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23 Jul

Business Rely POS is a .prehensive Restaurant Point of Sale, Restaurant Management, and Marketing Solution that is fast, reliable, easy to use, and most of all, affordable. Our online technology allows us to offer restaurant owners who use our online restaurant point of sale system instant access from anywhere, lifetime upgrades and instant backup for the life of the account. Use Relys online restaurant POS on our high speed touchscreen, your PC, laptop, or iPad. Because Rely POS is online, you can manage your restaurant from any where. Relys online restaurant POS is so powerful, you can create and print guest checks, manage your employees, and send emails to all of your customers, all from one account. Just like many other popular web sites, simply sign up, create an account and begin. Relys online restaurant POS will assist you in setting up your menu, your customer database, and your .pany structure. Its that easy. Relys online restaurant POS is so powerful; it is a Restaurant Point of Sale system, credit card interface, Restaurant Management software and Marketing system. Set up is easy. With Relys online restaurant Point of Sale you can set up and manage your restaurant’s menu; manage your employees, and customers from any where. All you need is inter. access. We have created a system to help you set up your menu accurately and efficiently. You simply choose your restaurant style and answer some simple questions and Rely Point of Sale will automatically setup your menu. Then customize the names and prices to your restaurant’s menu and you are ready to go in minutes. Relys online restaurant POS is a subscription based, software as a service provider. By maximizing the power of the World Wide Web, we are able to make Relys online restaurant POS your all in one Restaurant Point of Sale Restaurant Management and Marketing solution. Only the inter. can make all of this possible, and you can manage your restaurant from any where you have inter. access. Never before have restaurant owners been able to have this flexibility. There are many advantages to our model. The first and primary advantage is cost savings; Relys online restaurant POS will save you thousands in up front set-up costs. With Relys online restaurant Point of Salethere are no expensive .work installation charges. The inter. is the .work. There are also long term cost savings. Relys online restaurant Point of Sale automatically updates your Point of Sale system with new editions as they are introduced. You never have to pay for expensive licensing fees or costly maintenance and technical service. Our engineers will do all of that for you from our offices. If you decide to use our high speed touch screen, your unit will arrive with the necessary software installed, simply plug in the unit, turn it on and connect to the inter.. Relys online restaurant POS provides technical service twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Relys online restaurant POS works for all types of restaurants including Sit Down, Counter Service, Fast Food QSR and Delivery. Rely POS is perfect for American, Bar and Grill, Pizza, Italian, Japanese, Chines as well as Bakery, Coffee, Diners and Ice Cream parlors. When you set up Relys online restaurant POS for the first time just choose the type of restaurant that best suits you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: