Beijing fold won the Hugo prize in the world prize in literature wh60a

19 Nov

"Beijing folding" won the Hugo prize inventory of the world literature prize – Beijing Chinese news network August 31st news (reporter intern reporter Li Weibin Gao Lingjia) recently, Chinese science fiction writer Hao Jingfang’s "Beijing folding" the recipient of the seventy-fourth Hugo prize in short fiction, caused widespread concern of friends. The Hugo prize is known as the "science fiction art world of the Nobel prize", Asia’s first award-winning writer is the author of the "three body" by the author of the book, "the Chinese Academy of Sciences.". In addition to the Hugo prize, all countries in the world have their own national characteristics and cultural mission of the literary award. Germany in 2015, the first German Book Award of German booksellers association. The awards organizing committee chairman Gottfrid Hauner Field particularly pointed out in the presentation speech: German literature has long reached the world level, but has been the lack of such an award: the world leading readers to understand the breadth and depth of literature in germany. The German Book Prize lies in German literature will recommend to the world, the first selection of Daniel Cayman, by virtue of "measuring the world" nomination. The French literary circles because of their abundant literature award: College France prize for fiction, the Goncourt prize, the Fermina prize for literature, renaudeau literature award, Meidixisi award and six awards for international allies and the active status of literary awards, the contention of a hundred schools of thought All flowers bloom together. The Goncourt prize for literature is the longest and most popular literary award in the history of france. The award "the best of the year in the French writing imaginative prose works". All winners will be the prize of 10 euros is framed as a souvenir. The Goncourt prize in literature can greatly increase the popularity and sales of the winners. Margaret Duras, a French woman writer, has sold more than 700 thousand copies of the prize. The American national literature prize and Faulkner prize for literature, which was named by the writer of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (), and the one of the seven Pulitzer prizes, is also known as the American Literature Prize for the top in the world. It is also known as the American Literature Prize for the first time in the United States. It is also known as the American literature prize of the three. And the most representative of the three literary awards is the national literary award. In recent years, closely linked to the social issues and books favored. In 2015, Tanai Si F Coates’s works, "the world and me," won the national literary award documentary award, reflecting the current work of the u.s.. The winning works of poetry, "black Vienna", paid close attention to the historical role of black women in the United States, and the depth of the challenger, "the depth of the Challenger", was concerned about the mental health of young people. Russia, Russia, the representative of the local literature award Lenin and the Stalin prize. Another "Booker Prize" by the British Booker Prize was established in 1991, is the first non official establishment of the Russian literature award, an annual award of Russian writers in Russian best novels creation. The purpose is to encourage the creation of Russian literature. The prize can be called the Russian version of the Booker Prize, is currently the Russian literary prize the most authoritative, popular international cultural circles. The award aims to promote people’s attention to the serious work, and to promote the humanistic value of Russian traditional literature.相关的主题文章: