3-15 party release one hot complaints online shopping 一刁列传

13 Nov

3-15 party released the 1st hot complaints: online shopping source: CCTV3· 15 party public number 3· in 2016; 15 party after the start, will receive a large number of complaints from all over the country every day. As of now, through the summary of the party, WeChat, micro-blog and other email interactive platform, online shopping related complaints accounted for 25% of the volume of complaints, complaints become hot 3· the largest number of 15 party received. Online shopping has become the most concentrated complaint topic in 2015. Case 1: authentic? Fake? Have a blurred vision! In many online shopping complaints, the quality of goods substandard and counterfeit phenomenon is more serious. Mr. Li bought a LV bag for his wife to pay ten thousand yuan price 4000 in the Jingdong store, later found the package for the counterfeit goods, through the counter genuine contrast, there are obvious differences in the production process, and the counter staff to bag brand refused to give the package lettering services. Mr. Lee contacted the customer service staff of the electricity supplier, requiring businesses to provide the package certified for genuine goods. However, Jingdong mall requires consumers and sellers to negotiate their own solutions. Many negotiations have no effect, Mr. Li thinks Jingdong mall has the responsibility of checking, intends to protect the business, deceive consumers. Case two: stately fraud and selling? A consumer in Taobao to buy a beeswax hand string, after receipt of the inspection found that the hand on jewelry appraisal certificate with the false certificate, the above testing personnel test center name and URL and seal are fake. The consumer in the 2 days of bad complaints, this commodity shelves, but a few days later, the business before the sales records cleared, re shelves. After the consumers reported to Taobao, the customer service staff still said the evidence was insufficient. (photo: Beeswax Hand comments; chat; book; false bought this beeswax and shelves picture) case three: goods not board hype in addition to the above two kinds of circumstances, there are a lot of complaints belong to the actual quality of goods and propaganda online shopping does not match the situation. In February 17, 2014, Mr. Li bought a "leather" sofa in the flagship store of several home stores in Tmall mall. The customer service promised to guarantee the quality for three years. Mr. Li began to use it in the second half of 2014. In December 2015, the surface of the sofa began to tear, and it was found not to be genuine leather from the fracture. Mr. Lee has contacted many times, but the market has been away from various reasons for sale, but still not resolved. Case four: who will decide to cancel the order? In a large number of complaints received, without the consent of the consumer, online merchants to unilaterally cancel the order case still is a long-standing problem for consumers everywhere to say. Mr. Shi bought 4 promotional children’s GPS watches during the "618" campaign of Jingdong mall, and the price was 10 yuan after the discount. After payment, the merchant does not deliver the goods in time, and in a few days after the unilateral cancellation of customer orders without reason. After many communication, Mr. Shi insists that doing this does not constitute illegality and does not constitute fraud". Subsequently, he complained to Jingdong mall, but still no chapter below. Finally, the application!

3-15晚会发布一号热点投诉:网络购物   来源:CCTV3·15晚会公众号   2016年3·15晚会启动后,每天都会接到来自全国各地的大量投诉。截至目前,通过汇总晚会邮箱、微信、微博等互动平台的内容,网络购物相关的投诉占全部投诉量的25%,成为3·15晚会收到的数量最多的热点投诉。网购已然成为2015年最集中的投诉话题。   案例一:正品?假货?雾里看花!   在众多的网络购物投诉中,商品质量不合格和假冒的现象比较严重。   李先生为妻子在京东商城以一万四千余元价格付款购买了一款LV女包,后来发现该包为假冒商品,通过专柜对比正品,在工艺制作上存在明显的差异,且专柜人员以包存在品牌问题拒绝给该包进行刻字服务。   李先生联系这家电商的客服人员,要求商家提供该包为正品的证明。可是,京东商城却要求消费者与卖家自行协商解决。多次交涉无果,李先生认为京东商城负有把关责任,有意包庇商家,欺骗消费者。   案例二:堂而皇之造假售假?   一位消费者在淘宝购买到一款蜜蜡手串,收货后经查验发现,随手串附带的珠宝鉴定证书为假证书,上面的检测人员姓名和检测中心网址以及公章都是伪造的。这位消费者在差评投诉2天内,此商品下架了,但几天后,商家把之前的销售记录全部清零重新上架。消费者举报给淘宝后,客服人员却仍称证据不足。(图片为:蜜蜡手串评论;聊天记录;买的这款蜜蜡的假证书;又上架了的图片)   案例三:货不对板夸大宣传   除了以上两种情况外,还有很多投诉属于网购中的实际商品质量与宣传情况不符。   李先生于2014年2月17日在天猫商城“几度家居旗舰店”购买了一款“真皮”沙发,客服承诺质保三年。李先生于2014年下半年开始使用,2015年12月沙发表面开始撕裂,从断口处发现根本不是真皮。李先生多次联系,但商场售后一直以各种理由推脱,至今仍不予解决。   案例四:取消订单谁做主?   在收到的大量投诉中,未经消费者同意,网络商家单方面取消订单的案例仍然是让消费者无处申辩的老大难问题。   消费者施先生在京东商城“618”活动期间购买4块促销的儿童GPS手表,优惠后价格为10元 块。付款之后,商家未按时发货,并于几日后单方面无故取消客户订单。施先生在多次沟通后,商家坚持这样做“不构成违法,不构成欺诈”。随后,他投诉到京东商城,但仍无下文。最终,施先生只得到了1000京豆的补偿。据了解,根据京东商城的京豆兑换规则,1000京豆仅等于10元钱。(提供音频录音)   案例五:微商?伪商?   在网络购物中,微商成为近年来新兴的网络交易模式,发展迅速,但由于大部分微商是个人对个人的交易行为,且微商纳入政府监管的时间并不长,所以存在很多问题。   微信上买东西不给退,成为了一种常态,其中就有一位消费者给我们发来了微商不退货的聊天截图:   更有一些微商打着卖商品的旗号变相传销。一位投诉者称自己加入微商后,感觉更像掉入了一个假货团队的销售陷阱。先交了1000块的加盟费,货到手以后发现是假货,要求退费后就被踢出了群。在这个团伙中,每加入一个人,可以提取加盟费的60%。目前,这个团队已经从 56个人,发展到112个人。   同样,2015年在中国消费者协会受理的投诉中,远程购物投诉共20,083件,占销售服务类投诉的69.86%。在远程购物投诉中网络购物占比95.41%,比去年同期上升3.13%。在远程购物中,消费者主要投诉的对象涉及电商平台、以微商为代表的个人网络商家等方面。而作为发展迅速的新兴网络交易模式——微商,纳入政府监管的时间不长,尚存在诸如缺乏信用保证体系、虚假宣传、维权难等很多问题。   目前,3·15晚会节目组正在整理相关投诉,同时,还将根据消费者投诉情况定期发布最新的投诉热点。   3·15晚会官方微信号:cctv315;官方微博:CCTV315;投诉邮箱:12315@cntv或12315@qq 3·15期待你的参与!相关的主题文章:

China electric power construction in the old railway construction bid two bid a total of 5 billion 8 大连大学教务处

13 Nov

China electric power construction in the old railway construction tenders bid two a total of 5 billion 875 million yuan China power construction September 9th evening announcement, the company recently with the company under the indirect holding 100% wholly owned subsidiary of Chinese Hydropower Construction Group International Engineering Co. Ltd. were awarded the new railway to Vientiane railway line boten Cheng Xiangmu (referred to as "the old railway construction tenders, V) IV construction tenders, bid amount of approximately 2 billion 698 million yuan, 3 billion 177 million yuan, a total of about 5 billion 875 million yuan. According to reports, the old railway north of the border with Laos China Mohan boten, South to Vientiane, passing through the main city of Laos, Luang Prabang, Wan Rong Meng plug line, the length of 414.33 kilometers. Among them, the construction V section line length is 90.03 kilometers, the construction IV bid section line length is 74.99 kilometers, the estimated construction period is 60 months. The old railway north of the railway in Chinese docking with the grinding jade, southern and Thailand Nongkhai connected to Bangkok railway, is an important part of the trans Asian Railway Channel proposed in the "important infrastructure projects The Belt and Road construction. The stock market investment perspective, trading post, forecast, Niugu capture, as in the micro signal [[ifengstock]] or Phoenix securities after the analysis of the trend of A shares, pointing out the trend of tomorrow, please pay attention to micro signal [or] multitray master [fupan588]     中国电建中标中老铁路两施工标段共58.75亿元 中国电建9月9日晚间公告,公司近日与公司下属间接持股100%的全资子公司中国水电建设集团国际工程有限公司分别中标新建铁路磨丁至万象线铁路工程项目(简称“中老铁路”)施工V标段、施工IV标段,中标金额分别约为26.98亿元、31.77亿元,合计约为58.75亿元。据介绍,中老铁路北起中国老挝边境磨憨 磨丁,南至老挝首都万象,途经老挝孟塞、琅勃拉邦、万荣等主要城市,线路全线长度为414.33公里。其中,施工V标段线路长度为90.03公里,施工IV标段线路长度为74.99公里,预计工期为60个月。中老铁路北端将与中国境内的玉磨铁路对接,南端与泰国廊开至曼谷铁路相连,是拟议中的泛亚铁路中通道的重要组成部分,是“一带一路”建设的重要基础设施项目。股市早报,投资前瞻,涨停预测,牛股捕捉,尽在微信号【凤凰证券】或者【ifengstock】盘后剖析A股走势,指点明日走势,请关注微信号【复盘大师】或【fupan588】  相关的主题文章:

Alibaba signed the agreement with the development and Reform Commission electricity supplier to the 苦中作乐的意思

13 Nov

Alibaba to sign an agreement with the national development and Reform Commission deputy director of the electricity supplier countryside continued to heat up the national development and Reform Commission review Wang Xiaotao pointed out that the next three years, the Commission will strengthen the overall planning, comprehensive coordination, continue to improve the business environment and the organization of the pilot areas, the pilot areas of rural docking Alibaba Taobao project. This reporter Tao Li Shanghai reported that with the support of the government a series of measures, including Alibaba, Jingdong mall, suning.com and other electronic business platform, "go to the countryside", in-depth into the rural market. In February 17th, the national development and Reform Commission reached an agreement with Alibaba to develop the strategic cooperation of rural electricity suppliers by returning home to start business. The next three years, the two sides will jointly support more than 300 pilot counties (cities, districts) combined with home entrepreneurship pilot, the development of rural electricity supplier. Wang Xiaotao, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission, pointed out that in the next three years, the NDRC will strengthen overall planning, comprehensive coordination, and constantly improve the entrepreneurial environment in the pilot areas, and organize pilot areas docking Alibaba rural Taobao project. Alibaba provides support for rural e-commerce projects including rural Taobao landing support. In the past three years, about 100 pilot areas are supported each year to promote entrepreneurship and employment. Alibaba group senior vice president, B2B business group president Wu Minzhi earlier in the twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter said: "we are not in the name of just set a point on the line, but to open every village Amoy point can be sustained and healthy development. Village Amoy partner average income has reached more than 1500, and some even a month of twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan of income." In addition to Alibaba, Jingdong mall, suning.com and other platforms also began to develop rural electricity supplier in the past two years. Jingdong adopted the mode of establishing county level service center or rural cooperative point, and established self operated logistics network for distribution to households. Senior electricity supplier observer Lu Zhenwang on twenty-first Century economic report reporter said, online shopping in the three or four line city is still not active, especially in the rural market. Once the rural electricity market is broken, consumption domestic demand will rapidly expand. "Many business super and stores did not go deep into the countryside, which gave the electricity supplier a great opportunity. In addition, the trade of fresh products of agricultural products will also be activated." However, throughout the development of rural electricity providers, high talent, logistics and promotion costs are still the big platform around the ridge. The line on the floor because of the particularity of the rural market, the logistics chain longer and consumer groups and more dispersed, to take a completely different business platform and common way of electricity supplier, its core is deep into the rural distribution, the product promotion and the real landing. Therefore, to some extent, the core competition of rural electricity supplier lies in whether it can fall to the line. From the 2003 Taobao village, to the 2012 "Suichang model", to 2014 "thousand County village plan", and then to the "smart countryside" in 2015, Alibaba’s rural electricity supplier strategy is escalating step by step. Through the Taobao, Juhuasuan and rookie logistics, Alibaba through the upstream and downstream industry chain of agricultural products, is gradually infiltrated into the rural market. By the end of 2015, the village theory

阿里巴巴与发改委签协议 电商下乡热持续升温   导读   国家发展改革委副主任王晓涛指出,未来三年,发改委将加强统筹规划、综合协调,不断改善试点地区创业环境,并组织试点地区对接阿里巴巴的农村淘宝项目。   本报记者 陶力 上海报道   在政府一系列措施的支持下,包括阿里巴巴、京东商城、苏宁易购等在内的电商平台纷纷“下乡”深入到农村市场。   2月17日,国家发展改革委与阿里巴巴达成结合返乡创业试点发展农村电商战略合作的协议。未来三年,双方将共同支持300余试点县(市、区)结合返乡创业试点发展农村电商。   国家发展改革委副主任王晓涛指出,未来三年,发改委将加强统筹规划、综合协调,不断改善试点地区创业环境,并组织试点地区对接阿里巴巴的农村淘宝项目。   阿里巴巴则提供包括农村淘宝在内的农村电商项目落地支持。近三年内每年支持约100个试点地区促进返乡创业就业。   阿里巴巴集团资深副总裁、B2B事业群总裁吴敏芝此前在接受21世纪经济报道记者采访时说:“我们不是以这个名义随便设置一个点就行了,而是希望开出的每一个村淘点都可以持续健康发展。村淘合伙人平均收入已经达到1500块以上,有的一个月甚至有两三万元的收入。”   除了阿里巴巴以外,京东商城、苏宁易购等平台也在近两年开始发展农村电商。京东采取建立县级服务中心或乡村合作点的模式,并建立了配送到户的自营物流网络。   资深电商观察人士鲁振旺对21世纪经济报道记者表示,网购在三四线城市仍不活跃,尤其是农村市场。一旦农村电商市场被突破,消费内需也会迅速扩大。“很多商超和卖场并没有深入到农村,这给了电商很大机会。另外,农产品生鲜类的交易也会随之被激活。”   不过,纵观农村电商发展,高昂的人才、物流和推广成本仍然是各大平台绕不过的坎。   线下落地之考   由于农村市场的特殊性,其物流链较长而消费群体又较为分散,导致电商平台采取了与普通电商完全不同的方式,其核心便是深入到农村布点,使推广和产品真正落地。   因此,从某种程度来说,农村电商的核心竞争点在于是否能落地到线下。   从2003年的淘宝村,到2012年的“遂昌模式”,到2014年的“千县万村计划”,再到2015年的“智慧农村”,阿里巴巴的农村电商战略一步步升级。通过淘宝、聚划算和菜鸟物流,阿里巴巴通过深入农产品上下游产业链,正在逐步向农村市场渗透。截至2015年末,村淘项目在全国范围内所覆盖的农村淘宝村达到一万四千多个。   阿里巴巴集团合伙人、副总裁孙利军介绍,此次与发改委合作一方面助力试点地区发展农村电商,另一方面还能通过发展农村电商进一步吸纳更多农民工等人员返乡创业就业。按照规划,将设立约100个县级服务中心和10000个村级服务站。   农村淘宝确定进驻一个地域后,一般会在县点建设一个县级服务中心,由农村淘宝输出小二到前线,与政府一道完成村级服务站的整个硬件配套。此外,菜鸟网络也会随之落地,选择本地物流企业在整个县域打通“最后一公里”,连接城市与农村。   虽然京东商城在农村电商的战略布局晚于阿里巴巴,但是其发展速度可谓神速。   京东商城相关人士告诉记者,京东以每月平均6000名的速度,已经招募了5万名来自当地农村的乡村推广员,服务能力覆盖全国5万多个行政村。“我们的方向是工业品进农村、农村金融和生鲜电商战略。”   同时,依赖线下仓储的优势,苏宁在2015年元月才提出农村电商计划,到年底已建成1000家苏宁易购服务站。   分析人士认为,电商巨头集体向生鲜电商、农产品电商领域发力,将会使一部分垂直类农产品电商遭遇冲击。“物流和补贴都是非常考验平台实力的,如果大平台能给到更好的价格和条件,农村用户自然而然会有所选择。”   农村电商智慧化   有统计数据表明,2014年底,全国农村网购市场总量超过1800亿元,增长幅度为41%,而城市地区的增幅仅为17%。预计2016年,农村网购市场有望增至4600亿元。   但是,无论是“最后一公里”的配送,还是服务中心的地租人力,抑或是“刷墙”等品牌推广,都需要电商平台付出高昂的成本。   一名不愿具名的电商平台内部人士向记者抱怨道:“农村市场看起来很大,但是需要有很大的耐心去做。一些县城里的青壮年人才基本都去外地打工了,留下来的是老人小孩和妇女,既不能作为人才,也缺乏购买能力。我们大多数时候还靠刷墙去推广,其实我觉得只有春节前后才有效果。”   在诟病最多的物流环节,菜鸟网络此前已经和邮政合作,深入到村一级单位。而京东则主要以自建物流为主,并鼓励配送员回乡做物流点,这一策略也需要付出很高的成本。   因此,政府补贴对于电商平台和一些小县城来说便不可或缺。2015年6月,财政部、商务部公布了2015年电子商务进农村综合示范工作的200个示范县名单,中央财政计划安排20亿专项资金进行对口扶持,每个示范县有1000万的扶持资金。   除了传统的电商业务,阿里巴巴和京东商城也瞄准了随之衍生的一系列服务。京东旗下的京农贷,用户贷款只能用于购买农业生产资料,不同贷款用途设置的贷款金额不同。   农村淘宝服务站也推出旺农贷,有贷款需求的农民,直接去当地农村淘宝服务站,即可进行无抵押、无担保纯信用贷款,最快3分钟便能放款。   在孙利军的设想中,一系列的智慧生活方式都可以围绕村淘点展开,比如智慧医疗、教育等。   因此,农村电商似乎并不像目前表现出来的,仅仅是农民网购以及农产品上网,在信息发展不对称的农村,任何需求都可以依靠互联网去改造。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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12 Nov

Vanke Wang Shi said the first time delayed resumption of major shareholders must be state-owned Sohu securities Vanke chairman Wang Shi. In January 30th, held in Xinjiang in the first 2016 Tianshan Tianshan Tianchi summit, made the opening speech Vanke chairman Wang Shi in response to the recent dispute Wanbao made it clear that private enterprises are not welcome to become the largest shareholder. Wang Shi said, "although this equity dispute is still ongoing, but the result is very clear, very clear. " related stock movements following the surging news (Wang Shi) obtained from Vanke in the "Tianshan summit 2016 forum speech: wake up, Zi mu, Xi Qing we are the first people of the reform and opening up, there is the so-called" 92 "," 92 "than some earlier, 80s participate in the reform, we are vested interest in reform and opening up. China now faces the transformation, advocate "The Belt and Road", more of our role is a kind of responsibility, not to say what the opportunity to make money. Have the opportunity to have the opportunity to earn? Of course, to make money, but should be more of a responsibility, not only to learn how to make money: you have the ability, much more responsibility ability. I recently have some identity change, is not the ownership dispute, to change your identity? (laughs) can not change, I don’t know, but I want to say first, and extension to the development of the Midwest "The Belt and Road", the western development extended to international, extending to the China transformation. Extended to internationalization. Vanke is by a state-owned company into a listed company, with the now fashionable words, it is one of the most typical mixed ownership enterprises. From the state change to the listed company, it should be said that I can become the second largest shareholder, because ownership structure change is listed before the 60% national 40% shares, is the enterprise shares, the last 60% to 40%, 40% to 25%, if we go this way, local state-owned enterprises turning slowly. I can become the first major shareholder, as many private enterprises now, although it is a listed company, but I’m holding, but I didn’t go this way. Don’t go this way for two main reasons, first is the situation. Because I have great ambitions, transformation in 1988 shares, the net assets of the company is 13 million, but my ambition to have to do Chinese, industries and future should be decisive. As important, we are a socialist country, if your company is a pure, pure foreign private, it will have important risk. So I design is mixed ownership, it should have private vitality to foreign norms and mature, of course also have China conditions, the socialist system, the composition of state-owned enterprises. So many years, has been the proportion of state-owned shares the largest shareholder, I used to design is that, for now, the future will be like. So the private enterprise, whether I love you, not love you, (but) if you want to become the largest shareholder of Vanke, I tell you, I do not welcome you. This is because Vanke’s mixed ownership decision.

万科复牌时间一拖再拖 王石称第一大股东必须是国资-搜狐证券   万科董事会主席王石。   1月30日,在新疆天山天池举办的2016首届天山峰会上,作开幕式演讲的万科董事会主席王石回应近期万宝之争时明确表示,不欢迎民营企业成为第一大股东。王石表示,“虽然现在这种股权之争还在进行之中,但是非常明确,结果是非常非常清楚的。" 相关公司股票走势   以下为澎湃新闻()从万科获得的王石在“天山峰会2016”论坛上演讲全文:   醒生、梓木、西庆我们算是改革开放的第一批人,有的是所谓的“九二派”,有的比“九二派”还要早,八十年代就参与改革的,我们是改革开放的既得利益者。中国现在面临转型,提倡“一带一路”,我们更多扮演的角色是一种责任,不是说带来什么赚钱机会。有机会要不要赚?有机会,当然要赚钱,但更多的应该是一种责任,不仅仅学会怎么赚钱:你有能力了,能力多大,责任就多大。   我最近身份有一些改变,是不是股权之争,你要改变身份呢?(笑)能不能改变,我不知道,但是我想说的第一点,中西部的大开发和延伸的“一带一路”,把中西部的开发延伸到国际,延伸到中国转型,延伸到国际化。   万科是由一个地方国营公司变成一个上市公司,用现在的时髦话来讲,它是一个最典型的混合所有制的企业。从国营改变到上市公司的时候,应该说我可以成为第二大股东,因为本身股权结构的改变,上市之前就是60%是国家股,40%是企业股,最后60%变成了40%,40%变成了25%,如果走这条路��地方国有企业慢慢地转,我可以成为第一大股东,就像很多现在的民营企业一样,虽然是上市公司,但是我绝对控股,但我没走这条路。   没走这条路主要两个原因,首先是国情。因为我有很大很大的野心,1988年股份化改造,公司净资产是1300万,但是我的野心就一定要做行业、对中国、未来应该举足轻重的。既然举足轻重,我们是个社会主义国家,如果你这个公司是一个纯的外商、纯的民营,举足轻重它会有危险。   所以我的设计就是混合所有制,里头要有民营的活力,要有外资的规范、成熟,当然也要有中国国情的、社会主义体制的、国营企业的成分。所以这么多年来,一直是国有股占第一大股东,我过去设计是这样的,现在是这样的,将来也会是这样的。所以民营企业,不管我喜欢你,不喜欢你,(但)你要想成为万科的第一大股东,我就告诉你,我不欢迎你。因为这是万科的混合所有制所决定的,虽然现在这种股权之争还在进行之中,但是非常明确,结果是非常非常清楚的,混合所有制把多种因素结合在一块,我们为中国的转型往前发展。   回到今天的主题,“一带一路”如何让我们这些企业家往外投资,我觉得也应该是混合所有制。我们可以看到,国家的战略,修桥修路,资源的调配,大型国营企业扮演重要角色,开路修桥、修电站,重新调配能源。相对而言,民营企业显得有点力量不足,虽然看到机会,但是怎么做,很简单,混合所有制。混合所有制不一定是一块搞合资公司,各种资源优势,大型国企的,民营的活跃,再有国际上战略的对未来的把握,一定是个国际平台往前走。这是我想说的第一点,资源怎么整合,这是万科走的一条路。   第二点,怎么做贡献,首先你得发现你的优势,你想去的地方优势,中国目前有800个城市,万科投入的城市目前不足40个,实际上有2000家房地产企业,做得非常好的企业,投资的城市远超过100个,甚至150个,但是万科没有,只有40个。为什么呢?根据中国经济划分的一个区别,我们重点投入一些城市。国土面积占的是中国国土面积9%,人口集中到了55%,GDP75%,出口额92%。虽然是部分城市,但是整个在中国有限的国土面积,它的经济最活跃,创造最有活力的地方,这是万科的布局。   在7年前,万科没有在银川投,没有在兰州投,我们在乌鲁木齐投了。之前我一直因为某种原因,对新疆有特别的感情,因为我在这儿当过兵,之后又穿越罗布泊,经常到新疆来,这里的朋友,这里的老战友,一直希望我到新疆来投资。我说我玩儿还可以,亏本怎么办。我们在西北最远的地方就是西安,我没往那边投,就跳过来到新疆投了。有一件事感动了我,那年穿越罗布泊,安排参观兵团。阿拉善搞的是节水滴灌,保护生态环境,我们在那儿也吃过苦,推广滴灌,我当时在阿拉善推广滴灌,勉强种了400亩,希望1000亩、1万亩地种。后来发现兵团整个滴灌技术越来越成功,不但兵团,乌鲁木齐,新疆城市的整个人民都用滴灌了。新疆的农民用滴灌,我突然发现,所谓环保生态和现代技术结合起来,就可以做出最好的生意。我们在一起投肯定能赚钱。我们现在不是讲面向未来吗?如何来做新能源呢?   我们再来谈谈新能源。我在新疆当兵是做汽车兵,每次路过达坂城,都想起“达坂城的姑娘”是王洛宾写的,“达坂城的姑娘”唱的很好听,达坂城是一个风口,开车的时候风刮的我不想从那里走。我上次去达坂城参观一个风力发电站,发现这是一个上市公司,在这方面又走在前面了。我就上新疆投资,投资干吗呢?投资来学习,因为万科未来把环保、绿色当子业,新疆走在前面了。   万科做环保,在新疆有一个项目,就是选择在垃圾场上。如果没有新疆的滴灌、风能,西北人说干就干,万科如何被动地做环保,我们现在在新疆做得很好。但是种种原因,我们的规模不够大,我们会进一步加大力度,我们是来帮你们的。   万科重点投入在东部、中南部,我们也在调整,现在赚钱不像以前那么容易了,什么叫容易呢?挖个坑就能赚钱,现在不是。到了白银时代,中国城镇化的进程,中国经济还在发展,对有准备的公司才是开始,过去的一年,整个房地产形势不怎么样。万科可以说营业规模2450亿,预售款95%,我们重点还是中南部。到这里干什么?我们是不是要积极地加入、参与新疆西部的环保,西部的扶贫。   谈到新疆问题,谈到民族问题,谈到宗教问题,比较敏感。因为在中国做事情,不仅需要勇敢,更需要智慧。我们搞传媒的老大哥(王波明),我觉得就比较有智慧,这就是中国的国情、中国的文化,我们怎么走出去?国际上融合,实际上新疆问题很大的一部分就是新疆的发展贫富悬殊,如何让这里更多的人脱贫,我想这是新疆安定非常重要的原因。   首先,我们应该学习什么东西,其次,我们能做什么。万科非常愿意,首先我是深圳的企业,深圳在现代化方面表现得非常好,整个GDP已经接近1万亿,创新各方面非常好,财政收入也非常好。首先深圳的商业把深圳社会更多的资源动员起来,如何和西部融合?当然不仅仅是新疆,尽好我们的企业责任,在扶贫脱困上看我们能做什么。   我刚下飞机,在车上接到乌鲁木齐朋友发来短信,说你们给塔县赞助小学,我们特别感动。我们下一步想全面和整个塔县配合,我想动员深圳的企业,动员全国的企业,在东部赚了钱的,应该在这儿做一些事情。这种情况下,我们再谈“一带一路”。很多人说我们可以投资,但是你得保证我赚钱。那是投资吗?投资就得带风险。“一带一路”提供了很多机会,我们现在讲的就是一块起来,抱团往前走。   时间问题,就谈这些,谢谢各位。相关的主题文章:

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12 Nov

Indonesia said China construction of high-speed rail project problems: without considering the safety regulations for the Indonesian Ministry of transportation Chinese pointed out that construction of high-speed rail project deficiencies of the Indonesian Ministry of transportation pointed out the existence of a series of problems for the construction of Chinese $5 billion 500 million high-speed rail project, suspicious people of the concern of the project, highlighting the Indonesian President Djoko (Joko Widodo) in promoting large projects into the current limitations of reality; zuoke is trying to attract foreign investors to invest in the largest economy in Southeast asia. On Wednesday the Ministry of transportation in support of high-speed rail plan hesitant, the railway department chief Herman (Hermanto Dwiatmoko) support defended, he said, behind the high-speed rail project a China Indonesia consortium without considering the safety requirements of Indonesia in the design, only submitted plans to build 140 km line in five km line plan. Last month, the Commission asked officials to speed up the approval process of the project, followed by a groundbreaking ceremony for the project. Herman told reporters on Wednesday, "please understand, the Ministry of transportation is not to complicate the process. He said the consortium can modify the first five km line within two months of the plan, but he for the remainder of the project can be approved if and when to comment. The consortium signed an agreement on high-speed rail construction in October last year and plans to put it into operation in 2019. A consortium of China Railway Construction Corporation (01186-HK) and Wijaya Karya Indonesia led local contractors, including several China and Indonesia state-owned enterprises. Indonesian officials said at the start, the consortium has not yet perfect environmental protection plan, required for the construction of high-speed rail hundreds of hectares of land has not completed the acquisition program. Herman also said on Wednesday that the contractors to ensure high-speed rail can be operated for 100 years, higher than the previously proposed for 60 years, and the engineer must reinforce the track through parts of earthquake prone area. The consortium plans to hold a press conference on Thursday, without comment immediately. The planned Indonesian high-speed rail will be the first high-speed rail in Southeast Asia, running along busy routes between the Indonesian capital and the West Java city bandung. Japanese companies have spent years studying the project, but last year they lost their bid to rival China Indonesia group. The consortium agreed that the Indonesian government did not need to provide loan guarantees for the project, nor did the Indonesian government need to provide construction funds. However, the high-speed rail project is controversial in indonesia. Many traffic experts questioned the necessity of building high-speed rail between Jakarta and Bandung, already has a highway and a railway between the two cities after all. Some experts point out that research shows that the project without government support will not be feasible. Source: "Wall Street journal" into Sina Financial shares bar discussion

印尼称中国承建高铁项目存在不足:未考虑安全规定   印尼交通部指出中国承建高铁项目存在不足   印尼交通部指出了中国承建55亿美元高铁项目计划中存在一系列不足的问题,令人对这个备受关註的项目產生怀疑,凸显出印尼总统佐科(Joko Widodo)在推动大型项目变成现实方面的局限性;目前佐科正试图吸引外国投资者投资印尼这个东南亚最大的经济体。   对於交通部周三在支持高铁计划方面持犹豫态度,铁路总署长赫尔曼托(Hermanto Dwiatmoko)进行了辩护,他表示,该高铁项目背后的一个中国-印尼财团在设计中未考虑印尼的安全规定,仅提交了拟建设的140公里线路中的五公里线路的计划。   上个月,佐科要求官员们加快该项目的审批过程,隨后举行了项目的奠基仪式。   赫尔曼托周三对记者表示,请理解,交通部不是让过程復杂化。   他说,这个财团可在两个月內修改首五公里线路的计划,但他对项目剩余部分是否及何时能获得批准不予置评。   该财团於去年10月份签署了高铁承建协议,计划於2019年投入运营。财团由中国铁建股份(01186-HK)和印尼本土承建商Wijaya Karya牵头,包括几家中国和印尼国有企业。   印尼官员表示,在破土动工后,该财团仍未完善环保计划,建设高铁所需的数百公顷土地也没有完成收购程序。   赫尔曼托周三还表示,承建者要能保証高铁可以运营100年,高於此前提议的60年,而且工程师必须加固途经地震多发区域的部分轨道。   该财团计划於周四召开新闻发布会,並未立即就此发表评论。   计划中的印尼高铁将成为东南亚的首条高铁,沿著印尼首都和西部爪哇岛大城市万隆之间的繁忙路线运行。此前日本企业已花费数年时间研究该项目,但去年在竞標中输给了竞爭对手中国-印尼财团。该财团同意不需要印尼政府对该项目提供贷款担保,也不需要印尼政府提供建设资金。   不过,这个高铁项目在印尼饱受爭议。许多交通专家质疑在雅加达和万隆之间建高铁的必要性,毕竟两市之间已经有一条公路和一条铁路。一些专家指出,研究显示,该项目没有政府支持将不可行。   来源:《华尔街日报》 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

compared to the previous generation 飞鹰荡寇

12 Nov

Support Micro SD card Galaxy S7 to use video technology – Sohu Androidauthority foreign media exposure of the upcoming release of next week’s Galaxy S7, which also includes a 14 second long video. The Galaxy S7 in the video is black, the back uses arc glass, the mobile phone front adopts 2.5D arc glass, metal box, compared to the previous generation, its shape is more mellow. We also noticed that the back of the Galaxy S7 camera has been much smoother than the big bulge of S6, the thickness of the camera is obviously lower than S6, and Galaxy S7 also supports the expansion of Micro SD card. In addition, the external media Androidauthority confirms some parameters of the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 to IP67 dustproof water discharge level, 12 million pixel camera, 2800mAh battery, and support Micro SD card expansion, in addition, it really does not match the USB Type-C interface.

支持Micro SD卡 Galaxy S7上手视频-搜狐科技   外媒Androidauthority曝光了即将在下个星期发布的Galaxy S7真机,其中还包括一段14秒长的小视频。该视频中的Galaxy S7为黑色,背部采用弧形玻璃,手机正面采用了2.5D弧形玻璃,金属中框,相比于上一代而言,它的造型更加圆润。   我们也留意到,Galaxy S7背部的摄像头相比于S6的大凸起,已经平滑了很多,摄像头的厚度明显低于S6,而且Galaxy S7还支持Micro SD卡扩展。   另外外媒Androidauthority确认了Galaxy S7的部分参数,Galaxy S7达到IP67防尘放水级别,1200万像素摄像头,2800mAh电池,以及支持Micro SD卡扩展,另外它真的没有搭配USB Type-C接口。相关的主题文章:

and simplified the management process. The central bank released the day before the work of the paper pointed out that the problems of China’s treasury bonds have structural defects 云南大学就业网

12 Nov

The central bank substantially liberalized foreign institutions into the bond market – Sohu finance Beijing daily news (reporter Cui Qibin, Cheng Weimiao, Liu Shuangxia) China’s bond market opening up is constantly accelerating. Yesterday, the central bank announced that the introduction of more qualified foreign institutional investors, encourage foreign institutional investors as long-term investors to invest in inter bank bond market, while the abolition of the quota limit for foreign institutions. The central bank basically liberalized all types of foreign machine related companies stock movements access. The central bank announcement shows that the investment products issued by all kinds of financial institutions registered abroad, as well as other medium and long-term institutional investors approved by the central bank, such as pension funds, charitable funds and donation funds, can invest in the inter-bank bond market. As early as August 2010, the central bank allowed three kinds of institutions, such as overseas RMB clearing bank, to use RMB to invest in inter bank bond market. The relevant regulations issued by CSRC and other departments in 2012 issued by qualified foreign institutional investors (QFII) indicate that QFII can invest in the inter-bank bond market within the approved amount of investment. At the same time, at the end of April 2015, the central bank approved by HSBC, Morgan Stanley and French bank of Paris more than 30 overseas financial institutions to enter the inter-bank market. Just 3 months later, the central bank, the international financial organizations and the sovereign wealth funds and other institutions limited the scope and scope of investment, and changed the audit system to the filing system. And the overseas banks, insurance, securities, fund companies approved admission, overseas investment institutions basically liberalized. According to public information, by the end of 2015, there were 292 foreign central banks, sovereign financial funds and other foreign institutions into the interbank market. It is worth noting that the central bank also cancelled the quota limit for the long-term and long-term institutional investors to invest in inter bank bond markets, and simplified the management process. The central bank released the day before the work of the paper pointed out that the problems of China’s treasury bonds have structural defects, excessive regulation of the derivatives market, investors access is underdeveloped and the marketization of commercial banks lack of pricing power, these problems caused by short-term interest rates in China through the transmission efficiency of the bond market than in many countries is weak, so the proposed relaxation of foreign institutions to enter the bank bond market restrictions on foreign investors to open bond market to accelerate the pace, improve QFII and RMB qualified foreign institutional investors (RQFII) limit. In his speech on the budget, Ceng Junhua, the financial secretary of Hongkong, will continue to discuss with the mainland the channels to expand the two-way circulation of cross-border RMB, and will strive to increase the amount of investment in the RQFII plan. And a series of release and expansion of the channel also led to a significant increase in investment. The data released by the State Administration of justice showed that as of February 23, 2016, 158 RQFII had been approved, with a total investment of 471 billion 425 million yuan, an increase of 1 billion 600 million yuan compared with the end of 2016 in 1. QFII has 279, total approval of 80 billion 795 million dollars of investment quota, with the end of 2016 1 flat. For the central bank’s move, the Pacific Securities analyst believes that the central bank intends to expand the inter-bank bond market, the implementation of direct financing, plus)

央行大幅度放开境外机构入债市-搜狐财经   北京商报讯 (记者 崔启斌 程维妙 刘双霞)我国债券市场对外开放正不断提速。昨日,央行发布公告称,要引入更多符合条件的境外机构投资者,鼓励境外机构投资者作为中长期投资者投资银行间债券市场,同时对境外机构取消额度限制。  央行此次基本放开所有类型的境外机 相关公司股票走势 构准入。央行公告表明,境外依法注册成立的各类金融机构发行的投资产品,以及养老基金、慈善基金、捐赠基金等央行认可的其他中长期机构投资者,均可投资银行间债券市场。  早在2010年8月央行允许境外人民币清算行等三类机构运用人民币投资银行间债券市场。而证监会等部门在2012年发布的合格境外机构投资者(QFII)相关规定表示,在批准投资额度内,QFII可以投资银行间债券市场。同时,在2015年4月底,央行批准汇丰、摩根士丹利和法国巴黎银行等30余家境外金融机构进入银行间市场。短短3个月后,又全部放开境外央行、国际金融组织和主权财富基金等机构的额度限制和投资范围,并将审核制改为备案制。而此次境外银行、保险、证券、基金公司等获批入场,境外投资机构基本全部放开。  据公开资料显示,截至2015年末,已经有292家境外央行主权财务基金等境外机构进入银行间市场。  值得注意的是,央行同时取消了中长期机构投资者投资银行间债市的额度限制,并简化了管理流程。央行日前发布的工作论文指出,我国国债发行存在结构缺陷、对投资者准入的过度管制、衍生品市场不发达、商业银行市场化定价能力缺失等问题,这些问题造成我国短期利率通过债券市场的传导效率比许多国家偏弱,因此建议放宽境外机构进入银行间债券市场的限制,加快对境外投资者开放债券市场的步伐,提高QFII与人民币合格境外机构投资者(RQFII)的额度。  香港财政司司长曾俊华在预算案讲话中也提出,会继续与内地探讨扩大跨境人民币双向流通的渠道,并将争取增加RQFII计划投资额度。而此前的一系列放行和扩渠也带动了投资额的显著上升。国家外管局昨日公布的数据显示,截至2016年2月23日,已批准158家RQFII,累计获得可投资总额4714.25亿元,较2016年1月末增加16亿元。QFII有279家,合计批准807.95亿美元的投资额度,与2016年1月末持平。  对于央行此举,太平洋证券相关分析师认为,央行意在扩大银行间债券市场,推行直接融资,并加速人民币国际化。  另有分析人士直言,我国债市如果能吸引更多境外投资者前来投资,将有助于国际资本均衡流动,减少外汇储备消耗。  作者:崔启斌 程维妙 刘双霞来源北京商报)相关的主题文章:

Action 77 西安欧亚学院怎么样

12 Nov

The HIIT practice of exploding your friends circle allows you to lose weight without dieting! Introduction: HIIT practice method of blasting friends circle allows you not to diet, but also thin! Take ten minutes before bedtime. Quick fat burns depends on it! Source: the HIIT practice of fashion COSMO friends circle lets you lose weight without dieting! You don’t know if you’ve heard of HIIT exercises all the time For that was crazy, fat burning training scraper! More than ten minutes of the whole set of action, the novice must not insist on it! So intimate Xiaobian compiled for you the most suitable for the novice’s nine movements, ten minutes a day before sleeping carefully, fast burning fat rely on it! Action 11, standing, legs open and shoulder width, hands holding ears. Leg turn waist, knees and the other side of the elbow bump. Action 22, legs open and shoulder width, hands stretched upward. Curved legs to the inside kick, and know the hand arm down and the other side of the leg ankle together. 33, open the legs slightly wider than the shoulder, his hand clenched arm lift, hip rotation. Pay attention to the lower part of the body! 44, his hand clenched arm placed in the chest to do like to kick boxing. Action 55, stand straight, arms naturally placed side, lift one leg forward kick, and then swing to the rear side. Action 66, open and close jump, although it sounds simple, but attention must be large action range! And it must be done for a minute! Action 77, deep squat kick. Pay attention to the knee, not to the toes, otherwise, the squat is harmful to the knee! Action 88, push up. More than ordinary women push up the move around, more exercise to the muscles. 99, strengthen edition crunches, leg and swing in the ordinary abdomen join crunches in action, let the fat burning effect is more obvious. As long as you can exercise carefully according to the above actions, you will find that the muscles become tight in one month! Remember never to lose weight on a diet!

刷爆朋友圈的HIIT练习法 让你不节食也能瘦!   导读:刷爆朋友圈的HIIT练习法 让你不节食也能瘦!睡前十分钟时间认真做,快速燃脂全靠它啦!来源:时尚COSMO 刷爆朋友圈的HIIT练习法 让你不节食也能瘦!   成天抱怨没时间锻炼的你,不知道有没有听说过HIIT练习?对,就是那个被刷屏的疯狂燃脂训练!整套动作的十几分钟新手肯定坚持不下来!于是贴心的小编为你整理出最适合新手的九个动作,每天睡前十分钟时间认真做,快速燃脂全靠它啦! 动作1   1、站立,双腿打开与肩同宽,双手抱耳。抬腿转动腰部,使膝盖与另一侧肘部相碰。 动作2   2、双腿打开与肩同宽,双手向上伸直。曲腿向内侧踢,同时胳膊下放知道手部与另一侧腿部踝关节相碰。 动作3   3、双腿打开比肩部略宽,双手握拳曲臂抬起,转动臀部。注意下半身不动哦! 动作4   4、双手握拳曲臂放置在胸前做拳击状,向上踢腿。 动作5   5、站直,双臂自然放置身侧,抬起一侧腿向前踢然后摆动至后侧。 动作6   6、开合跳,虽然听起来简单,但是注意动作幅度必须要大哦!以及,一定做满一分钟哦! 动作7   7、深蹲踢腿。注意膝盖不要超过脚尖,否则深蹲是伤害膝盖的哦! 动作8   8、俯卧撑。比一般的女士俯卧撑多了左右移动的动作,更能锻炼到肌肉。 动作9   9、加强版卷腹,在普通卷腹动作中加入抬腿和摆动腹部的动作,让燃脂效果更明显。   只要能够按照以上的动作认真练习,一个月后你就会发现全身的肌肉变得紧实了!记住千万不要节食减肥哦!相关的主题文章:

13 landscape MTN1&quot 凯登克劳斯

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In February 16th 13 traders are concerned about stock market news center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks 16, Bloomberg News Beijing reported that following the February 16th 13 global traders are concerned news Top 20, click on the data from the 16 ranked 13 on Peng Bo terminal traders. 1) lunch review: stock index hit this month the largest increase in the size of the financial community; innovation; Japanese stocks rose; gold fell 2) China January new credit climbed to record highs by the seasonal wave of lending to promote the 3): the stock market is not rational Chinese Mobius is admission hunters when 4) January foreign currency deposits China five months the first increase in foreign currency loans to six down 5): Citi Bank of East Asia to sell Tricor or harvest HK $2 billion 6) SG recommended to do more offshore RMB NT that which spreads considerable 7) Zhou Hao: Chinese German monetary policy to a large number of extremely loose bonds be issued to RRR 8) gold: Chinese loans Chonggao persistent worrying expected goods the government will relax efforts since March 9) economist Peng Bo: Overweight record China credit solution thirst but Tuzeng far worry   10) deputy director of the State Council Development Research Center China: fiscal and monetary policy adjustment space 11) long Guoqiang: massive capital outflows in emerging markets such as Chinese happened last year has peaked 12) gaming stocks is that? For the first time in three years rose above key level at this transfer signal 13) Shanghai refers to three weeks for the first time on 2800 January social financing scale increment record 14 yuan) overnight Hongkong interbank interest rates jumped to a 15 month high) offshore RMB forward exchange rate that confidence has shaken short Guangdong Development Bank plans to issue no 16) more than 15 billion yuan in 2016 the first phase of financial debt 17) domestic bond market and credit default Chinese event list: "13 landscape MTN1" and "CP001" 15 aproud 18): Chinese fortune trust default new credit growth is mainly affected by the devaluation of the RMB to promote 19) Caixin: Yao Yudong said the RMB assets is the interest rate of the international hedge   20) at Chinese focus: new credit innovation; long exchange of RMB has shaken the confidence that short editor: Zhang Yujie SF107 2月16日13点交易员正关注要闻 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股讯 北京时间16日彭博报道,以下为2月16日13点全球交易员正关注的要闻Top 20,排名来自于16日13点彭博终端交易员的点击数据。 1) 午市综述:沪指创本月最大涨幅;社融规模创新高;日股涨;黄金跌 2) 中国1月份新增信贷攀升至纪录新高 受季节性放贷潮推动 3) 麦朴思:中国股市不理性 却是入场抄底时 4) 中国1月外币存款五个月来首增 外币贷款六连降 5) 花旗:东亚银行若出售卓佳 或收获20亿港元 6) 法兴建议做多离岸人民币 台币 称其中利差可观 7) 德商周浩:中国货币政策转向极度宽松 大批债券即将发行有待降准 8) 中金:中国贷款冲高持续性堪忧 预期货政放松力度将自3月后加码 9) 彭博经济学家:创纪录的中国信贷可解近渴 但徒增远忧  10) 国务院发展研究中心副主任:中国有很大的财政和货币政策调整空间 11) 隆国强:中国等新兴市场去年发生的大规模资本外流已经见顶 12) 澳门博彩股否极泰来?三年来首次升破关键水平现转运信号 13) 沪指三周来首度站上2800点 1月社融规模增量创纪录 14) 人民币隔夜香港银行间同业拆息跳涨至一个月高点 15) 离岸人民币远期汇率显示空头信心已动摇 16) 广发银行计划发行不超过150亿元人民币的2016年第一期金融债 17) 中国境内债市违约及信用事件一览:”13山水MTN1”和”15亚邦CP001”违约 18) 华宝信托:中国新增信贷大幅增长主要受到人民币贬值推动 19) 财新:姚余栋称人民币资产是正利率的国际避险工具  20) 午间聚焦:中国新增信贷创新高;远汇显示人民币空头信心已动摇 责任编辑:张玉洁 SF107相关的主题文章:

货币性黄金被出口至国外 哈尔滨剑桥学院怎么样

12 Nov

Oil prices plunged to financial ruin the Venezuelan government soon realized gold debt Huitong news network February 24th – the Venezuelan government and Deutsche Bank recently reached gold swaps shows that the country is preparing to cash remaining gold held by it, in order to repay the debt coming due. This highlights Venezuela’s huge debt pressure under low oil prices. According to BullionStar, Switzerland imported 35.8 tons of gold from Venezuela in January this year. These gold reserves were sent back from Europe by Hugo Chavez, the former president of Venezuela, Chavez. Sadly, just a few years later, where did these gold come from and where did they go back?. And the only seller of so much gold is probably the Central Bank of venezuela. The central bank has been trading gold swaps with major commercial banks in Europe and the United States, or selling gold in the open market. Notably, Venezuela in November 25, 2011 to January 30, 2012 will be 160 tons of gold reserves adjusted after returning to the country in 2015 will also start the gold exports to Switzerland, the world’s largest gold trading and refining center. How many unsecured official gold reserves are unknown in Venezuela?. The reason is that Venezuela’s economy is in dire straits. Almost all of the country’s export earnings come from oil, while oil prices have plummeted by nearly 70% since 2014. Venezuela’s foreign exchange reserves also declined rapidly, from $24 billion 200 million in February 2015 to $14 billion 800 million in November 2015. According to the Reuters, Venezuela’s inflation rate is three digit growth, while its CDS (credit default swap) shows that the possibility of default in the year is 78%. To avoid the disaster, the Venezuelan central bank has a strong incentive to use its official gold reserves. The US Geological Survey data show that Venezuela’s annual output of gold is about 12 tons. In Venezuela there is not so much gold output, and the Chinese people would not be so generous, so the above mentioned export to Switzerland’s 35.8 tons of gold reserves in the kargath certain from the Central Bank of venezuela. Between Venezuela and Switzerland’s history of cross-border trade shows, 2012 Venezuela exports to Switzerland 4 tons of gold, for the year 2013 10 tons, while in 2014 and 2015 were 12 tons and tons of 24. 2012, 2013 and 2014 Venezuela gold shipped from mining production in the country is possible, but 2015 and 2016 exports of gold from the Central Bank of venezuela. According to the Swiss customs departments to provide the data, we can use the monthly average price of gold and then report the weight of gold and value to estimate the purity of gold trading. Until May 2013, Venezuela exported to Switzerland the purity of gold is about 80%, the gold is likely to come from the mine at the nugget (doré bars), or from the Central Bank of Venezuela’s currency as the bric. But since December 2013, since the appointment of the theory

油价暴跌财政破产在即 委内瑞拉政府变现黄金偿债   汇通网2月24日讯——委内瑞拉政府最近与德意志银行达成黄金掉期交易的结果显示,该国正在准备将其所持有的剩余黄金变现,以便偿还即将到期的债务。这凸显了委内瑞拉在低油价压力下巨大的还债压力。   根据BullionStar报导,瑞士今年1月从委内瑞拉净进口黄金35.8吨。这些黄金储备是委内瑞拉已故前总统查韦斯(Hugo Chavez)辛辛苦苦从欧洲调回的。悲哀的是,仅仅过了几年,这些黄金从哪里来又要回到哪里去。   而如此多数量黄金的唯一卖主,便只可能是委内瑞拉央行。该国央行已经在与欧美各大商业银行进行黄金掉期交易,或者是在公开市场抛售黄金。引人注目的是,委内瑞拉在2011年11月25日至2012年1月30日将160吨官方黄金储备调回国后,该国2015年又开始将这些黄金出口至瑞士——世界最大的黄金交易及精炼中心。委内瑞拉还有多少未抵押的官方黄金储备尚未可知。   其原因在于,委内瑞拉的经济已陷入绝境。该国出口收入几乎全部来自石油,而石油价格自2014年已经暴跌近70%。委内瑞拉的外汇储备也快速下降,自2015年2月的242亿美元猛降至2015年11月的148亿美元。根据路透社报道,委内瑞拉的通胀率呈三位数增长,而其CDS(信用违约掉期)显示其年内违约的可能性为78%。为了避免灾难的发生,委内瑞拉央行动有很强的动机要动用其官方黄金储备。   美国地质调查局数据显示,委内瑞拉黄金年产量约为12吨。鉴于委内瑞拉没有如此大的黄金产出,且该国民众不会如此“大手笔”,所以上述提及的出口至瑞士的35.8吨的黄金储备一定出自位于加卡加斯的委内瑞拉央行。委内瑞拉与瑞士之间的历史跨境贸易显示,2012年委内瑞拉出口至瑞士的黄金为4吨,2013年为10吨,而在2014年与2015年分别是12吨及24吨。2012、2013和2014年委内瑞拉的黄金发货来自该国矿山产量是可能的,但2015和2016年出口的黄金一定来自委内瑞拉央行。   根据来自瑞士海关部门提供的数据,我们可以通过使用月度黄金均价及随后将报告中披露的黄金的重量及价值估算出所交易黄金的纯度。直到2013年5月,委内瑞拉出口至瑞士的黄金纯度约为80%,这些黄金可能是来自矿山的多雷金块(doré bars),或者来自委内瑞拉央行的币铸金砖。但自2013年12月起,自委内瑞拉发货的黄金纯度约为99.5%,暗示这些黄金主要来自委内瑞拉央行。   通常,黄金掉期交易是黄金持有者转让金条换取货币,互换协议期满则按约定的远期价格将抵押的黄金买回来。掉期交易中的黄金并不一定要搬运实物。   要查出委内瑞拉央行具体出口了多少用于掉期交易的黄金,或者其潜在的黄金销售量是不可能的。官方黄金储备是货币性黄金,可以不必在对外贸易统计中披露。无论委内瑞拉央行什么时候选择将其黄金运至国外——无论是掉期黄金还是销售黄金——关于外贸统计都有两个选择项。第一,货币性黄金被出口至国外。第二,货币性黄金在委内瑞拉去货币化后出口至国外。只有在第二种情况下黄金才会出现在外贸统计中。   所有渠道及证据都显示,去货币化的黄金出口至瑞士。但也有迹象显示货币性黄金被出口至国外。主要黄金交易中心英国、瑞士及香港的外贸数据都没有显示来自委内瑞拉的黄金进口。然而委内瑞拉在2015年3月、4月或者7月的黄金储备都有所下降,这意味着委内瑞拉可能悄无声息地将黄金作为货币性黄金出口至国外。更不用说,如果委内瑞拉央行将黄金储备直接卖给比如中国央行,那么相关的出口记录将永远不会出现在外贸统计中。   至于委内瑞拉央行将多少黄金用于掉期交易,多少黄金还在加拉加斯的金库中尚不可知。但是,有一点是确定的,那就是:委内瑞拉的官方黄金储备并不像世界黄金协会所描述的那么多。世界黄金协会数据显示,截至2015年4季度,委内瑞拉央行依然持有黄金361吨。而2015年11月,委内瑞拉央行在其网站上公布该国资产负债表上的金额为69,147,656,000玻利瓦尔,按照0.16的官方汇率为110亿美元,而按照9个月滚动平均金价每盎司1,152.68美元计算,黄金储备为296吨。而如果委内瑞拉进行黄金掉期交易的话,这296吨黄金并不会全部进行抵押,而且这些黄金依然出现在其资产负债表中。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Sometimes Mom Needs A Doctors Excuse By 长沙医学院衡阳校区

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Sometimes Mom Needs A Doctors Excuse By: Gen Wright | Oct 20th 2008 – A doctors note can help a mom solve a problem with a child even when the mom is not sick, she needs a written doctors excuse but cant get to a clinic Tags: Privacy Policy Copyright 2005-2015 ArticleSnatch.com – All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy | 相关的主题文章:

while delivering on time and focused results through prompt communication channels. Our consistent and quality work with contemporary approach establishes us as one of the reliable name for website design development. Our service has no restrictions and provides web development services to all types of industries. With the promise of our technology 秋裤阴谋论

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Web-Design Any business that does not have a well designed functional website risks tons of potential customers. In todays digital age it is hard to ignore the influence of internet has on marketing and business process. Consumers prefer to go online to find out information about local businesses rather than picking up the phone or driving around looking for the right place. Any business that does not have a well designed, functional website may face numerous looses. Aks interactive helps in delineating your online portfolio to make a mark in the worldwide web. As the leading website design company based in Northern India, Delhi, we strive forward in delivering quality solutions by involving high end technology, expertise and experience. The company is specialized in cutting edge web design solutions, web based software innovations, custom web development, SEO and internet marketing services. This Website Design Delhi based company is indeed one of the most reliable professional IT outsourcing partners, defining and specifying your online business globally. With constant research, expertise and proficiency in the arena of website development and design this Web Design Delhi Company have secured an elite place in the market. The company is armed with team of dedicated professionals, we aim for hundred percent client satisfaction, while delivering on time and focused results through prompt communication channels. Our consistent and quality work with contemporary approach establishes us as one of the reliable name for website design development. Our service has no restrictions and provides web development services to all types of industries. With the promise of our technology, relevant experience and state of art services we are indeed one of the most dependable names, catering to our ever growing clientele, dotted across USA, UK, Canada, India, Australia and UAE. At this web design Delhi Company we do not only design or develop site but also leave no stone unturned to understand your business, to know its direction, to comprehend your business process and the complexities of your trade philosophies to design the best solution for you. Before we even start planning the website we make it a point to understand the clients business and requirements, the target market or audience and reason for the website to exist. We also offer user friendly interface that makes navigating though the website easy for the visitor. So in case you want to create a website for your business than Aks Interactive a web design Delhi based company offers you the perfect website design and make it simple for the users to quickly find the information they need. For more details you can browse through our website www.webdesign-delhi.in or call on 9540713636 and take your business to new prospect of success as our efficient staff is 24×7 present to assist you and solve all your queries. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

manuelbaron | Oct 15th 2012 – Las personas que utilizar el poder mental pueden cumplir todas sus metas y hacer que sus vidas se conduzcan al camino de la autorrealizacion 凤于九天28在线阅读

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Consejos Para Conseguir El éxito By: manuelbaron | Jul 3rd 2014 – Podemos conseguir el éxito en cualquier idea, tenemos un potencial maravilloso para hacer que los sueños se vuelvan realidad, lo único que debemos hacer, es aplicar las técnicas que nos lleven al convencimiento, creer en lo profundo de nuestro ser en lo que estamos haciendo. Tags: La Felicidad Y Sus Argumentos By: manuelbaron | Nov 3rd 2012 – La felicidad es uno de los objetivos mas importantes en la vida de una persona, realizamos una enorme cantidad de actividades para gozar de mas bienestar, aunque las condiciones externas son muy importantes para todos, es de mencionar que la felicidad no depende de lo externo, es un estado interno poderoso que va mas alla d … Tags: Use Su Poder Mental Para Crear La Oportunidad Para El Exito By: manuelbaron | Oct 15th 2012 – Las personas que utilizar el poder mental pueden cumplir todas sus metas y hacer que sus vidas se conduzcan al camino de la autorrealizacion, todos tenemos la capacidad de ordenar nuestra vida y encontrar el exito, amor, felicidad, riqueza, salud, espiritualidad y bienestar en general. Tags: 相关的主题文章:

Martin Maxie | Sep 15th 2009 – Same day loans for people on benefits are given to the people without credit enquiries in the same day for emergency. These unsecured loans are given until your next day of getting the benefits amount. Tags pingsetang

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Same Day Loans For People On Benefits Uk: Easy Apply Here! By: Calvien Peter | Aug 3rd 2015 – So, if you are in need of fast cash and because of your inability to visit lender you are not able to gain money then 24 Hour Loans For the people on Benefits are just for you. Tags: Loans For People On Benefits With Comfortable Repayment By: peterfinance | Oct 31st 2013 – The need for loans, all people do. Whether it be good, bad credit backgrounds This article has been given to all Information Our company helps all the time. When you are in trouble such as finance problem in poor credit score. Tags: No Fee Loans: Money With No Fee Obligation By: Gillbert Alvi | Jun 20th 2013 – No fee loans are emerged to facilitate those people who need money desperately but they are not able to access for any support from kith and kin. Tags: Loans No Fees No Paperwork: Paperless Finance By: Gillbert Alvi | Mar 7th 2013 – The interesting part of loans no fees no paperwork is that it has easy approval method and a person can borrow money within a day. Tags: Loans For People On Benefits – Enjoy Your Desirable Loans At Your Terms By: Jack Herry | Feb 9th 2013 – Loans for people on benefits are designed specifically for all those money seekers who have stained credits records and have been going through the bad phase of life. Tags: Cash Loans For People On Benefits: A True Help For Handicapped People By: Norwick Kerry | Jan 17th 2013 – It is only cash loans for people on benefits, which can help people suffering from miserable conditions in the easiest way. Tags: Same Day Fiscal Support Conveniently By: alexander | Dec 19th 2012 – Same day loans can be acquired you need hassle-free monetary support for sorting out mid month monetary crises. Sort out all fiscal trouble on time and also get back your stable financial life. Tags: Payday Loans For People On Benefits "�" Instant And Timely Money For Everyone By: Norwick Kerry | Oct 26th 2012 – Payday loans for people on benefits are available for the salaried people who are disabled and need additional financial support. Derive friendly and quick money without any difficulty. Tags: Instant Payday Loans For People On Benefits: Enjoy Funds With Any Disability By: Norwick Kerry | Sep 17th 2012 – Instant payday loans for people on benefits are approved for those who are having any kind of disability. Tags: Same Day Loans For People On Benefits-a Measure For The Disabled By: Frank Miller | Sep 14th 2012 – Same day loans for people on benefits are the real financial alternative that is available to the individual who are not able to earn their bread and butter by themselves. It will help them in covering their sudden expenses. Tags: Payday Loans For People On Benefits "�" Receive Money Within Hours If You Are Disable By: Norwick Kerry | Sep 8th 2012 – Payday loans for people on benefits are a great facility presented to disable loan seekers who are in instant need of money with easy refund options. You will have to apply online by meeting some minimum conditions. Get the cash approved soon. Tags: Same Day Loans For People On Benefits: Hold The Helping Hands Quickly By: Norwick Kerry | Aug 31st 2012 – Same day loans for people on benefits are really the stunning and helping hands for those who have lost their physical capability due to any reason. Tags: Doorstep Loans For People On Benefits – Speedy Cash Support To Disable People By: Ackly smith | Aug 30th 2012 – Doorstep loans for people on benefits are a convenient fiscal option that you can consider at the time of emergency. Enjoy instant and timely money without any hold and delay. Tags: 18 Months Loans – Helps To Meet Emergency Situation By: Chad willi | Aug 12th 2012 – People can easily take help of 18 month loans by which they can easily grab money. It will help them to get all their worries get erased in due course of life with money availed through this. Tags: Same Day Loans For People On Benefits: Beneficial Deal For Physically Challenged People By: Norwick Kerry | Jul 30th 2012 – Same day loans for people on benefits are the beneficial deals that can be enjoyed during any emergency. Tags: Same Day Loans For People On Benefits: Sort Out Any Issue With No Worry By: Norwick Kerry | Jun 15th 2012 – People with any physical disability don"��t need to crush their wishes as they can borrow money with comfort through same day loans for people on benefits. Tags: Instant Payday Loans For People On Benefits: Get Money On Behalf Of Your Dss Benefits By: Norwick Kerry | Jun 5th 2012 – Instant payday loans for people on benefits would the excellent ways of money for such folks who are enjoying DSS benefits. Tags: Payday Loans For People On Benefits "�" Handle Financial Emergency With Ease By: Norwick Kerry | May 19th 2012 – If you are disable person need instant and quick cash help, payday loans for people on benefits would be ideal and perfect monetary solution for your problems. Now, small as well as urgent monetary issues can be answered easily. Tags: Payday Loans For People On Benefits "�" Get Benefit Amount For Emergency Needs By: Tom Harriet | May 8th 2012 – Payday loans for people on benefits are offered to those people who are living on benefits due to physically or mentally ailments. By taking the assistance of these loans they can meet with various needs easily. Tags: Bad Credit Loans For People On Benefits "�" Splendid Help For Physically Or Mentally Disabled By: Tom Harriet | Apr 25th 2012 – Even if you have not left satisfactory cash advance for carrying out your needs and desires, you need to go for bad credit loans for people on benefits without any second thoughts. Tags: Cash Loans For People On Benefits "�" Never Feel Discomfort In Spite Of Being Disabled By: Tom Harriet | Mar 24th 2012 – Cash loans for people on benefits are good news for those people who are reliant on benefits. These loans help them to cover unpredicted as well as pressing needs well on time. Tags: Money Loans- Avail Quick Loans Without Pledging Property By: Sarah Martin | Mar 20th 2012 – Money Loans are very easy to avail because these loans do not need you to pledge asset as collateral. Moreover, the application form is available 24*7 online. Tags: Payday Loans For People On Benefits "�" Ideal Way Of Availing Cash Even With Disabled By: Tom Harriet | Feb 21st 2012 – Living on DSS benefits is really a futile aid when you have to meet with additional expenses in the middle of the month. Right now, you are required to apply for payday loans for people on benefits and derive the fund in your account in the least possible. You can make use of this loan for various small purposes effectively … Tags: Same Day Loans For People On Benefits- Fast Approval Loans For People On Benefits By: Sarah Martin | Feb 17th 2012 – With online processing, you can get instant cash within few hours of approval. Now, meeting urgency is so easy with us that too without pledging any security. Tags: Unsecured Loans For People On Benefits "�" Give You Satisfactory Helping-hand For Multiple Purposes By: Tom Harriet | Feb 10th 2012 – Unsecured loans for people on benefits are loans that are curved out especially for people facing a lot problem due to physically or mentally and unable to take financial support from anywhere. Relax! These loans are for you to satisfy your needs with ease. Tags: Payday Loans For People On Benefits: Quick And Hassle Free Fund By: Tom Harriet | Jan 27th 2012 – Lender of payday loans for people on benefits same day imposes the reasonable interest rate for making the people feel good and hassle free from all the superfluous paper works. Tags: Loans For People On Benefits "�" A Tonic For Disabled People By: Tom Harriet | Jan 24th 2012 – People living on benefits don"��t need to be worried when they are in need of extra financial support. Loans for people on benefits are just designed for them to deal with their hard times. Tags: Payday Loans For People On Benefits: Get The Cash Even If Disabled By: Tom Harriet | Jan 20th 2012 – Payday loans for people on benefits are like financial energy for the physically or mentally challenged individuals, who do not have any other option for the procurement of the cash. Tags: Doorstep Loans For People On Benefits: End Up Cash Crunches With Ease By: Rachel Carson | Dec 21st 2011 – Doorstep loans for people on benefits can bring happiness at your face when you are suffering from any disability. Tags: Secured Business Loans: Avail The Easiest Mode To Apply For Finance. By: alexander | Dec 18th 2011 – Through these finances applicant can get the cash for the business. Applicant can apply through online mode to get the cash within 24 hours of application. There is no credit checking and no collateral required by the lenders. Tags: Doorstep Loans For People On Benefits: Overcome Monthly Problems By: Rachel Carson | Nov 14th 2011 – Doorstep loans for people on benefits support people to overcome any cash problem occurred in the mid of the month. Tags: Loans For The Unemployed- Feasible Financial Service For The Jobless By: Sarah Martin | Jul 7th 2011 – Loans for the unemployed are a wonderful financial source that helps you to suitable financial support without considering your jobless status. With the loan amount you may able to fulfill your many important financial demands in an effectual manner. Tags: Same Day Loans- Sweep The Unwanted Fiscal Mess By: Sarah Martin | May 30th 2011 – To grab the money in lesser possible time, applying with same day loans can be the pertinent option for you. This loan offer you instant finance without letting you undergo any cumbersome and time consuming loan formalities. Also, the bad creditor do not have to get worried of facing the disapproval as it is free from credi … Tags: Same Day Loans For People On Benefits-abrupt Pecuniary Aid By: Lars Henderson | Dec 21st 2010 – When you are unable to pay off your expenses and desires within the benefits provided by department of social security, here is same day loans for people on benefits for you. These loans are available to the people who are disabled and inefficient to earn enough livelihoods for them. Tags: Same Day Loans For People On Benefits-fast Money For Dire Needs By: Lars Henderson | Nov 13th 2010 – If you are living on DSS benefits and are unable to fulfill the expenses and desires, here are same day loans for people on benefits. This is a wonderful financial aid that let you manage your financial expenses without any hassle and trouble. Tags: Same Day Loans For People On Benefits – Fast And Easy Cash For Them By: Martin Maxie | Feb 3rd 2010 – Same day loans for people on benefits provide cash only on the basis of your current income status. These loans give you cash for short time period and in short time span. Tags: Loans For People On Income Support- Easy Financial Assistance For People On Benefits By: Martin Maxie | Dec 13th 2009 – Loans for people on income support are the short term loans that are designed to help people running on benefits. These are easily available on the internet. You can avail the money in less than 24 hours time. Tags: No More Fiscal Catastrophe With Same Day Loans For People On Benefits By: Martin Maxie | Dec 7th 2009 – Same day loans for people on benefit are generally unsecured loans that are approved without collateral pledging. Bad credit holders as well as worst credit sufferers such as, CCJ, arrear, default, late payment etc. can qualify for same day loans for people on benefit. Tags: Loans For Young People: A Second Chance To Sustain Finance By: Martin Maxie | Dec 3rd 2009 – Loans for young people are customized to cater to the monetary needs surrounding younger individuals inclusive of students. Two types, secured and unsecured loan option are available with this loan. To qualify for loans for young people borrower must in age between 18years and 30 years. Tags: Loans For People On Benefits- Financial Assistance For People On Benefits By: Martin Maxie | Nov 27th 2009 – Loans for people on benefits are the short term loans that are easily available on the internet and the money is issued to you in few hours time. These loans are easily available to you without any credit checking formalities. Tags: Loans For People On Bad Credit- Adverse Credit Score Won"��t Be A Problem By: Martin Maxie | Nov 24th 2009 – Loans for people on bad credit are the short term loans that are issued to the borrowers to meet their short term needs. These are issued to the borrowers in few hours time through the internet. The best part is that the borrower is not required to go through many formalities. Tags: Same Day Loans For People On Benefits- Easy Way Out Without Any Hassle By: Martin Maxie | Nov 5th 2009 – Same day loans for people on benefits are the short term financing for the people on benefits. These loans are issued based on the benefits you are getting from DSS. These loans can be easily availed through the internet. Tags: Cash Loans For People On Benefits- Get Cash With Ease And Comfort By: Martin Maxie | Oct 21st 2009 – Cash loans for people on benefits are the loans that are designed to help people who are running on certain benefits from DSS. These loans are issued for a short period of time and the money is issued on the bases of the benefits they are drawing. These loans are easily available on the internet. Tags: Same Day Loans For People On Benefits Quick Help For Urgency By: Martin Maxie | Sep 15th 2009 – Same day loans for people on benefits are given to the people without credit enquiries in the same day for emergency. These unsecured loans are given until your next day of getting the benefits amount. Tags: 相关的主题文章:

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Reference-and-Education Cheap Anthropology Papers The lack of time to fulfill the relevant activities in the writing of the anthropology papers will allow the fulfillment of the relevant activities in service provision. The anthropology papers are written by our organization within the shortest time possible. Our orders are written with regard to the clients requirements in service provision. The anthropology papers are written by the individual writers who are well conversant in the fulfillment of the assignments for all forms of formal writing. Our company will ensure that one is able to receive the best quality services in the realization of the relevant tasks and services. The management of the firm will contact the best qualified individuals in the provision of the relevant tasks in the aspect of service provision for the clients. The choice of documents being written by our writers will guarantee that one will be proficient to get the best anthropology papers for acquiring the best grade. We offer the cheapest anthropology papers for the firm in the aspect of service delivery for the management of the facts for the clients. Quality assurance Our esteemed writers are well conversant with the requirements that the client will be supposed to fulfill in the writing of the anthropology papers. Our organization will ensure the overall provision of the anthropology papers within the shortest time period. Our firms management will ensure that the client will receive the anthropology papers that will be free from any form of plagiarism and grammatical errors. The anthropology papers are 100% original. These documents are written from scratch with the intent of fulfilling the documents that the research will provide. The clients are liable to contact our firm at any time that they will choose for their conveniences. The management of the firm will ensure that all clients privacy is maintained at all costs. Writing process The orders are ordered at any time that the client will require the paper. The management of the firm will ensure that the management will seek for the best quality service delivery for the firms overall service delivery. The writer will be provided the anthropology papers with regard to the track record of supplying the document. The management of the firm will be required to search for the overall need for the purpose of service delivery in the presentation of the information in the aim of service delivery. The anthropology papers will then be written and subjected to the analysis of specialized programs. These programs will reduce the possibility of any form of plagiarism. The documents will then be surrendered to the management for the final analysis. The final analysis will require the overall search for the equipments of service delivery. The client will be liable to return the document in the presence that the specifications were not adhered. The addition of new pages will require the addition of payment for the anthropology papers. Confidentiality The placement of the anthropology papers will require the presentation of the contact details and the order specifications. These specifications are geared at ensuring fast retrieval and analysis of the firm. The management of the firm will be required to ensure that the management of the firm should look at the provision of the best quality services. The management of the firm will hide the information from any third party interference. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Fashion-Style Shopping on-line is less complicated and smarter thanks to search. Websites for online looking in Kolkata area unit are the newest fashion. Now-a-days who has enough time to travel to a store and so hop from shop to buy, discount with the sellers and get an object, it needs plenty of free time. Besides, it’s very tedious to go to totally different outlets for getting one single product. However if you search from a market or shopping centre, it’s necessary to form a comparative survey of product before hard cash, otherwise you’ll ne’er recognize whether or not the vendor is monopolising or not. Some folks very like looking once intensive talks. They get large pleasure in bidding over the costs, and later boast of obtaining a rare piece on low cost value and the way economical they’re within the act of shopping for something from market. Online business: providing more time to choose and compare: This is the age of web. Everything is feasible currently right from your home. Folks also seek for selecting life partners over web, why wouldn’t looking be done on internet! If you’re thinking, wherever the probabilities of talks on costs with the sellers area unit, let me tell you within the websites of looking you’ll get data a few immense vary of a similar product on the market from completely different corporations with different value tags. They supply elaborate data regarding each product, its makers, its prices, its exclusive options, images, everything. You"ll be able to opt for that one you’ll get consistent with your budget. It"s similar to look from a market however the benefits area unit a lot to take into account. You’ll be able to search from home, you’ll be able to compare costs and product, you’ll be able to create e-payment through credit or debit cards and even cash on delivery shopping sites and most significantly the merchandise you get is delivered at your step with an authentic money memoranda supported that you’ll be able to exchange it, if you are doing not am fond of it at intervals the given fundamental quantity. Some folks suppose that within the on-line looking websites, what they are doing is not delivering branded product however faux copies. Well, this can be not the case that sometimes happens, especially not with the popular sites. And if clients have got any complain you’ll be able to contact head quarters anytime and their men can forever strive for their best to answer your queries. In online shopping in Kolkata website after you log in, you’ll get a picture of cart and there’s a groundwork box. You"ll be able to opt for product from the list provided or enter your search. Once you get your search results you’ll see there are a unit plenty of product from totally different corporations on the market. You"ll be able to then glide by every choice and eventually choose the one you want. Every selected product is added to the cart and that we can show you ways a lot of you have got to pay. Opt for the payment choices and acquire the merchandise delivered at your step at intervals but one week. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Major Differences Between Credit Unions And Banks Posted By: adrianjill In the world of financial services, the two known names are banks and credit unions. Both of them offer almost same services. The major difference lies between their goals. Bank has a predefined goal of attaining a target profit amount but credit union is not working with same target. Credit unions are nonprofit organizations because there are no shareholders behind them. Moreover, there in credit union each member is having its own space and value. One major thing that make everyone love these credit unions is that they avail loans easily and instantly to its members. Yes that’s true instant work is loved by everyone. For availing a loan from credit union you just need to be member of the union and rest a set of your identifications. Whereas in banks, you may have to face embarrassment while getting your credits checked and following a huge number of terms and conditions. With all this I experienced an advantage of cheap credit. They also act as a family unit that takes care of its members. Loans are given on trust and there are no credit checks. In case of banks, there will be a thorough check of your credits.CU Marketing Credit union marketing CU Marketing Credit Card Deals Improve As Market Heats Up Posted By: Sam Gooch Research carried out by financial information group Moneyfacts shows that the number of balance transfer cards has increased significantly in the last two years. Balance transfer credit cards allow balances from previous credit cards to be transferred to a new card while the interest payments are frozen for the 0% duration. There is a small transfer fee involved (usually around 3% of the balance transferred), but in almost all cases this is a much cheaper option. This rise in products has been seen across most of the other credit card types, from 0% on purchases, that allow consumers to pay for goods upfront and pay them off over several months without paying interest for the privilege, to bad credit cards, designed to help those that have been declined credit in the past due to a lack of credit history, or a damaged credit score. As more and more providers have continued to enter the market, competition has been steadily rising. Last year, Barclaycard began an aggressive campaign that would see it break the record of the longest 0% balance transfer duration on several occasions.bad credit cards balance transfer credit cards bad credit cards How Credit Card Interest Rate Levels Affect You Posted By: John Matthew credit card Interest rate low interest balance transfer credit card deals balance transfer credit card offers credit cards balance transfers cred credit card Interest rate How A Balance Transfer Credit Card Can Improve Your Finances Posted By: John Matthew balance transfer credit cards balance transfer credit card offers low interest credit card credit cards balance transfers credit card interest rat balance transfer credit cards How A Business Credit Card Can Benefit An Australian Small Business Posted By: John Matthew Business credit card frequent flyer credit cards credit cards balance transfers Australian credit card credit card applications online credit car Business credit card Comparing Australian Frequent Flyer Credit Cards Posted By: John Matthew frequent flyer credit card balance transfer credit cards credit cards balance transfers credit card interest rate frequent flyer credit cards cre frequent flyer credit card How Australians Can Use Balance Transfer Credit Cards To Clear Debt Posted By: John Matthew Balance transfer credit cards balance transfer credit card offers credit cards balance transfers credit card interest rate credit card application Balance transfer credit cards Barclaycard Increases Balance Transfer Duration To Record 17 Months Posted By: Sam Gooch barclaycard credit cards credit card balance transfers barclaycard credit cards Posted By: brianwarren debt management Debt management planners debt management experts debt management Top Mistakes People Make To Not Get Instant Credit Card Approval Posted By: John Matthew Low Interest Rate Credit Cards Credit Cards Balance Transfers Credit Card in Australia Low Interest Rate Credit Cards Debt Management – Ways To Get Rid Of Your Debt Posted By: brianwarren Debt management Credit debt management solutions Debt management Use Master Or Visa Credit Cards And Make Your Life Easy Posted By: webmaster There are lots of different credit card firms which have given credit cards to the people however you may still find the one which offers cards after knowing about your poor credit rating. Sob if you are in such a situation then you can apply for master card. These credit cards are the most widely acceptable cards. Citibank is considered to be the best credit card company all over the world. You get interesting and attractive offers on Citibank credit cards. Some of the credit cards are business, credit cards, student credit cards, balance transfers, cash advances etc. you can use these credit cards for business or personal use. If you are looking for prepaid HSBC cards then you can easily get one through some online search. These credit cards will definitely suit particular credit state. But before you buy any credit card then you should check the features and compare rates. Having gold credit shows certain status level has been attained. Issuers like banks, have lengthy attached names of the precious metals for example gold, platinum, titanium and silver to their credit cards so as to convey the sense of value which they want customers to relate with them.mastercard citibank credit card prepaid hsbc credit card mastercard Credit Cards-best Means To Shop Posted By: webmaster credit cards citibank credit card prepaid hsbc credit card credit cards Credit Report- Helpful Knowledge Base For Loans Bad Credit Posted By: sudarsan chhetri Just like everything else these days, if you are going to use a payday loan service you wish to have to ensure that you are going to get the best deal possible. One thing you have in your favor these days is the number of companies offering these services, so the competition between companies help to lower the rates associated with a payday loan. Just like everything else in today’s poor economy, if you create the wrong decision you’ll be paying for it for a long time. If your major interest is information related to credit report or any other such as wisconsin, orchard bank visa, compare credit card offers and apply online or loans with bad credit, this article can prove useful. If you don’t have any relationship with credit union, your following option will be getting pay day loan. Seriously speaking, you’ll get quickly approval for the loan because long as you have steady employment and an active bank account. No matter how bad your credit is, the lenders do not take into consideration because there is no allowance test at all.credit report orchard bank visa loan bad credit credit report Employ Balance Transfer Credit Cards Accurately Posted By: Gretta Speasers. Coping with several high-interest credit cards can be very stressful. You can help manage your debt with the effective use of balance transfer credit cards. Opening a transfer line of credit will also you to consolidate your credit card balances all onto one card, assuming the credit line you receive is high enough. Educate yourself on the process as much as you can.Do not assume that all balance transfer cards offer 0% APR. The only way you can guarantee this if it is specifically stated. Understand the terms of agreement that you are signing before you go into contract with a credit card company. No annual fees are applicable on these cards unless specifically stated.Before the economic crunch offers for balance transfers were numerous. Now, post credit crunch era these offers are a lot less and flow less freely. These programs are still available but are more restrictive then they once were. In comparison to deals when you would have been able to get a 0% balance transfer offer for the life of your balance, you now will see only limited time offers. This means once introductory promotion is over; you will face higher interest rates.balance transfer credit cards balance transfers best balance transfers credit card offers credit cards personal finance balance transfer credit cards Save Money By Consolidating Your Credit Cards Posted By: Michael D. Strauss Many people get into the habit of having several different credit cards with small credit limits, possibly from when they began to establish or re-establish credit. Not only does this cause your payments to be higher, but your interest payments may be as well especially if you have several high interest low credit line credit cards. The inconvenience of transacting business this way makes it more feasible to take those small credit line balances and apply for a card with a higher credit line and lower interest rate. If you have established your credit for at least a year, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a credit card with a credit line high enough to allow you to have fewer cards by transferring the balances on the cards you have to another one. When you consolidate your credit cards, you want to be careful as well so that you don’t take something with a higher interest rate in order to have the freedom to make balance transfers at a low rate.credit cards balance transfers money finance credit cards Getting The Best From Balance Transfers Posted By: Michael D. Strauss Credit card balance transfers have fallen from favor somewhat since their heyday a few years ago, after the introduction of the balance transfer fee stopped the practice of shifting debt from card to card without incurring any charges or costs. It is now no longer possible to delay interest payments on credit card debt indefinitely – or at least to do so for free. In spite of this fact, making use of balance transfer facilities could still be worth your while. The recently introduced fees for transferring debts does increase overall costs but a careful analysis and calculation will still show that in many cases you’ll save money by doing so rather than keeping your old credit card loaded with debt. However, it’s not the simple matter it once was and so it is important to consider a few points regarding transferring one’s balance on credit cards if you’re to make a success of the process. It’s now all but impossible to find a credit card without a balance transfer fee, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to separate different cards.credit cards balance transfers finance credit money credit cards Suitable Credit Cards For Those That Travel Posted By: Peter K Many people enjoy travelling the world for leisure, soaking up the sun, sea, sand, and sights, and many others have to travel for business purposes. Whatever the reasons for travelling abroad one thing you are going to have to think about is how you will find your spending whilst abroad. Most people have their own ideas and preferences about what form of currency to take, but many people like to take a credit card along either as their primary form of making purchases or as a back up. Taking a credit card abroad is a great way to enjoy ease, convenience, and security, as it means that you do not have to rely on cash and you do not have to worry about the hassle of travellers cheques. Even if you do prefer these other forms of payment your credit card will still provide you with security and backup in the event of an emergency. However, it is important to remember that there are many different credit cards on the market, and these can all vary in terms of the benefits and terms attached to them.credit cards balance transfers cash back advice purchases news credit cards uk visa mastercard credit cards Are Store Cards Worth The Cost? Posted By: Peter K Store cards have become very popular in recent years. While these are essentially the same as credit cards, you can only use them at one store the store whose name appears on the credit card and which issued you the card. Depending on the store name, you can use the card at any of the stores in that chain, which means that if you are in another town or city, or even another country where the store has a physical presence, you can use it to make purchases in that location. One of the main disadvantages of using a store credit card is that you can only use it to make purchases. No cash transactions or withdrawals are permitted and you cannot use this type of card in an ATM or at a bank. Another disadvantage of having a store card is that you often buy on impulse when in the store. Just because you do have available credit often causes you to buy something you do not really need.credit cards balance transfers cash back advice purchases news credit cards uk visa mastercard credit cards The Benefits Of A Prepaid Credit Card Posted By: Peter K Over the past couple of years an increasing number of consumers have turned to prepaid credit cards for one of a number of reasons, and these plastic cards are able to offer a range of benefits to consumers. A number of providers offer prepaid credit cards and some recent additional to the prepaid credit card market include Tesco and Paypal. Like a prepaid phone a prepaid credit card has to be loaded with cash before it can be used, and once it has been loaded you can start using it to make purchases in person, online, or via the telephone. There are many reasons why people decide to opt for a prepaid credit card rather than a standard credit card. These credit cards offer much of the convenience and ease of standard credit cards but have some key differences. Also, you should remember that there are certain charges associated with these cards such as cash withdrawal charges, and you may find that some providers charge to put money on the card and to purchase the card in the first place, as well as to reload the card with money.credit cards balance transfers cash back advice purchases news credit cards uk visa mastercard credit cards 相关的主题文章: