Australia, a man set fire to the bank caused 27 people were injured christie stevens

17 Nov

A man in Australia Bank arson caused 27 people were injured – Beijing, China News Agency, Sydney in November 18, an Australian man on the morning of 18 in the southeast of Melbourne District of a bank of arson, causing 27 people were injured, including 6 severe burns. "Sydney Morning Herald" quoted police as saying that the 18 day morning about 11:30, a man in the Commonwealth Bank branch inside the fire will spring. According to witnesses Gonzales said that the arson at the entrance to the bank will be their own point, and then rushed into the bank to spray gasoline on the carpet. When the carpet caught fire, she ran into the bank. A local construction worker is on the opposite side of the bank. He said there was smoke coming out of the bank, and there was a loud noise. The workers helped to put out the fire, and a lot of people came out of the bank. Vitoria Ambulance Association spokesman said 6 people were severely burned, has been taken to hospital. Another 21 people were treated at the scene because of smoke inhalation, including a total of 3 children. The injured, including suspected arson, was reported to be a 21 year old man who was taken to hospital under police control. A spokesman for the fire department confirmed that it was a man-made fire. The firemen found the fuel tank at the scene of the fire. The spokesman also said that the fire was controlled throughout the room, did not spread to the outside, the explosion and fire caused heavy losses to the bank. The bank said in a statement, to be sure, 18 days in the spring will branch accident. The bank’s primary concern is to ensure the safety of its employees and customers. Branch will remain closed on the same day. The bank’s emergency response team is at the scene and will work closely with local staff and emergency services. (end)相关的主题文章: