But the Silk Road — the ninth station of Leshan Giant Buddha Tourism – Sohu 4000dy

18 Nov

But the Silk Road — ninth station – Leshan Giant Buddha tourism Sohu in October 13th, and my farewell Ding couple, Zhao, they sit on the car back to Lanzhou to embark on the journey home. And I’m sitting alone on a long distance bus to Chengdu, to continue my journey. On the way through the beautiful home after the disaster in Beichuan. But after the Beichuan is not far, because the road to repair after the earthquake, the front of the road was informed that nearly 10 hours to open the road. At that time, we had four friends in the United States, a very anxious, but also to their embassy for help, but unfortunately can not help solve the traffic problem. As a result, they are very clever to ask whether the staff to send the front level "special gift" so that they can let us through the road. This allows us car friends to sigh! Oh, such a traffic jam, and familiar with the Guangdong three beauty (second meeting), Lianyungang boss Zhang Jie, Sister Feng, Yunnan police and several fellow photographers taotao. Three beautiful women’s English is good, all the way enthusiastic and American exchange of translation, to bring convenience to them. Finally, we reverse the car, bent more than a few hours away, everyone paid more than 20 yuan of oil costs, continue to bypass Chengdu. After more than and 10 hours of bumps on the road, more than 9 in the evening, we finally arrived in Chengdu. Because we Guangdong three beauty one was in University in Chengdu for four years, familiar with the understanding of Chengdu, has arranged a contact with washing machine, gas cooker and family hotel accommodation, two ladies, and Lianyungang Taotao I decided that night followed them eat mixed concrete! That night after eating a hot pot in Chengdu, only to return to the hotel accommodation. In October 14th, we split up, and I went to Leshan Giant Buddha and Emei, Taotao shoot the sunrise Jinding, something Zhang Zonghefeng temporary sister decided to return to Lianyungang, the three girls decided to stay in Chengdu to see the panda, idle away in seeking pleasure, and also help me hosting luggage, oh, so I can go high light shooting, really very grateful to them! Oh, sit for a few hours after the car, we finally arrived at Leshan Giant Buddha, close observation of the statue of the Buddha in the world sculpture. Here is a brief introduction to Leshan Giant Buddha, and then share with you some of the photos we took that day. Leshan Giant Buddha head and Shan Qi, Zuta River, hands ask knee, the big Buddha body symmetry, the potential silence of God, mountain Zaocheng, Linjiang sat. Buddha 71 meters high, 14.7 meters high, 10 meters wide head, hair 1021, ear nose 7 meters long, 5.6 meters long, 5.6 meters long eyebrows, mouth and eyes 3.3 meters long, 3 meters high neck, shoulder width 24 meters, 8.3 meters long fingers, 28 meters from the knee to the instep, instep width 8.5 meters, more than a hundred feet sitting. "Remember" the Buddha Lingyun Jiazhou and Ming Dynasty Peng Rushi "rebuilt" Lingyun Temple book records, Leshan Giant Buddha dig is a sponsor of the monk haitong. Haitong Guizhou, Mao junction in Lingyun mountain. The ancient Leshan Sanjiang confluence, Minjiang, Qingyi River and Dadu River in Sanjiang gathered Lingyun foothills, water potential is fierce, so often subvert the boat. When the summer flood, the river to the mountain wall, often caused by ship相关的主题文章: