A 12 year old girl in the United States is threatening to show her face-gigolos

03 May

The 12 year old girl in the United States is threatening to use her expression pack! The 12 year old girl stalls lawsuit with the mobile phone and electronic equipment popularization, people in online chat, email and post is the use of all kinds of expression package, for example, the sun rose, smiling face, and even knives, bombs, lightning etc.. However, a 12 year old American girl recently because of social media use "pistol" and "knife" emoticons, was interpreted as a threat to others, the intention of alleged threat to school, could face criminal charges. The girl wrote in her post, "see me at the library on Tuesday", with three emoticons, pistols, knives and bombs at the back. The girl’s mother claimed that the girl was the other student bullying at school, post will respond, "she is a good child, had never been in trouble, I think she should not be accused of". A lot of people questioned whether the use of facial expressions such as pistols is equal to threat With the increasing popularity of expression package, most people are in a relaxed attitude to joke emoticons package, but how to determine the bonusgiven true intentions, to the police investigators and the court has brought new challenges. In recent years, there have been many cases related to expression packs in the United States, and the judicial department has not yet reached a consensus on whether the expression package can be used as evidence. Xinhua editor in chief: Liu Debin SN222

美国12岁女孩发表情包被指意图威胁他人   原标题:表情包慎用!美12岁女孩摊上官司   随着智能手机和电子设备普及,人们在网络聊天、电子邮件以及帖子里日益使用各类表情包,例如笑脸、玫瑰、太阳,甚至菜刀、炸弹、闪电等。然而,美国一名12岁女孩近日却因在社交媒体上使用“手枪”、“小刀”等表情符号,被解读为意图威胁他人、涉嫌威胁学校,可能面临刑事指控。   这名女学生在帖子里写道,“星期二在图书馆见我”,并在后面附了手枪、小刀、炸弹三个表情符号。女孩的母亲声称,女孩在学校遭其他学生欺凌,才会发帖作出回应,“她是个好孩子,以前从没惹过麻烦,我觉得她不应该受到指控”。   不少人质疑,女孩使用手枪等表情包是否等同于威胁?随着表情包日益普及,大多数人是以开玩笑的轻松态度使用表情包,但如何判断发帖者的真实意图,给警方办案和法庭审理带来新的挑战。美国近年来涌现多起与表情包有关的案件,司法部门尚未就表情包是否可作为证据达成一致看法。 新华 责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章: