Beijing snow into a compressed version of cold air resulting in less snow – Beijing-ratatouille

16 Apr

Beijing snow into a compressed version of "cold air resulting in less snow – Beijing Beijing morning news (reporter Wang Hailiang) Beijing this winter snow is the debut debut, but like the much anticipated superstar, ready to debut, suddenly" component "greatly reduced, became a little star, let people feel sorry. Meteorological department said, as expected, like snow drifting profusely and disorderly plain dyed in world, the main reason is the relatively strong warm air, cold air southward speed blocked, no temperature in most areas of Beijing as fast as expected is reduced to 0 DEG C, which led to the snow, and snow "dystocia" by "compression". Yesterday, the Beijing Municipal Meteorological Bureau summarizes this winter snow: 20 from 23 to 6 yesterday, Beijing city’s average snowfall of 2.3 mm, the city average of 2.5 mm; maximum snowfall in Daxing Caiyu 6.9 mm, maximum snowfall intensity, in Daxing Caiyu, yesterday 5 pm to 6 pm an hour between 2.3 mm. By the 12 hour snowfall standard gauge, 2.3 mm and 2.5 mm for heavy snow. At 10 o’clock yesterday, the largest urban snowfall in the Chaoyang Dougezhuang, 7.2 mm, 7.5 mm Pinggu Daxing Caiyu, glass Taiwan 8.3 mm. And this round of the whole process of precipitation of rain and snow, 19 days from 22 to 11 yesterday, the city’s average rainfall of 7.3 mm, the city average of 7.5 mm; the maximum precipitation occurred in Miyun County, 23 mm. Obviously, this round of rain and snow, because the temperature do not match, the snow scenes were diverted to a lot of rain. The end result is that considerable rainfall, snowfall is stretched". The City Meteorological Bureau experts said that the characteristics of the current round of snow is snow lasted for a long time, the phase transformation is complex, for the first snowfall in Beijing since the beginning of winter this year. The first snow due to warm air "tough", 20 day and night, and the phase transition is delayed, yesterday morning, because the surface temperatures are less than 0 DEG C, sleet or snow or snow, "component" greatly reduced, but also regret difficult to form a clear snow, only to see the shallow white snow on the roof and the roof. Therefore, although the snow bring the public happy, but compared to the previous forecast to snow, local blizzard, "shrink" version of the people say. The circle of friends yesterday piece is "Beijing today morning can play in the snow, noon and evening can play in the water, mud……" In the news earlier this week was "so cold" Beijing morning news (reporter Wang Hailiang) yesterday morning 6 when the first winter cold blue warning signal is issued, such as falling snow capital "icehouse", the north wind, the cold, the temperature continued downturn in southern observatory. City weather forecast, today there are still three or four northerly winds, the highest temperature of 0 DEG C, is still shivering rhythm. But the good news is that forecast yesterday evening update show earlier this week will not have expected so cold, Wednesday and Thursday the temperature prediction of 2 degrees and 3 degrees, -3 degrees Celsius than previously expected a lot of warmth, the night’s low temperature also revised up to -7 DEG to -8 deg. Previously, Beijing in late November, the same period in the history of extreme value for the year 1970.相关的主题文章: