A couple of abandoned babies grow up without household registration notary village to go home in the ca1806

17 Nov

A couple of abandoned babies grow up without household registration notary village to go home – inquiry Tianjin Beijing North news: a couple more than and 20 years ago found a foundling home support. More than and 20 years later, because the child has not been on the account, study hard all the way frustrated. The day before, the Xiqing notary office through the survey, to overcome the difficulties, raising facts notarization issued, finally let the children have a household registration. Shortly before the frustration, a couple of farmers into the Xiqing District Notary office. After a conversation, the notary learned that the couple who lives in a village in Xiqing District Wang Wen zhen. One day in 1994, two people on the way home to pick up a girl, childless couple treasure, immediately decided to raise the baby girl home, and she named Fang Fang (a pseudonym). In more than and 20 years, the couple Fang Fang as his daughter to raise, one family enjoyable. But because do not understand the relevant laws and regulations, there has been no adoption procedures for Fang Fang and household registration. Not long ago, Fang Fang saw a factory job in the village, excitedly to sign up, but the answer is "regular factory can’t hire people without hukou." At this point, Fang Fang parents realized that no household registration to her daughter brought much trouble. The couple immediately to the town to find the household registration management department, civil affairs office and other multi-party consultation, hope as soon as Fang Fang settled. Although the relevant departments of sympathy encounter, but like Fang Fang this case, the residence registration must be consistent with the evidence materials stipulated by laws and regulations and policies, only prove the statements of the parties or the villagers is not enough. Help the notary in their helpless when someone suggested that they can go to the notarization. So, the couple went to the notary office in Xiqing is located in the town of Yangliuqing from Wang Wen zhen. According to the policy, the parties have the evidence to prove that the adopter and the person has been living for many years, and indeed established a relationship between the fact that a notary agency can be carried out on the facts of the parties to be notarized. Notary personnel in the understanding of the situation, and then decided to start from the confirmation of the facts between the parties to help Fang Fang settled. The witness for the next day, Xiqing notary office will be assigned to the notary, Jiannan Tian Shen Yi to a couple of village to neighborhood visits, ask. Although the neighbors have recognized Fang Fang is more than and 20 years ahead of a couple of hold back, but that they do witness signature thumbprint, we have some conflict. This undoubtedly adds an invisible barrier to the work of investigation and evidence collection. The sky gradually dim down, notary staff did not give up, they found the village committee director, request support. After a discussion with the village director, they chose a few villagers, one on one communication to eliminate their doubts. Finally, there are two villagers promised to testify to a party. By Saturday, two days, two people have mastered the basic facts a couple adopt a child of Fang Fang, then raised in the notarial certificate issued in accordance with law. Get the certificate for a moment, a couple of eyes with tears, holding the hands of notaries, thanks again and again. Wang Wen station in Xiqing notary office issued by notary soon after, then according to Fang Fang handled the identity and set up procedures. (North network editor Zhang Yu)相关的主题文章: