Beijing – VIDEO – Sinopec for 12 consecutive years to support the health express cumulative contribu-diying

16 Apr

Beijing – VIDEO – Sinopec funded for 12 consecutive years of health express a total of about 125900000 yuan donation funded by Sinopec for 12 consecutive years, a total of about 125900000 yuan donation to health express "to see the moon in August fifteen, want to see the colours of the rainbow……" This is the voice of Sinopec Guangming health express every patient’s aspirations. Today, with the successful implementation of cataract surgery, nearly a thousand patients have seen the light again. Recently, the AnShun Railway Station in Guizhou health express, on the interpretation of such a moving love story. Guizhou province Xixiu District of Anshun city lived a group of Han people — special Tunpu people, originated in the Ming period Zhu Yuanzhang Tunpu North South transfer events, 600 years later, they kept the middle Ming Dynasty of Han culture, in Ming Dynasty Han costumes. Xu Baoqiong is one of the representatives of Tunpu people, 86 years old, her spirit is hale and hearty, two or three years ago the eyes began to see things, but because of family economic tensions, could not afford the cost of the operation until the Sinopec light Health Express into Anshun, free to see the light for cataract surgery.相关的主题文章: