Alloua Cha hometown poor students visit Beijing send love gift-ekdv-273

15 Apr

Alloua Cha’s tour of Beijing poor students send a gift of love to accompany Aluazhuo home poor children tour of Beijing Aluazhuo gave the children opening gifts Aluazhuo for the hometown children to send a gift of love to Sina entertainment news yesterday afternoon, Tiananmen square and the National Theatre ushered in a special group of tourists, they are 22 poverty from Guizhou Weining thirteen school but excellent in character and learning of students. In the Guizhou Provincial Foundation for poverty alleviation project ambassador Aluazhuo accompanied the children from rural Guizhou was first introduced to the capital of the humanities and the beauty, also received a gift of love in the coming quarter before opening. The charity theme of "rural China dream", as Aluazhuo heard the children Chunhui messenger to Beijing, has been concerned about the poor children in her hometown of the specially selected a number of bags and stationery, as the new semester gift to the children. The children of Aluazhuo, the first to visit the capital, were filled with excitement and shyness. She encouraged the children: "I wish you in the new semester to learn a higher level, in the future after school to return home." Do not forget the beginning of the heart, is the hometown of Aluazhuo in the heart has always retained a stick. As Chunhui Messenger, her long-term funding for poor students, and the need for attention left-behind children, children love to help the contribution and summon strength in different public arena. At the same time, as the ambassador of Guizhou tourism culture, she has never stopped in different stages of music and songs to spread the pace of home culture.相关的主题文章: