Beijing Beijing Fangshan caused 5 dead 2 injured suspect Yang Guishuan confessed to murder – in the

15 Apr

Beijing Fangshan caused 5 dead 2 injured suspects arrested Yang Guishuan confessed to killing process – Beijing, 10 pm, Beijing police, the same day at 12 pm, Fangshan caused 5 dead 2 injured suspects arrested Yang Guishuan. In late September 8th 23 PM, criminal case occurred in Fangshan District Doudian Town, the suspect Yang Guishuan knifings, lead wie and family 5 people were killed and 2 injured. After the incident, the Beijing police immediately set up a task force to carry out the arrest work. 10, 12 pm, the ad hoc group in the vicinity of Fangshan District Doudian town purple yards arrested the suspect Yang Guishuan. Currently, Yang confessed to the killing process, the review is ongoing. Scene 5 dead 2 injured site for the two adjacent cottage place is located in Fangshan District Doudian Town Street Village north. 9 on the morning of 9 pm, the two house has been posted on the white seal. According to the location of nearby villagers recalled, had heard someone shout out in the evening of 8 at the time of the incident, thought it was a fight, there are villagers heard that "the dog barking". The villagers Li Qing across the street from the site (a pseudonym) said, the evening of 8, nearly 12 points, he had seen on the way to a lot of police cars, listen to the people around it, just know Wei Ling (a pseudonym) home out of trouble, then, Li Qing saw Wei Ling’s two daughter is in a body bag, put in the ambulance stretcher was carried away. A street village villagers, on weekdays, Wei Ling, Yang Guishuan and daughter of a family of three five lived in a cottage, and a cottage, there lived a family of three daughter. The villagers said, Wei Ling’s great grandson about 9 years old, primary school, and grandson was four or five years old, just read the kindergarten. Some villagers said, the death of five including a grandson of Wei Ling. According to many villagers recalled, after the incident saw a man escape, someone pointed out that it was Wei Ling’s son-in-law Yang Limin (sound), escape after being rushed to hospital for treatment of Liangxiang. BYD reporter from the Liangxiang hospital was informed that after the incident on the evening of 8 emergency vehicles will be two injured in the event sent to the hospital, where a child has been transferred to other hospitals, and the other men injured in the hospital for treatment. 9 on the morning of 10 pm, BYD reporters at the Liangxiang hospital surgical floor two floor outside the intensive care to see the injured Yang Limin, the side in the family caregiver. According to patients with the same floor memories, the evening of 8 when he saw the injured man was sent to the intensive care unit at about 12, he was a lot of blood flow". A nurse on duty, the injured body stab wounds, "now stuck in the pipe, unable to speak, is not out of danger". Before the details due to "emotional disputes" crime villagers said two people live in the same street village, many villagers said, Yang Guishuan is Wei Ling’s boyfriend, Wei Ling’s husband died in a car accident 20 years ago, Wei Ling never remarried, and in the past two years, she has been living with Yang Guishuan. According to the villagers described Wei Ling, less than six meters tall, body fat, shoulder length hair, usually wearing a relatively simple, no work. Yang Guishuan is a few meters tall and thin. According to the Beijing police briefing on the 9, Yang Guishuan attack due to "emotional disputes". Some villagers said, was born相关的主题文章: