Behind the bright billboard Changning 20 years unfinished building attracted numerous magic

17 Apr

Behind the bright billboard: Changning 20 years unfinished building attracted numerous magic nest welcome to Oriental pager, I was a reporter Lu Lanting. Oriental paging hotline 62706270 days before receiving a Changning road 1488 Lane Helen apartment residents Ms. Wu calls reflect 1488 Nongkou a the unfinished building, has been around for 20 years, while on the road side walls and billboards blocked, but in the back of the residents miserable. Twenty years old in a complete mess, environment is not good, which nest in the weasels, wildcats, weasel rubbish dragged into the room, next door is a trash, very bad. "The reporter on the scene saw the building has been built outside: unfinished walls, in order not to let the unfinished building affect the landscape, with a huge advertising cloth unfinished building towards the road side all wrapped up in Changning on the road, do not see the existence of unfinished building. But when the reporter came back close to the unfinished floor of the Helen apartment residents of the home to the floor, unfinished scene at a glance. The building has been reinforced cement exposed to wind and rain, see, the whole building is dark. A live on the seven floor residents said: [he the dust falls on it, ah, the wind blows toward the place we scratch, unfinished building something rotten, a foolish step. Weasel, mouse, there are some snakes, where I have seen several times and my grandson. We found this yard too. It is very powerful, weasel on houses everywhere, the mud ah, which also gave birth to some of what the plant. When it’s done, the wind blows all the dirt away. "The reporter contacted the Changning District zhoujiaqiao Street Community Management Office Director surnamed Huang told reporters: the unfinished building location though in their street area, but the management responsibility does not belong to them. [the unfinished building industry is he here, but what is the daily management committee, is the 12345 phone call, it is to go to the committee. Outside of his advertising, walls, lights, materials, cloth are District civilization office. Reporter: [] District civilization is the yellow walls of the director] [: it is not rotten house well, with a cloth, is made of civilization. This wall advertising civilized city slogan is civilized do. Sometimes damaged, after a complaint to call them there, inside the mouse, ah, ah, wall damage, is handled by the construction committee. The spot:] director Huang said, over the years the unfinished building complaints, but because of the building of economic disputes, it has been unable to solve. The court will make a final judgment, then the problem may be smoothly done or easily solved. We hope that the relevant departments in the face of the project at the same time, but also for the living environment of the surrounding residents. Thank you for listening to today’s Oriental paging. Hot news: Shanghai District 5 and 8 appointed deputy mayor of which 6 people after 70 Shanghai will build 100 kilometers underground pipe gallery Hongqiao airport aircraft collision insurance was 3 million yuan reward. When Captain Shanghai’s show canteen boss wages 1 million 600 thousand with stereo city construction相关的主题文章: