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17 Nov

Big data is placards speculation is expected to venture capital stage PE We want you singing implied industrial logic! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: the sense of "big data" showing speculation expected venture capital stage PE singing implies the industrial logic of newspaper reporter He Xiaoqing Guangzhou reported the introduction of various types of capital placards motivation, industrial capital placards are mostly from the operating level, aimed at the integration of assets is expected, including the acquisition of land reserves, and property assets; implementation of market development, technology integration and brand output; strengthen enterprise cooperation, promote industrial integration. Twenty-first Century economic report reporter statistics found that, as of October 28th, in the three quarter of this year has been 28 listed companies placards. Behind the frequent placards, showing what kind of two class market speculation and industrial integration logic? According to the twenty-first Century economic data on placards reporter of venture capital placards, only two, respectively, Tianchen company (600620.SH), Yili (600887.SH), and stood behind the industrial capital of the PE is up to 12, including Shougang shares (000959.SZ), Seoul Sheng (000890.SZ), Kangyue Technology (300391.SZ), li ba shares (603519.SH), Tianjin kangyou (600821.SH) etc.. October 28th, Beijing, a private agency official said on twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter, "from the listed companies were placards scale, large companies (more than 100 billion of the market capitalization) vulnerable to insurance funds favor, 4 large companies were placards turnover totaled 152 billion 100 million yuan. Ultra small company (market value below 10 billion) more susceptible to PE and other private funding concerns, 86 were placards of ultra small company turnover totaled 28 billion 500 million yuan." The State Securities chief strategy analyst Li Lifeng said that since the three quarter, PE capital, industrial capital placards Redubujian, venture capital placards boom a little retreat. Economic Herald reporter statistics found that in twenty-first Century, will be extended to the time axis since 2015, real estate, commercial trade, bio pharmaceutical was attacked 22 times, 20 times, 16 times, accounting for the total number of placards ratio is 10.6%, 9.7%, 7.7%. Li Lifeng believes that the Real Estate Company is frequently placards, and the characteristics of the industry. "Listed real estate companies to calculate the cost of land, land prices soared since 2015 and did not reflect the real estate net assets." According flush statistics also show that in the three quarter since the placards on the list, the Real Estate Company also chief in 3 ranked major industries, including Vanke A (000002.SZ), Langfang (600149.SH), Tianchen company. Hengda and capital predators Liu Yiqian’s Kuo Hua life so much attention. In the foregoing theory相关的主题文章: