Bob – the title of the award-winning poet is no longer just a tribute to the people of

15 Apr

Bob Dylan Award: the title is no longer a folk poet Bob Dylan tribute when the winner of the 2016 Nobel prize from the Swedish school name, read out the beautiful lady in the world, are ignorant: Bob – Dylan! Is that the singer who sings the rock folk song? How to prize a musician? Yes, this is the first Nobel prize for Literature awarded a major achievement in music known artists. Someone jokingly said, the singers to compete, Haruki Murakami seems to take the time to Grammy. But, please calm down, Bob – Dylan fine comb in the art world, we will find that behind this name has underestimated the literary connotation. We also see that people will like Bob Dylan had been such a great rock musicians called poets, but has always been a way of folk expression in his honor. This time, the Nobel prize for literature, the title of his poet, from the respect of the people, became an official affirmation". He is one of the greatest contribution is the legendary poet Bob Dylan (lyrics Bob Dylan) was born in May 24, 1941, from the 1961 release of the first album so far, Dylan in the pop music world and the cultural circle that has more than 50 years. His song is "blowin ‘in the wind (Blowing" in the Wind ") and in the era of change" (The Times They Are a-Changing), in the heart of the world, including Chinese fans, high status. As a world class rock ballad, great achievements in music, not to mention so far has had 37 albums, Grammy, Oscar, swept the globe music awards. Bob Dylan is a name of the gods was almost. Since the first album was released in 1961, Dylan has played an important role in the pop music and cultural circles for more than 50 years. The greatest cultural symbols, folk rock godfather, anti war hero, music legend…… For such a legend, people give a lot of labels. However, let Bob Dylan appear in particular, as a recording artist and performer, Bob Dylan’s main achievements in his career as the core, but his biggest contribution is generally considered to be his lyrics. He is supposed to write this century the most powerful and most widely spread, to comfort and encourage most of the lyrics. The Nobel Prize for his news, although a large area of surprise, but the love of his people, but to tell you that his lyrics is not only popular lyrics, or with the philosophy, art, pure class poem. In the hearts of many fans, Bob – Dylan is a poet. He is not the first time won the prize won the Pulitzer prize for literature Bob – this is not the first time Dylan won the Nobel prize for literature appreciation, in 1996 and 2006, he was twice nominated for the Nobel prize in literature. In recent years, Bob – Dylan has been eyeing Gambling company, appeared on the odds list. But the ranking is not so close, did not cause to read相关的主题文章: