Anhui to maintain high vigilance against corruption investigation of Chen Lianggang and other seriou-drop dead diva

15 Apr

Anhui to maintain high vigilance against corruption investigation of Chen Lianggang and other serious violations of discipline cases – Beijing Beijing in November 1 Hefei Xinhua (reporter Wu Lan) Anhui provincial Party committee, discipline committee Liu Hui said 1 days, Anhui insist on opposing corruption, greed will have Su, the tiger, flies to play with, key and after eighteen big party does not converge, not close hand, the problem is serious, the masses are strongly, leading cadres now important positions may also promote the use of. 1, in China tenth Anhui provincial Congress of Communist Party on the second plenary meeting, Liu Hui on behalf of ninth CPC Anhui Provincial Commission for discipline inspection report, informed the province clean government and anti-corruption work. Liu Hui said that over the past five years, Anhui severely punish corruption, efforts to build not rot, not rot, do not want to rot institutional mechanisms to maintain the high pressure to punish corruption, dare not rot the overall formation of the atmosphere. Five years, Anhui province discipline inspection organs accepted the petition report 339495 times, filing 61485, give disciplinary punishment 56435. Among them, the city level cadres case 88, county level cadres case 1208, 3263 people transferred to judicial organs. Especially severely punish the Chen Lianggang, Fang Xiping, Cao Yong, Hu Xuefan, Jiang, Li Xuewen, Zhang Suzhou, Wu Keming, Kan Xiang Hua and other serious violations of discipline cases. Liu Hui introduced, in resolutely investigate and discipline violations leading cadres at the same time, effectively solve occur in people around the unwholesome tendencies and corruption, and severely punish the involving up to 150 million yuan in a community in Huaibei, the former Secretary of the Party committee Liu Dawei and a number of "small government big corruption cases. In addition, to strengthen the anti-corruption work of international fugitives stolen goods, to recover the flight personnel 44 people, of which the party and the national staff of 5 people, and the first from the western countries successfully persuaded to return to the 1 national "100 Hong Tong staff". "It is’ crooked tree", "cure disease tree", "pull rotten tree", "forest protection", "Liu Hui, five years, Anhui resolutely correct random work, avoid, ignore the phenomenon of malicious system, iron regulatory force, to ban Wai, never let the regulations become" Scarecrow "and" paper tiger". (end)相关的主题文章: