Apple or overseas assets in 2017 to return to pay 2 billion yuan to go back to the tax – Sohu Techno t6670

17 Nov

In 2017, apple or transfer assets overseas home pay 2 billion knife was to return to the Sohu of science and technology science and technology Sohu king Xue Ying in September 2nd, according to foreign media sources said the $14 billion 500 million paid by the EU fined by force, or Apple plans to put billions of overseas cash have been transferred back to the United states. The fastest start from 2017, apple or will continue to transfer at least $5 billion overseas cash flow. Cook said in an interview with Irish state television, said: "we have been overseas cash back to the billions of dollars to pay for u.s.. Now, I expect this to happen next year". It is reported that, in order to avoid paying high taxes in the United States, the majority of U.S. companies will choose to store $2 trillion in overseas cash. Because when they turn global profits back to the United States, they will have to pay as much as 35% of the corporate tax unless they pay taxes outside the country. In other words, in order to bring $5 billion 700 million overseas profits back to the country, Apple would rather pay the price of $2 billion – after all, this is a $14 billion 500 million ticket or cost-effective. It is reported that Cook has said, apple began to transfer from next year or part of overseas profits back to the United States, although not mentioned in more detail, but it is clear that he will not adjust the tax rate as the premise of "return" — although in scientific circles, most executives believe that this tax is unfair. Many coffee technology including Cook, said "unless the United States to adjust this unfair tax rates, otherwise we will not return to the transfer of assets abroad (United States)". In August this year to accept the Washington Post interview Cook had stated that in the United States before the tax rate becomes fair, will not consider the transfer of foreign cash back to the United states. Currently, according to official data given by apple, the company has accumulated at this stage the total income tax of up to $30 billion. Up to now, apple spokesman declined to give any comment. Many industry insiders have pointed out that the European Union’s $14 billion 500 million high ticket with a heavy political color, even Cook on appeal the decision was bluntly, "I’m pretty sure that the court will look at the problem in the non political perspective, to make the right decision".相关的主题文章: