Biography Audiobooks Listening In On Someones Life

16 Sep

UnCategorized If you like to read biographies but do not have the time, then biography audiobooks are for you. Numerous sites on the internet offer biography audiobook downloads or rentals with monthly membership plans. Audiobooks may also be purchased as downloads or in CD format and are usually shipped without additional costs, making choice easier and more convenient to avid readers. Where to find biography audiobooks Other than Amazon and Ebay, websites offer quality audiobooks whether as rentals or as purchases. First-Class-Audiobooks is a site that offers thousands of biography audiobooks for members. There are no memberships or returns to hassle with. Biography audiobooks are available in CD and MP3-CD formats. The most popular biography audiobooks are those of historical figures and politicians like Benjamin Franklin and the senior George Bush, athletes like Muhammad Ali, musical artists and celebrities like Sting, Madonna and the late Curt Cobain. Of the thousands of biography titles available, some of the more notables are: Night A Chronicle of a Young Boy’s Struggle by Elie Wiesel This is a bestselling account of a 14-year-old Wiesel’s experience of the Holocaust and is considered the definitive edition. This biography audiobook features an English translation from the original French version by Marion Wiesel, Elie’s wife. A Congressional Gold Medal and Nobel Peace Prize awardee, Wiesel recounts the horror of Nazi Germany’s camps and the terrible fate of the millions of Jews from Sighet. Night’s heart-wrenching narrative speaks for a generation long gone and poses timely questions to the present and future generations about man’s capacity for evil and if this evil will ever be permitted to happen again. The Man Called Cash An Unabridged Biography of Johnny Cash He was the subject of much literature and is still one of music history’s enduring icons. Recently, his life story was unveiled in the movie ‘Walk the Line’. Johnny Cash began his career in the 1950s and rose to fame through music that was truthful and haunting at the same time, featuring Cash’s distinctive deep voice. Never one to shy away from his dark side, Cash fought his demons and triumphed with his faith. This audiobook tells of Cash’s life story, his musical career, his personal pains, struggles, achievement and of course, his enduring relationship with June Carter. It is a celebration of Johnny Cash the musician and the man behind the music and the black suit. In His Own Words by Michael Jordan Probably the greatest basketball player in the world, Michael Jordan has inspired millions of people with his life story as an athlete, businessman, son, husband, father and humanitarian. This autobiographical audiobook not only features Jordan’s voice but also that of people who knew him best Scottie Pippen, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley and David Stern, NBA .missioner. It also features former President Bill Clinton. Great Souls by David Aikman David Aikman used to be a Time magazine senior correspondent and he also narrates in this biographical audiobook featuring some of this century’s great souls: Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II, Nelson Mandela, Elie Wiesel, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and Billy Graham. The individual biographies were culled through interviews, conversations and stories from insiders, peppered with Aikman’s perspectives. This audiobook biography can be considered an eyewitness account of the history of the modern world and how these unique and gifted individuals made their contributions not only to our cultures but to our lives as well. Churchill by Roy Jenkins If you want a biography of a extraordinary individual who stands out in terms of spirit, brass and tenacity, get this audiobook. One of the most solid icons of modern history, Churchill was a dominant political figure for nearly six decades, a fact overshadowed by the not-so-major part he played in the more famous involvement of Britain in World War II. This audiobook reveals more about the British statesman’s character with clever insights, trivia and priceless anecdotes in conjunction with Great Britain’s political history. Jenkins work will show that Churchills greatness was no accident but was in fact well prepared for by an individual who realized early on what he could do and put new meaning to being ‘in the right place at the right time’. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: