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15 Apr

A retired teacher to recuperate home demolition property was swept the original title: Retired Teacher Beijing home demolition reporter Huai recuperate Ruogu November 5th morning, Beijing is the daughter of domestic disease retired teacher Wang Huiwen couple suddenly received a phone call from home neighbor: their house was demolished in the night before. In the afternoon, they arrived in Hebei after the discovery of small housing sister Anguo, after the home has been removed, the lock is prized in almost all homes, more than 10 yuan worth of property loss. Local police have been involved in investigating the matter. Anguo City Housing Bureau of state-owned land acquisition office director told reporters that the project due to incomplete procedures has been shut down. There is no one in the house demolished the house of Wang Huiwen is an Hebei middle school retired teacher, more than and 70 years old this year? In the middle school? Anguo families, one family who have lived here for 30 years, the last century at the end of 80s, the teachers get a real estate license, these real estate owned by individual teachers all. Wang Huiwen introduced, in 2014 began to have here to the news, the end of the year she and her husband to Beijing, because the body is not good, has been living in her house sick to see a doctor, occasionally back home for a few days, no one told them about the matter formally. In November 2nd this year, about 1 in the afternoon, they received a call from someone claiming to be developers, "he asked us what I didn’t say what the conditions, conditions, what is the standard for my neighbors what standards on the line". Wang Huiwen did not expect that, in the early morning of November 5th, they received a phone call from his neighbors, said his house was demolished, a connection to a few phone calls, we do not know what the situation". In the afternoon, they returned home and found the back of the house next door has been completely dismantled, three houses on their mother gable house are removed, all the door was forced open, table, cabinet locks are all broken, the home of 7 bottles of stored value of nearly 2000 yuan of wine also lost two. Refrigerator from the house was moved out in the yard, his daughter bought cashmere has been taken away, the gap in the quilt, hidden in the table more than 10 yuan worth of gold jewelry and other belongings were missing. At the same time, they saw two strange men coming out of their homes, "I asked what they were doing, they said to look at, and then left". According to several neighbors, the evening of November 4th at about 11:30, they heard the roar of the machine Wang Huiwen at home, that is in the demolitions, but nobody is out of view, stop. The next morning, they call Wang Huiwen to inform the situation. Anguo City Public Security Bureau North Bridge police station said they had accepted Wang Huiwen’s daughter reported demolitions, theft alarm, are being investigated for the treatment of. Neighbors had laid a wreath of the afternoon of November 6th, Wang Huiwen’s husband contacted the demolition of neighbors, the other said they have negotiated with the developers, to allow the demolition, but I do not know why the Wang Huiwen house demolition part. Reporters on the scene, two men came to Wang Huiwen’s house, "I is our neighbor, I work in the company, and you see a face, I was in charge of the demolition into相关的主题文章: