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24 Jul

Internet-and-Business-Online And here is part 2 of How To Profit Online In Five Easy Steps Then you can get started with your videos, articles and preferably, if you can, an E-book or free report that you have the rights to or have written so that you can offer it to people on your capture page. When they sign up to your auto-responder they get to download it. This helps build your value and their trust in you. Then they will want to buy from you later,that is the objective here! So it’s worth making an effort here friends 🙂 The very first thing you need to do is set up a capture page with your name as the url (ie: the website address), and get a good one that will let you set up lots of sub domains because you’ll need lots of them! I personally LOVE Host Monster. Their commitment to customer service is mind boggling! When I was a newbie they spent hours on the phone helping me out. Here is the For my autoresponder, I use Get Response. Here is the link for that: There are other autoresponders you can use, however, Get Response and Aweber are right up there as being the best. So, just to give you an example, if your name is "Jane Doe" you would set up .JaneDoe.Com if it was available, to use as your main capture page. You would have a note about yourself and what value you have to offer people if they join you in your business. You can include a video of yourself here too. Just be yourself in your videos and let your true personality shine through 🙂 At the end of the video you’ll be telling them about what training you have to offer with what programs and why signing up with your team will benefit them more than any other team within the companies you’re promoting. Really emphasize what you feel YOUR unique selling point is. 3) Once you’ve done that, you want to make sure that you provide training that you hold personally AT LEAST once a week at vereconference or wherever you can for FREE, in addition to any training your group provides. This helps to brand you as a leader and even if you don’t feel like talking on your own for an hour, people will type questions into the box where they can communicate with the lead speaker by typing and that will give you a constant stream of relevant topics to discuss if your mind isn’t full of them already! Which it should be by now if you’re learning from all the successful marketers that are out there! 4) Now you’ve done that, you need to start recording videos, you might think, "Oh no I’m not attractive enough or some other rubbish! But the truth of the matter is, no one cares if you’re 55, 75, or 19! It makes no difference. All they care about is what you have to offer them and how you’re going to help them get what they want – money! That is what’s on their mind! Not the spot on your chin! Or the bags under your eyes! So you need to record as many videos as you can that provide value for people and help them with an immediate problem they’re having (eg: posting blogs or how to set up a auto-responder… you get the idea!). If you feel as passionate about self improvement, as I do, that attracts a huge targeted market because most of them love online marketing! Upload the videos to because it does it quicker and blasts your videos out to different networking sites for you! This saves you the time it would take you to upload your videos to each site manually – and time is money! Once you have decided what products you are going to promote, set up your capture page, started your free training and recorded and uploaded your first set of videos your going to need to start writing articles and blogs. When writing articles you have to be very careful not to advertise, because you should be promoting your knowledge not the product you market! It sounds contradictory but you’re building awareness of your value as a person who can help people to get what they want. Writing articles takes time, but like videos, they will last for years if not forever! Make sure people feel like they know you and want to be associated with you. Every video article and blog should be seen by you as a vehicle that gets you closer and closer to making money and helping others to do the same. The more people get from you, the more you will get and the more you will want to give. Give and you shall receive they say! It’s SO true 🙂 So if you want to write a good article that gets you results, cover a topic that will help people to make money or feel better in some way and make it interesting and informative so that it spreads across the web like wildfire! Just kidding! – but do create lots of value! 5) Now we’re going to get you blogging! Blogging is a lot of fun! You can express your views and impart your knowledge and get free exposure for yourself and the products you market for free so pay attention! First and foremost you have to remember to link. Link to other resources and blogs that you like to read and that are related to your topic. I’ve noticed that if you become a regular on someone’s blog they tend to become a regular on yours! Also remember the power of keywords and phrases. Take some time to think about which search terms will point people to your products and services. Use free tools like wordtracker at to explore which search terms your potential customers might use to find you. Then you’ll want to write a blog with one of those terms as the title. As you write, think of how you can impart value to the reader. Use the same techniques that you use when gathering information for a video or article. Read other popular blogs to get an idea, or maybe watch a few popular videos on the topic you want to write about, and tie your content into theirs. If you can, find a very popular video or article that has over 1000 views and then expand on what they had to say, almost as if you’re finishing a soap after the frustrating "To Be Continued" sign comes up at the end! lol That often gets you a lot of traffic because you’re filling in the gaps for people 🙂 They really appreciate that! For more ideas on how to blog you, can run off to and pick up a copy of Blogwild by Andy Wibbels. 6) Last but not least, we’re going to get your pay per click campaign set up. Now there are two ways of doing this… You can use a pay per click agency – just go and type that into Google, or you can do it yourself. A lot of pay per click agencies won’t charge you more than a couple of hundred dollars to join up initially so it’s worth using one if you want to. If you need help finding one then I can point you in the right direction 🙂 Otherwise, read something like Google Adwords by Perry Marshall or pick up a copy of Adwords Cpm scanner from here: .Adwords180Scanner.. Whatever you do, TAKE ACTION! Because nothing happens until something moves! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: