Cai Yingwen consultants hired old green man to appease the media independence in the new

16 Apr

Cai Yingwen consultants hired "old green man" to appease the media: "Pro independence" – Beijing China 15 Taiwan network November news Cai Yingwen office will over half a year, the office of Cai Yingwen finally announced "mentor" list. According to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the "mentor" list, a Chen Shuibian administration of government, but also the public authorities and all criticism of Cai "cabinet" Wu Lipei and Gu Kuanmin "Pro independence" big brother, "appease" Pro independence "is evident. According to reports, the 27 "mentor" compared to the previous leaders of the Taiwan region in March last year, Ma Ying-Jeou appointed by Giant chairman Liu Jinbiao, only a "repeat", visible blue and green parties, even with plans the views of the "mentor" also has the blue green don’t. Cai Yingwen has a breakthrough, that is, in a green list, the people first party chairman James Soong. Cai Song two from the 2016 election after frequent interaction, Cai also often deny to Song Qingyi, the song named "mentor" to "green orange cooperation" more table. But the "mentor" list, the most striking, should be "Pro independence" chiefs, including the history of Ming and Gu Kuanmin, Wu Lipei, Wu Rongyi, Yao Jiawen, Gao Junming, Chen Jisheng, Peng Mingmin, accounting for almost half the list. In the case of mega Wu Lipei, directly named "Premier" Lin was disqualified, "Lin did not step down, Cai Yingwen is no tomorrow" ringing in the ears, Cai Yingwen continued to trust Lin, Wu Lipei was appointed senior minister". During the Wu Lipei fire, not only his behind, also advocated "leaders amnesty" in Taiwan area before Chen Shuibian, Cai think something authority, "amnesty" Chen Shuibian to the Taiwan society a clear, good hope, for the new authorities is of great help, a stunning. Reported that, although said Cai do hire "mentor", the main consideration is the social prestige and the representative, but Cai Yingwen’s "independence big brother almost caught, called" old green man "consultants, to appease the obvious means. As a "mentor" policy plans consultation, what can reinforce "cabinet" personnel "old blue male" weakness, increased or other problems, see Cai Yingwen how to rely on this group of "political"! (Zhu Lian)相关的主题文章: