planted in autumn, rape etc.." Applying new varieties and new techniques, rice has stronger disaster resistance ability. On the morning of September 26th, the roadside of five Li Qiao village in thousand town of Shucheng county was discussed

安徽水灾影响较小 稻谷亩产同比减50斤 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   眼下,正值安徽省水稻收割季节。经历今夏洪灾的秋粮产量如何?各地的抗灾措施收效如何?记者近日在舒城、桐城等地进行走访——   亩产1600斤稻谷 只比去年低50斤左右   9月27日中午,秋天的阳光仍有几分烤人。桐城市龙腾街道蒋山村的田头,成熟的稻田恍若一片金色的海洋。伴随着一阵阵轰鸣,两台收割机缓缓驶过,拨禾轮割下一茬茬稻穗,收割机尾部喷洒出粉碎的秸秆。   “这片稻田大约有400亩,种植的是杂交稻。 9月26日开始收割,再过5天就可以收割完毕,亩产约1600斤稻谷,只比去年低50斤左右。”看着满目金黄,桐城市天泰农业种植专业合作社理事长鲍峰愉快地告诉记者,从9月22日起,合作社就开始组织秋收,“22日至26日,我们已经收割了600亩的杂交稻。粳稻、糯稻要到10月中旬才开始收割。 ”   “接下来几天可能有降雨,我们最近在抓紧抢收。”田埂上,一位社员一边忙着用传送带将打下的稻子装入卡车,一边与记者聊起来,“雨天最怕的是水稻倒伏。稻谷湿了问题倒不大,合作社有烘干机。 ”   走进稻田,记者俯身细看,只见稻穗穗大粒多、颗粒饱满,让人很难将这一切与7月的洪灾联系在一起。   “7月1日的暴雨下得又大又急,合作社一共种植了3100亩水稻,其中2000多亩受了灾。 ”鲍峰说,“咱们眼前的这片稻田,当时在水里泡了将近一周。 7月5日、6日开始退水后,我们就积极对受灾田块进行分类,可以挽救的及时组织补救,救不了的毁苗补种。因为抢救及时得当,水稻产量没有受到太大影响。 ”   一旁的桐城市种植业管理局副局长冯骏接过话头:“洪灾过后,对于可补救的稻田,我们及时组织社员、农民施肥,平均每亩追施肥5公斤至6公斤;对稻田施以农药和植物生长调节剂,减少细菌性病虫害,促进水稻快速生长;针对田块中的个别死苗现象,及时移苗补缺。对于绝收的稻田,我们又分情况进行处理。 7月10日之前退水的,补种粳稻;7月10日至7月25日退水的,补种早翻晚水稻;7月25日以后退水的,改种旱杂粮和蔬菜;如若退水时间过迟,来不及改种的,就提前开始秋种,可以种植油菜等。 ”   应用了新品种、新技术 水稻抗灾能力更强   9月26日上午,舒城县千人桥镇五里桥村的路边,稻田中隐约可见泛黄的稻穗。 “差不多有1米高了,已经进入乳熟期,10月中旬可以收割。”有农技人员上前给记者比划了一下。   舒城县农委副主任马元银告诉记者,这是一块绿色高产高效攻关示范田,种植的是粳稻。从选种到田间管理,都“很有一套”。记者看到,稻田中央还竖着一块“长期涝灾应急促生补救技术”的标牌,详细记录了这块田地的受灾苗情、灾后补救和预计产量。据估算,这片稻田理论产量将达到每亩1680斤。   “7月1日下大雨,我到田里看了一下。当时洪水没过路面30厘米,而田间的秧苗还不及路面高。我们赶紧用9个水泵进行排水,但因为地势低,秧苗还是在水里泡了1个星期。 ”舒城县农业技术推广中心粮油站副站长江勇一边说,一边下田查看水稻基部,“你看,这里还有一些小分蘖,就是因为受到洪灾的影响。 ”   水退之后,7月10日,农田管理人员开始实施补救措施。 “首先排涝清淤,开沟沥水洗苗,然后追肥,促进水稻根系发育,同时对叶面喷施生长调节剂……”江勇一一道来,“因为是示范田的缘故,尽管受灾严重,但后期补救技术和田间管理都较为精细,基本保住了产量,减产大约1成左右。 ”记者注意到,这片稻田边还配置了害虫诱捕器,精细程度可见一斑。   “多亏应用了新品种、新技术,水稻抗灾能力更强。 ”鲍峰总结道,今年,合作社首次启用了钵苗机插的新技术,缩短了水稻缓苗期,秧苗更壮实、更抗灾。另外,他们选用的Y两优2号杂交稻,本身就是高产的品种,保证了水稻产量。   发放种子、蹲点指导,农技人员协助把损失降到最低   舒城县柏林乡双墩村的吴本明经营着1560亩的家庭农场,今年又建起5000平方米的标准育秧工厂。 7月的那场洪水冲毁了他的育秧大棚,也造成880亩水稻绝收。   “这块稻田就是绝收后再补种的,秧苗比其他未绝收的稻田要稀疏一些,正处于扬花期。 ”吴本明站在稻田里,一边查看稻穗一边说,“预计亩产800斤至900斤稻谷,比原先预定的亩产1000斤目标少一至两成。 ”   今年的洪灾中,吴本明家的稻田和育秧工厂在水里泡了10来天。退水后,眼看着自家一大半的水稻绝收,他琢磨着赶紧补种,“当时种子不太好买,没想到政府很快给我发了7000多斤免费种子,真是帮了大忙! ”吴本明说,“农技人员不仅给我选了优质的种子,还在田边蹲点指导了10多天,帮助我们把损失降到了最低。 ”   舒城县农技推广中心副主任范国斌告诉记者:“洪灾发生后,县农委及时对全县种子经营大户种子库存情况进行摸底。针对缺口,积极主动与省内及外省相关种子企业对接,先后从省内的芜湖、阜阳等地,以及湖南、江西等省调运早稻品种65万斤,玉米品种1万斤等,总价值170多万元。为了不误农时,我们赶在7月20日之前,将水稻种子发放到受灾的种粮大户和群众手中。 ”   舒城县桃溪镇四圩村是全县退水最迟的地方:7月4日破圩,7月20日才退水。为了让退水迟的田块也能栽上水稻,从7月12日开始,该县农业部门积极联系全县多家育秧工厂提前育秧,育秧、机插秧的费用由政府投入,共计180多万元。   除了免费发放种子,洪灾期间,各地农业部门还积极调度,分类施策,及时形成技术指导意见。 “我们制定了4个技术方案,通过明白纸等渠道向农民进行宣传。同时,派出了3个技术指导专家组,再加上各乡镇有17个技术指导服务组,总共200多名农技干部驻村驻点、日夜指导。 ”冯骏说。   农业部门人士表示,尽管我省今夏遭遇特大洪涝灾害,但相关部门采取了多项扎实有效的举措,最大限度地减少了自然灾害对粮食生产造成的损失。来自安徽省农委的数据显示,截至9月28日,全省水稻收割完成率达38%,共计1050万亩。中安在线   农产品集购网16988-全国大宗农产品电商交易平台;【白糖、油脂、玉米、大豆、小麦、棉花、豆粕】免费资源发布、采购对接;报价-下点击前往报价,查看大宗农产品行情 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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Home new year, so sweet beauty to see God – Sohu today is the twelfth lunar month twenty-three, lunar new year. Many early holiday buddies, have rushed to the home on new year, what is more is at home to eat a leisurely meal I do at the end of love! However, it is nevertheless. In addition to the new year like a warm jacket as well behaved warm hearts with mom and Dad, you are such a pile of broken bureau perfectly — reunion, sisters party, even see love, see the former, is my parents arrange a blind date…… Think about Qu (WO), Lei, ge! The point is, in this kind of meeting, everyone can’t wait to be the focus of all eyes, and when I hear that "how beautiful you are", "big beauty" broke up with you, I regret it"…… Therefore, this Spring Festival, we need beauty too much! But this makeup is only suitable for office workers or students who are in a hurry, because mad faces can wrinkle! Just be careful! So too, in the massive beauty knowledge in Jun spree Amoy to the two section for the new year variety of occasions of beauty, and personal practice, the strength of the challenge, the effect is simply fried chicken are like Oh ~ (???)? = beauty of fresh and natural fashion: style = invisible Eyeliner fine curved eyebrow, natural place big eyes, pink eye shadow. Not only can make you look sweet, keep you youthful bel! No one can resist it! Applications: reunion, sister party []: A Step1 makeup steps light cake color rendering, a wide range of graffiti in the eye socket, the color is more natural, is not afraid of tremor. Step2: B pearl Brown painting in the eyes of the part, not more than double fold lines, back and forth blooming color deepened. Step3: use C light pink wide range of brush, folding painting in just two steps, mainly in order to blend three colors. Step4: D soft pink brush in the eye tail halo of this range, even under the eye end to need to paint. Step5: eye shadow from eye to eye end only brush C color can, can brighten the silkworm, silkworm has become more tender. Step6: use drill light black eyeliner to draw the middle of the day, both sides of the thick fine liner, eye tail does not need to pull too long, slightly drooping can be. Step7: the last mascara, wearing a short thick eyelashes can be, the eye looks very natural matte. Step8: coated with light pink lip fluid, the color should not be too thick, like natural pink lips, very young girl. Step9: in the apple muscle position back and forth on the playing circle sweep blush, then slightly into the ear also can sweep some pink. You are a natural beauty girl! Go and listen to girl’s admiration and admiration for you! Beauty = beautiful and moving fashion style: what is the makeup of blind date? What do you think of bright color collocation, first? No!

过年回家,这样甜甜的美妆见男神-搜狐   腊月二十三,今儿是农历小年。很多放假早的小伙伴们,都已奔赴在了回家过年的路上,更有甚者已经在家里优哉游哉地吃上了麻麻做的年终爱心大餐!   然而,又是然而。过年除了像个贴心小棉袄一样乖巧暖心地陪着老爸老妈,你还有这样一堆局得完美攻破――同学聚会,姐妹party,甚至见初恋、见前任,被爸比妈咪安排相亲……想想就觉得无(wo)限(lei)精(ge)彩(qu)!      重点是,在这样的局里相遇,每个人都迫不及待想成为所有目光的焦点,听到那句“你怎么又漂亮了”“大美女”“跟你分手,我很后悔”……因此这个春节,我们太需要美腻啦!   但这种妆容只适合赶时间的上班族或学生族,因为狂刷脸会起皱纹啦!轻点儿吧!所以喽,狂魔君在海量美容知识里淘到这两款适合新年百变场合的美妆,并亲身实践、实力挑战,效果简直炒鸡赞哦~\(???) ~   ?   =美妆①= 清新自然   时尚style:自然的细弯眉、自然放大眼睛的隐形眼线,粉色的眼影。不仅能让你看起来甜美可爱,还让你倍儿显青春!撒娇卖萌必备妆容啊,任谁都无法抗拒!   适用场合:同学聚会、姐妹party      [化妆步骤]   Step1:用A浅香饼色打底,大范围的涂画在眼窝上,这个颜色比较自然,手抖了也不怕。   Step2:用B珠光棕色画在眼帘的部分,不超过双眼皮线外,可来回晕染加深色彩。         Step3:用C浅粉色大范围晕刷,叠画在刚才的两个步骤上,主要是为了融合三个颜色。   Step4:用D嫩粉色晕刷在眼尾这个范围,连下眼尾处要需要涂画到。      Step5:下眼影从眼头到眼尾只刷上C色就可以了,可以提亮卧蚕,有卧蚕就显得更加嫩。   Step6:用钻光黑色眼线笔画出一天中间粗两边细的眼线,眼尾也不需要拉太长,稍微下垂就可以。      Step7:最后刷上睫毛膏,戴上短款浓密的假睫毛就可以了,整个眼妆看起来非常的自然粉嫩。      Step8:涂上淡粉的唇液,颜色不宜太厚实,像天然的粉唇,非常少女。   Step9:在苹果肌位置上来回打圈圈扫上腮红,然后稍微往耳根也扫一些粉色就可以了。         你就是纯天然美少女啦!快去听各位girl对你的羡慕赞美吧!   =美妆②= 艳丽动人   时尚style:相亲化什么妆?搭配艳丽唇色,你首先想到什么?是不是眼妆越低调越好、非哑光不可?然而你又知道吗?就算是珠光色系,用对了也是能很好搭配的。   适用场合:约会异性      [化妆步骤]   STEP1:使用妆前乳等产品后根据自己肤色选择适合的底妆。      STEP2:修理好眉毛,用眉笔、眉粉等画好眉型。      STEP3:将米金色眼影呈半圆形在上眼睑涂抹打底。      STEP4:在上下眼睑再叠加上橘棕色涂抹并晕开。      STEP5:在左图标示的上下眼睑位置继续用珠光浅棕色涂抹。      STEP6:把珠光橘棕色涂抹在眼球中间和下眼睑前2 3位置来提亮。      STEP7:画上黑色内眼线(注意下眼线只画前1 2),夹翘睫毛,刷上睫毛膏。      STEP8:蘸取修颜粉在脸侧和腮骨侧边轻刷,塑造小颜立体感。      STEP9:在脸颊两边扫上阴影粉。      STEP10:在颧骨位置刷上浅粉色腮红。      STEP11:T区、眼周等部位使用高光棒来提亮。      STEP12:用唇刷将艳丽的红色涂抹上嘴唇,唇峰要略微圆润些。      没错,你就是所有男人眼中的super queen!相关的主题文章:

琼州海峡是中国海上旅客运输最繁忙的海域 莆田小打听

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Guangdong Xuwen port import and construction of international tourism island of Hainan new channel news agency new network – in Zhanjiang on 28 September, (Liang Shengtan) Guangdong Zhanjiang Xuwen port 28 construction. The port is expected to become a new channel across the Qiongzhou Strait to Hainan in October 2018. The port of Xuwen in Guangdong Province, "13th Five-Year" plan key construction projects, a total investment of about 1 billion 200 million yuan, the 16 passenger cargo berths, 1 special dangerous goods ro berths and 1 readiness wharf and the South China Sea logistics base, vehicle capacity to 3 million 200 thousand vehicles, passenger capacity to 17 million 280 thousand passengers. According to the Xuwen Department of transportation, the Qiongzhou Strait is the busiest China carriage of passengers by sea waters, but also out of Hainan international tourism island is an important transport hub, passenger transport more than 10 million passengers per year. After the completion of Xuwen port, Haian port, Haian will undertake the Xingang passenger cargo transfer business, become the largest Chinese passenger transport terminal, the unified management of the Qiongzhou Strait ro ro passenger and cargo transportation business. Haian port is adjusted to Binhai leisure yachts or cruise terminal, become part of the city leisure entertainment district, Haian Xingang District Planning General wharf, the hinterland of Xuwen is mainly responsible for material unloading. According to Chinese railway planning, from the sea Inner Mongolia Baotou high iron package will be along the Guangxi coastal railway and the railway, access to Xuwen port, and then by train ferry across the Qiongzhou Strait, arrived in Haikou, then, in and out of Hainan Island traffic will be more smooth. (end)

广东徐闻港开建 进出海南国际旅游岛添新通道-中新网   中新社湛江9月28日电 (梁盛 谭总)广东湛江徐闻港28日开工建设。该港预计2018年10月投用,成为横跨琼州海峡前往海南的新通道。   徐闻港是广东省“十三五”规划重点工程建设项目,总投资约12亿元人民币,拟建16个客货滚装泊位、1个危险品专用滚装泊位、1个战备码头及南海后勤保障基地等,车辆年通过能力为320万辆,旅客年通过能力为1728万人次。   据徐闻交通部门介绍,琼州海峡是中国海上旅客运输最繁忙的海域,也是进出海南国际旅游岛重要的交通要道,每年运送旅客逾1000万人次。徐闻港建成后,将承接目前海安港、海安新港的客货滚装业务转移,成为中国最大的客滚运输码头,统一管理琼州海峡客货滚装运输业务。海安港则调整为以滨海休闲为主的游艇或邮轮码头,成为城市休闲娱乐区的组成部分,海安新港规划为通用码头区,主要承担徐闻腹地物资的接卸。   据中国铁路部门规划,起于内蒙古包头的包海高铁也将沿广西沿海铁路及合湛铁路,接入徐闻港区,再经火车渡轮跨过琼州海峡,抵达海口,到时,进出海南岛的交通将更加畅顺。(完)相关的主题文章:

但是投资者没有赚到钱 永远跟你走简谱

12 Nov

Qianhai Kaiyuan Yang Delong: A shares market Manniu established! Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, performance is lower than the same product for a long time, how to buy the fund was pit? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Author: Qianhai Kaiyuan chief economist Yang Delong today to discuss the topic more attractive to the market, manniu! Why is this title, in fact, this year’s confirmation of the market?. After the Spring Festival this year, the market fell to a low of more than 2600 points, we judge the market has bottomed out, decided to end nine months of short period, the position to close to full warehouse, and put forward the "thousand points big bounce point. Now in September, it has rebounded about 500 points from a low point, which has initially validated our judgment on the rebound trend of the market. But now, after that more than half of the market operation, the market basically established Manniu market. Review the history of A shares, A shares have three kinds of animal, "cattle", "bear" and "Slow Bear", but never appeared in fourth kinds of animal "manniu". Why? Because the A stock investors are mainly retail investors, the herd effect of the market is very obvious. Once the bull market occurs, the funds will soon flow into the market, so the market will soon be gone. For example, 06, 07 years of big bull market, two years, the market rose from 998 points to 6124 points. For example, the latest bull market, the market from 2000 points in 2014 July, rose to more than 5100 points in 2015 June, the market bull market is going very fast. And in the bear market, it is often falling faster, this is the "herd effect", when some investors sell stocks, many retail investors to follow the trend of the disk, resulting in a rapid decline. For example, 08 years, the global financial crisis, the market from the highest point of 6124 after less than a year fell 1664 points, can be said to be very fast "bear", and in June 15th last year, the market appeared three stock market crash, there has been a sharp decline, less than 9 months from the highest 5178 points down to 2638 points, is a big decline, and fell very quickly, this is the "cattle" and "bear". Slow bear is often the lack of investor confidence, often "fast bear" after the slow decline process, and slow bear the typical example is 09 years more than 3400 points, has fallen to the lowest point in 2014, 1849 points, fell five years. The market has gradually entered the Manniu market now has gradually entered the market "Manniu", why is there such a situation? The A shares in more than 20 years of history has never seen, it is because of several reasons for this: first, after last year’s stock market crash, many investors still fear, so when the real market bottomed out after a pessimistic market. Especially in the first half of this year, in addition to Qianhai open source fund in the firm to do more to see more, leaving a bearish voice. At this time, the possibility of producing "fast cattle" is very small, because we can not believe the bull market, lack of confidence. Second, the regulators have introduced the theory

前海开源杨德龙:A股慢牛行情确立! 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   作者:前海开源首席经济学家 杨德龙   今天讨论的话题比较吸引人,慢牛行情来了!为什么要起这个标题,其实就是对于今年行情的确认。今年春节之后,大盘跌到了2600多点的低点,我们判断大盘已经见底,决定结束九个月的空仓期,把仓位加到接近满仓,并且提出了“千点大反弹”的观点。现在已经到了9月份,从低点算起已经反弹了大约500点,已经初步验证了我们对市场反弹趋势的判断。而现在,经过这半年多大盘的运行,市场基本确立了慢牛的行情。   回顾A股的历史,A股出现过三种动物,“快牛”、“快熊”和“慢熊”,却从来没出现过第四种动物“慢牛”。为什么?因为A股投资者以散户投资者为主,市场的“羊群效应”非常明显,一旦出现牛市,资金就会很快涌入市场,所以市场行情很快就走完了。比如说,06、07年的大牛市,两年的时间,大盘就从998点涨到了6124点。再比如说最近的这次牛市,大盘从2014年7月份的2000点,涨到了2015年6月份的 5100多点,市场牛市走的是特别快的。而到了熊市,也往往是跌的比较快的,这也是“羊群效应”,当一部分投资者卖股票的时候,很多的散户跟风砸盘,造成了过快的下跌。比方说08年,全球出现了金融危机,大盘从最高6124点经过不到一年的时间跌倒了1664点,可以说是非常快的“快熊”,而在去年6月15日,大盘出现三轮股灾,出现了急剧的下跌,不到9个月的时间从最高点5178点跌到了2638点,跌幅也是很大,并且跌的很快,这就是“快牛”和“快熊”。慢熊往往是投资者信心不足的体现,往往是“快熊”之后缓慢下跌的过程,而慢熊最典型的例子是09年3400多点,一直跌到2014年最低时候的 1849点,跌了五年时间。   市场逐渐步入“慢牛”行情   那么现在市场逐渐进入了“慢牛”的状态,为什么会出现这样的行情?这在A股20多年历史上从来没有出现过,那是因为这么几个原因:   第一, 经历过去年的股灾,很多投资者仍然心有余悸,所以当大盘真正见底之后,市场一片悲观。特别是今年上半年,除了前海开源基金在坚定的做多看多之外,剩下一片看空的声音。这个时候,要产生“快牛”的可能性非常小,因为大家不敢相信牛市,信心不足。   第二, 监管层出台了很多政策,这些政策的主线就是引导投资者从炒题材股、垃圾股,转向蓝筹股投资,进行价值投资。那蓝筹股的行情不像题材股走的那么快,蓝筹股盘子比较大,一般的资金量很难推动“快牛”行情。   第三, 有杠杆,现在的市场和以往的市场一个很大的区别是,现在是一个有杠杆的市场。现在场内可以通过两融进行配资,场外还有一部分渠道进行加杠杆。所以现在是“慢牛”而不是“慢熊”,就是因为有杠杆。去年加杠杆的投资者都亏了大钱,少数人挣到了大钱,但是大多数人是亏了钱的,很多人是心有不甘的。一但市场出现了赚钱的效应,形成了赚钱的趋势之后,那很多去年加杠杆的投资者还会继续加杠杆,所以市场就不会出现09到14年出现的慢慢五年熊市。而很快从急剧下跌到一个修复性上涨,也就是到一个“慢牛”的状态。所以以上就是出现“慢牛”行情的三点原因。   从海外市场看A股—美国市场   接下来从海外市场来看A股,今年五月份我写过一份报告《从海外市场看A股》。因为最聪明的投资者都在海外市场,第一类聪明的投资者,是在进行外汇交易,特别是美元交易;第二类聪明的投资者,在做期货交易,比如说石油、大宗商品;第三类投资者才是炒股票,而第三类投资者中最聪明的投资者是在欧美市场进行交易。第四类才是新兴市场,包括恒指。所以我们要看海外市场的表现,就可以预测A股走势。首先我们来看美股,美股的表现已经超越了基本面,出现了快速上涨,三大股指均创了历史新高,就在最近,纳斯达克指数再次创出历史新高。应该说,美国经济复苏的情况一般,但是美国股市却屡创历史新高。   美股创新高什么原因,就是因为在全球央行不断放水的情况下,各类风险资产的估值都会提升。优质的蓝筹股成为了最好的避险资产,所以美股的蓝筹股行情带动了大盘,其实现在美股创新高,真正创新高的股票并不多,主要集中于优质的蓝筹股上。这个是非常值得A股投资者借鉴的。   海外市场看A股—香港市场   看完美股之后,我们再来看香港市场,香港市场是和美股走的最近的市场,甚至是每天都在跟美股涨。比如说昨天美股上涨,今天港股就跟着高开。昨天美股跌了,今天就跟着港股低开,并且全天基本上是一条横线。港股和美股的关联度是最高的,那么港股在今年出现了快速的反弹,也是在春节前后,恒指跌破19000点大关,A股跌破2600点,当时我提出恒指19000点、上证指数2600多点就是历史大底,现在已经印证了我当时的判断。当时我提出的时候,有很多质疑的声音,我当时提千点反弹,有些人就针锋相对,就提千点下跌,很多人甚至认为会跌破两千点。现在来看孰是孰非就一目了然了。恒指在19000点之后确实出现了触底反弹,现在已经突破了23000点,恒指的走势明显强于A股,但是受美国股市三大股指创新高的带动。   还有一点,就是深港通开通的预期,让很多投资者到港股进行抄底。所以港股的今年的反弹要强于A股。就像我之前提到的,聪明的投资者做美股交易,其次是港股交易。所以做A股的投资者,应该去看美股和港股的走势进行判断,这样正确的概率会远远超过错误的概率。所以我判断下一步A股会迎来逐波上涨的行情,也就是所谓的“慢牛”的行情。   有眼光的“猎人”已经捕捉到“慢牛”迹象   其实很多眼光的投资者发现了这样的情况,我们将他们称之为“猎人”。那么有一下几类“猎人”,第一类就是产业资本,最近对一些上市公司股权进行了增持,甚至是去抢控股权,就是对蓝筹股价值的认可。他们已经嗅到了“慢牛”的气息。第二类投资者,是一些从债券市场或者理财市场出来的低风险资金,这些资金追求绝对回报,他们选择的股票的往往是追求蓝筹股,也就是高股息的股票,这一部分股票引领了大盘的反弹,第三类,是一些有先知先觉的资金开始去入市挖掘机会。除了前海开源在今年春节之后把仓位一次。 加到接近满仓之后呢,很多机构在今年下半年开始加仓。可喜的是现在看多的机构在逐渐增加。很多策略分析师开始看反弹,甚至有著名的私募大佬认为可能到4000点。这样的话,市场反弹的趋势开始形成了,那么”慢牛”的跨度就会比“快牛”要长,“快牛”也就是一年的行情,而“慢牛”我认为会持续到两年以上,甚至可能在“慢牛”之后出现一波大行情。因为在两年这种“慢牛”的行情过程中,我国的经济改革,比如说国企改革和供给侧改革已经出现了一些成果,我国的经济转型出现了一定的成效。一些好的优质的新兴企业开始起来,就可能出现了改革红利,出现业绩的释放,带来一波大行情,不过这是后话了。   “慢牛”行情的投资机会——基金中的基金(Fund of Fund)   我们现在来看目前这种的行情属于“慢牛”的行情,大家可以细细挖掘其中的机会。那么在这种“慢牛”行情中怎么赚钱,我觉得有一种方法,就是买基金中的基金,就是所谓的Fund of Fund,FOF。国内公募基金现在已经有了18年的历史了,基金的品种达到了3000多只,很多人不知道什么时候该买入基金,什么时候应该赎回,也不知道选哪种基金。这就导致了很多基金本身净值是增长的,但是投资者没有赚到钱,甚至亏钱。因为让很多投资者去判断这个基金的高点和低点,甚至选择一个好的基金,是不现实的。那么通过购买基金中的基金,也就是FOF,由专业的投资人进行判断,省去了判断高点和低点的麻烦。   现在证监会已经发了公募的FOF征求意见稿。正式的产品还要等几个月发出来,现在专户的FOF已经逐步发行,最近我刚组建的杨德龙事业部,就是从专户FOF起步,做专户基金中的基金。这是实现策略判断价值的最好的一个途径。我们知道做好FOF最关键的因素就是管理人的资产配置能力,而在国内中就是对A股趋势的把握能力。前海开源在成立三年之中,对大盘的把握是非常精准的。包括14年提出特大牛市,去年5月21日成功高点减仓,以及今年春节之后大胆抄底,可以说对波段的把握是非常准确的。这也使得前海开源的业绩非常突出。   今年上半年,全市场排名第一的基金就是前海开源的金银珠宝,最高涨幅超过了30%多。而在上半年前15名的混合基金中,有6个是前海开源基金的产品,大面积业绩好就体现了对大盘波段的把握比较好。做FOF成功关键就是要在高点的时候替客户赎回股票基金,去配置债券基金或者货币基金,在低点的时候,加大股票基金的配置力度,这样才能真正实现好的收益。所以大家可以关注一下,杨德龙事业部很快就会通过银行私人银行、券商等渠道发行专户FOF,希望以后可以成为客户理财获得收益的最好的手段。   基金成功的关键——优秀的投研能力   有投资者认为,前海开源基金的运行机制比较好,也是业绩比较好的一个重要原因,是正确的。前海开源基金公司有事业部制,实施了股权激励,并且公司执行力比较强,这些都是业绩比较好的重要原因。但是最主要的是体现了前海开源团队卓越的投研资产配置能力。灵活的机制吸引了很多人才加盟,整个投研的能力比较强才能做好业绩。那么在未来的两年的“慢牛”的时期,大家要做好资产的布局。买基金的话可以买业绩比较稳定的基金或者直接买FOF,如果买股票的话,就要买优质的蓝筹股,给我们带来的回报比较稳定的,而且风险比较低,现在我们已经进入了一个拥抱蓝筹的时代,这是毋庸置疑的。大家可以去讨论现在是不是“慢牛”的行情,我认为市场的趋势已经走出来了,已经是底部之后的右侧交易,已经是“慢牛”行情了。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

此时欧盘高达35美金的波动幅度确实出乎所有人的预料 金陵唐人游

12 Nov

Wu Wangxin: crude oil yield reduction, good gold into the king of refuge, the client to view the latest market fate as the palm of the hand, no matter how much twists and turns, are in their hands. It’s easy to fall on a smooth ice surface because it’s not bumpy. There are many accidents in life, good accidents we gladly accept, bad accident we face calmly. The unexpected rise of gold shocked us, but also taught us more operational skills, enriched our trading experience, enhanced our sense of risk. Gold, this week from 1164 to sing all the way up to 1263 amplitude, up to 99 U.S. dollars, and only a day on Thursday rose to 65 U. s.dollars, the Spring Festival period all the way inflation is really surprising, gold in everyone’s eyes have been almost crazy. At the same time, the author pointed out yesterday in view of gold rating will be confirmed in the trend of sports stage, the trend of the last wave of efforts is the most difficult to predict, but the last wave of the time only accounted for the entire trend with time of 10%, but the volatility is very likely beyond the top 90% time fluctuations the magnitude of this crazy phenomenon is intuitive response to human nature after crazy. Gold, from the fundamental analysis, presented by the soaring yesterday, the reason is that the stock market crash to promote the large number of hedge funds into the city of gold in gold soared. On Thursday, Asian stock market opening fell collective, Hongkong’s Hang Seng index opened 4%, the Nikkei index fell 2.3%, the European stock market as a result of the banking industry stocks collective slump, the French CAC40 index plunged 4.05%, Germany’s DAX index fell 2.93%, the FTSE 100 index fell 2.39%, the Dow Jones index closed down 1.60% at 15660.18 points; standard the S & P 500 index closed at 1829.08 points, down 1.23%. In addition, the chairman of the Federal Reserve Yellen in the Senate Banking Committee testimony, the performance of doves, to suppress the dollar index, so that gold has become the most consistently dangerous hedging varieties, and the most favored by funds. Gold Thursday Bikong rally is rare, and Monday’s intraday rhythm is exactly the same, can be concluded as Monday and Thursday are given by the same driving force, even in the days of rise time are surprisingly consistent, after midnight and at the high point pressure, then the disc is sideways, Europe 16 points to open the second round of increases, offer a strong shock directly through high rise. This kind of all day without stepping back strong rise, in the process of traders seems to enter the bull market in general. Yesterday morning, the price of gold is expected to be within a narrow range in the range of 1202-1206, and when the disc appeared significant boundary 1205-1209, we immediately in the 1205.5 position directly, till 16 K intraday cash break in the 1209 position and the desire for the opening, the days of high expectations only around 1230, however after 16 days of instant ten big line, single hour chart K was $12, its strength is 3 times on Monday at 16 k! At this point, the bulls have been domineering exposed, so the author immediately high expectations.

吴旺鑫:原油遇减产利好 黄金成避险之王 客户端 查看最新行情   命运如同手中的掌纹,无论多曲折,都掌握在自己手里。在光滑的冰面上容易摔倒,是因为上面没有坎坷。生命中有很多意外,好的意外我们欣然接受,坏的意外我们坦然面对。黄金的意外大涨带给我们震撼的同时,也教会我们更多的操作技能,丰富了我们的交易经验,增强了我们的风险意识。   黄金,本周由1164一路高歌涨至1263振幅高达99美金,且仅仅周四一天涨幅就为65美金,此番春节期间的一路暴涨着实让人大跌眼镜,黄金在大家眼里已几近疯狂。同时笔者于昨日金评中指出的观点亦得以印证,即在趋势运动阶段中,最后一波走势的力度是最难预测的,然而最后一波所经历的时间仅占整个趋势所用时间的10%,但其波动幅度却极可能超越之前90%时间中波动带来的幅度,这种疯狂的现象正是人性疯狂之后的直观反应。   黄金,从基本面上来分析,昨日所呈现的暴涨,其原因是股市的暴跌推动避险资金大量涌入金市而致使金价飙升。周四,亚洲开盘股市便集体下挫,香港恒生指数低开4%,日经指数跌2.3%,随后欧洲股市因银行业股票集体大跌,法国CAC40指数暴跌4.05%,德国DAX指数大跌2.93%,英国富时100指数走跌2.39%,接着道琼斯指数收盘下跌1.60%,报15660.18点;标普500指数收报1829.08点,走低1.23%。此外,美联储主席耶伦在参议院银行业委员会作证词中,表现鸽派,打压美元指数,从而令黄金顺理成章成为始终最亮眼的避险品种而最受资金青睐。   黄金,周四的逼空上涨行情实属罕见,且与周一的日内节奏如出一辙,可由此断定为周一和周四是由同一拨主力给予推动,甚至连日内的上涨时间点亦出奇一致,皆为后半夜至凌晨突破高点压制,接着亚盘进行横盘整理,欧盘16点开启第二轮上涨,而后美盘经过高位强势震荡之后直接上涨。这种全天无回踩的强势上涨,在操盘的过程中似乎进入牛市之中一般。   昨日,早间预计金价会在1202-1206区间作窄幅震荡,而当亚盘出现显著的边界1205-1209之后,我们即刻于1205.5位置便直接做多,待到16点K线盘中现上破欲望于是在1209位置加仓做多,此时笔者对于日内的高点预期仅在1230附近,然而16点过后瞬间便出现十日大阳线,单颗小时图K线就达12美金,其力度为周一16点K线的3倍!此时此刻多头已然霸气外露,于是笔者立刻将高点预期值修正为1240,不料美盘尚未开始之前便瞬间抵达1240,此时欧盘高达35美金的波动幅度确实出乎所有人的预料。接着美盘之前,笔者对盘中的多头迹象便作了一番详细的研究,当时选定1230为美盘的最佳支撑点,而由于欧盘波动都达35美金,那么预测美盘波动20-30美金也并非难事,于是目标修正至1250-55,所以笔者于1235位置再多,23点30盘中1241位置加仓追多,博0点K线的加速上行,且0点K线最高冲刺至1263,至此多单全部获利出局,而此时白银为15.90。终于黄金白银的日内交易在惊险刺激中完美谢幕了。   黄金,周四行情现已成为历史,无论有没有把握到手,都需要我们用心的认真去做总结和思考,赚到钱的得意而不忘形,错失良机的也不必气馁,化失落为力量,让失败的经验成为下一次成功的垫脚石。总而言之,春节期间的此轮多头行情,给黄金市场带来了一场地动山摇的大地震,而在此过程中,很多散户由于平时风险意识的匮乏而遭受重挫,因此,作为交易者的每一个人都应当注重风险意识的培养和锻炼,而不可只盯着利润而对风险视而不见,唯有这样才能在猝不及防的大地震面前至少能做到全身而退。   黄金,周四隔夜美盘上涨的起涨点在1230位置,欧盘前金价在1232位置短线获得支撑,目前市场情绪趋于缓和,美盘可继续关注1231附近支撑以1225微损博多看1250。同时,黄金市场经过此轮大涨之后,流动性将明显增强,波动性亦明显放大,当下20美金的波动也仅仅算作震荡市。   白银,相信看过我金评的朋友都已收获利润,笔者于早间建议直接在15.25附近做多,止损15.15且为微损,目标给至15.60,美盘前修正目标为15.90-16.00,而结果日内从15.27上涨到15.93,笔者给出的建议基本处于最低点,接着于最高点建议出局。回顾以往,我们往往都是以白银为参照做黄金,然而近日以来,我们却又以黄金为参照做白银,本周白银的上涨便是完全紧随着黄金的节奏,而周四黄金大涨的内因却是由于全球股市大跌触发避险情绪的升温,加之美元因耶论鸽派的打压,致使黄金成为唯一的香饽饽,然而白银避险属性较弱而略显逊色。当下空仓者建议观望,手中仍持有多单者建议美盘冲高15.85的时刻选择离场。   原油,周四顺利抵达26关口,短线暂时以震荡为主,而目前需观察油价的反映。或因华尔街日报透露欧佩克减产消息,油价在26位置获得支撑,但又由于欧佩克内部的矛盾制约,若再度传出不减产的言论,原油未来仍将重新开启下跌模式;而如果更多的消息表示支持减仓,短线便有望在纠结中触发反弹。本周从30附近建议一路做空至26附近,目前可适当暂停操作,需耐心等待消息进一步明朗及技术形态进一步完善后再付诸行动。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章:

增幅达到了18% 邯郸学步的意思

12 Nov

SPDR ETF has nearly 118 tons of gold inflows in February this year, significantly accelerate the inflow FX168 confidence bullish news this year, a major trend in the gold market is a substantial influx of gold ETF showed that, the gold market sentiment improved, also called a point in the price of gold rose in most emboldened. From SPDR ETF (GLD) of the gold holdings, so far, the total holdings rose to 760.32 tons. At the beginning of this year, GLD held 642.37 tons, that is to say, so far this year, GLD has gone into 117.95 tons, an increase of 18%. Last year, the total outflow of GLD was 66.65 tons, accounting for 9.4%. Although it’s basically the peak season of the gold market at the beginning of the year, the wave of this year’s rise is very conspicuous. Last January, GLD went into 49.35 tons, and in February it went into 12.88 tons. GLD totaled 62.23 tons last February 26th. It was 26.86 tons in January, and 91.09 tons since February. At the beginning of 2016, in terms of gold ETF, the biggest difference from last year was that as the price of gold continued to rise, the inflow of ETF began to accelerate in February, showing the confidence of gold investors. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

SPDR黄金ETF今年已流入近118吨 2月流入加速显看涨信心   FX168讯 今年以来,黄金市场的一大趋势就是黄金ETF的大幅涌入,这表明了黄金市场投资者情绪的改善,也堪称此次金价上涨中最有底气的一点。   从SPDR黄金ETF(GLD)的持有量来看,到目前为止,总持有量增长至760.32吨。   今年年初GLD的持有量为642.37吨,也就是说,今年至今GLD已经流入了117.95吨,增幅达到了18%。   去年全年GLD的总流出量为66.65吨,占比9.4%。   虽然基本上每年年初都是黄金市场传统上的旺季,但今年这一波上涨的持续时间却是非常显眼的。   去年1月GLD流入49.35吨,2月流入12.88吨。去年到2月26日GLD总计流入了62.23吨。   今年1月26.86吨,2月至今则流入了91.09吨。   2016年这个年初,就黄金ETF而言,和去年最大的不同是,随着金价的持续走高,ETF的流入在2月开始加速,显出了黄金投资者们的信心。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:


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Beijing – VIDEO – Driver big courage highway law enforcement vehicle nose on and off. The driver caught great courage highway law enforcement police noses on and off caught. [comment] recently, the Chongqing traffic enforcement corps highway three of a battalion of the law enforcement team in the qiwan high-speed section of Tonghui parking warning when found the police car behind a car parked in the emergency lane, ready for boarding, the driver was the illegal law enforcement officers arrest a high speed. The high-speed law enforcement personnel in the parking warning, found not far from the police car behind a car hanging Yunnan license plate of the car parked in the emergency lane, and a highway guardrail, two officers are ready to cross the guardrail. Law enforcement members came forward to ask, learned that the driver Luomou drive to Kunming, ready for the highway, on the two passengers. What do you stop here for? (we stop here, and the guy wants to get on the bus. You’re going to be in this place, aren’t you? Not boarding, is outside the station on the passenger boarding, high-speed road is a fine of 2000 yuan. Isn’t it allowed to get on the train? Not boarding. (non boarding, non boarding) [comment] through persuasion of the law enforcement team, the car driver abandoned boarding on the highway, to the nearest charging station from high-speed, while two passengers choose to walk to the bus toll station, so to avoid the huge fines. But the driver’s illegal parking behavior in the emergency lane has also been punished accordingly. Jiang Peng, Deng Zhongxu, Xiao Jiangchuan, Chongqing report Keywords: classification Name: Society

中新网-视频-驾驶员胆子好大 高速路执法警车眼皮底下上下客被逮现形 驾驶员胆子好大 高速路执法警车眼皮底下上下客被逮现形  【解说】近日,重庆交通执法总队高速公路三支一大队执法队员在綦万高速通惠段驻车警示时,发现警车后方有一辆轿车停在应急车道上,准备上客,驾驶员这一违法举动被高速执法人员逮了个现形。   高速执法人员在驻车警示时,发现警车后面不远处,有一辆挂有云南号牌的轿车停在应急车道上,而高速公路护栏外,有两名人员正准备跨越护栏上车。   执法队员上前询问得知,驾驶员罗某驾车到昆明,准备在高速公路途中,上两名乘客。  【现场同期】   停在这里干什么?(我们停在这里,小伙子想上车。)你们准备在这个地方上一个人是不是?不能上客,是站外上客,高速路上上下客是罚款2000元。(这里不准上车呀?)不能上客。(不上客,不上客)   【解说】经过执法队员的劝导,轿车驾驶员放弃在高速路上上客,选择到最近的收费站离开高速,而两名乘客选择步行到收费站外上车,因此才避免了巨额罚款。但是驾驶员在应急车道违法停车的行为也受到了相应的处罚。   蒋朋 邓中旭 肖江川 重庆报道关键词: 分类名称: 社会相关的主题文章:

and some housing prices may be due to unskilled operation and other reasons 兖州太阳都市花园

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Shanghai land auction to implement electronic auxiliary bidding, housing prices: to curb land prices do not have much effect – Sohu finance or sitting in Shanghai Land Trading Center, but developers will not only offer quotations oral quotations, but through electronic quotation equipment offer. In August 25th, surging news () found in the land market in Shanghai’s official website, Shanghai land market officially launched electronic bidding system, and that developers can through electronic equipment bidding to quote in the live auction activities, had changed the traditional way of bidding placards. According to the Shanghai land market announcement, not every piece of land need to use electronic quotation equipment. Notice: read "land listing notice" in the "listing procedures" provisions of the "site bidding" part to determine whether the site in the auction site using the electronic auxiliary bidding system. And in January 20th this year, Shanghai Land Trading Center issued the land market electronic auxiliary bidding system successful online trial operation announcement. In the industry view, the electronic auxiliary bidding system on line in addition to optimizing the current land auction behavior, at this stage reiterated, in fact, more important is to deal with the current soil pat site. Shanghai Centaline Market Research Department Senior Manager Gong Min said: at present, the bidding process is taken with placards auction, bidders offer to Chinese oral reported, and if the electronic quotation of new way to avoid many problems in addition to previously caused by human factors, more important reason may be the new electronic placards the way can give some rational thinking about the time of housing prices.   Browse electronic auxiliary bidding system operation process can be seen, electronic auction equipment on the interface for the fare increase rate, premium rate has been shown, which is thought to be able to some extent prompted housing prices do not blindly quote. Gong Min said, because the electronic auction adopts the input mode, than oral quotation in time to extend, and some housing prices may be due to unskilled operation and other reasons, the quotation is unsuccessful, so will delay the quotation speed, so that the auction price is not so high. It is expected that this will soon happen in a new round of soil racket. However, in the eyes of developers, to take electronic quotation equipment is only an alternative to the previous oral quotation, the emergence of high price plots will not play a restraining role. Ouyang Jie, vice president of Xincheng holdings, pointed out that Nanjing and other cities had implemented a mechanism to fuse land prices, but this is not the best way to curb land prices. In his view, the implementation of a one-time network quote, that is, "dark mark" mode of operation, the implementation of the highest bidder, participating in the auction of housing prices are given a one-time acceptable psychological price, which can avoid some unreasonable offer in the auction site. Access to the land market found the official website, Qingpu District West Hongqiao pan Zhen Road on the west side of 27-04 plots will be quoted by electronic bidding system, the nature of the plot for the business office, hotel catering industry, the auction time is October 10th. For the current listing of Qingpu District Xujing town Panzhong on the south side of the 25-01 block, Qingpu District Xujing Town Road on the north side of the 07-02A block, Qingpu District xu. 上海土地拍卖实行电子辅助竞价,房企:对抑制地价没太大作用-搜狐财经  还是坐在上海土地交易中心,不过开发商报价的方式将不单是口头报价,而是将通过电子报价设备进行报价。   8月25日,澎湃新闻()在上海土地市场官网发现,上海市土地交易市场正式推出电子辅助竞价系统,也就是说开发商可以在现场竞价活动中通过电子报价设备进行报价,一改此前传统的举牌竞价方式。   按照上海土地市场公告显示,并不是每一幅地块都需要使用电子报价设备。公告称:阅读地块出让须知中“挂牌程序”条款的“现场竞价”部分以确定地块在现场竞价环节是否使用电子辅助竞价系统。   而在今年1月20日,上海市土地交易中心曾发布过土地市场电子辅助竞价系统成功上线试运行的公告。   在业内人士看来,电子辅助竞价系统上线除了优化当前土地拍卖行为,在现阶段重申其实更重要的还是为应对当前过火的土拍现场。   上海中原市场研究部资深经理龚敏表示:目前竞价过程中采取的都是举牌方式竞价,竞买人报价以口头中文方式报出,而如果采取新的电子报价的方式除了规避此前因人为因素导致的诸多问题外,更重要的原因可能还是电子举牌的这种新方式能给予房企一定理性思考的时间。     翻阅电子辅助竞价系统操作流程可以看到,电子竞价设备的界面上对于加价幅度,溢价率都有显示,这被认为可以在一定程度上提示房企不要盲目报价。   龚敏称,由于电子竞价采取了输入方式,比口头报价在时间上要延长,而部分房企也可能由于操作不熟练等原因报价不成功,如此都会延缓报价速度,从而使得竞拍价格没那么高昂。预计这种方式很快会在新一轮土拍中出现。   不过在开发商眼中,采取电子报价设备只是对此前口头报价方式的一种替代,对高价地块的出现并不会起到抑制作用。   新城控股副总裁欧阳捷指出,此前南京等城市对土地价格实行了熔断机制,不过这并非是抑制地价的最好方法。在他看来,实行一次性网络报价,也就是“暗标”的操作模式,实行价高者得,参与竞拍的房企都一次性给出自己可以接受的心理价位,这就可以避免在竞拍现场一些非理性报价的情况。   查阅土地市场官网发现,青浦区西虹桥蟠臻路西侧27-04地块将通过电子辅助竞价系统进行报价,该地块的性质为商办、餐饮旅馆业用地,现场竞拍时间为10月10日。对于目前挂牌的青浦区徐泾镇蟠中路南侧25-01地块、青浦区徐泾镇徐南路北侧07-02A地块、青浦区徐泾镇徐南路北侧07-02B地块等商办性质的地块的现场竞价环节并没有作出电子辅助竞价的规定。   值得一提的是,此前备受市场关注的浦东新区唐镇新市镇D-04-06地块、上海市普陀区苏州河滨河地区控详规划调整pt0265-01南部、浦东新区上海国际医学园区20-10、21-10地块三幅将要拍卖的住宅地块均被中止出让。   澎湃新闻翻阅上述三幅地块的出让须知文件发现,三幅地块的“现场竞价”部分并未提出使用电子辅助竞价系统,而是以口头中文报价方式报出,不知后续交易是否会加入此项措施。相关的主题文章:

Dale Kathryn Grove | Apr 3rd 2009 – Look Good 汉风幻想三国

10 Nov

Look Good, Feel Better, Beauty For Women With Cancer By: Dale Kathryn Grove | Apr 3rd 2009 – Look Good, Feel Better, an organization for women with cancer, offers makeovers to improve the self-esteem of women who are fighting for their lives. Doctors take care of the medical issues however the women are left with changes in their skin, nails, hair and faces. At a time in their lives when they need an extremely posi … Tags: 相关的主题文章:

an international consortium of real estate experts 北京现代音乐研修学院

09 Nov

Business San Jose, CA, January 27, 2014 – Boback Commercial Group announces a strategic partnership with iCORE Global. iCORE – Ft. Myers specializes in commercial property sales and leasing, commercial property management solutions, as well as asset management. As part of iCORE Global ‘s continuing expansion, the addition of iCORE – Ft. Myers will enhance service offerings and provide clients with an increasingly broader reach. The partnership provides both companies with expanded capabilities for their respective clients, as well as the potential for acquiring new clients and opportunities. We are very pleased to announce the addition of this stellar Ft. Myers group which is now iCORE Global, and accordingly recognized as the preeminent provider for the entire South-central region! The Boback Commercial Group in Ft. Myers, Florida offers over 30 years of professional real estate sales, leasing, marketing, and property management experience and services. The exponential growth in Florida has created an ever changing and dynamic real estate market, which is the reason why many investors have called upon the services and expertise of our Team. Our portfolio of listings is reflective of just a few of the diverse real estate investment opportunities available in and around the area. If you are in the market to capture a piece of Florida real estate in the form of purchasing vacant land or a building for use or investment, leasing space, or need commercial property management services, then contact one of our real estate professionals. iCORE Global is headquartered in San Jose, California; iCORE stands for International Consortium of Regional Experts. iCORE’s global structure is a partnership model, promoting local partnerships (Local Experts) that are empowered by our corporate integrated service platforms and technologies. iCORE has also focused on expanding its service provisions through strategic partnerships, such as with Boback Commercial Group, to maintain operational independence and a conflict-free environments for its clients. iCORE’s global structure is a combination of affiliated offices (internationally) and expanded model of integrated partnerships in the US. To learn more about iCORE – Ft. Myers, visit About iCORE Global: iCORE Global, an international consortium of real estate experts, provides conflict-free corporate real estate solutions to businesses worldwide. For more information, visit . To learn about becoming a partner of iCORE Global, email Hannah.Parker(at)icoreglobal(dot)com. Press Contact: Susan Kledzik iCORE Global San Jose, CA +1 (408) 627-4021 About the Author: iCORE GlobaliCORE Global, an international consortium of real estate experts, provides conflict-free corporate real estate solutions to businesses worldwide. For more information, visit . To learn about becoming a partner of iCORE Global, email Hannah.Parker(at)icoreglobal(dot)com. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章:

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09 Nov

Stress-Management You would like to know how to get your boyfriend back after a fight. Definitely you two had a disagreement that resulted in catastrophe. Perhaps it was the fault of your boyfriend or maybe you got more offended than you intended to. No matter how it began, the result wasn’t what you wished for humanly. At the moment, you are single, perplexed and desiring you could find a way to turn back the hands of time so the two of you can reconcile again. It’s definitely achievable. Understanding the way to repair and get your ex boyfriend to not remember the fight is how to get him back again. Knowing how to get your boyfriend back after a fight begins with understanding the significance of admission of guilt. This sound so easy however can really be very difficult. If you feel that your boyfriend was the one at fault, it will take so much conviction and humility in order to say sorry to him. You actually must see this as conciliation. At the time of an argument mistake tends to turn into an unclear matter. He may believe without doubt that the argument was as a result of you at the same time you feel the same way concerning him. If you actually desire to overcome it and win your boyfriend back you must take the move towards forgiveness. Say sorry to him and show him that you feel badly about the fight and what it resulted to afterwards. Forgiving and forgetting can both take a while. You shouldn’t wait for him to come chasing you the moment you make your apology. The best step you can take is to apologize and afterward offer him some space. Don’t call your boyfriend later on in the day to know if he is feeling better about things. Probability is he won’t be up till now. Simply give it some days to be absorbed. Definitely no matter what resulted in the fight initially can’t be disregarded. You must make sure that the matter doesn’t arise for a second time since it is going to without doubt cause a big argument and maybe the end of your relationship for good. Endeavor to notice where conciliation can be established. It may indicate that you must concede on your side however bearing in mind that your relationship hangs in the balance, it may be well significant to admit that you ought to give in a bit. Understanding how to get your boyfriend back after a fight begins with knowing how to work on improving how you handle yourself when an argument does come up. If you can know how to calm yourself down in order that you don’t right away begin into a self-protective mode that is going to be of help to your boyfriend and the relationship in general. It takes too exaggeratedly emotional people to quarrel so focus on finding how to keep you cool in order that your subsequently fight doesn’t result to the end of the relationship. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: