Adou Ki wants a card game. Do you still remember the robot-yezimei

15 Apr

Adou Ki wants a card game. Do you still remember the robot? In 1952, the birth of Astro Boy Image Comics and animation series, were more than a decade, and derived from Japan’s first television series of cartoons, as many generations of childhood memories. 2016 is the 90 anniversary of the birth of Osamu Tezuka. In August 22nd, the Osaka gaming company Active Gaming Media built a mysterious countdown page, appeared Adou Ki, Dr. Black Jack, fire bird, HYAKKI shot of Osamu Tezuka’s creation of cartoon characters in the trailer. In August 24th, the end of the countdown, the development team announced the official website announced: "a boy" (Astro Boy: Edge time edge of Time) open all the chips, and announced the game Demo. "The dark forces of terror are tearing apart the universe, destroying reality, breaking the walls of the universe, and many of the planets are shattered," the developer explained in the story. "Adou Ki: time edge" is a free download and purchase props card game, card game player need to deploy to defense and attack, will see Adou Ki, Jack, and Dororo fire bird Osamu Tezuka created the classic comic role. The game offers two options for single player and multiplayer mode, you can take risks with comic characters, or multiplayer games. The Project Atom Active Gaming by the development team’s Media, "no more heroes 2" producer Goichi Suda (Suda 51), "saw sugar heart" illustrator Nekoshowgun, "Tower 3" producer Satoshi Yoshioka, "silent hill" series of music supervisor Yamaka Aki et al is involved. According to reports, published today the Demo has been repeatedly tested, did not include the single player mode and online mode of play story. The development team is also committed to the public during the week, they will be based on the feedback collected weekly repair and update, played Demo players have the opportunity to get a special card after the game on sale. In the beta before the start of the game will also face the congregation supporters to carry out close test. "Astro Boy": edge of time plan for landing in March 2017 PC (WIN MAC LINUX), Android and iOS platform, is now in the KickStarter on the public to raise the target amount of $50 thousand. At the same time, the game also landed in Japan to raise public platform Makuake. The development team said: "we make this choice for a variety of considerations. One of the main reasons is that Kickstarter is an English language website, the Japanese users use a language barrier. In addition, Makuake also provides a variety of payment methods, Japanese users to use more convenient. We want to make "a boy: edge of time" as much as possible to reach a global decision and game player, so all the chips in the two channels." But from the point of Demo, the developer is not much worried about the language problem, demo version.相关的主题文章: