Build a boutique and never compromise! Fire scorpion commandos up smoothly-kairui

15 Apr

Build a boutique and never compromise! "Fire scorpion commandos" successfully fixing Tencent with the rise of nearly two years of entertainment news network movie, countless young people coming into the field, making the network big films such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain brutal growth, but when you carefully taste the most of the film, you may have a feeling of weakness Tucao, this so-called movie as the bus station near the copycat FMCG like erode your eyes, now the network movie market in the end is how? At present, the market has gradually become rational, a film must be based on the quality of public recognition and market based." Is the "fire" scorpion commandos producer Han Chengbi often said in the studio a word not bad ". Modern special military movie "scorpion fire commandos in Beijing today" has been officially fixing. This marks the value of the yen and the coexistence of the blood of the film is also about to meet the audience. The head of Han Chengbi, the east television film producer Jess Zhang, President of the king column, Teana director Meng Yu and creative team attended the ceremony finished. And now the market occupy most seats in the romance and youth, blood, love, science and technology is the main fire "black scorpion commandos", the entire movie to get rid of the love and hatred of urban common in the plot and effect on blood to HUD military themes as a starting point, let people see fun. As the play around (Ma Ziluo), Tian Dian (Ma Chunrui), Huoying (Yan Ziguan), Wu Qian (Ning Meng), Luo Qun (Xu Le) more beautiful color for the youth, and (Lu Yuanhang) Lv Yiding joined to the more jagged pride, the foreign team (team Troy) will join give the audience more shocking. Later the film lasted for two and a half years later, this time already equivalent theatrical film production level, and making the small cost of network with other films, the film were deployed during a dozen tanks and armored vehicles, helicopters and armed fighters number, which can be described as in the movie in the network is big, believe in all aspects of editing, special effects, dubbing will make the audience more shocking love military theme. Ms. Jess Zhang, filming the film music of this film and post production fully affirmed and expectations, also wish "fire scorpion commandos" in the market can have a good performance. The film is scheduled for a strong landing in late 12, but also requested the audience to look forward to.相关的主题文章: