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14 Jun

Software One can develop J2EE development application with the help of the spring framework. The spring framework is an object based model which helps in Java application development. The spring also offers a modular programming model. The J2ee development is object oriented programming that is OOP. And the spring offers AOP that is aspect oriented programming. So when both the features are .bined it be.es a great .bination. The aspect programming helps in modularity which is not there in the object oriented programming. The modularity aspect provides an edge in J2EE development. The spring bean can be a POJO or a java bean or an EJB. The spring beans are managed by the bean factory and the spring container. The bean factory helps to assemble and configure the dependencies that are there among the objects. Lets us read more about the aspect oriented features of the AOP. For this Java application development setup process one needs to install the following. To install it for J2EE development, it has to be first downloaded. The Oracle web logic server, oracle enterprises pack for eclipse and aspectj-1.6.10.jar, cglib-2.2.jar, and asm-3.3.jar have to be downloaded and installed. Also the JAR file has to be added to the CLASSPATH variable in the C:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\domains\base_domain\bin\startWebLogic batch script. After the spring library is added the spring jar files can be added as follows. C:\Spring\lib\aspectjweaver.jar C:\Spring\lib\aspectjtools.jar C:\Spring\lib\aspectjrt.jar C:\Spring\lib\org.aspectj.matcher.jar C:\Spring\asm-3.3.jar C:\Spring\cglib-2.2.jar C:\Spring\aspectj-1.6.10.jar C:\Users\foo\workspace\libraries\Spring Framework 2.5.6\spring-framework-2.5.6\dist\spring.jar C:\Users\foo\workspace\libraries\Spring Framework 2.5.6\spring-framework-2.5.6\dist\lib\jakarta-.mons\.mons-logging.jar C:\Users\foo\workspace\libraries\Spring Framework 2.5.6\spring-framework-2.5.6\dist\modules\spring-aop.jar; Then Java application development teams have to make a web project with the oracle enterprise pack for eclipse. First go the new wizard. There will be an option called web where one has to choose the Dynamic web project option. Then click on the option called finish The web project for the spring is created. To this web project one need to add the spring project facet. This is done in the following manner. There will be a link called further configuration required click on that link. – – – – – – – – Do you have nagging questions about investing in BIM for your small .pany? You don’t know if Building Information Modelling is right for you? We re.mend not to miss out the benefits of this powerful tool. Every .pany that is … – – 相关的主题文章: