A section of Changsha school students only from the site through Weidang (video)-3edyy

17 Apr

A section of Changsha school Weidang students only from the site through the original title: the road to school children how to do the Weidang Tongshenghu Coordination Office of the streets, the enclosure was demolished on the road yesterday, the students for the New Century Experimental Primary School of traffic Changsha evening news because the construction site, to the new century Yuhua District Experimental Primary School Road was dug on the other, built a new road is blocked, the school must pass through many students every day is the construction site to the school, not very safe. Recently, the school parents reflect this problem, I hope to investigate. In the coordination of Tongshenghu Street office, Weidang dismantled yesterday on the road. The original road Waduan, the newly built road Weidang the day before yesterday, the reporter came to the new century experimental primary school is located in Yuhua District Tongshenghu Street Era Sunshine Boulevard near, found the hillside primary school is located in front of a site under construction, next to the site of a new primary school to this road is Weidang, students cannot the way to school. Several parents told reporters that the road leading to the new century experimental primary school was originally a cement road, which is the only way for students to go to school every day. A while ago, there are developers engaged in the construction of the school in front of the site, the cement road Waduan, into a huge pit. In order not to affect the students go to school, developers in the construction site next to a road connecting the school gate. But because the main road in front of the New Century Experimental Primary School – GUI Bai road is under construction, the construction side to closed construction, in the new asphalt repair Weidang, the children can not reach the school from the paved road. Students go to school to go through the site, the number of children fell no way to school, the children go to school how to do? They had to go through the construction site. According to parents, more than a child after the pit pit and slope fell. Some low grade students had to be carried by their parents, walking through the construction site every day. Living in the vicinity of the District, Ms. Wong told reporters that the site is not the biggest problem, the parents are most worried about the work of the excavator in the site. If the child is chasing or looking for something to run to the excavator, once the excavator operator did not pay attention, it will be a big event. She hopes the site will open the road, while the construction site closed again. Daily economic news reporter noted that the newly built asphalt road and the construction site is not closed in some places, school children from the outside into the site, and then from the site to the newly arrived asphalt road to school. The Coordination Office of the streets, the newly built road lift enclosure for parents to reflect the problems, developers and real estate related responsible person said very helpless. He told reporters that they funded the construction of the road was originally meant for the new century experimental primary school teachers and students to pass, but don’t want to just this paved road repair, construction side on the asphalt road in the GUI way set up a Weidang closed construction of the white road. In order to solve the difficult problem of travel, still have to find the construction side kyu white road. Yuhua District Tongshenghu Street office learned of the situation, sent staff to the scene. Street after consultation with the party construction and real estate, the letter way, decided to open a temporary traffic entrance, to ensure the safety of students and. Yesterday morning, the reporters came to the new century, again相关的主题文章: