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23 Jul

Crafts-Hobbies The Passionate and Proud Irish. Gaelic and Celtic traditions are rooted in the bedrock of Ireland, a country that a very passionate and proud people call home. Probably no other nationality has a stronger sense of their national and cultural heritage than the Irish. And as a result of their deeply ingrained feelings about Ireland and its heritage, the Irish are quite naturally very fond of Irish collectibles. The Irish and Irish Collectibles Are Everywhere. Millions of people trace their ancestry to Ireland but live in other parts of the world. Although they live elsewhere, they consider themselves to be Irish. For example, the United States experienced a great wave of Irish immigration during the 19th century, and today, more than 10% of America’s population calls itself "Irish" even though they are native-born Americans. Most Irish-Americans are quite demonstrative about being Irish, and because they are so proud of their heritage, they are fascinated by Irish collectibles. Almost everyone in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and other parts of the English-speaking world knows several people (if not many more) who lay claim to Irish ancestry. Because they are so passionate about maintaining their traditions, Irish people who live in other countries have retained their cultural identity and have exerted a huge influence on the culture of just about every area where they live. This strong sense of national pride, of Irish tradition, of Irish culture, makes Irish collectibles extremely appealing to Irish men and women everywhere – those who actually live in Ireland as well as those of Irish descent who live in other countries. Because so many people feel their Irish roots so strongly and maintain very close ties to their national heritage, there is no sign that the popularity of Irish collectibles will abate at any time in the foreseeable future. Almost everyone wants to own things that are interesting or appealing. And the urge to possess items that in some way relate to Ireland or Irish traditions and culture is at the heart of the popularity of Irish collectibles. So Many Different Types of Irish Collectibles. Many different types of Irish collectibles exist, just waiting for collectors to discover them. They include Irish jewelry such as Claddagh rings and other rings that bear crests or coats-of-arms of Irish families. Irish jewelry also includes pendants, cuff links, lapel pins, Celtic crosses and tie pins/tacs that bear a shamrock, a harp or some other symbol of Ireland. Other types of Irish collectibles include various items that were handmade by Irish cottage crafters, Waterford or Galway Irish crystal, Irish clocks and wall plaques, leprechaun figurines, and Irish breweriana such as Irish pub signs, pub pitchers, beer mats and items relating to Guinness Beer. Irish Collectibles as Tangible Symbols. The desire to honor and preserve Irish culture and the traditional ways runs deep in the Irish and is characteristic of nearly every Irish person, whether living in Ireland or elsewhere. Owning Irish collectibles is a very visible way for any Irish man or woman to honor those traditions, and a very tangible symbol of pride in being Irish. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: