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17 Apr

A large number of European and American athletes " the medicine " loopholes or privileges? People.com.cn – Hainan windows people.com.cn — nearly a month since the sports world is a "bear" upside down. From September 13th onwards, a "hacker organization fantasy bear" by the Rio Olympics during the invasion of the World Anti Doping Agency database, began to announce through the application of immunity to drug doping and as usual the athletes in the list. In October 3rd the "magic bear" announced the Sixth Batch of the list, the total number of athletes in the exposure has reached 127 people, the vast majority of European and American athletes, including American gymnast Byers, the Williams sisters, British tennis very long-distance running champion Fala and other sports stars?. Although someone’s athlete has repeatedly claimed that he is in the rules within the permissible range of drugs, the World Anti Doping Agency also after the "fantasy bear" each exposure to condemn the intrusion behavior not to mind taking the trouble, but set off the first "bear" has caused a great disturbance in sports re-examine the implementation of the rules of exemption of drugs – 10 years – this is designed to protect the rights of athletes, have become harboring doping amnesty? The vast majority of drug related athletes under the cloak of legality doping Olympic gymnastics gold king Byers, tennis Grand Slam winner Williams sisters and Nadal, running in the world, Wang Mo? Fala Frum and Wiggins and British tour de France champion women’s boxing Olympic champion Adams, Czech tennis star Covey Tova, Japanese table tennis player Ai Fukuhara…… These sports stars were able to come together, the past is often in a variety of Sports Awards symbolize the glory glory, now, but their names for a list of drug related paper was leaked back together. In 127 has been exposed with drug immunity banned drugs for the athletes, the athletes from Europe and the United States accounted for the vast majority, and the Rio Olympic medals, the United States in the doping list to 28 topped the list, followed by 24 people in britain. Canada, Germany, Denmark and Italy, respectively, 12, 10, 6 and 5 people on the list. In Europe and the United States outside the country, 8 people on the list of Australia has become the largest number of countries to be exposed, Japan has a list of 4 athletes impressively. Up to now, China has not yet appeared in the list of players exposed. However, although his name with disgraceful drugs together, but this did not cause too much of these athletes. Compared with the previous owing to doping was slammed by the Russian athletes, "Byers" is under the cloak of legality in doping. Byers, the 4 Olympic gold medal winner at the Rio Olympics, said he was taking drugs to treat ADHD from urine, an early warning to the World Anti Doping agency. Nadal also said that he was taking illegal drugs approved by the World Anti Doping Agency, there is nothing to hide". There is a risk of abuse in the World Anti Doping Agency, Nadal, Mo, and so on, and so on相关的主题文章: