China put forward the quality of consumer goods in key areas in 2020 to reach the international adva 康熙来了 091030

13 Nov

In 2020 China provided a key area of consumer product quality has reached the international advanced level of national standards – Beijing, Beijing, August 26, Commission Director Tian Shihong said today the "planning" to enhance consumer product standards and quality, "planning" proposed the implementation of consumer goods quality training projects, guide enterprises to establish the quality of consumer goods brand innovation center, improve China consumer brand reputation and loyalty, create China boutique. This week, the State Council executive meeting to study the deployment of the promotion of consumer goods standards and improve the quality of the work, considered and adopted the "planning" to enhance the standard and quality of consumer goods, office of the State Council policy today held a routine briefing, quality inspection administration of Party members, the National Standards Commission Director Tian Shihong introduced the "planning" the situation to enhance consumer standards and quality, and a reporter asked. Tian Shihong introduced, in recent years, China’s consumer goods standardization and quality to accelerate the work, the existing national standards for consumer goods and has filed the industry standard for nearly 6000, consumer standards establishment. Including household appliances, textiles and clothing, furniture, toys, footwear and other industries international standard conversion rate is more than 80%, while consumer goods quality supervision and inspection qualification rate of 12th Five-Year increased by 1.8 percentage points. However, consumer product standards and quality is difficult to meet the people’s growing consumer demand, consumer goods supply structure is not reasonable, the market competitiveness of the brand is not strong enough, the consumption environment needs to be improved, the domestic consumer confidence needs to be further improved. Tian Shihong introduced, therefore, quality inspection administration in conjunction with the Ministry of industry and information technology and other relevant departments to draft the "planning to enhance the standard and quality of consumer goods (2016-2020)". Tian Shihong said, "planning" in a 5 year cycle, proposed in 2020 to achieve qualitative and quantitative targets two. The qualitative target is consumer goods supply of basic standards to meet the growing consumer demand, a key area of consumer product quality reached the international advanced level, the quality of enterprise development endogenous power continued to improve, the well-known consumer goods brand value increased dramatically. There are 3 main quantitative goals: one is the key areas of major consumer goods in the international standard consistency degree up to more than 95%. The two is the consumer product quality supervision and inspection qualified rate is more than 90%. The three is the consumer product quality competitiveness index stabilized at more than 84. Tian Shihong said, "planning" also proposed the implementation of consumer goods quality training projects, guide enterprises to establish the quality of consumer goods brand innovation center, improve the Chinese consumer goods brand reputation and loyalty, create Chinese boutique; implementation of the import and export of consumer goods quality promotion project, excellent service into the excellent, enhance the image of China manufacturing. In addition, Tian Shihong said, "planning" also proposed 8 main tasks: one is to reform the supply system of new standard, standard system construction of the government leading standards and market independent standards coordinated development, coordinated and complete. Two is to optimize the supply structure to meet the standard, the upgrading of consumption demand. The three is to implement the main responsibility for the quality, improve the quality of enterprise stimulate endogenous power. The four is to lay a solid foundation of consumer goods industry quality, improve the quality of technology innovation ability. .

中国提2020年重点领域消费品质量达到国际先进水平-中新网   中新网8月26日电 国家标准委主任田世宏今日介绍《消费品标准和质量提升规划》时表示,《规划》提出实施消费品精品培育工程,引导消费品企业建立质量品牌创新中心,提高中国消费品品牌美誉度、忠诚度,打造中国精品。   本周的国务院常务会研究部署了促进消费品标准和质量提升工作,审议通过了《消费品标准和质量提升规划》,国新办今日举行国务院政策例行吹风会,质检总局党组成员、国家标准委主任田世宏介绍《消费品标准和质量提升规划》有关情况,并答记者问。   田世宏介绍,近年来,我国消费品标准化和质量工作加快推进,现有消费品国家标准和已经备案的行业标准近6000项,消费品标准体系逐步建立。其中家用电器、纺织服装、家具、玩具、鞋类产品等行业的国际标准转化率达到80%以上,消费品质量国家监督抽查合格率“十二五”期间增长了1.8个百分点。   但是,消费品标准和质量还难以满足人民群众日益增长的消费需求,消费品供给结构不尽合理,品牌市场竞争力不够强,消费环境有待改善,国内消费信心有待进一步提升。   田世宏介绍,为此,质检总局会同工业和信息化部等有关部门起草了《消费品标准和质量提升规划(2016-2020年)》。   田世宏介绍,《规划》以5年为周期,提出到2020年实现定性和定量两类目标。定性目标是消费品标准供给基本满足日益增长的消费需求,重点领域消费品质量达到或接近国际先进水平,企业质量发展内生动力持续增强,知名消费品品牌价值大幅提升。   定量目标主要有3个:一是重点领域主要消费品国际标准一致性程度提升到95%以上。二是消费品质量国家监督抽查合格率稳定在90%以上。三是消费品质量竞争力指数稳定在84以上。   田世宏介绍,《规划》还提出实施消费品精品培育工程,引导消费品企业建立质量品牌创新中心,提高中国消费品品牌美誉度、忠诚度,打造中国精品;实施进出口消费品质量提升工程,服务优进优出,提升中国制造形象。   另外,田世宏介绍,《规划》还提出了8个主要任务:   一是改革标准供给体系,构建政府主导制定的标准与市场自主制定的标准协同发展、协调配套的新型标准体系。   二是优化标准供给结构,满足消费结构升级的需求。   三是落实企业质量主体责任,激发企业质量提升内生动力。   四是夯实消费品工业质量基础,提升质量技术创新能力。   五是加强消费品品牌建设,提高中国消费品知名度和美誉度。   六是改善优化市场环境,进一步激发市场活力和消费潜力。   七是创新消费品质量安全监管模式,保障消费品质量安全。   八是实施外贸“优进优出”战略,提升进出口消费品质量。   此外,田世宏介绍,《规划》的重点领域提出:紧密围绕质量问题突出、消费需求旺盛和产业发展重点的一般消费品领域,着力推动家用电器、消费类电子产品、家居装饰装修产品、服装服饰产品、妇幼老年及残疾人用品、化妆品和日用化学品、文教体育休闲用品、传统文化产品、食品等重点领域标准和质量提升工作。加快形成以创新助推标准制定、以标准实施促进质量提升、以质量升级推动品牌建设的良性循环。相关的主题文章:

GREE electric resume soon, treasure can be 90 million shares or pots full bowl full 血狐杀戮

13 Nov

GREE electric appliances can soon resume trading treasure 90 million shares or pours hot column capital flows thousands thousand comment stock diagnosis the latest rating simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor to help stocks masters 20 years experience veteran Jiepan August 25th suspension has been half a year long GREE electrical appliances (000651) released in the media that the situation will be held on the announcement, GREE acquired Zhuhai silver long explanation. As one of the fund awkwardness, GREE Electric has been highly concerned about the organization. Since the end of February 19th this year, the transaction began at the beginning of the suspension, there have been six months ago. Insiders expect, GREE appliance suspension is just in the market low, during the blue chip also set off a hot market, so GREE after the resumption of electricity, is expected to usher in a round of valuation repair. As the fund awkwardness, heavy GREE fund is expected to get valuation repair bonus. Dong Mingzhu valued silver long new energy technology a week ago, GREE announced plans to make a price of 13 billion yuan to acquire Zhuhai silver long 100% stake. After the completion of the acquisition, Zhuhai silver long will become a wholly owned subsidiary of GREE electric appliances, and incorporated into the scope of GREE electronics consolidated statements. At the same time, GREE will also add 10 billion yuan for supporting financing, the fixed price increased to 15.57 yuan. It is noteworthy that, Dong Mingzhu, chairman of GREE electric appliances, is paid nearly 1 billion yuan to participate in the issuance. Bulletin of GREE electric appliance shows, Zhuhai silver long promises: in 2016, 2017, 2018, silver new energy actual net profit is not less than 720 million yuan, 1 billion yuan, 1 billion 400 million yuan, the performance compensation method is the combination of cash and stock compensation. Consistent with the previous acquisition draft. For such a high performance commitment, silver long new energy chairman Wei Yincang said, "since the silver long new energy executives signed a bet agreement, which means that there is confidence and grasp."." Dong Mingzhu, chairman of the board of directors, said, "the purchase of GREE electric appliances is a thoughtful, not blind, this purchase is more valued is the technology of silver new energy." Dong Mingzhu explained that "the current domestic car not only emissions pollution problems, but also bring resource consumption problems, new energy vehicles can be a good solution to this series of problems.". Most of the road on Japan is hybrid, and hybrid vehicles have to replace batteries on average every year. Battery replacement costs are 5 and 60 thousand, which are invisible costs, and most of them depend on gasoline. In contrast, pure electric vehicles are more environmentally friendly, more practical and economical. But there are many accidents occurred in pure electric vehicles, so manufacturing pure electric vehicles should first turn the car’s safety in the first place. Silver Dragon new energy technology can be a good solution to consumer safety issues." Dong Mingzhu stressed that the acquisition of silver long new energy can make GREE appliances directly in a new energy field high point, in the technical demand at the same time, also incidentally brought hundreds of billions of level of market growth space." Institutions get together treasure can be heavy 90 million stocks in the announcement

格力电器复牌在即 宝能系9000万股或将盆满钵满 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 助阵炒股大师赛 20年经验老手解盘   8月25日,停牌已经有半年之久的格力电器(000651)发布媒体说明会召开情况的公告,就格力电器收购珠海银隆做出说明。   作为基金重仓股之一,格力电器一直备受机构关注。自今年2月19日结束交易后停牌伊始,距今已有半年。   业内人士预期,格力电器停牌时恰处于市场低位,期间蓝筹股还掀起了一轮火爆行情,因此格力电器复牌之后,有望迎来一轮估值修复。而作为基金重仓股,重仓格力的基金也有望获得估值修复红利。   董明珠看重银隆新能源技术   一周前,格力宣布拟作价130亿元人民币收购珠海银隆100%股权。收购完成后,珠海银隆将成为格力电器的全资子公司,并纳入格力电器合并报表范围。   同时,格力还将增发100亿元人民币进行配套融资,定增价格为15.57元 股。值得关注的是,格力电器董事长董明珠更是自掏腰包近10亿元人民币参与了此次增发。   格力电器的公告显示,珠海银隆承诺:2016年、2017年、2018年银隆新能源实际净利润分别不低于7.2亿元、10亿元、14亿元,业绩补偿方式为现金与股票补偿相结合。与此前收购草案提到的一致。   对于如此高的业绩承诺,银隆新能源董事长魏银仓表示,“既然银隆新能源高管团队签订对赌协议,这就说明是有信心和把握的。”   董事长董明珠表示,“格力电器本次收购是经过深思熟虑的,并不是盲目的,本次收购更多看重的是银隆新能源的技术。”   董明珠解释称,“现在的家用汽车不仅存在排放污染环境的问题,而且还带来资源消耗问题,新能源汽车可以很好的解决这一系列问题。在日本的路面上行驶的大多数是混合动力,混合动力车平均每年就要更换一次电池,电池更换成本需要5、6万,这是无形的使用成本,并且大部分还是依赖于汽油。相比之下,纯电动车更环保,也更加实用、经济。但纯电动车发生的事故较多,所以制造纯电动车首先要把乘车人的安全放在第一位。银隆新能源的技术可以很好的解决消费者安全问题。”   董明珠强调,“收购银隆新能源可以使格力电器直接站在了一个新能源领域的高点,在得到了技术需求的同时,也顺带带来千亿级别市场增长的空间。”   机构扎堆宝能系重仓9000万股   在宣布收购方案之后,重仓格力电器的基金受到了市场关注。更有机构人士笑言,“董小姐,你知道我在等你复牌吗?”   作为老牌机构重仓股,格力电器一直备受机构青睐。2016年基金2季报显示,格力电器在两市两千多只股票中,位列基金重仓股的第九名。据同花顺数据统计显示,截至今年6月底,共有173家(更新中)机构持有格力电器,累计持股数量超过8亿股,持仓比例为13.42%。   以下是截至6月30日,持有格力电器股份数量位居前列的机构持股情况:   从以上机构持股明细来看,前海人寿的海利年年保险产品持有9000多万股格力电器,持股市值为17.32亿元,占格力电器流通股股本的1.49%,是除证金之外持股数量最大的产品。按照这一持股数量和持股市值粗略估算,前海人寿持有格力电器的平均成本约为19.24元 股,与2月19日格力电器收盘价相当。若复牌后格力有较大上涨,前海人寿将浮盈颇丰。   仅从重仓基金来看,以下是截至今年6月30日,持有格力电器股份数量最多的前十只基金:   可以看到,在基金产品中,嘉实新机遇、博时主题、易方达瑞惠以及银华深圳100分级、南方绩优成长是持股量最大的公募基金产品,持股数均超过1300万股;持股数超过1000万股的还有融通深证100、易方达深圳100以及易方达新丝路。而除了上述10只基金外,还有50余只基金重仓了格力电器,随着格力电器复牌,这些基金将成为较大受益者。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Black holes also belch! Consume gas at the same time consume energy 陆小凤传奇之海兰花

13 Nov

Black holes also belch"! Devouring the gas and consuming energy at the same time, from the picture taken by the Chandra space telescope, we can see that there are two hot, releasing X light gases. NGC 5194 is a huge Whirlpool Galaxy Galaxy NGC 5195 galaxy, smaller volume. Sina Technology News Beijing on February 2nd news, astronomers discovered that a galaxy is located in the vicinity of the central black hole hit a "hiccup", ejected gas surging wave two. The two hot gas arcs were detected by NASA’s Chandra space telescope, and from the X photo, they seem to have pushed a lower temperature hydrogen gas in front of them. The galaxy, named NGC 5194, is a small, unremarkable cousin of the Whirlpool Galaxy M51a, about 26 million light-years away from earth. So it’s one of the nearest black holes that can eject gas in this direction. Astronomers published this discovery at the 227th session of the American Astronomical Society (AAS), and regarded it as an excellent example of "feedback information" between supermassive black holes and host galaxies. "We think this feedback can prevent galaxies from becoming too big." Co author of the study, from the Harvard Center for Astrophysics? Smithson (CFA) Marie (Marie Machacek) said Machasike?. "But at the same time, it also explains how stars are formed. It shows that black holes not only destroy things, but also create things." In the merged Galaxy SDSS J1126+2944, there are a pair of black holes of different sizes. The ancient eruption of the team pointed out, we all know that the black hole consumes gas and stars, but the two wave of material ejected like this is a big meal after playing a burp. The black hole consumed by the black hole in the center of the NGC 5194 Galaxy comes from its interaction with the larger spiral galaxy next to it, and it’s probably a bit too hasty to swallow the gas. As the black hole absorbs the material, it also releases a lot of energy, leading to the eruption. Eric Schlegel (Eric Schlegel) led the study at the University of Texas, Sanantonio. He explained that the most important point in the observation is that the lower temperature hydrogen is pushed forward by the hot X wave behind it. In the optical image taken by the telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory in Arizona, we can see that in front of the outermost wave, there is a thin red light, which represents the existence of hydrogen. "Without this H alpha image, I would definitely feel confused," said Professor Schlegel. "I would think it might be a black hole sucking inside, or it might be spitting out something." But in the X light images taken by the Chandra space telescope, there is a thin, hydrogen light, which suggests that the black hole is spitting out, rather than sucking in. In fact, this is the cosmic shockwave produced by the black hole long before hiccup

黑洞也会“打嗝”!吞食气体同时消耗能量 从钱德拉太空望远镜拍摄的这张图片上可以看出,有两道炽热的、释放出X光的气体。 NGC 5194星系是巨大的漩涡星系NGC 5195的伴星系,体积较小。   新浪科技讯 北京时间2月2日消息,天文学家发现,一个坐落在邻近星系中央的黑洞打了一个“嗝”,喷射出了两大波汹涌的气体。   这两道炽热的气体弧是由NASA的钱德拉太空望远镜检测到的,从X光照片上可以看出,它们的前方似乎还推着一道温度较低的氢气。   该星系名为NGC 5194,是漩涡星系M51a的一位又小又不起眼的近亲,距离地球约2600万光年。因此它是能朝这个方向喷射气体的、离我们最近的黑洞之一。   天文学家在美国天文学会(AAS)的第227届会议上公布了这一发现,并将它视为超大质量黑洞和宿主星系之间“回馈信息”的绝佳范例。   “我们认为,这样的回馈能防止星系变得过大。”该研究的共同作者、来自哈佛?史密森天体物理中心(CFA)的玛丽?马查斯科(Marie Machacek)说道。   “但与此同时,它也能解释一些恒星的形成方式。它说明黑洞不仅仅会毁灭东西,还能创造出东西。” 合并后的星系SDSS J1126+2944中,有一对大小不一的黑洞。   古老的喷发   该团队指出,我们都知道黑洞会消耗气体和恒星,但这次喷射出来的两波物质倒像是一顿大餐后打的一个嗝儿。   这个位于NGC 5194星系中央的黑洞所消耗的气体来自它与旁边那个体积更大的螺旋星系之间的相互交流,而它在吞食气体时大概有些操之过急了。黑洞在吸收这些物质的同时,也会释放出大量的能量,从而导致了这次的喷发。   德克萨斯大学圣安东尼奥分校的埃里克?施勒格尔(Eric Schlegel)领导了本次研究。他解释称,观测结果中最重要的一点是,温度较低的氢气正被后方炽热的X光波推着前进。   在亚利桑那州基特峰国家天文台望远镜拍摄的光学图像中,我们可以看出,在最外层光波前方,有一道细细的红光,代表着氢气的存在。   “要是没有这张Hα图像,我肯定会感到模棱两可,”施勒格尔教授说道。   “我会觉得,这可能是黑洞在往里吸东西,也可能是在往外吐东西。”   但在钱德拉太空望远镜拍摄的X光图像上,分明有一道细细的、代表氢气的光,说明黑洞是在往外吐,而不是往里吸。   事实上,这是黑洞在很久之前“打嗝”时产生的宇宙冲击波。该研究团队通过计算发现,这些炽热气体的内波也许花了300万年时间才传播到现在的位置——外波则要花上600万年。   “我们认为,本次喷射出的气体弧是两次很久之前的巨大爆炸遗留下的产物。在那两次爆炸中,黑洞将一些物质喷射了出来,喷进了它所在的星系里。”   “而这一次事件可能会对这个星系的构造产生很大的影响。”   施勒格尔教授指出,如果该星系中央的超大质量黑洞经常像这样向外喷射气体的话,或许能解释为什么像NGC 5194这样的椭圆星系很少出现活跃的恒星形成过程。   此外,本次喷发过程可能会为NGC 5194星系(又名Messier 51b)带来一些关注。与体积巨大的漩涡星系Messier 51a相比,前者总是相形见绌。   “人们的目光全都集中在Messier 51a身上,”施勒格尔教授说道,“它那可怜的伴侣则鲜有人问津——但我觉得这种情况就要改变了。”   更多有关黑洞的新闻   其他在美国天文学会大会上发言的研究人员则向大家介绍了一个与众不同、非常特殊的黑洞。   在两个星系合二为一之后,原本的两个黑洞便开始在一个星系中绕着彼此旋转,这个黑洞便是其中之一。   值得注意的是,这两个黑洞中,只有一个黑洞周围围绕着一堆明亮的恒星,它们在引力的作用下联结在一起,组成了一个球面,显得颇为神秘。   “原因或许和星系合并的过程有关。”科罗拉多大学波尔多分校的天体物理学家茱莉?康莫福德(Julie Comerford)说道,“当两个星系合并时,会产生非常强大的引力和潮汐力,可以将黑洞周围的恒星从原处拽走。”   或者也可能因为,那个周围没有恒星的黑洞本就属于一类非常罕见的中级黑洞,比通常坐落在大型星系中央的超大质量黑洞要小得多。如果是后一种情况的话,其中一个星系也许是所谓的矮星系。   “也许这一小圈恒星原本是属于那个中等质量黑洞的。”康莫福德博士说道,“我们对这一类黑洞所知甚少,因为它们非常罕见,很难找到。但这些黑洞很有意思,因为它们可能是超大质量黑洞形成过程中的某个阶段。”   康莫福德博士及其同事的研究以钱德拉望远镜和哈勃望远镜获取的图像为基础,并于去年将研究结果发表了在《天体物理学期刊》(Astrophysical Journal)上。(叶子)相关的主题文章:

Participants stock line in the release of the four signals of the three stocks or will now spring fl 齐齐哈尔大学图书馆

13 Nov

Participants: stock line in the release of the four signals of three shares or the spring bloom now – Sohu securities, 23 market trends judged 1, line in the release of the four signals is still in the market to build comprehensive (1) given the current market is still strong signal technology. At present, Shanghai has stood on the 5, 10, 20, 30 days, the gem is also stand on the 5, 10, 20, 30 days, from the market’s daily, weekly KDJ, MACD, BOLL, short-term market is not too much worry, market related stock movements of short-term worries, no problem, kinetic energy there are still on the technical side. And the stock index in the 22 day stand on the 2910 line this strong position, this is a very important signal, on the temporary space above we see short-term 2950; (2) to reproduce the gap on the 22 day, to recover the long line. We see that the market in the 2872 to 2880 area, there is a little gap, there is one point of the market in 22 years ago is recovered in the January 26th big line. We think the market in 23 days is likely to start concussion to fill this gap, in the big line position to shock consolidation; (3) the amount of energy released is good. In the recent market trend we found is rising, it is showed that no amount of sell, chips gradually stabilized and locked, after shrinking market, volume, volume shrinkage, and constantly reinforce the bottom, fix the technical indicators, volume and price with each other to attract, this is a good signal; (4) still build head and shoulders at the end of the form. We maintain the current market maintained at 2750 – 2950 of the 200 points of the shock box, the formation of the right shoulder in this week, then the market will form a comprehensive, reaching 3000 points, see the 3250 area, this is the trend of the time and space form of this standard is comprehensive. 2, the supply side reform rose market officially entered the NPC and CPPCC mode release signal from 22 disk trend and plate performance, weight plates coal, nonferrous metals, steel, real estate, finance and other pulling force to support the market, especially the supply side reforms related to iron and steel coal strong trend, which shows that the policy is expected to heat up NPC and CPPCC, officially entered the market NPC and CPPCC mode. It’s not a flash in the pan. As for this kind of theme can buy, operation opportunities? We believe that through the observation of the disk trend, short-term to look, the stock market can be a speculation, is to be able to participate in, this kind of theme may again be about speculation in the NPC and CPPCC. On the whole, it is still the strategy of holding stocks and maintaining long term. Worthy of attention is that it is worth noting that the 2900-3000 point in the vicinity of locked plate more, at the same time, profit taking pressure, if not sustained liangnengfangtai, market is likely to show the shock, we should always pay attention to the amount of energy change, pay attention to the market can not maintain the average daily volume of 5. 3, in line with the hidden like structural fission is coming but after the signal is worth our attention: (1) as the market leader in the small record or weaker than the motherboard, small record is pulled up late, and the blue chip motherboard check

股参会:中阳线释放四大信号 三类股或将春暖现花开-搜狐证券   一、23日市场走势研判   1、中阳线释放四大信号 市场依然在构筑头肩底   (1)市场目前给出的信号是技术面依然强。目前沪已经站上了5、10、20、30日线,创业板也是站上了5、10、20、30日线,从市场的日线、周线KDJ、MACD、BOLL来看,短期市场并没有太大隐忧,市场 相关公司股票走势 短期无忧,问题不大,技术面依然有上冲的动能。并且沪指在22日站上了2910这个日线转强的位置,这是非常重要的信号,关于暂时上方的空间我们短期看到2950;(2)再现向上缺口,22日收复长阴线。我们看到市场在2872―2880一带留有一个小缺口,还有一点是市场在22日是收复了年前在1月26日的大阴线。我们认为市场在23日极有可能展开震荡回补这个缺口,需要在这个大阴线的位置做出震荡整固;(3)量能释放良好。在近日市场的走势中我们发现的是上涨有量,杀跌无量,这是表明筹码逐步稳定和锁定,市场在经历缩量、放量、缩量、放量,不断夯实底部,修复技术指标,量价相互配合吸引,这是良好的信号;(4)依然构筑头肩底形态。我们目前维持市场在2750―2950的这200点的箱体维持震荡,就在本周形成右肩,然后这个头肩底形成以后,市场将上攻3000点,看到3250一带,这是这个标准头肩底形态的走势时间和空间。   2、供给侧改革大涨释信号 市场正式进入两会模式   从22日盘面走势和板块表现来看,权重板块的煤炭、有色、钢铁、地产、金融等发力护盘拉盘,尤其是供给侧改革相关的钢铁煤炭走势强劲,这说明两会政策预期升温,市场正式进入了两会模式。可以说这并不是昙花一现话终点。   至于说这类题材能不能买,操作机会怎么样?我们认为通过观察目前盘面走势来看,短期来啊看,这类股市可以炒作一把的,是可以参与的,这类题材在两会左右可能还会再度被炒作。总的来看,依然是是持股和维持做多的策略。   值得警惕的是,值得注意的是,2900-3000点一带套牢盘较多,同时获利盘回吐压力较大,,如果没有持续的量能放大配合, 市场极有可能展现震荡,我们还是要时刻注意量能的变化,注意市场能否维持5日均量。   3、中阴线暗藏异像 结构性大裂变即将上演   但是盘中有信号是值得引起我们注意的:(1)作为市场风向标的中小创涨幅弱于主板,中小创是在尾盘才拉升起来的,且主板蓝筹像中国人寿封板封的比较勉强,这在一方面表明市场有分歧的同时,这或预示着22日大盘将再次上演结构性裂变,我们认为,市场的裂变为中小创蓝筹和主板供给侧概念或将获得市场的炒作,其余个股或将展现回落;(2)周一两市领涨龙头由前期创指类题材过度到了供给侧改革概念上,不过在存量资金博弈和增量资金有限的情况之下,供给侧改革基本是大盘股蓝筹股,或者说短期看不到业绩和成长的题材,这将抑制蓝筹股持续反弹空间和力度。综合来看,市场在经历普涨格局之下,或将展现出一定的分化。   二、23日市场投资机会   结合今天盘面的板块表现,以及接踵而至的两会重要会议,建议投资者重点关注供给侧改革概念股,细分之下是以下三大类:   1、钢铁股:宝钢集团旗下八一钢铁、韶钢松山1月30日双双公告停牌,市场分析这或预示其将率先借力资本市场图变,钢铁行业的供给侧改革已经开始,宝钢集团的这一行为将成为“首秀”。钢铁行业未来要走出困境,必将伴随痛苦而漫长的产业出清过程,而这一过程必将给资本市场带来巨大的行业性机会。建议按照三个标准选取投资标的:一是业绩好的龙头公司,如板材龙头宝钢股份,特钢中盈利情况较好的大冶特钢和西宁特钢,及受益于落后产能淘汰的公司,包括河北钢铁、新兴铸管 、太钢不锈。二是连续两年出现亏损,面临退市可能,且未来有中央企业和地方企业重组预期的公司,如韶钢松山和八一钢铁。三是全球性的竞争龙头,包括宝钢股份、太钢不锈、河北钢铁、沙钢股份。   2、煤炭股:煤炭需求回升不确定性仍然较大,煤炭可能部分企业走出亏损困境,部分仍将深陷泥潭,煤价回升有限,但供给侧改革发生以后,煤价回升期望无疑将大幅增加。建议重点关注供给侧改革可能受益的大型国有煤炭企业,这些公司前期普遍跌幅较大,且弹性大,如潞安环能、大同煤业、西山煤电、阳泉煤业、陕西煤业、盘江股份、山煤国际、冀中能源等。   3、有色板块:在国家没有出台更严厉措施的情况下,有色等行业企业已经率先觉醒,自动通过行业协会等协调压缩产能。先是去年10月中旬五大稀土集团打响限产“第一枪”,宣布全年冶炼分离产品生产量将减少10%左右;再是十大锌炼厂宣布明年减产50万吨;紧接着,九大铜炼厂计划2016年集体减产精炼铜20万吨。有色行业限产坚决而迅速,与该行业产能主要集中于有限的几家、十几家企业有很大关系。集中度较高,事情就好办一些。个股方面可以关注厦门钨业、盛和资源、五矿稀土、中国铝业、云铝股份等。   三、证券要闻   政治局会议:采取稳定的经济政策 保持经济在合理区间   习近平22日主持召开中共中央政治局会议。会议强调,要稳定和完善宏观经济政策,继续实施积极的财政政策和稳健的货币政策,加强区间调控、定向调控、相机调控;提高发展质量,保持经济在合理区间;加强供给侧结构性改革,增强持续增长动力;深挖国内需求潜力;加快发展现代农业。   国家能源局:推进能源供给侧改革 重点化解煤炭、煤电过剩产能   国家能源局召开全面深化改革领导小组会议,局长努尔?白克力强调,大力推进能源供给侧结构性改革,着重抓好七项工作,化解煤炭、煤电过剩产能,加快推进电改落地,稳步推进石油天然气体制改革。另外,国家能源局正组织研究2030年能源体制革命战略。   中基协回应私募监管升级:有关私募基金的申请、备案手续、登记流程、时限均未出现变化   中基协负责人表示,年前,中国基金业协会发布《关于进一步规范私募基金管理人登记若干事项的公告》,发布后,有关私募基金的申请、备案手续、登记流程、时限均未出现变化,但私募基金管理人登记和私募基金备案是私募基金自律管理的第一步。另外,协会正在抓紧研究制定私募基金管理人从事投资顾问服务的相关业务管理办法。   房地产去库存再出利好 地产股应声大涨   在房地产契税营业税双降的消息影响下,地产股周一应声大涨,板块涨幅接近3%;个股方面,中国武夷、蓝光发展、世联行、华远地产等多只个股涨停,天津松江、绿地控股等也均大涨。平安证券认为,持续政策加码有助于提升地产板块整体估值水平,加上近期板块估值下修较多,龙头房企保利对应2016年PE仅6倍,防御价值凸显,建议投资者在控制仓位基础上,适度博弈超跌价值及小市值个股等,主要关注三方面个股,第一,攻守兼备的行业龙头招商蛇口、金地集团,第二,受益成交量回升的世联行;第三,转型及国改个股中体产业、中航地产、广宇集团、北京城建等;第四,小市值转型潜力股粤宏远A、大龙地产、绵世股份等。   我国测定首例输入性寨卡病毒全基因序列   中国疾控中心与江西疾控中心合作成功测定我国大陆首例输入性寨卡病毒的全基因序列。病毒全基因序列的成功解析,为了解病毒的变异和开发疫苗及诊断试剂奠定了重要基础。   油价劲扬美股周一大幅收高   北京时间23日凌晨,美股周一大幅收高,延续了上周创2016年最大周涨幅的趋势。国际油价强劲上扬提振了市场情绪。道指上涨超过200点,距52周最高点差距不到10%,已摆脱调整区域。高盛与UnitedHealth两只股票贡献了道指的大部分涨幅。标普500指数距52周最高点也在10%之内,原材料、能源与金融板块领涨。   四、公司要闻   思美传媒年报拟10转20并派现   新联电子年报拟推10转18并派现   大恒科技澄清否认涉及“虚拟现实”概念   成都路桥:股东李勤再次举牌 持股超20%   博通股份23日复牌 拟3.5亿元并购南京芯传汇   工商银行:马德里分行正配合进行洗钱案件调查相关的主题文章:

Market pessimism has no change, sub stocks fell, Nikkei fell 2.6% 望尘莫及的意思

13 Nov

No change of the Asian stock market pessimism Nikkei fell 2.6% decline in U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes stock warrants Sina News Beijing 10 news, the Wednesday market pessimism had no obvious change before the Asian stock market continue to decline trend. Japan shares Nikkei 225 index fell to 2.6%, fell below 16000 points to 15662.70, the index closed down 5.4% yesterday. Topix also expanded to 2.6%. Goldman said the decline in profits, the risk premium will be increased, and the Topix index 3 months target from 1550 down to 1400, 6 months target from 1650 down to 1500, 12 months target from 1800 down to 1600. After the target level is down, it still indicates the rising space of 7%, 15% and 23% respectively. The yen’s strength has exacerbated market sentiment. Despite the recent introduction of a negative interest rate policy by the Japanese central bank, the yen continued to strengthen against the dollar in the past few days. On Tuesday, the yen rose to 114.205 yen, hitting a 15 month high. As of press time, the yen reported 114.44 yen against the dollar, still maintained high. Australia’s ASX 200 index fell by 1.3%, the index closed down 2% yesterday. The energy sector is still led by BHP and Rio Tinto fell 3.6% and 2.0%. On Tuesday, Japan’s 10 year Treasury note fell to negative value for the first time. Japan’s 10 year treasury bond yields are representative of housing loans and long-term interest rates for corporate finance. After Japan’s central bank decided to carry out negative interest rates, the currency was relaxed, and investors rushed to buy treasury bonds with relatively high yields, pushing up prices, and then falling sharply. Overnight crude oil futures fell for fourth consecutive trading days. The outlook for oil prices in 2016 is not optimistic, and investors expect the continued oversupply of global crude oil, making WTI crude oil back below $28 barrel. WTI3 month crude oil futures fell $1.75, or 5.9%, at $27.94 a barrel. WTI fell for 4 consecutive days, with a cumulative decline of more than 13%. April Brent crude oil futures fell $2.56, or 7.8%, at $30.32 a barrel. U.S. stocks on Tuesday violently concussion, shortly after the opening down nearly 150 points, and then down to rise. Late gains from raw materials and health care sector stocks rose to regain the previous decline in oil prices. Investors wait for Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen’s testimony in Congress this week. The Dow Jones Industrial Average Index on Tuesday closed down 11.85 points at 16015.20 points, or 0.07%; the S & P 500 index fell 1.14 points, at 1852.30 points, or 0.06%; the Nasdaq composite index fell 14.99 points, at 4268.76 points, down 0.35%. (Lei Ming) editor in chief: Wang Yongsheng SF153

市场悲观情绪无改观 亚股下滑日经大跌2.6% 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股讯 北京时间10日消息,周三市场悲观情绪无明显改观,亚洲股市延续之前下滑态势。日股日经225指数跌跌幅扩大至2.6%,跌破16000点至15662.70,该指数昨日收盘暴跌5.4%。东证指数跌幅也扩大至2.6%。   高盛称盈利下降,风险溢价升高,并将东证指数3个月目标位从1550下调至1400,6个月目标位从1650下调至1500,12个月目标位从1800下调至1600。目标位下调后仍分别预示有7%, 15%和23%的上涨空间。   日元走强加剧了市场忧虑情绪。尽管日本央行最近引入了负利率政策,过去数日日元兑美元仍持续走强。周二日元兑美元一度升至114.205日元,创15个月新高。截至发稿,日元兑美元报114.44日元,仍然维持高位。   澳大利亚ASX 200 指数下跌1.3%,该指数昨日收盘下跌2.0%。能源板块仍然领跌,必和必拓和力拓分别下跌3.6%和2.0%。   周二日本10年期国债收益率首次跌至负值。日本10年期国债收益率是住房贷款及企业融资长期利率具有代表性的风向标。日本央行决定推行负利率加码货币宽松后,投资者纷纷抓紧购入收益率相对稍高的国债,推高了价格,收益率随之骤跌。   隔夜原油期货连续第4个交易日下跌。因2016年油价前景不乐观,以及投资者对全球原油供应持续过剩的预期使得WTI原油重回28美元 桶以下。WTI3月原油期货收跌1.75美元,或5.9%,报27.94美元 桶。WTI连续4个交易日下跌,累计跌幅超过13%。布伦特4月原油期货收跌2.56美元,或7.8%,报30.32美元 桶。   美股周二剧烈震荡,开盘后不久跌近150点,后又止跌转涨。尾盘受益于原材料和医疗保健板块板块股票的上涨收复了此前因油价下跌带来的跌幅。投资者等待美联储主席耶伦本周在国会的证词。   道琼斯工业平均指数周二收盘下跌11.85点,报16015.20点,跌幅为0.07%;标准普尔500指数下跌1.14点,报1852.30点,跌幅为0.06%;纳斯达克综合指数下跌14.99点,报4268.76点,跌幅为0.35%。(雷鸣) 责任编辑:王永生 SF153相关的主题文章:

还要上报证监会并说明事由 硕果累累的读音

12 Nov

Star Hao capital fund phase I delayed redemptions by Dalian project sales impeded? – fund channel daily economic news reporter Wu Ruofan flush statistics show that as of February 4th, the real estate sector 153 listed companies, there are 92 released 2015 performance forecast. The "daily economic news" reporter statistics on the performance losing housing prices found that most enterprises losses last year, and is closely related to the enterprise investment mistakes before. They take the price is too high, leading products are not accepted by the market related stock movements; or choose to take in the city in the same pile up in excess of requirement, competitive environment, it is difficult to make a go of the inventory. However, some developers did not learn the lessons of these investment mistakes. This has led some observers to believe that the bailout policy can, of course, digest part of the old stock, but also spur new inventory. To solve this "chronic disease", we can only rely on the deep supply side reform of real estate. This week, real estate weekly collected some real estate investment project mistakes, for the industry reference. If you want to know more cases, please pay attention to WeChat Real-estate-Circle. Please pay in February 1st, star capital issued by a Beijing advertising company ", the advertising company to the new year" article, the general content is star capital Harbin item company owed a Beijing advertising company 240 thousand yuan fee marketing things, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Before this, many stars shine square in deep "quality door", "price gate" mire. In the face of overwhelming negative news, Star Hao capital seems to have no resistance, and all this began in the Xing Guangyao fund phase i". Recently, the "daily economic news" reporter learned from the star capital, the company’s "star Yao fund phase I will be delayed by a year of redemption, the relevant person in charge told reporters star capital, the reason of delay is due to fund poor sales caused by the project. For the late earnings, the person in charge told this reporter that the first phase of the fund is equity investment fund, and there is no guarantee and income protection concept. Therefore, from a legal point of view, shareholders should be responsible for their own profits and losses, and bear the corresponding consequences. The redemption period postponed earlier, according to the "times weekly" and other media reports, the "star Yao fund phase I products planned in March this year officially expired and entered the stage of redemption. Star capital official told reporters, a phase of investment fund is a city complex project, due to the real estate situation is not clear, if you quit, there will be no small loss, so the star with a limited partner (LP) agreed to under the premise of the fund closed to prolong the period of one year. Xue Jianxiong, President of Amoy City, said that the rest of the year is actually a buffer period, the original ideal state is in 5 years cash return. Now, Star Hao’s financial performance is bad for investors, including cash flows. Xue Jianxiong thinks, Star Hao wants to borrow this year to adjust the revenue value. If the income is not ideal, the fund will generally have a buffer period of one year, if the buffer period, the project sales problems, will enter the extension program. Senior fund.

星浩资本基金Ⅰ期延期赎回 受大连项目销售不畅拖累?-基金频道   每日经济新闻记者 吴若凡   同花顺统计数据显示,截至2月4日,房地产板块153家上市公司中,已有92家发布2015年业绩预告。《每日经济新闻》记者统计其中业绩预亏房企发现,大部分企业去年亏损,和企业之前的投资失误有很大关联。他们或者拿地价格太高,导致产品不被 相关公司股票走势 市场所接受;或者选择在供过于求的城市拿地,在同质竞争的大环境下,造就了一个难以去化的库存。   但是,部分开发商显然没有吸取这些投资失误的教训。这让一些观察者相信,救市政策固然可以消化部分老库存,但也会刺激新库存。解决这个“痼疾”,只能依靠深层次的房地产供给侧改革。本期房产周刊搜集了部分地产投资项目失误的案例,供业界参考。若想了解更多案例,请关注邦地产微信(Real-estate-Circle)。   2月1日,由北京一广告公司发布的《星浩资本请还钱,广告公司要过年》的文章,大致内容是星浩资本哈尔滨项目公司拖欠北京一广告公司24万元营销费的事情,但这其实只是冰山一角。   此前,多地星光耀广场深陷“质量门”、“降价门”泥潭。面对铺天盖地的负面消息,星浩资本显得毫无招架之力,而这一切则始于“星光耀基金Ⅰ期”。   近日,《每日经济新闻》记者从星浩资本获悉,该公司的“星光耀基金I期”将延后一年赎回,星浩资本相关负责人告诉记者,延期的原因是由于基金所在项目销售不畅所引起。对于后期收益如何,该负责人向本报记者表示,一期基金是股权投资基金,并没有保本和保收益概念。因此,从法理上说股东须自负盈亏,并承担相应后果。   基金赎回期延后   此前,据《时代周报》等媒体报道,“星光耀基金I期”产品原计划于今年3月份正式到期并进入赎回阶段。   星浩资本负责人告诉本报记者,一期基金投的都是城市综合体项目,由于近些年来地产形势并不明朗,如果此时退出,将会有不小的损失,故而星浩在征得有限合伙人(LP)同意的前提下,将基金封闭期延长了一年。   优淘城总裁薛建雄表示,剩下的一年其实是缓冲期,原先的理想状态是在5年内兑付回报。而今,星浩的财务表现令投资者不满,包括各种现金流也确实出现了状况。   薛建雄认为,星浩是想借这一年来调整营收值。如果前期收益不理想,基金一般会有一年的缓冲期,如果缓冲期过后,项目销售还存在问题,则会进入延期程序。   资深基金人士陈国华告诉记者,私募股权基金一般不轻易延期,只有当项目投资出现了问题,比如,资不抵债,或者项目自身运营出现问题等。一旦启动延期程序,除了要征得所有投资人同意外,还要上报证监会并说明事由,同时,所有涉及操盘的人员要被证监会立案调查,比如中间是否涉及违规行为。一般认为,私募股权基金一年兑付一次利息,但合同也可以约定5年到期一次性兑付,如果达不到预期利息,会要求整改,或者强行要求基金兑付。   星浩资本负责人向记者表示,延期1年的原因是由于大连项目销售不畅。   对此,陈国华进一步指出,销售不畅实质上是投资方定位出现偏差,或者是项目被银行抵押,或者是地产风险,比如深陷三四线城市困境。这种项目投资有可能失败也有可能成功,除非是做了虚假宣传和承诺。这要看合同上有什么约定。   多位接受记者采访的私募人士表示,虽然是一般合伙人(GP)对市场判断出现问题,但也不能将责任归于此,这是正常风险。   早先,《中国证券报》的报道称,该款产品自路演起就打着“五年三倍,年化收益35%”,对此,星浩资本相关负责人表示,在当时的市场环境下这个收益是完全可以达到的。   资料显示,该款基金产品是由上海星浩股权投资管理有限公司管理,基金目标规模37亿元,分别为上海星浩股权投资中心(有限合伙)(27亿元)、上海星瀚股权投资中心(有限合伙)(5亿元)和上海星仁股权投资中心(有限合伙)(5亿元),主要通过有限合伙的募集方式和基金管理的模式从事“星光耀计划”项目的开发,其执行事务合伙人为上海星浩投资管理有限公司。   根据星浩资本官网显示,该基金目标市场为二线城市和长三角三线城市,2011年3月完成封闭,2011年8月完成全部投资,分别投向了大连、哈尔滨和南通的三个项目。   受累市场深度调整   值得一提的是,大连星光耀广场项目公司的股权极为复杂。据《时代周报》报道,2010年9月,复星地产等7家公司以36亿元的价格竞得大连市东港商务新区(2010)-35号地。上述地块又在随后分别置入大连复城置业、复百置业、复年置业等三家项目公司名下。经过几番变更腾挪之后,上述3家项目公司、星浩资本与“复星系”多家公司之间形成了复杂的股权结构。   大连星光耀广场,地处大连中山区东港商务区华乐街,三面环海的天然优势使其成为大连新CBD的优先选择。据当地业内人士介绍,该项目地处东港核心区域,而东港将来是大连重点发展区域,将打造成维多利亚港湾模式的顶级办公区和商业区。   但天有不测风云,从大环境来看,大连城市吸纳力变弱,业内人士表示,大连的高端客户流失严重,投资客也变得很少,加之东港区域市政配套比较弱。总体量1200万平方米集中开发导致楼盘同质化严重,竞争激烈。如今,整个东港已经有了价格天花板,所有楼盘普遍降价15%。目前均价在15000元 平方米。   据当地一位人士介绍,在大连买酒店式公寓的都是投资客,一种是赌涨价的投资客,一种是租赁型的投资客,但由于近年来该项目频频发生的一些事件引发投资客对星光耀广场项目的担忧,因而纷纷采取观望态度。   “目前已经没有继续降价空间。目前销售剩余的都是大户型,在东港区很难卖。”该人士坦言。   一位熟悉星光耀项目的当地人士告诉记者,2012年,G03地块星光域开盘,当时开盘一度卖到25000元 平方米,但由于该项目定位是顶级豪宅,产品设计上水土不服,因此开盘卖得一般。   当然,折戟东港的开发商也不止星浩一家,据本报记者不完全统计,东港总共20多个项目里,恒力大户型仅出售了两三套,佳兆业项目由于销售不畅早已封盘。克尔瑞的数据显示,金地位于东港的项目自2013年以来未有成交。保利由于项目偏刚需,2015年销售了400多套,龙湖水晶郦也有近300套的规模,中国铁建国滨苑有近200套成交,绿地中心则有70套左右成交。   总的来说,整个东港地区除了刚需盘销售尚可之外,其他销售情况一般。   星浩资本相关负责人则表示,早在2011年项目投资阶段,星浩资本根据地块的区位优势做出了与市场周边楼盘详尽的定位和定价,彼时星光耀周边的万达项目售价曾一度高达30000元 平方米。   此前,星浩资本总裁黄海滨在接受《中国房地产金融》采访时也曾表达过类似看法,他认为,大连东港项目销售未及预期主要在于大连整体经济发展迅速放缓,房地产市场处于深度调整期。   面对困境 如何收场?   目前,星光耀三个住宅地块项目均已结构封顶,当前的问题是,星光耀剩余库存均是面积在140平方米以上的大户型高端住宅,而原有的东北高端购房人群现已基本流失殆尽,接下来的销售难度可想而知。   对此,星光耀相关负责人表示,当时是户型、价格和周边楼盘相近,符合当时政府区域规划。现在星浩面临的问题是整个东港区域共同的困境。   对于接下来一年,星浩将做出哪些努力来满足投资人的收益?星浩资本相关负责人表示,会尽最大努力尽快尽早地去化,同时星浩方面希望当地能尽快出台去库存政策,帮助缓解房企自身的去库存压力。   据克尔瑞数据显示,自2012年11月开盘以来,星光耀住宅价格从开盘时的26000元 平方米降至如今的17000元 平方米,酒店式公寓从2013年开盘时的18000元 平方米降至11000元 平方米。   2015年,星光耀住宅累计成交144套,酒店式公寓累计销售68套,累计成交2万平方米左右,去化率20%。合计成交212套,去化率17%,剩余1033套,按照每套均价160万计,剩余货值为16.5亿元。据网上资料显示,整个大连东港去库存周期高达14年。   业内人士估计,如果按照正常销售,2016年星光耀在原有基础上最多增加10% ~15%,如果按照每年递增10%的速度计算去化率,那么要售罄库存仍旧需要3年时间,而这远远超过基金一年的缓冲期。   值得追问的是,星光耀基金I期在选择投资项目和城市时是否选对?星浩资本的投资模型,是否能满足瞬息万变的房地产市场需要?对于一家房地产私募基金来说,精准的投资、高水平的风险管控将是企业的生命线。相关的主题文章:

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The Ministry of Finance forwarded how to look at the balance of payments situation: moderate deficit in February 2, 2016 to increase the source: China financial newspaper according to the data released by the Ministry of finance, 2015 nationwide general public budget revenue growth of 5.8% over the previous year only the same caliber, and the general public budget expenditure growth of 13.2% over the previous year with the same caliber. How to look at the current situation of fiscal revenue and expenditure and its challenges to the reform of fiscal management? The reporter interviewed relevant experts before the day. Shanghai University of Finance and Economics School of public policy and Governance Research Institute president Hu Yijian said in an interview with reporters, in 2015, the main reason of the national general public budget revenue growth is low: a fall in commodity import prices, general trade imports led to a sharp decline in import tax is reduced; the two is industrial production slowed, especially industrial producer prices continued to decline due to low according to the current price of the growth of value-added tax and other tax; three is the enterprise efficiency decline, profit growth fell to the corporate income tax increase drop accordingly; four is to implement structural tax cuts and generally lower fees, reduce the burden on enterprises, but also directly bring financial revenue. The negative growth of value-added tax is mainly due to the impact of economic downturn and structural adjustment; corporate income tax growth is slow, reflecting the benefits of enterprises and income decline. Among them, a prominent highlight is the financial sector, in which the stamp duty of securities transactions is 255 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 2.8 times, mainly driven by the stock market transactions." Hu Yijian said. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Finance and economics strategy researcher Zhang Bin said in an interview with reporters, 2015 fiscal revenue growth is nominally higher than the economic growth rate, but the same caliber is actually lower than the economic growth. At the same time, the expenditure index was better completed in 2015, which reflected the increasing pressure on the contradiction between fiscal revenue and expenditure. China’s economic development has entered a new normal, with the economic growth from high speed to medium and high speed, the low and medium income growth trend is more obvious. In spite of this, in 2015, all levels of finance made great efforts to adjust the expenditure structure and revitalize the financial stock funds, so that the key expenditure was guaranteed, and the growth rate reached a high level. Hu Yijian said that fiscal expenditure in 2015 reflected the prominent focus, compression of general, have the characteristics of maintaining pressure, especially related to people’s livelihood related expenditure indicators completed better. He said that the key areas of financial support include: first, to promote the development of education reform. Implementation of the rural compulsory education funding guarantee mechanism and urban compulsory education tuition free tuition and fees policy, benefiting about 110 million rural students and 29 million 440 thousand urban students. To improve the national student loans, national grants and other financial aid policy system, about 7 million 750 thousand college students, 5 million 140 thousand ordinary high school students and 2 million 650 thousand secondary vocational students were funded, about 10 million 450 thousand secondary vocational students enjoy free tuition policy. Two is to support social security and employment. The minimum standard of basic old-age insurance for urban and rural residents increased from 55 yuan per person to 70 yuan per person. Three is to support the deepening of medical and health system reform. New rural cooperative medical care and the basic financial subsidy standard for urban residents basic medical insurance

财政部转发如何看待收支形势文章:适度加大赤字   2016年2月2日 来源:中国财经报   根据财政部发布的数据,2015年全国一般公共预算收入仅比上年同口径增长5.8%,而全国一般公共预算支出比上年同口径增长13.2%。如何看待当前的财政收支形势及其给财政管理改革带来的挑战?记者日前采访了有关业内专家。   上海财经大学公共政策与治理研究院院长胡怡建接受记者采访时表示,2015年,全国一般公共预算收入增幅偏低的主要原因:一是大宗商品进口价格下跌、一般贸易进口大幅下滑导致进口税收大幅下降;二是工业生产放缓,尤其是工业生产者出厂价格持续下降导致按现价计算的增值税等税收低增长;三是企业效益下滑、利润增幅回落使企业所得税增幅相应回落;四是实行结构性减税和普遍性降费,减轻了企业负担,也直接带来财政减收。   “增值税几乎负增长,主要原因是受经济下行和结构调整的影响;企业的所得税增长缓慢,反映的是企业的效益和收入下降。这当中,一个突出的亮点是金融业,其中证券交易印花税2553亿元,同比增长2.8倍,主要是受股票市场交易活跃带动。”胡怡建说。   中国社会科学院财经战略研究院研究员张斌接受记者采访时说,2015年财政收入增速名义上高于经济增速,但同口径实际上是低于经济增速的。与此同时,2015年较好地完成了支出指标,这反映了财政收支矛盾压力加大。我国经济发展进入新常态,随着经济增速由高速转为中高速,财政收入中低速增长的态势愈加明显。   尽管这样,2015年各级财政通过大力调整支出结构,盘活财政存量资金,最终使各项重点支出得到较好保障,增幅都达到较高水平。   胡怡建说,2015年财政支出体现了突出重点、压缩一般、有保有压的特点,尤其是与民生相关的支出指标完成较好。   他表示,财政重点支持的领域包括:一是推动教育改革发展。落实农村义务教育经费保障机制和城市义务教育学生免学杂费政策,惠及约1.1亿名农村学生和2944万名城市学生。健全国家助学贷款、国家助学金等资助政策体系,全国约775万名高校学生、514万名普通高中学生和265万名中职学生得到资助,约1045万名中职学生享受免学费政策。   二是支持做好社会保障和就业工作。城乡居民基本养老保险基础养老金最低标准由每人每月55元提高到70元。   三是支持深化医药卫生体制改革。新型农村合作医疗和城镇居民基本医疗保险财政补助标准提高到每人每年380元。基本公共卫生服务项目年人均财政补助标准由35元提高到40元,农村地区新增资金全部用于支付村医提供的基本公共卫生服务。在全国所有县(市)推开县级公立医院综合改革,城市公立医院综合改革试点扩大到100个城市。   四是加快现代农业发展。在部分地区开展农业“三项补贴”改革试点,着力支持耕地地力保护和粮食适度规模经营。推进节水供水重大水利工程、区域规模化高效节水灌溉和高标准农田建设。进一步加大财政扶贫资金投入,推动实施了一批效果突出的减贫项目。加强草原生态保护,支持落实新一轮退耕还林还草任务1000万亩。实施国家水土保持重点建设工程。   五是加强环境保护和节能减排。增加投入,突出重点,提升大气污染防治效果。推进地下综合管廊和海绵城市建设试点,加大对农村环保基础设施运行管理的支持。推动新能源和可再生能源产业发展。   六是完善住房保障政策。实行实物配租与租赁补贴并举。   张斌认为,2015年,各级财政积极加强财政资金统筹使用,压减涉及竞争性领域、不符合现行政策方向或效益不高的支出,取消零散重复的专项转移支付项目,主要包括:清理政府性基金项目,地方教育附加等11个项目由政府性基金预算转列一般公共预算;进一步清理整合专项转移支付,专项数量从2014年的150项减少为96项;严格控制一般性支出。此外,进一步加强预算绩效管理,出台中央对地方专项转移支付绩效目标管理暂行办法等制度。   财政收支矛盾加大,新常态下已成“常态”,该如何应对?   “对于企业来讲,经济下行,财政收入下降,企业效益下降,但是税收没有减少。为了促进企业更好地发展,必须坚定不移地全面推进营改增政策,适当地为企业减税减负,落实好普遍性降费措施。”胡怡建说。   对于政府来讲,一方面,要实施积极的财政政策、适度加大赤字,为减税扩大空间;另一方面,要加大支出结构调整,紧缩政府行政性开支,进一步加快精简机构,保证政府的公共服务质量。   另外,为了充分调动地方积极性,应加快中央和地方的财权和事权划分,通过制度设计,从体制上激励地方政府转型发展。   张斌告诉记者,当前和今后的一段时间,必须优化支出结构,尤其是深层次改革盘活财政存量资金,加强政府各部门间资金的统筹力度,提高资金使用效益。同时,深化预算绩效评价,保证支出质量和效率,编制中期滚动财政规划,防止产生新的资金沉淀。创新管理思路,加大PPP模式的支持力度,积极促进财政和金融方式的融合。   “还要关注基层财政困难,加大对地方转移支付的支持力度,积极帮助化解地方政府存量债务。”张斌说。   记者 李忠峰 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

2月16日高点 哈尔滨商业大学学报

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CIBC: USDCAD refresh six week low of 1.35 level key support Huitong news network February 26th — from Wednesday (February 24th) the price of crude oil rose and led some traders were forced to stop short, strong cad. The dollar fell by about 1%, down 1.3576, below the 100 day average near 1.3620. Although Thursday when prices fall, the data is ideal, but the dollar’s decline continued, the lowest 1.3520, again to refresh the lowest in six weeks. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) analysts said earlier that Chinese central bank officials announced that it would increase the fiscal deficit ratio to 4% of GDP, the news is positive for commodity related currencies. But they insist that the further decline in the dollar to Canadian dollar will be limited, after all, the 1.35 level is an important psychological barrier. From the technical analysis on the dollar downside support were 1.3569 (February 15th 1.3515 (low), 1.3595 (December 8th December 9th lows) and low). In turn, upstream of the resistance is 1.3749 (10 day moving average (1.385058), 20 day moving average February 24th low) and 1.3910 (February 16th high). (dollar daily chart source: Bloomberg) 4:10 Beijing time, dollar at 1.353032, still hovering near six week low. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

CIBC:美元兑加元刷新六周低位 1.35水平关键支撑   汇通网2月26日讯——受惠于周三(2月24日)原油价格上升并导致部分空头交易者被迫止损,加元表现走强。美元兑加元跌大约1%,低见1.3576,跌破1.3620附近的100天均线。   尽管周四的时候油价回落,美国数据也比较理想,但美元兑加元的跌势仍然持续,最低见1.3520,再度刷新六周以来的低位。   加拿大帝国商业银行(CIBC)的分析师早前表示,中国央行官员宣布将财政赤字比例提高到GDP的4%,这个消息对商品关联货币而言是积极的。但他们坚持认为美元兑加元的进一步跌势会受到限制,毕竟1.35水平是个重要的心理关口支撑位。   从技术上分析,美元兑加元下行的支撑位分别有1.3569(2月15日低点)、1.3515(12月9日低点)以及1.3595(12月8日低点)。反过来上行的阻力位则是1.3749(10天移动平均线)、1.3850 58(20天移动平均线 2月24日低点)以及1.3910(2月16日高点)。 (美元兑加元日线图 图片来源:彭博社)   北京时间4:10,美元兑加元报1.3530 32,仍然徘徊于六周低位附近。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Poor’s 500 index fell 10.5% this year 魏晨的qq号是多少 要真的

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The signal of global economic danger is flashing, uncle Sam shows signs of weakness. FX168 financial crisis eight years later, the world is facing an unpleasant reality: serious weakness is still plaguing the global economy, and the emergency aid may not yet embark on the journey. Stock price decline, inflation leveling and negative interest rate singularity, together with the slowdown in emerging market economies, are worrying investors about the risk of recession, and the market’s "savior" central bank may be hard to cope with during the crisis. At the same time, commercial banks have become a source of concern, especially in europe. During the 2007-2009 year crisis, banks became the center, the last crisis started with excessive real estate loans and bad credit conditions in the United States, and then swept across the globe, causing the economy to fall into recession. "Global growth is slowing down. There is no sign of inflation. And there are many uncertainties on the market, "JP Morgan chase fund provides market strategy" David Lebovitz said. The recent unrest may have been caused by excessive investor overreaction. Ultra low interest rates are partly caused by central banks taking loose monetary policy to stimulate economic growth. The unemployment rate in the world’s major economies is at a low level, with unemployment rate of 4.9% in the United States and 4.5% in germany. IMF expects economic growth this year from last year’s growth of 3.1% to 3.4%. However, this is still far below the level of 5.1% before the economic crisis of 2007. The reality is that growth may continue to underperform, and the recent turmoil may not just be normal market volatility. In Japan, the yield on the 10 year treasury bond once turned negative, meaning that bondholders would be willing to pay higher prices to the government for years to become their creditors. In the United States, long-term market interest rates have fallen again, even though the Fed has begun to push up the interest rate. Yields on treasury bonds issued by many European countries are negative or near zero. This is shocking, because such low, even negative interest rates are rare. First of all, this shows that bond investors do not expect the economic growth to be enough to encourage the central bank to raise interest rates. In addition, the global stock market crash. The standard & Poor’s 500 index fell 10.5% this year, Japan’s Nikkei 225 fell 16%, the Shanghai composite index plunged 22%, and the German DAX index fell by more than 14%. "The world seems to be worse than the last six months," said RBC Global Asset Management chief economist Eric Lascelles. "Growth expectations are down. Increased risk." Foreign media analyzed part of the risks faced by the market one by one. China’s economic slowdown, China’s rapid economic growth, the fear of global economic growth lost a big support. Raw material demand is weak, causing oil and metal market producers to be hit. In the case of Russia, the energy exporter, the country has fallen into recession and its currency ruble has dived. Emerging market declining funds are flowing from so-called emerging markets, such as Brazil, Russia, South Africa and Turkey

全球经济危险信号闪烁 山姆大叔露出疲弱迹象   FX168讯 金融危机过去八年之后,全球正在面对一个不愉快的现实:严重的疲弱仍然困扰着全球经济,而紧急援助可能尚未踏上征程。   股票价格下滑、通胀走平及负利率奇异现象、再加上新兴市场经济放缓使得投资者担心经济面临衰退风险,而危机期间市场“救世主”央行可能难以应付。   与此同时,商业银行又成为担忧的来源,尤其是在欧洲。2007-2009年危机期间银行成为中心,上次危机以房产过度贷款、美国信用状况不佳开始,然后席卷全球导致经济陷入衰退。   “全球增长明显放缓。没有任何通货膨胀的迹象。且市场上存在很多不确定性,”摩根大通基金提供市场策略的David Lebovitz表示。   最近的部分动荡可能是由于过度紧张的投资者反应过度所致。超低利率部分上是各央行采取宽松货币政策以刺激经济增长所致。   全球几大主要经济体中的失业率处于低位,其中美国失业率为4.9%,德国为4.5%。IMF预计,今年经济增速将自去年的增长3.1%升至3.4%。   不过,这依旧远远低于2007年经济危机前的增长5.1%的水平。现实是增长可能持续表现不佳,而最近的动荡可能不仅仅是正常的市场波动。   在日本,10年期国债收益率一度转至负值,这意味着债券持有人愿意多年连续向政府支付更高价格以成为其债权人。美国方面,长期市场利率再次下滑,尽管美联储已经开始推高这一利率。 许多欧洲国家发行的国债交易收益率为负值或接近于零。   这令人震惊,因如此之低、甚至为负值的利率实属罕见。首先,这表明债券投资者不指望经济增速足以促使央行提高利率。   除此之外,全球股市大跌。标准普尔500指数今年下跌了10.5%,日本日经225指数下跌了16%,上证综合指数暴跌22%,德国DAX指数跌幅超过14%。   “全球看似比过去六个月表现的更糟糕,”RBC Global Asset Management首席经济学家Eric Lascelles,“增速预期下降。风险增加。”   外媒逐一分析了市场上面对的部分风险。   中国经济增速放缓   中国经济增速迅速下滑恐使得全球经济增速失去一大支撑。原材料需求疲弱使得油市和金属市场生产商受到打击。以能源出口国俄罗斯为例,该国已陷入衰退,其货币卢布跳水。   新兴市场没落   资金正从所谓的新兴市场,如巴西、俄罗斯、南非和土耳其等国流出。据Institute of International Finance称,2015年,投资者从这些国家撤出了7350亿美元,为1988年以来首次净流出。   而且新兴市场不再那么新兴:新兴国家的经济增速占全球经济增长预期的70%。   以美联储为首的央行通过削减利率和印钞应对全球经济衰退。这曾促使寻求高回报的投资者将其资金投资在新兴市场。   现在美联储正试图推高其利率,资金流向已经逆转,这导致金融市场和新兴市场的货币下滑。债务变得更加难以偿还。   国际货币基金组织主席拉加德(Christine Lagarde)已警告称,新兴市场溢出效应将更多传向更发达经济体。   DM Investor Services International首席经济学家Stephen Lewis表示,美联储应将利率提高至更为正常的水平。   “除非我们要永远麻痹发达经济体的货币政策,否则流入新兴市场的资金不可避免将撤回来,”他称。   山姆大叔露出疲弱迹象   中国以外的全球经济的支柱–美国也显示出疲软的迹象。也许该国经济并没有衰退。但第四季度经济增速仅为0.7%。工厂产出也下降。   尽管失业率下降,但薪资并没有迅速恢复,企业似乎是受全球恐慌不安所拖累。   美联储加息预期提振美元上涨,但这可能会损及出口。这可能是美联储可能很快再推迟加息的原因之一。   银行股大跌   从美国到欧洲,银行股都遭遇暴跌。   在美国,低油价可能意味着参与昂贵的石油和天然气的开采的企业将无法偿还贷款,不再有利可图。   在欧洲,银行股受对四大意大利银行的援助和19个货币联盟国家的1.2万亿欧元(合1.35万亿美元)的坏账担忧所拖累而大跌。   德意志银行的联合CEO John Cryan曾在投资者抛售银行股之后,罕见向市场表示银行的财务状况“绝对可靠”。   负利率的传播可能会降低银行的盈利能力,因其挤压银行借贷和放贷之间的利差。   运营不佳的银行或切断企业信贷,将巨大成本抛向政府、股东和债权人。   央行“弹尽粮绝”   部分国家利率处于零水平下方,这使得这些央行难以在必要时实施更多刺激措施。   低利率及证券购买形式的刺激措施推动全球股市上涨。   不过,通胀依然低迷不振。12月份美国消费者物价下滑0.1%。尽管欧洲央行祭出大量刺激举措,欧洲通胀年率依然仅为0.4%。   因此市场或正意识到,此次经济衰退下央行恐不能像之前那样赶来救援。   校对:浚滨 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

to submit the listing application documents. The investigation provided with the application documents in accordance with national share transfer system listed for provisions 天津理工大学教务处

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TSC oil and gas group spin off day by the new board accepting the client view Level2 ten market stalls > > APP: mobile phone installed sina finance to see Hong Kong stocks unlimited free stock remind Sina Finance client: the most profitable investors in Hong Kong level2 market through financial institutions show Sina News February 2nd news, TSC group’s (00206.HK) when oil and gas (formerly TSC Qingdao) success to the national share transfer system (the new board) to submit the listing application documents. The investigation provided with the application documents in accordance with national share transfer system listed for provisions, the national share transfer system to accept the relevant listing application. The company pointed out that the days when oil and gas is a spin off, and mainly engaged in maintenance, maintenance and operation of the supply of oil and gas equipment and services, is expected by the end of April this year or the beginning of May officially listed in the mainland. Further audits will be undertaken in the next three months. The successful listing of oil and gas will not only provide feasible financing channels and wider capital market environment for TSC group, but also inject new power into China’s oil and gas equipment service industry. TSC group means that the potential listing is subject to approval by the national stock transfer company, so it is not possible to guarantee that the potential listing will be carried out or if it will be carried out. (nature)   go into [Sina Financial shares] discussion TSC集团分拆天时油气获新三板受理 客户端 查看Level2十档行情>> 安装新浪财经APP:手机看港股 无限免费股价提醒 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌   新浪财经讯 2月2日消息,TSC集团(00206.HK)旗下天时油气(前称TSC青岛)成功向全国股份转让系统(新三板)递交挂牌申请文件。经查证所提供的申请文件符合全国股份转让系统的挂牌申请规定后,全国股份转让系统受理有关挂牌申请。   公司指出,天时油气乃公司分拆出来,并主要从事保养、维修及营运供应及油气装备服务的业务,预计于今年4月底或5月初正式在内地上市。未来三个月将会接受进一步的审核工作。天时油气成功上市将不仅为TSC集团提供可行的融资渠道和更宽广的资本市场环境,也为中国油气装备服务业注入新力量。   TSC集团指,潜在挂牌须待全国股份转让系统公司批准后方可作实,故概不保证潜在挂牌将会进行,或倘其会进行。(自然)   进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

durability 贺州学院贴吧

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Home-and-Family The teak furniture industry has grown immensely, in spite of the soaring cost of the furniture. The demand created by the home collectors for the products have helped both the wholesalers’ and retailers to earn huge profits. In the highly competitive industry, the wholesalers have to be prudent in the purchase of the product. They have to surf the sites to get valuable information on the source of the raw materials and directory and inventory of manufacturers. Details of international manufacturers can also be collected. Teak trees are found mostly in Indonesia and Myanmar and therefore the manufacturers from these countries would be able to supply authentic products for a best deal. Fear of spurious stuff can also be avoided. Surfing the net for a prospective manufacturer and wholesaler with the help of a reliable person to take care of the licenses and other formalities can enable importing of the finished goods for a fair deal. Knowledge of the wood and the intricacies of the industry should also be acquired to avoid being cheated by some manufacturers. They resort to treating furniture of other wood with teak oil or by artificial grains and are sold in the market in place of teak wood. Authentic teak wood are used for outdoor furniture like the patio or the garden furniture. The strong and durable quality helps in withstanding the environmental odds. The very strength of the wood is proved by its use in the shipping industry. For bulk purchases and high investments, negotiations can be made for free shipping and good discounts. Some times free delivery directly to the customer can also be organized for better service. If you wish to deal with authentic wholesale teak furniture from indonesia furniture wholesale dealers and outdoor teak garden furniture manufacturer do go online and negotiate for the best deal in the market. About the Author: Bagoes Teak features a distinctive collection of exceptionally high quality Indoor Recycled teak furniture furnishings designed and built for comfort, style, durability, and to stand the test of time. Bagoes Teak is Indonesia Finest Teak Furniture Manufacturer with Cheap Price Article Published On: – Home-and-Family 相关的主题文章:

“�� said Michael Sheppard 巴厘岛的故事韩语

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Solar Water Heaters: Five Major Benefits Explained By: john ssmith | Oct 27th 2013 – Solar Water Heating (SWH) units are integrated systems comprising of several renewable energy technologies that have been used for many years together across several countries including Austria, Tags: An Introduction To Solar Water Heating By: Bryan Gampong | Mar 6th 2012 – Solar water heating (SWH) also known as solar hot water (SHW) systems consist of various innovative and trusted renewable energy technologies that have been used for many, many years. Solar water heating is very popular in countries such as China, Australia, Turkey, Greece, Israel, Austria and Japan. Tags: Advanced Technologies In Relation To Renewable Energy By: Alex Power | Feb 6th 2012 – Someday, technological innovations will be available. Someday, those technologies will aid on reducing biological hazards and environmental dangers. Someday, those technologies may even be found unthinkable as creations but surely it will be successfully utilized. Tags: Translation Services For The Renewable Energy Sector By: Nikolova | Feb 25th 2011 – With the steadily increasing demand for alternative energy worldwide, it has never been more important to find a translation company with a familiarity in the terminology of the renewable energy sector and a proven expertise in the field. A translation company that has capacity to handle large scale multi-language projects … Tags: Getting A Government Job By: Susan Bean | Feb 14th 2011 – If you are interested in getting a government job, the main thing to remember is to investigate as many job listings as possible to be certain that you find a career and a department or agency that’s a good fit for your talents and your personality. Tags: Advantages Of Solar Power For Cities By: Jonathon Blocker | Jan 29th 2011 – The technologies that are used on a small scale to power small appliances and even homes are being expanded in order to bring low-cost power to entire cities. Tags: Etegameno Presents Lucrative Investment Opportunities In Namibia By: Etegameno Investments | Jan 27th 2011 – Etegameno Investments offers three lucrative investment opportunities in Namibia that are expected to yield high returns. Harnessing Namibia"��s rich natural resources, Etegameno presents an investment model that turns these abundant resources into wealth, mutually benefiting investors and the natives. Tags: Miami Solar Homes Will Be The Future In Miami With Solar Homes And Solar Panels And Solar Water Heat By: Johnny Solar | Nov 25th 2010 – Miami A Hot Spot Miami, FL a sunbelt city should be well on their way to making the sun their prime energy source, but they are not, and like them many sunbelt cities are not even prepared to make the conversion from oil to solar energy, you would think they would have made many revolutionary moves in the direc … Tags: Panel Solar For Homes By: Johnny Solar | Nov 19th 2010 – Panel Solar From magnifying glasses to steam engines, scientists through the centuries have found innovative ways to harness the power of the sun. Converting more solar power into electricity is high on the political agenda in many countries, amid the push to find domestic energy sources that are less polluting … Tags: Energy Emissions And Co2 By: Paul Myers. | Nov 16th 2010 – Making your home and office more efficient in energy usage is one of the biggest contributions that you can make to reducing carbon emissions and reducing the effects of climate change. Energy used in homes is responsible for more than a quarter of all UK carbon dioxide emissions, which is the main greenhouse gas causing cl … Tags: Finding The Right Energy Provider In New York By: Terry Mickelson | Nov 14th 2010 – Coal and petroleum have been in use for thousands of years to fulfill the purpose of providing energy, transforming traditional societies into modern societies through both industrial revolutions, and are still the primary means of energy consumption in the world. Tags: What Is Green Building? By: caddoutsourcingservices | Nov 12th 2010 – As the saying goes that "��Necessity is the mother of all invention"��, the concept of Green building has been discovered from the need to meet the plausible standards of energy efficiency and our responsibility towards environment. Tags: Finding The Right Energy Provider In Texas By: Terry Mickelson | Nov 7th 2010 – In light of the Kyoto Protocol and growing public awareness of the environmental effects of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the dawning effect of using these limited resources, everyday people are beginning to explore energy alternatives that are both renewable as well as kinder to the environment. Tags: Why Get Trained In Renewables? By: The Energy Conservation Group | Oct 18th 2010 – Concern over the decreasing supply of traditional fuels and the damage which they cause to the environment has led to the rapid growth of the renewable energy industry and the development of new renewable energy technologies. Investors worldwide have begun to take interest is renewable energy over the last decade resulting … Tags: Why You’re Better Off Without A Grant For Solar By: Paul Sherrington | Oct 17th 2010 – There is an ever growing interest from the general public in Renewable Energy. Increasingly, as the fear of large rises in fuel bills grows, and concerns about global warming become greater, people are looking to Renewable Energy technologies such as Solar PV as a way of reducing fuel bills and their Carbon Footprint. Tags: Strathclyde Associates Featured: Stock Market Shift Attributed To Green Investment By: strathclydeassociate | Oct 5th 2010 – Strathclyde Associates Featured: Stock Market Shift Attributed to Green Investment. 21st century green initiatives are sparking life in today"��s economy. Tags: Discuss Tax Credits With An Encino Cpa By: Wayne Hemrick | Sep 29th 2010 – For example, if your place of business is located in one of the state’s forty-two Enterprise Zones, you can write of up to ten percent of the cost of energy conservation equipment, water and air filtration devices and even hybrid vehicles. Encino tax consulting can also help you learn about which types of renewable energy … Tags: 7 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Small Wind Energy Systems By: Yoni Levy | Sep 20th 2010 – 7 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Small Wind Energy Systems Tags: Why Use Green Energy By: Blustsolar | Sep 19th 2010 – There are a number of grim consequences of the modern state of worldwide fossil fuel use and there are increasing more ways to draw on green renewable energy instead. On a daily basis, there are headlines in newspapers in addition to on websites featuring power related problems. "Ecological destruction carrys on", "energy c … Tags: Small-cap Penny Stock Movers And Shakers With News Gslo, Rmcp, Lcre, Ssol By: Dans Salvo | Sep 17th 2010 – Boca Raton, FL THE STOCK WIZARDS PENNY STOCK FOCUS LISTS INCLUDES: (OTC: GSLO) Go Solar USA, Inc. (OTCBB: RMCP) Revolutions Medical Corp. (OTC:LCRE) Lecere Corporation (OTCBB: SSOL) Sunvalley Solar, Inc. Tags: What Are The Types Of Renewable Energy? By: Yoni Levy | Sep 11th 2010 – Renewable energy uses energy sources that are continually replenished by nature"�"the sun, the wind, water, the Earth"��s heat, and plants. Renewable energy technologies turn these fuels into usable forms of energy"�"most often electricity, but also heat, chemicals, or mechanical power. Tags: Ontario Solar Market Booms "�" But Local Sourcing Mandate Could Limit Growth By: Callie Brown | Sep 9th 2010 – Ontario in 2009 passed the Green Energy and Green Economy Act, adopting an aggressive green energy policy that includes a Feed-In Tariff (FIT) program as its centerpiece,"�� said Michael Sheppard, Analyst (Photovoltaics & Financial Services) at iSuppli. Tags: Renewable Energy In Asia Pacific To 2020 By: GBI Research | Aug 10th 2010 – Rapid Economic Growth in Developing Countries is Driving Growth in Asia Pacific Renewable Power Market Tags: Are Incentives Available To Help Reduce The Cost? By: Yoni Levy | Aug 3rd 2010 – For specific information, call one of the contacts listed under "��Getting Help"�� at the end of this booklet. Tags: Long Term Cost Effectiveness Of Solar Energy For Buildings By: Jaceline Peirrera | Jul 13th 2010 – Most of the energy on earth comes directly or indirectly from the sun. The energy sources which power the our civilization, the traditional old school non-renewable sources like fossil fuels also, only provide us with energy from the sun which fell on the earth eons ago. Tags: Net Metering By: joe thorton | Jun 17th 2010 – Among the policy options available to encourage the use of small renewable energy systems, net metering is one of the most appealing and is widely used by states. A key part of this appeal seems to be the greater sense of fairness it gives to utility customers who are generating their own electricity. Tags: Native American Wind Opportunities And Issues By: joe thorton | Jun 17th 2010 – The United States is home to more than 700 nations, tribes, bands, villages, regional corporations, and communities of indigenous peoples, from Alaska to Hawaii and the Pacific and Caribbean Islands. Native American tribes on reservation lands in the lower 48 states comprise the largest and most diverse of these indi … Tags: Solar Panel Systems Are A Great Way To Keep The Environment Clean By: Mike Sickle | Jun 15th 2010 – With the increase in population, our natural sources are decreasing. To prevent these resources from becoming extinct, to avoid this we need to utilize certain alternatives of non-renewable resources such as wind energy, water energy, solar energy etc. Tags: Texas: A Model For Effective Energy Deregulation By: Dawood Mirza | Apr 22nd 2010 – The promulgation of energy regulation differs from state to state in details and components but one thing is common to all and that is providing consumers an option to choose providers, resulting in unlimited competition between different companies. The state of Texas has been at the forefront of energy deregulation, provid … Tags: Get Corporate Tax Credits When Your California Company Files This Year By: Wayne Hemrick | Apr 21st 2010 – One excellent way to save on your taxes is to take advantage of the available corporate tax incentives to California businesses. Your California corporation may be eligible for corporate tax credits including eco credits, vehicle tax incentives and hiring tax credits for veterans. Tags: Get Advanced Building Design With The Help Of Bim Technology By: Steve B Jack | Feb 24th 2010 – BIM 4D Services offers building information modeling which use is for advanced building construction design. We create building information modeling (BIM) 4D Model in a digital construction site providing insight into entire Building Life Cycle Management. Tags: Business Energy Management Solutions By: SEO Bedford | Feb 8th 2010 – Energy costs represent one of the biggest slices in the expenditures pie of any given business, be it small, medium or large sized companies, a well planed energy management plan can help save money and reduce end costs. Tags: Get Your Green Jobs Today By: Rose Eric | Jan 30th 2010 – It’s no secret that the economy is suffering from one of its lowest points with the unemployment rate at almost 10 percent. Fortunately, the Obama administration is finally putting together its act and funding towards the creation of green jobs, which it hopes will awaken the sluggish growth in the job market. … Tags: Renewable Energy And Job Creation By: Jacob Blaney | Dec 28th 2009 – Read how the rising adoption of green energy technologies will spurn job growth and create new industries. Tags: Some Wind In The Sails For Renewable Energy? By: Gen Wright | Nov 29th 2009 – Two recent announcements emphasise the positive future prospects for the renewable energy sector, while mixed news from the US shows that the current recession is having a significant effect on their renewable marketplace. Tags: Can Anyone Have An Off Grid Living? By: Michael Pasquet | Oct 20th 2009 – For a lot of people, when they heard about alternative energy and living off the grid, it signify that they will have to part from their modern comforts to live in such a fashion. Don’t think like them, living off the grid is possible to anyone. Tags: Climate Change In The Maldives By: Kathy Adrian | Aug 18th 2009 – Climate Change has recently become an increasingly significant issue among both the people of Maldives and the international community concerned with the fact that the Maldives will be one of the first nations severely affected by the phenomenon Tags: How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint By: Dave Sabri | Jun 19th 2009 – Nowadays we all know about the threat of global warming and want to try to do our bit to prevent it. However, most of us are reluctant to radically change our comfortable lifestyles. There are things you can do to help prevent global warming without having to make any major sacrifices, and the most important of these is to … Tags: Windmill Generators As A Green Electricity Source By: Jacob Smithson | Jun 13th 2009 – With more and more fuels getting wasted and used, there are very few options remaining. Bio-fuel is one of the options and to add to it is the use of solar panels for driving motors and making electricity. The third option is harnessing the winds power. Tags: Introduction To Build A Wind Generator Project By: Ralph Somers | Jun 1st 2009 – Because of the changing societal conscience about renewable energy, more and more homeowners are looking to do-it-yourself kits to build a wind generator. Wind is�’ a powerful source of energy that has been harnessed for Tags: Modern Renewable Energy Technologies By: Anna Williams | Apr 19th 2009 – A basic description of what renewable energy is, and some of its forms. Tags: Green Building And Its Advantages By: Kirthy Shetty | Jan 8th 2009 – Green building concept has emerged from the need to meet high standards of energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. Tags: The Renewables Obligation In The United Kingdom By: Steve D Evans | Nov 26th 2008 – The Renewables Obligation is also known as RO. It is a very important UK Government statutory instrument for all those involved in green renewable energy, but how much do you know about it? Read on to find out more, by clicking the hyperlink to visit us. Tags: Build Wealth By Green Investing By: Larryburke | Oct 30th 2008 – In today’s depressive stock market it is hard to find a silver lining. Green investing is a way to feel good about your stocks and mutual funds while having the potential to make a healthy return on investment. Socially responsible investing makes sense during the corruption on Wall Street and the search for alternative e … Tags: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wind Energy By: Steve D Evans | Sep 4th 2008 – Despite the fact that there are both advantages and disadvantages to using Wind Energy it is the fastest growing renewable energy source in the world. The technology is now seen as having so many advantages that in Europe and the United States wind farms are appearing all over the windier locations. So just what are the adv … Tags: Small-cap Research, Ecotality, Inc. (otcbb: Etly), Featured In An Audio Interview At Smallcapvoice By: Stuart T. Smith | Sep 26th 2007 – Research an emerging small-cap company with SmallCapVoice a recognized Small Cap & OTC investor relations service, who announced that a new audio interview featuring Jonathan R. Read, CEO of small-cap stock ECOtality, Inc. (Bulletin Boards: ETLY) is now available for viewing at SmallCapVoice Tags: Renewable Energy Trends By: Michelle Bery | May 30th 2007 – When in 2005 the federal Production Tax Credits (PTC) for companies producing renewable power was renewed, it sent a message far and wide that the renewable energy industry was worth getting into, with the promise of profitability, energy efficiency, and social/environmental good karma�"’ all in one tidy package. The fo … Tags: Anemometer By: Daniel Edstrom | Jan 29th 2007 – An anemometer is used to measure wind power, or more precisely wind velocity and/or pressure. The modern anemometer is an electrical device that calculates data that is communicated to it by some other instrument e.g. a wind vane. A high quality and modern anemometer measures both the wind velocity and pressure. There are h … Tags: 相关的主题文章:

the Bold continues to be in comparison towards the 9000 because of the glossy silver bezel that outlines the outer fringe of the unit. By now 西南民族大学学工网

12 Nov

Software Industry has lately launched the Rim Touch 9900. This smartphone continues to be the quickest and many amazing one of the past masterpieces of RIM. Using its latest hardware platform along with a spanking new operating-system, purchasers surely need to know much more about the Blackberry Bold Touch. Lets consider the specs. The Bold launches the Rim 7 operating-system which isn’t achievable to earlier models. This new OS leads to liquid graphics the industry easily receptive 28-inch TFT capacitive touch screen supplying a 640×480 pixels resolution. The screen also provides vibrant and vivid colors. Below the screen is definitely an optical track pad encircled with a Texting keyboard. The one thing that fascinates techies may be the 1.2 GHZ processor. It’s most most likely an integration of the Snapdragon as well as an Adreno 205 graphical solution. The brand new OS is made on Rim 6 including the most recent version from the Rim browser. Additionally, it includes a brand new and enhanced JavaScript engine as well as an additional HTML5. Based on RIM, this newest browser is faster tha Googles Nexus S and Apples iPhone4. Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 posseses an 8 GB internal storage including a 768 Megabytes RAM for media along with other data. And when it’s still enough, there’s a sd card slot which may be broadened as much as 32 GB. It’s features like Bluetooth with A2DP, Wi-Fi and MicroUSB. The unit is ale to operate an online speed as high as 14.4mbps. Obviously, this smartphone supports both 2G (GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900) and 3rd generation (Tri-Band HSDPA) connections. Another interesting addition towards the handy smartphone may be the Near Area Communication or NFC. This can be a wireless technology which allows the customers to pay for through mobile services and conduct a PIN-less pairing of Bluetooth headphones and products. Other programs range from the Rim Balance. This addition enables customers to produce two distinct contact books. Paperwork to visit is yet another application that may open Microsoft documents in the device. Another factor concerning the Blackberry Bold Touch is it offers lots of sensors. We have an accelerator, a compass along with a Gps navigation which provides the Bold Touch 9900 a support towards the increased reality. RIM can also be adding a Wikitude AR towards the device. One more sensor is contained in the 5 Mega pixel photo camera able to record HD 720p videos. Your camera includes features like geo-marking, face recognition, image stabilizer, Brought expensive and auto-focus. In line with the appearance from the phone, it’s essentially the slimest Rim available. Its appearance is similar to the Blackberry Bold 9700 or 9780. Regarding the keyboard design, the Bold continues to be in comparison towards the 9000 because of the glossy silver bezel that outlines the outer fringe of the unit. By now, the Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 is just obtainable in black. Different colors are potential available. Nevertheless the cost is not published. Everything concerning the Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 gives thrills to its prospective purchasers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Press-Releases BOSTON, MA-Highly regarded chiropractor in Boston, Dr. Kevin Loughlin of North End Chiropractic, has built and launched a state-of-the-art website for his practice. The new site offers valuable resources, tools and information for existing and current patients related to chiropractic care. North End Chiropractic is operated by experienced Boston, MA chiropractor, Dr. Loughlin. With years of experience and a passion for helping patients achieve their optimal health naturally, Dr. Loughlin and his experienced staff are well-known throughout Boston for their quality of care and genuine concern for each patient. Services include but are not limited to the natural treatment for arthritis, sports injuries, migraines, auto accidents, neck and arm pain, work injuries, whiplash and scoliosis. "I take a genuine interest in my patient’s care. My office focuses on the total health of the individual, not just the integrity of the spine. In addition to chiropractic care I offer my patients nutritional counseling, trigger point therapy, wellness and other alternative health care techniques that enable them to improve their health and that of their family naturally," said Dr. Kevin Loughlin, Boston chiropractor. Dr Loughlin looks forward to offering his patients access to his practice via his comprehensive website. The new, patient friendly site for this Boston chiropractor provides patients with everything they need to make healthy decisions about their health and well-being. From service information and staff bios to new patient forms and online appointment requesting, the site was designed to improve patient care and convenience. Additionally, patients can also visit the site to read and browse the extensive patient education library. The educational library offers patient friendly information on topics related to chiropractic health, including lifting techniques, benefits of chiropractic care, massage therapy, back exercise and back pain. Even when the office is closed, patients can access the information they need regarding their total body health. The new website for the chiropractor in Boston was designed by DC Sitebuilder, a professional website solution presented by Dynamic Chiropractic and powered by Officite. With nearly a decade of experience building websites for the medical community, Officite has helped more than 5,000 practices generate more than a quarter of a million appointment requests (http://www.dcsitebuilder[dot]com). Constantly striving to give his patients the most up-to-date care possible, Dr. Loughlin attends many post graduate seminars including such topics as musculoskeletal rehabilitation, motion palpation, and spinal impairment. The new website for this Boston, MA chiropractor is further proof of his commitment to helping patients reach a lifetime of optimal total body health. About North End Chiropractic: North End Chiropractic is operated by leading Boston chiropractor, Dr. Kevin Loughlin. Offering a full array of chiropractic services, this chiropractor in Boston, MA takes a holistic approach to treating patients and helping them prevent injuries for arthritis, auto accidents, headaches, sports, osteoporosis, sleep apnea, among many others. Dr. Loughlin attends many post graduate seminars including such topics as musculoskeletal rehabilitation, motion palpation, and spinal impairment. Professionally, Dr. Loughlin is a member of the Massachusetts Chiropractic Society. Media Contact: Dr. Kevin Loughlin, DC [email protected] [dot]net 414 Commercial Street Boston, MA 02109 617-742-5797 http://www.northendchiropractic[dot]com About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

more and more people get threatened by possible data losses. Tags 张明柱手机批发

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Computer Repair And Computer Support System Article By: Greg Gonzales | May 18th 2013 – The 2120 has a pre-applied thermal paste which makes the temperature of the processor reach only 50c. As the number of computer owners arises in the area, more and more people get threatened by possible data losses. Tags: cleaning up wasted space on computer, laptop repair hb, laptop repair huntington beach, mobile repair in mumbai, laptop repairing course in delhi [1]» 相关的主题文章:

How Journalism Is Changing The Result Of Audience By 上海海洋大学易班

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How Journalism Is Changing The Result Of Audience By: NBA Group of Institutions | May 2nd 2012 – Journalism has become one of the most promising sectors of the nation. This domain is linked with both glamour and fame. Tags: Copyright 2005-2015 – All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy | 相关的主题文章:

brings excitement and strategy to the match. How you customize your character will make a decision the route that the story will carry. The sport has a lot to do and will keep you entertained and coming spine for far more. We enjoyed enjoying The Elder Scrolls V 北条麻妃作品一览

10 Nov

Writing-and-Speaking Bethesda Activity Studios has just released a whole new chapter in its prolonged working series termed The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim! This huge open planet/RPG takes spot in a visually impressive fictional globe, exactly where every single new direction or natural environment entered, includes a surprise waiting. Regardless of in case your taking part in the sport for the number of several hours or a number of days, there will nonetheless be a quest, merchandise and/or character to uncover, that may direct you to completely new territories and keep you with fully various results. The quite a few unique scenic environments in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, consist of rocky mountains, forests, huge fields and decaying tunnels. The interest to detail breaths daily life into each and every atmosphere, although breathtaking visuals compliment just about every scene, leaving you aided by the sensation of basically getting part of that globe. Flexibility is often a huge component with the recreation, weather it consists of the enormity in the planet or the way in which that you choose to decide to live in it. You’ve selection’s which consist of, purchasing a residence and located the straightforward everyday living, stay like a legal and attack anyone you encounter, observe suggested quests or just wander the world aimlessly. The sport leaves these conclusions all nearly you, guaranteeing that no two gamers will practical experience the story exactly exactly the same way. The gameplay has a number of techniques to observe, which lets you choose precisely the way you would like to advance within the online game. With the starting, all you obtain to decide on is actually a race (your player character.) From there you obtain to consider out various expertise earlier than you chose the one particular you desire to specialize in. Leveling happens via ability use, which means the more capabilities that you just use, slightly more those skill amounts will raise. As soon as plenty of of these talent groups are leveled, your total character degree will increase. This enables you to make choices at your individual pace and for the suitable time. Perk details are some thing else achieved when leveling, which enables you to shell out them to find out new capabilities or conserve them right up until your positive how you desire to use them. The more perks that you simply use, the far better your total combat is going to be. The spell program has long been improved, enabling you to cast a distinct spell from each hand. A different upgrade which will not be still left out are Dragon Shouts. Dragon Shouts gives you the skill to breath hearth, gradual time, blast drive waves, shout ice and phone in dragons. By searching environments for word walls, you are able to learn far more shouts including for your talents. Just before you’ll be able to activate any shouts, you ought to combat a dragon and carry its soul. Dragons are all through Skyrim, generating it fairly simple to search out and combat a dragon. One of the best quests you will play is finding helgi after dark. Trust me, it is cool! A Review With the Picture Online game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, convinced us that it is a visually impressive match with substantial scenic open globe environments to discover. The skill to decide on and customize your character, brings excitement and strategy to the match. How you customize your character will make a decision the route that the story will carry. The sport has a lot to do and will keep you entertained and coming spine for far more. We enjoyed enjoying The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and suggest it hugely to all players. This game can very easily be a single from the greatest RPG’s that we’ve got at any time performed! Take pleasure in! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: