Anxiety And Stress – Eliminate Environment Factor With

14 Jun

Self-Improvement Anxiety attacks are often you are leading a very stressful life. It is as if your body and mind say, "Enough! I cannot take it anymore." The tension you feel because you are worried whether you would be able to make your deadline, whether you would be able to attend your children’s special days at school, whether your finances would be enough to cover the raising monthly expenses and so on, eventually would result in anxiety attacks. If these stressors are not checked in time and adequate measures are not taken to reverse the symptoms, depression would follow. Anxiety is a .bined result of external stressor and internal chemical hormonal imbalance. This is why we can understand when people who have gone through a traumatic period or women who are entering menopause experience anxiety attacks. However, you will observe that there are plenty of cases when anxiety strikes seemingly unexpectedly. What happens actually? There are two other factors that cause anxiety that we have not yet discussed: (i) heredity and (ii) diet. We have seen that anxiety attacks, whether mild or serious need triggers, just like asthma or allergy. For it to happen there should be something that presses the ‘start’ button. Sometimes it is the stress that overwhelms your life; other times it is the biological clock of your body and sometimes it is a shock caused by a traumatic incident. Each trigger is a conduit to anxiety attacks, due to the alteration of the chemical balance inside the body. Heredity And Anxiety It is obvious from the above that anxiety is an external manifestation of chemical imbalances in the body. Like diabetes, heart problems and cancer among others, anxiety is also a hereditary condition. In other words, sometimes the trigger would be just some faulty genes that you have inherited from your parents. Therefore, if you feel those butterflies in the stomach and exhibit anxiety symptoms, and you see no real indicators of what could have caused it, it would be a good idea to check your family’s medical history. Find out whether either of your parents suffered from anxiety attacks. Do not stop here. Look a little deeper and check with your maternal and paternal aunts, uncles, and grandparents on both sides. If you find that any one of these people were victims of this affliction, then you could investigate heredity as the source of your problem. Once you have identified the source of the problem you would be able to take adequate measures to address the chemical imbalance of the body without worrying about identifying any other stressor or trigger. With the right medication and adequate diet, you would be able to put the anxiety attack out of your system for good in a very short time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: