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25 Jul

Shopping-and-Product-Reviews You might be surprised to read the title of this article and wondering if I am telling a tale or writing an article. So let me clear before I start – this is an article to help every sister who tries to send Rakhi to India but couldn’t make it on time, making all her efforts useless. This is story of Shalini who made all efforts to send Rakhi, along with some precious Rakhi gifts to India all the way from New York, but all her toil had turned into trouble later. the article tells you what you can do to avoid such situations as Rakshabandhan is due in next few days and, if you are an NRI and if you have got one or more brothers there, you must be thinking of sending Rakhis and Rakhi gifts for your brothers. Shalini Patel, lived in Ahmedabad with her family of mother, father and two brothers. in the year 2009 she got married to Sameer a software engineer in Pune. Within a couple of their marriage Sameer got an expatriate assignment in New York to work at client’s site. The .pany allowed him to take his wife along, so Sameer and Shalini flew to NY. .pany had provided for ac.modation and conveyance so things were quite easy for them. Shalini soon got acquainted with the city and was on her own to do shopping and other household stuff. She was in touch with her family through phones and emails. In the month of June last year, Shalini realized that Rakshabandhan is approaching and wanted to please her brothers with some special gifts from New York. She handmade some Rakhi there and bought some precious gifts from the gift stores there and couriered them to her brothers straight from NY through a leading postal service there. She kept her fingers crossed and looked forward to hear the surprised emotions from her brothers when they would receive that gift. But that was not to be. The gift could not reach its destination even after 15 days. Shalini did not know what to do now. She did call her home many times to get a hint if gifts had arrived but it had not. It was only just one day before Rakhi that Shalini got quite depressed as there was nothing she could do now. She was feeling bad to think that she had failed to send Rakhis and Rakhi gifts to her brothers this year, which had never been before in her life. She was just crying a loud inside, but Sameer realized the situation before her worries could turn into tears. "Dont worry" he sympathised her, "we can still send Rakhi to India" he said. Shalini thought that Sameer is not aware that Rakshabandhan is due next day only but he did. "We can send Rakhi to India online and it will be delivered to your home tomorrow" Sameer said. It was hard to believe for Shalini that she had .mitted a mistake. Sameer opened his laptop and showed her some most visited online gift stores from India. There were Rakhis and Rakhi gifts to India. They placed the order. Shalini could not sleep well that night wondering whether she will be able to make it by Rakshabandhan. She had done it. She got the surprised emotions which she was waiting for. Her Rakhis and Rakhi gifts had reached India, just within 24 hours of her order. Morale of the story is send online Rakhi to India, and use online services to send Rakhi gifts to India, they are cheaper, safer, and better tools to use. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: