Canadian Prime Minister any neglect of China’s economic policies are irresponsible

17 Nov

Canadian Prime Minister Chinese ignored: any economic policy is not responsible for Chinese daily (reporter Chen Yingqun) in August 30, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this afternoon in Beijing and more than 70 Chinese entrepreneurs opened business dialogue, as the world’s second economies of China to play an important role in the growth of the global economy, any neglect of economic Chinese the policy is not responsible. Justin, Canada’s prime minister, Mr Trudeau and chairman of the China Entrepreneur Club, at the 2016 China Entrepreneur Club forum. (photo: China Entrepreneur Club) he says his responsibility is to ensure that the government creates the best possible conditions for economic growth, and will expand opportunities for Chinese companies to invest in. He said: we know that to strengthen exchanges with China, we can achieve our own purposes in Canada, create jobs, strengthen the middle class, to revive bilateral relations. You China entrepreneurs should know Canada has a good investment environment, a piece of land and we are also willing to support the development of enterprises, we are very willing to cooperate with you, support you next growth." "2016 China Entrepreneur Club Forum – dialogue with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau" held in Beijing this afternoon. China Entrepreneur Club (CEC), chairman of the Alibaba group chairman of the board Ma said in his welcome speech, are very different China between Canada and the way of life, it also brings a lot of space for bilateral cooperation. Canada has a lot of good quality agricultural products and commodities, especially the Chinese market. Trudeau on agriculture, science and technology, women, culture and other topics to answer the question of the presence of entrepreneurs. On agriculture, Trudeau said that in recent years with the rise of the middle class China, they began to seek the highest quality products from all over the world, to fully integrate into the world market, looking for high quality and high safety. Canada has always been known for its high quality and safety of agricultural products, and is willing to explore and strengthen cooperation with Chinese entrepreneurs and Chinese investors, so that Canadian products to enter the Chinese market. At the same time, Canada’s climate is very cold, the winter is very long, so also developed a lot of advanced agricultural science and technology. About science and technology, Trudeau said, people’s impression of Canada is rich in natural resources, natural gas, oil, mineral resources, forestry products, etc., but Canada’s largest resource is talent. He says Canada’s investment in innovation and education, including investments in science and technology training, has had a very positive impact. A key area of Silicon Valley in the United States many company is actually in the field of mathematics in Waterloo in Ontario province of Canada in California exceeded the number of graduates, graduates in the number of these subjects in Ontario province graduates. Trudeau also welcomes Chinese companies to research and development in canada. He said that Canada has a very good graduate, want to turn new ideas into successful enterprises, the transformation of research results, but also very willing to cooperate with the global market. In addition, Trudeau affirmed the influence of women on an enterprise’s theory.相关的主题文章: