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03 May

Bozhou a teacher on the way home suddenly disease   Street police rainy night rescue – Anhui Channel – People’s daily, according to Anhui Daily reported recently, Bozhou city a middle school teacher in the evening class home on the way, sudden illness fell down the road. The critical moment, the Bozhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Tang Ling police station timely rescue, make it through. Around 22 p.m. on October 21st, when the police station of Bozhou Public Security Bureau was patrolling the ancient city road by the police station, several passers-by saw an electric car beside it, and a man lying beside the electric car. Police immediately get off to view. Found the man on the pale face, the appearance of pain, the police tried to man from the cement road surface wet picking, men’s eyes slightly open, want to stand up, but don’t use force. Police judge that men may suddenly attack, the first time telephone contact 120 ambulance, assist medical personnel to send them to hospital for treatment. Afterwards, the police learned that the rescued man was a teacher of a middle school in the city, and had a history of hypoglycemia and coronary heart disease. That night, Feng teacher at school when I was weak, did not think of the way home, they have difficulty breathing, dizziness, stop electric car ready to contact the family phone, suddenly faint in the ground. Due to the timely rescue, at present, Feng’s condition has not been seriously affected. According to the doctor, if you save a little later, there may be life-threatening. (commissioning editor Guo Yu and Ma Lingling) 亳州一教师回家路上突发疾病 街头民警雨夜施救–安徽频道–人民网   据安徽商报报道 近日,亳州市市区一中学教师晚间下课回家途中,突发疾病摔倒路边。危急时刻,亳州市公安局汤陵派出所民警及时救助,使其转危为安。   10月21日晚22时左右,亳州市公安局汤陵派出所民警巡逻至市区古泉路时,发现几名路人围观一辆电动车旁,电动车旁边躺着一名男子。民警立即下车进行查看。发现地上的男子脸色煞白,一脸痛苦的样子,民警试图将男子从湿漉漉的水泥路面上抱起,男子眼睛微微张开,想站起来,但根本用不上力。民警判断男子可能突然发病,第一时间电话联系120救护车,协助医护人员将其送往医院救治。   事后民警了解得知,被救助的男子是市区一中学的教师丰某,有低血糖、冠心病病史。当晚,丰老师在学校上课时偶感浑身乏力,没想到回家途中,就出现呼吸困难、头晕,停下电动车准备电话联系家人时,突然晕倒在地上。由于抢救及时,目前丰某的病情已无大碍。据医生介绍,如果抢救稍晚一点,极可能有生命危险。 (责编:郭宇、马玲玲)相关的主题文章: