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25 Jul

Acupuncture can by a powerful element to increase your chances of getting pregnant. According to a study published by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (2002), a woman that undergoes a treatment of acupuncture for fertility before IVF treatment, is TWICE as likely to get pregnant that those who do not. The reason of this, according to acupuncture experts, is that it relaxes the uterus, improves the blood flow and creates a thicker endocrine lining. All of them very important elements to enhance conception. So what is Acupuncture for Fertility? Acupuncture treatment is more than just jabbing a patient with a bunch of needles. It is an Ancestral Eastern method to exchange electrons within the bodies lines of energy in order to help your system work more efficiently. This lines of energy are called "Meridians", and they have a very unique effect on each organ inside your body. This includes your reproductive system. How does this meridians affect your capacity to get pregnant? In order to understand how meridians affect your fertility, we have to know first how meridians are formed. When the embryo is developing in the womb, all the cells that .pose its structure are continually moving and dividing. When this cells start to blend into each other, they create "fold lines", that separate cells that are alike into different groups. This groups eventually develop into the organs of our body. This "folds" or energy channels, remain in our bodies long after we are born, connecting all of our organs to each other through energy channels. This explains why stimulating points in our feet or hands could affect our kidneys or ovaries. All of our organs are connected through energy channels. When this energy starts to encounter resistance (do to many factors in our modern lifestyle) the channels get blocked, so it is Acupuncture’s job to relieve this pressure and let the energy flow properly once again. What are the energy channels that improve fertility? If you are doing acupuncture for fertility, there are 4 meridians you have to stimulate: * Conception Meridian (Ying) This one regulates the estrogen quantity a female system needs to work properly. * Governing Meridian (Yang) This is in charge of the production of hormones, such as testosterone or progesterone * Penetrating Meridian This meridian controls a woman’s hormonal cycle * Girdle Meridian This connects the penetrating meridian and the conception meridian to restrain vaginal leakage. This one is the most important to prevent miscarriage. Although many traditional fertility practitioners re.mend the use of acupuncture for fertility, most of them do not .pletely understand how it works. They attribute its positive effect to the release of chemicals involved in the procedure, but Eastern practitioners know very well that this is only a part of the story. 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