Binzhou, a company fire fighting team has been in the field of fire smoke

18 Nov

A Binzhou company factory fire fire brigade has been on fire smoke lingers in November 3rd 10 o’clock morning, Binzhou City, Boxing Yami Fire Technology Co., factory, factory outside and saw the fire scene smoke rose. Fire Department said there were two teams in the field of fire fighting. From the outside to see the factory there are people walking around, as of 11, the factory is still running black smoke. Related links: Shandong science and Technology Co., Ltd. Shandong Yami Yami Bohai Industrial Technology Co. Ltd. is a subsidiary specializing in regenerative cellulose fiber production of high tech enterprises. The company is located in Bohai blue economic circle ring Boxing County Industrial Park, covers an area of 63 hectares, the Yellow River enjoy abundant water resources, to create efficient ecological economic zone of Yellow River Delta regenerated cellulose fiber manufacturing base. The company has 260 thousand tons per year, 50 thousand tons of viscose staple fiber differentiation in high quality cotton pulp and 168 thousand tons annual production capacity of 20 thousand tons of sodium sulfate and 70% sodium hydrosulfide, a regenerated cellulose production base in one of the largest and most abundant product series, differentiated viscose staple fiber capacity main ranked the top four of the total the production capacity of 10%. (Qilu Evening News Qilu Qilu reporter Sun Fei)相关的主题文章: