Beijing, Tianjin and jointly carry out a comprehensive emergency response to major natural disasters xhero

21 Nov

Beijing Tianjin Hebei jointly launched a major natural disaster emergency drills in Zhangjiakou – comprehensive news agency in September 13, Xinhua (reporter Gao Hongchao) to implement the national strategy and the coordinated development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei "Beijing Tianjin Hebei emergency health emergency cooperation agreement", strengthen regional health emergency cooperation, Beijing Tianjin Hebei Province city planning administrative Department of health 13 days in Zhangbei County of Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, jointly launched the 2016 Tianjin Natural Disasters Emergency drill. The three provinces were sent to health emergency rescue vehicles, rescue more than 3 helicopters, health emergency team of more than 500 people, in the exercise simulated enter the scene to rescue the wounded, the wounded sent to the ambulance emergency. According to reports, the main simulation of a major earthquake in Hebei Province, a major natural disaster, resulting in the collapse of a number of village houses seriously, and caused a large number of casualties and property losses. Three of Tianjin immediately launched the emergency coordination mechanisms for the disposal of their pre hospital emergency treatment, hospital treatment, health and epidemic prevention, health supervision, psychological intervention and other health emergency teams rushed to the disaster areas to carry out three joint health emergency rescue work, and through expert evaluation method to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the drill. Hebei provincial health and Family Planning Commission emergency office director Li Jianfa said that this exercise focuses on command scheduling and troop build-up, camp construction and logistic support, first aid and medical treatment, to transport the wounded, docking post disaster epidemic prevention, safe drinking water, post disaster psychological intervention in subjects such as combat exercise. Tianjin City Commission for health emergency office director Guo Yipeng said that this exercise will open up the area between their respective service mode, the integration of Beijing Tianjin Hebei formation of health emergency work, in the work of the emergency disposal, to achieve the three complementary resource sharing, information exchange, advantage. (end)相关的主题文章: