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18 Nov

After the divorce of the appliance to be awarded to the woman’s "wonderful" predecessor to second-hand goods posing as Beijing Beijing – in September 19, Shanghai (Li Shuzhi Chen Weifeng Zheng Gang) the relationship between husband and wife is not good, the final choice of divorce is no longer uncommon, but by the court after the divorce, but from the secondary market "Amoy" old appliances with all the dowry items to impersonate ex-wife, so the former is definitely regarded as a "wonderful work". 19 reporter learned, Shanghai Pudong New Area people’s Court of the Executive Board recently investigated this case, eventually, trying to stage a "typical" drama by debetor the sun due to the implementation of the subject matter than intentionally hinder implementation by the court to impose a fine of 5000 yuan. Affection "enemy" husband and wife divorce 2 years has lived in Pudong New Area Gaoqiao Zhen Tang and her ex husband Sohn met in 2008, fell in love after two years, two logical registration of marriage, gave birth to a baby girl. The early marriage relationship is harmonious, although occasionally quarrel, but on the whole, at peace. However, with the passage of time, two people often because of a trivial quarrel, Sohn complained a little lazy Tang grandmother pies, Tang suspect Sohn in common outside an affair, the occasional bicker became "a little noisy two days, three days in a row, the feelings of the couple began to fall apart. In 2014, Sohn had offered to divorce, but Tang strongly disagreed, the court considering the two marriage still has not been permitted to save room. However, the cooling off period provided by the court did not let the couple up, the contradiction between the two but incompatible degree of development. At the beginning of 2015, the court again received a divorce petition, but this time, active prosecution of divorced people into the Tang, Sohn agreed. It has been done, the two marriage is irreparable, the final judgment of the court of the two divorce, and two under the name of housing, deposits, such as child custody issues be dealt with, which belongs to the plaintiff in the defendant Sohn at premarital property of two color TV sets, one refrigerator, a washing machine, air conditioning two Taiwan plaintiff Tang all. Don’t forget the past "wonderful" predecessor with shoddy second-hand home appliances after the court decision, Sohn part except to fulfill the obligations, for Tang dowry did not return home, because it does not comply with the judgment of overdue obligations, Tang recently to the Executive Board of the Pudong court for compulsory enforcement. After accepting the case, the implementation of the law of the sea in accordance with the law, the judge issued a notice of execution to the person to be executed, ordered to fulfill its obligations within the time limit. However, people did not expect that, in the transfer of household appliances, Tang found that premarital purchase items provided by Sohn home appliances is not confirmed in the judgment, the brand, model, color etc. have great differences with the original. Tang questioned on the spot, and feedback to the Pudong court. Gong Hai judge informed of the situation, immediately summoned Sohn to assist in the investigation. After careful interrogation, Sohn admitted that this batch of home appliances the old electrical appliances through the secondary market "Tao", the purpose is to belong to his ex-wife before marriage dowry decision to replace all the appliances, in an attempt to muddle through the pass. After confirmation of the case, the implementation of the judge of this kind of sun相关的主题文章: