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18 Nov

Beijing day Yunshan glass bridge to be crying back – Sohu in recent years at home and abroad of the mother glass plank fire in a complete mess, leather on the invention of the play of people feel very admire, certainly admire people dare to challenge. Have you heard of the Zhangjiajie Skywalk? Do you really want to challenge? Now known as the "Zhangjiajie of the north, the magic day Yunshan" following the "glass plank walking" glass bridge has turned out! Between the glass bridge across the two mountains, bridge 200 meters long, 2 meters wide, at an altitude of about more than one thousand meters, height of 300 meters. The glass is connected with the viewing platform of a giant square, the viewing area is 600 square meters. Glass bridge and viewing platform can accommodate 500 people walking. I heard the first to go, cried back, do you want to challenge yourself? Pipi at the weekend to take the kids to the challenge, their own experiences with the route and share, it is worth to have a few Oh! Please note: UFO is not a glass viewing platform the glass plank bridge, Pinggu Shilin Gorge Scenic Area was built in the UFO platform, but also caused a sensation, during the holidays, want to be on the scene must be blocked for two hours, a lot of people here, we think that the glass bridge, NO, this is not, this is the UFO platform, to the experience of the glass bridge, and move on! Pipi is also the first to go, taking into account the downhill than to climb up to the knee injury to large, resolutely decided to climb! Did not think this is a wise choice, the day Yunshan Road Not a lot of steps, quite smooth, suggest that we must wear hiking shoes, to grip firmly, if you happen to be sitting on a cable car, walk down, have a good pair of hiking shoes, you will feel is a happy thing. Recommended routes: directly to the glass mountain bridge — and then walk to the cable car — can also be the way to experience the first glass plank road built in Pinggu. Because the bridge from the glass to the cable car ride, there is a long distance, and very steep, more dangerous, climb up can also go down is still more terrible. ) about tickets into the Tianmenshan Mountain ticket is 78 yuan, you can have several websites, group purchase, a 68 yuan; usually 50 cable car one, the holidays are 100 yuan a person, the child is half price tickets, the cable car was also 100 yuan, really expensive. Take the glass bridge, charges 20 yuan, including the money of the shoe cover. Pipi to the day the weather is good, blue sky and white clouds covered the reflection of the deck, let a person in fear on the foot of more transparent, more fun and pleasure riding a cloud. But there are also some men, let a person feel very not the quality of original glass bridge will be some shaking in the middle position, but also the death of shakes, let the bridge shake more badly, even by his courage, in the above, Pippi just want to say, as a man, you can have some gentleman in addition to experience? The day Yunshan glass bridge, day and day, the first temple, Jinro Niangniang Temple, day and the palace of profound cultural heritage, but also in the night, experience a martial arts district相关的主题文章: