BaoFeng Lake scenic spot for tourists to send moon cake to celebrate the Mid Autumn

17 Apr

BaoFeng Lake scenic spot for tourists to send moon cake to celebrate the mid autumn of September 15th, in the traditional Mid Autumn Festival, Zhangjiajie BaoFeng lake and yangjiajie cableway, the tens of thousands of visitors to the Tujia characteristics of moon cake, in the scenic and tourist festival. Mid Autumn Festival every year, together with tourists to celebrate the festival has become a beautiful scenic spots. In order to make travel holiday tourists at home and abroad, enhance the travel experience, BaoFeng lake and yangjiajie cableway every year to give visitors to the moon cake, really interact with visitors. In fact, visitors to the moon cake is not uncommon, but this is the epitome of hospitality in Zhangjiajie." Mention of mooncakes in mind, BaoFeng lake and yangjiajie cableway responsible person said, "eat a Tujia homemade cakes, tourists will travel to Zhangjiajie happy, praise. Every year, we silently, for tourists to add some fun journey, we feel very substantial." According to the staff, in order to prepare the moon cake for tourists, as early as a month ago, scenic staff began to busy, custom moon cake and packaging, inspection quality, batches sent to the scene. In the field of yangjiajie cableway, staff Zhang told reporters, in the "drunken beauty love Lake" BaoFeng Lake Scenic Area and for the endorsement of the "BaoFeng love goddess" together for visitors to send moon cake last year, this year received many blessings, wish to find the other half, perhaps is because of love Lake shelter. He said happily: "gifts of roses, fragrance in hand. This year, I chose the yangjiajie peak wall in the global rare spectacle and tourists spend Mid Autumn Festival, it was for my precious love for life, for a large package of blessing, harvest full results." Reporters on the scene saw the visitors received scenic holiday wishes are very happy, active with elder brother Mei, Mei elder brother and praised the scenery with Zhangjiajie. Liu from Shenyang with her daughter to the BaoFeng waterfall very excited, two days ago is still in line to see the China (Hunan) International Travel Business Conference and China Hunan International Tourism Festival opening ceremony video, the scene is shocking, now see the real, really beautiful." Liu daughter told reporters. It is understood that BaoFeng Lake as the first national 5A scenic spot, Zhangjiajie with only one with high sandstone peaks of Pinghu Gorge Scenic Spot is perfect, the new version of "journey to the west" Huaguoshan Shuiliandong, the real shooting, the reputation of "drunken beauty love Lake". Zhangjiajie ten attractions — the first BaoFeng goddess, is BaoFeng Lake "Lake Town treasure", Xiangxi is also a symbol of love and patron saint of children.相关的主题文章: