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17 Apr

Blackberry mobile phone business closed intelligent   hardware R & D Outsourcing – Sichuan channel — original title: Blackberry mobile phone business closed intelligent hardware R & D outsourcing the original title: BlackBerry BlackBerry mobile phone business closed intelligent company in September 28th announced that it will close the intelligent mobile phone business, focus on software and services set. BlackBerry confirmed that it will stop the development and production of smart phones, the hardware R & D outsourcing to partners. BlackBerry plans to complete the part of the business before the end of this year, the full handover. BlackBerry has signed an agreement with the newly formed joint venture BB Merah Putih, authorized the company to use BlackBerry software and services to produce and distribute BlackBerry brand phone. Blackberry and said the company will continue to cooperate with other manufacturers. BlackBerry also announced the same day second quarter earnings this year, blackberry data show that the second quarter of this year revenue fell 32% to $334 million, a loss of $372 million, but the company software and services business performance is good, compared to the same period last year nearly doubled. BlackBerry CEO said that BlackBerry has reached a strategic turning point, the hardware R & D outsourcing to partners, BlackBerry will reduce capital requirements, to enhance the return on investment. In the first quarter of 2011, the BlackBerry OS system configuration BlackBerry smartphone market share of about 13.6%, Apple’s market share of about 18.3%. But after that, BlackBerry smartphone market share continues to shrink. Two quarter earnings report, in the quarter BlackBerry sales of only 400 thousand units. Analysts believe that the closure of the smartphone business is conducive to the performance of blackberry. On the same day, the stock price on the NASDAQ listed on the NASDAQ rose 5.71% to $8.33. (commissioning editor Li Qiangqiang and Gao Hongxia)相关的主题文章: