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24 Jul

Home-and-Family Chlorine Pool Tablets What do chlorine pool tablets really do for maintaining swimming pools? It is a simple yet efficient way of doing vital processes that keeps the pool safe to swim on. Here are those processes and the information about how they work. Chlorine is found abundantly in nature, but most of time, it is found in combination with other elements. Also, those who buy chlorine pool tablets should understand that the product must be treated with care. You can find it, for instance, in table salt, where it is combined with sodium. Chlorine is a very reactive element which is the reason why you cannot mostly find it alone. When you dissolve it in water, ions are formed which are ready to combine with other elements. These ions can combine with certain "things" that you would not want in your pool. Some of which are, algae, bacteria, and other unwanted organisms. You may make these organisms appear lesser in your pool by covering it, but it is impossible to eliminate them as a whole. They are present in swimmer’s feet, in the air, and in your water system itself. So, to be able to keep them at a safe level, you would need to have a regular chlorine maintenance. Chlorine swimming pool tablets are one of the simple and inexpensive ways of chlorine treatment in pools. They are made with varying formulations and sizes to meet the differing needs in different pool sizes. Some are larger than the others, but all the same, the compound is supposed to meet the need to eliminate the organisms in the pool without being harmful for the people who use it. Chlorine also cleans up the pool by killing algae. Chlorine does not only do the cleaning of pools by killing unwanted organisms, but also clears up the water for you and removes any foul odors that may be present. Some of the causes of these smells are skin oils, ammonia, and other compounds that mix in the water and foul it up. Once chlorine reacts with these substances, they form a compound that the water system will filter out. Having these chlorine treatments will not really cost you a large amount of time as you can either pop these chlorine tablets in the pool by yourself or you can use a system that will feed them automatically to the swimming pool. There are different sizes for differing maintenance durations. You have the 1-inch chlorine pool tablets that you can use for quick clean-ups and you can also use the 3-inch type if you prefer a steady chlorine supply for a longer period. There are different chlorine products that you can use to clean your pool. This element is very useful and it provides other services aside from keeping your pool germ-free. You can use either an automatic feeder or a floating feeder to dispense chlorine pool tablets in your pool. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: