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15 Sep

Hardware The re.mended storage temperature for most power tool batteries is 15C (59F); the extreme allowable temperature is 40C to 50C (40C to 122F) for most chemistries. … The re.mended storage temperature for most power tool batteries is 15C (59F); the extreme allowable temperature is 40C to 50C (40C to 122F) for most chemistries. While lead acid must always be kept at full charge during storage, nickel- and lithium-based chemistries should be stored at around a 40 percent state-of-charge (SoC). This level minimizes age-related capacity loss while keeping the power tool battery in operating condition and allowing self-discharge. Finding the 40 percent SoC level is difficult because the open circuit voltage (OCV) of power tool batteries does not lend itself well to state-of-charge estimations. For lack of better methods, voltage is nevertheless used as a rough fuel gauge indicator. The SoC of Li-ion is roughly 50 percent at 3.80V/cell and 40 percent at 3.75V/cell. Allow Li-ion to rest 90 minutes after charge or discharge before taking the voltage reading to get equilibrium. SoC on nickel-based AEG power tool batteries is especially difficult to measure. A flat discharge curve, agitation after charge and discharge, and voltage change on temperature contribute to the fluctuations. Since no other estimation tool exists that is practical, and the charge level for storage is not all too critical for this chemistry, simply apply some charge if the RYOBI RY6202 power tool battery is empty, and then make sure that the power tool battery is kept in a cool and dry storage. Storage will always cause power tool batteries to age. Low temperature and partial SoC only slow the effect. Table 1 illustrates the recoverable capacity of lithium- and nickel-based power tool batteries at various temperatures and charge levels over one year. The recovered capacity is defined as the available power tool battery capacity after storage with a full charge. Elevated temperature hastens permanent capacity loss. Depending on power tool battery type, lithium-ion is also sensitive to charge levels. Lithium-ion BOSCH BAT011 power tool batteries are often exposed to unfavorable temperatures, and these include leaving a cell phone in the hot sun or operating a laptop on the power grid. Elevated temperature and allowing the MAKITA VR251DWDE power tool battery to sit at the maximum charge voltage for expended periods of time explains the shorter than expected power tool battery life. Elevated temperature and excessive overcharge also stresses lead and nickel-based power tool batteries. All power tool batteries must have the ability to relax after charged, even when kept on float or trickle charge. Nickel-metal-hydride can be stored for about three years. The capacity drop that occurs during storage can partially be reversed with priming. Nickel-cadmium stores well, even if the terminal voltage falls to zero volts. Field tests done by the US Air Force revealed that NiCd stored for five years still performed well after priming cycles. It is believed that priming be.es necessary if the voltage drops below 1V/cell. Primary alkaline and lithium power tool batteries can be stored for up to 10 years with minimal capacity loss. You can store a sealed lead acid power tool battery for up to two years. Since all power tool batteries gradually self-discharge over time, it is important to check the voltage and/or specific gravity, and then apply a charge when the power tool battery falls to 70 percent state-of-charge. This is typically the case at 2.07V/cell or 12.42V for a 12V pack. (The specific gravity at 70 percent charge is roughly 1.218.) Some lead acid power tool batteries may have different readings and it is best to check the manufacturers instruction manual. Low charge induces sulfation, an oxidation layer on the negative plate that inhibits current flow. Topping charge and/or cycling may restore some of the capacity losses in the early stages of sulfation. Sulfation may prevent charging small sealed lead acid cells, such as the Cyclone by Hawker, after prolonged storage. If seemingly inactive, these About the Author: We are the ultimate source for laptop batteries and featuring rock bottom prices on rechargeable batteries, and notebook accessories and more for brands such as Sony, Canon, IBM, Toshiba, .paq, HP and many more. We specialize in replacement batteries for all mobile devices such as digital cameras, camcorders, laptops, notebook , power tools, PDA, two-way radios and mobile phones. In addition, our product rang also includes AC adapters, DC adapters for the main brands and much more. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: