Be Careful On Kids Toys When Buying And Playing-midd-885

23 Jul

Home-and-Family When the festivals such as children’s day, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day and other are .ing, parents and friends always buy too many festivals gifts for their own children or relatives’ children. However, do you know that some festivals gifts given by adults are not suitable for children or even have potential dangerous to children when playing with them. Recently, safety tips from the global network of children safety are that when choosing kids gifts including kids toys for children, parents should pay more attention on the gifts safety. For example, you should go to the regular store to buy gifts for children because as usual the things in regular store always have the top quality. firecrackers are not the toys and not re.mended for kids. What’s more, the kids toys powered by electric have the potential danger for children so that they are not still re.mended for children under the age of eight. Some small accessories in the kids toys such as necklaces, pins and hairpin would lead to serious consequences such as choke in the throat or injure the throat. Finally, the rope on kids toys or even the children dress should not be too long because too long rope sometimes curb children’s neck, which is also dangerous. What the safety tips for parents when buying the gifts for children in the New Year? Firstly, before buying the kid toys, parent should carefully read the toys instruction book including the information about the suitable ages and the safety instructions. Secondly, parents should carefully check the small accessories on the toys and whether they are firm and not easily to fall. Thirdly, when buying toys for kids under 18 months, the rope and the drag line of toys should not be longer than 12 inches. Fourthly, as parents, do you know that the lovely and soft stuffed animals such as famous stuffed teddy bears are not suitable for little children because asphyxia sometimes would happen. Finally, the toys’ surface should be smooth rather than rough and sharp corners. When you get the kids toys you bought at hands, you should carefully read the instructions and warning note when opening the package. At the same time, you should keep the notes and invoices, used for refund or change for other products. If conditions allow, parent should play with children together and give the guidance about how to play the toys correctly. After playing, toys should be put at the regular place so that it is convenient for children to get. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: