A man in Lantian do middleman to help friends borrow anti debt thirty thousand yuan (video)-sorpack

17 Apr

A man in Lantian do middleman to help friends borrow anti is a debt of thirty thousand yuan in December 2015, Lantian Wu business cash flow needs, after a friend Lin introduced by friend Liu Mouchu borrowing 30 thousand yuan, and agreed to return after 3 months. However, the repayment period, Liu Wu did not receive the repayment, after Liu repeatedly bombarded, Wu general hand tight, hope to slow down. To be pushed up later, Wu did not come forward, even the phone is not connected. In desperation, Liu Wu and Lin together will be taken to court for money. Received a court summons, Lin was a little surprised: money is not what I borrowed, how I also told the court? At the end of May this year, when the court hearing, Wu did not appear in court, only Lin and Liu appear in court. Originally, Lin Wu introduced to borrow money to Ryu, because Wu and Liu did not know, according to Liu’s request, in Wu Lin signed written IOU, as references to "witness" identity on the IOU signed his name. After the loan expires, because Wu did not pay back the money, Liu no way, he took the IOU signed two names to the court, the court issued to two per capita. After the hearing, Lin as a referee’s identity, Liu expressed no objection, but he believes that Wu does not pay on time also hide not see, Lin Wu is responsible for money. The judge learned what sequence of events, told Liu, Lin not on Wu’s loan repayment obligations, do not assume any responsibility. However, Lin has the obligation to help Ryu find contact Wu, recover arrears due. The judge patiently explained, Liu realized that the relevant laws and regulations, to clarify the difference between human and the guarantor, feel wronged his friend Lin. Lin also feel a little guilty, the court said that willing to help find contact Wu, Wu urged the money back as soon as possible. In early September, Lin help contact, Wu finally come forward, and take the initiative to contact Liu Moushang about money. Reporter learned yesterday, Lin and handling common judge mediation, Liu and Wu Mouda has become the repayment agreement: Wu Liu before the end of November to pay off all debts, according to the bank lending rate to pay Liu 6 months interest. The judge said the guarantor has joint responsibility with the development of economy, various forms of folk lending relationships are more and more disputes are more and more, so, once the dispute, how to define private lending relationship in responsibility? Yesterday, the case handling judge explained that, in this case, Lin Wu is introduced to Liu Wu also wrote IOU borrow, Liu Lin, although on the IOU signed his name, but he only plays the role of "witness" lending relationship exists, the witness is not the guarantor. As a referee, Lin is not a guarantor, so in the lending disputes do not assume legal responsibility. An intermediary or introducer, as the name suggests, only play a role can be understood as introductions, just a witness or matchmaking, is to contact the two sides of the transaction, whether the transaction intermediary can not be expected. Disputes between the two sides, the middleman is only a proof of the role. Cannot be scheduled on schedule相关的主题文章: