BMW’s new 5 series is equipped with apple Carplay with your iPhone Bluetooth link yuanjiao

19 Nov

The new BMW 5 series is equipped with apple CarPlay with your iPhone Bluetooth link [TechWeb] reported according to BMW news, 2017 BMW 5 cars to become the company’s first equipped with apple CarPlay models, one of the most awesome automotive products since the release of apple CarPlay, although there are a large number of models support but, not to have a good experience, often need to use the Lightning connection line. Now iPhone can be combined by BMW iDrive through Bluetooth technology to mobile phone and car linked together by car in the control screen can control the content, not only from the operation of the mobile phone. At present, BMW is the first to use the Apple Wireless Integrated CarPlay technology in automobile manufacturers, in fact CarPlay early last year has been launched, but after considering the traditional automobile manufacturers is closed, so the progress is so slow, but with the rise of the Internet car, more and more technology companies to join the new energy and smart travel field, and even a lot of the enterprise began to repairer, likely to impact on the future of automobile manufacturers, so the traditional automobile enterprises gradually accelerate the transformation and reform progress, and gradually start to cooperate. According to BMW official news, the new 5 series will be officially released in February next year. Explain the user will be able to experience the full version of the CarPlay.相关的主题文章: