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17 Nov

Abandoning single car Samsung sold nearly $890 million total overseas holdings, Sohu technology Sohu technology Wenwang Xue Ying in September 19th according to foreign media news, Samsung Electronics announced the sale of ASML Holdings, Rambus, Seagate and SHARP four shares of overseas companies, in order to abandoning single car to maintain the core business, overseas stock price selling this nearly 1 trillion won ($891 million). It is understood that in foreign Samsung said in a statement, the company has sold its ASML holds 1.5% of the shares, while the sale of all 4.2% of the company held by Seagate shares, 4.5% shares and 0.7% shares of SHARP Rambus. Samsung’s move is not a spur of the moment, the company has been selling non core business, and the sale of ASML Holdings, Rambus, Seagate and other technology companies of the stock and sale of Sharp Co shares the same reason. For SHARP, there is news that Samsung had previously hoped to acquire SHARP’s copier business, but did not succeed. March 2013, Samsung eventually invested 10 billion 400 million yen to SHARP for the condition of the latter in exchange for about 3% of the shares, and thus became the largest shareholder of SHARP’s. However, since SHARP because of the false accounting problems suffered heavy losses, the performance has been difficult to restore, the Samsung customer service that has been thrown, sold all of its holdings of SHARP shares, amounting to a total of about 4 billion 600 million yen (about $45 million) 35 million 800 thousand shares. As for selling shares in ASML, Samsung said the move is to return the funds, and aximed relationship and will not change. It is reported that the company is a semiconductor equipment manufacturer in Holland, Samsung in 2012 for the development of a new generation of ASML 3% acquisition of lithography, the sale of nearly half of the holdings. For the recent massive sell-off again held by overseas companies, this is reminiscent of the recent sensation of the Samsung Note 7 "explosion" incident. Affected by the event, Samsung announced in September 2nd, due to defects in the sale of Note7 mobile phone battery, and a recall of the United States and South Korea, Australia and other 10 countries and regions were 2 million 500 thousand Note 7 mobile phone users have purchased, plus promise after two weeks of free replacement, some media estimates that Samsung so the cost of more than $1 billion so simple. Samsung Android mobile camp as the main force, its mobile phone brand is also a value in the invisible. According to the latest IDC data show that in 2016 Q1 Samsung mobile phone shipments worldwide of about 81 million 900 thousand, accounting for 24.5% of market share, far more than apple and HUAWEI’s total market. However, it is for this reason, Note 7 such a serious occurrence of vicious defects in the market temporarily unacceptable. In this regard, South Korea, the daily economic editorial pointed out that Samsung needs to pay more attention to eliminate consumer unrest, eliminating the negative impact of the event on its brand value. Some media believe that Samsung in the global mobile phone market under the weight of heavy pressure, hastily using immature battery technology.相关的主题文章: