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15 Sep

UnCategorized One of the most .mon study processes is to cram for the exam. This involves studying all night for either one or two night just before the exam. While a student can maybe get by and get average grades with this process, it is probably one of the least effective ways to learn the material and to get above average scores. This article looks at a more proactive approach to studying for exams while in college. The Non-Cram Method The alternative to cramming is to spread the material being studied across a larger span of time. This will allow for better absorption of the information and a deeper dive into the different sections or chapters. Of course, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that spreading the material across more time and studying earlier is good. So why is this one of the college tips? The answer is that yes, college students know that they need to study more and earlier. But the challenge is with juggling multiple classes and being able to figure out what to do and when to do it. Add to that temptations from procrastination and social events, and it can be easy to find yourself the night before an exam with a lot of material to study. The Process A college exam will typically cover a group of chapters. With this process, you take the number of chapters that an exam will cover, add one to that, and that will equal the minimum number of days that you need to start studying in advance. From there, on day one you will study the first chapter, on day two you study the second chapter, and so on. When you get to the last day, you will have studied all the chapters individually on the previous days and now you will review all of the chapters. For example: Exam #1 on Friday 3/30 Covering chapters 1 through 4: Sunday 3/25: Study Chapter 1 Monday 3/26: Study Chapter 2 Tuesday 3/27: Study Chapter 3 Wednesday 3/28: Study Chapter 4 Thursday 3/29: Review chapters 1 through 4 As opposed to cramming where you stay up all night before an exam, with this system you will likely study the least the night before the exam as it should be a review night of information that you already know. With this process, while your other classmates are staying up all night the night before the exam, you will have an easy night of review and will be able to get plenty of sleep. Not only is this a college tip that will help with the performance on an exam, but it can also make a students life less stressful. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: