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16 Apr

"9. 18" why not try to alarm Ji’nan? The choice is May 3rd of each year – Beijing September 18th is China’s "national humiliation day", many city on this day trial air disaster warning, to commemorate, remind people "do not forget national humiliation", while Ji’nan is in this day quietly, how is this going? 18, the reporter was informed that the Ji’nan in May 3rd every year to test the air defense disaster warning, rather than every year in September 18th, there are special reasons. It is reported that the first through the air raid alarm to mark "9? 18" national humiliation day of the city, is the "918 incident" occurred in Shenyang. From 1995 onwards, Shenyang every year in September 18th, air raid alarms ringing for 3 minutes, to alert people forget national humiliation. Ji’nan City Civil Air Defense Office official said, according to China’s civil air defense law, local people’s governments at or above the county level, according to needs, you can organize trial air defense alarm, and 5 days before the trial announcement. The authorities, in August 19, 1999, "150 orders" issued the Jinan City Hall, every May 3rd in the air raid siren activities. Because on this day in 1928, the Japanese invaders in Ji’nan massacre Chinese foreign officials and soldiers, making the "53 massacre frightful to the ear". In fact, every year to engage in trial activities, from a technical perspective, has two meanings: one is the popularity of the civil air defense alarm knowledge, make people familiar with air disaster warning signal, once a war or disaster, people can according to the signal of emergency; two is through the trial, detection alarm equipment intact, strengthen maintenance guarantee, it has always been in good condition. In fact, like Ji’nan, in September 18th this day to engage in trial activities of the city are many, but most are associated with war, such as Shijiazhuang to commemorate the 77 Lugou Bridge incident, July 7th; Shantou to commemorate the fall election in June 21st; Hanzhoung to commemorate the Japanese bombing, March 13th; Suzhou to commemorate the liberation. In April 27th; Nanjing to commemorate the massacre in December 13th……相关的主题文章: