British Prime Minister intends to restore the focus of the school was criticized by multi criticism

19 Nov

The British Prime Minister intends to resume "key middle school" was criticized for much criticism in the original title: British Prime Minister intends to resume "key middle school"   British Prime Minister Teresa · Mei (see photo) 9 announced that the government will reform the current education system for all schools to pass the test of selecting students, so that after the implementation of "Britain out of the EU elite education". The restoration of grammar school Teresa · the first domestic policy speech at the inaugural Prime Minister published since Mei said: "I want Britain to become the world’s greatest elite ruling the country, everyone can get a fair chance according to their own talent and hard work in here." In order to achieve this goal, Mei proposed to restore the old grammar school, so that all schools have independent selection of students’ rights. The grammar schools in the UK are equivalent to the public "key middle schools", which are not as good as the best private schools, but they don’t have to pay high tuition fees. The only difference between a grammar school and an ordinary high school is that you have to undergo a rigorous examination when applying for admission. Entrance examination in the student 11 years old (primary school grade six). Failed to take the exam and the losers will be the nearest school district ordinary middle school. In 50s and 60s, the British Labour Party and the advocates of egalitarian educators objected to the establishment of a grammar school, which added to the privilege of class differentiation and the middle class. In 1965, the British government announced that it would gradually replace the original grammar school. 1998, former British Labor Party leader, Prime Minister Blair announced the ban on the creation of a new grammar school. At present, there are more than 3 thousand ordinary high schools in the UK, but only about 163 schools are kept. Teresa · Mei pointed out that the year for the grammar school and school selection of students ban has been outdated. "We have tolerated the system for too long. This arbitrary rule prevents schools from choosing students and sacrificing their children’s potential for dogma and ideology". Teresa · Mei said that many people are still lost in the last century in 50s and 60s, the grammar school on the impact of social class mobility debate. She stressed that the future of the grammar school is different from the past, but really a part of the diversified system. She said the government would also set up new rules for free schools in religious organizations, especially to relax restrictions on free schools in the Catholic church. Criticized by the multi attack Teresa · Mei proposed educational reform plan to be approved by parliament to be implemented, but in the country has caused a lot of controversy. The director of the Education Bureau of standards superintendent Michael · WILSHAW predicted that poor children cannot benefit from the government’s new plan. He said in an interview with the Broadcasting British Corporation, must ensure that most students can get good grades at school. If the United Kingdom can only ensure that the top 15% to 20% of students receive quality education, it would be a failure. The teachers’ union leader Kevin · Courtney criticized the government’s new prop相关的主题文章: