A tragic accident occurred in a tunnel in Ningbo four people were trapped three people seriously inj-jodie foster

17 Apr

Ningbo tunnel a tragic accident occurred four trapped three people injured rescue workers in the field with the help of the masses, a bit to expand space rescue, after more than an hour of intense relief, finally trapped in yesterday at 12 around 05 points were successfully rescued, rushed to the hospital. Currently, the traffic police department is investigating the cause of the accident. At the end of a trapped rescued Baozhan highway Zhanqi tunnel in recent years the accident 15 June 22, 2014 05 or so, in Yinzhou Zhanqi tunnel traffic accident: 5 car pileup in the way the body were seriously damaged deformation, many people were trapped. Although all the trapped people were rescued, unfortunately, 3 people were killed and 2 injured. About 9:20 on May 10, 2012, 7 car collision accident Yinzhou Baozhan line Zhanqi tunnel, the accident caused 4 people were injured by the 120 ambulance promptly sent to the city hospital, there was no danger. In August 27, 2011, Zhanqi tunnel traffic accident occurred in a chain, caused 1 deaths and 4 people were injured. In April 2011, a heavy semi-trailer tractor in Baozhan line line intersection and salty wear a medium-sized ordinary truck collided, causing the truck driver and passenger deaths. In July 10, 2009, Baozhan tunnel is a car loaded with dangerous goods truck and heavy special operations vehicles collided, causing two car deformation, dangerous goods vehicles on the chemical spill. Why is the road prone to larger traffic accidents? According to the Yinzhou police department, Baozhan highway along with 4 tunnels, which are less Bai Ling tunnel, Baozhan tunnel, Qi Xishan tunnel, Zhanqi tunnel. Enter from the Baozhan tunnel, a tunnel to Zhanqi, wear new Xian line throughout the crossroads, a total of 4.6 kilometers, is all downhill. The Baozhan line is an important road to Beilun, Fenghua, Xiangshan and other places, large container trucks and large dump truck more downhill, drivers generally take Diancha way brake, because of long distance downhill is very easy to cause the brake fever weak, final failure. Once the emergency brake, the car, easily lead to collision.相关的主题文章: